Titan: My Return to Earth

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Very long time later

After about some I don’t know how many years or so in retirement to say the least, I was standing in front of the door with nice clothing from Tartarus. The clothes were a lot sturdier than what it is with the rest of the realms. I quite liked it as first it was black from top-down. I especially made my pants long, dark, and comfortable because first of all that is a must. Second, I got as you would say a long black smooth robe. Though they look really fragile, these were materials that took thousands of years to create and were well worth it. I had nothing to do for a while so it naturally created a robe that could help me survive this realm. This realm is so awful, there needs to be something that helps get through the day. No matter what you do everything feels like irritation. As I was eating something I didn’t know that thing could still move after being eaten. What it was I didn’t know and didn’t plan to know as I noticed the happiest moment of my life, the door opened a little. Though it was small, it was enough for me to go through. I immediately ran out as fast as I could. Once I got out, the door closed very quickly to make sure that no one else would exit. Looking around, I was expecting someone who I saw who magically appeared in front of me. She was a beautiful woman who was graceful as any lady, yet she bore a smile that could never be understood. It was that of innocence that could slowly turn dark at any time.

“Well done Metis!!!!! Though I wanted you to come a hundred thousand years faster, it’s still better than never,” I said. “Although I didn’t expect you to be able to open the door without anyone noticing. Shouldn’t there be any guard for such things?”

“Fufufu whether I do it early or later it doesn’t matter as long as I get you out,” Metis said with a sinful laugh. “And relax they are old but still green when it comes to knowing people, you should have at least understood that. I already made sure that no matter what happened today, no one would notice your brief escape”, as she was handing me a cup of tea.

“True but then again, I would at least expect them to be smart enough to realize that I would not listen to them so quietly,” I said. Drinking the tea as I was savoring the taste.

“Ah that hit the spot, Tartarus lives up to his reputation as a place of unpleasant taste. Even getting a drink like this was close to impossible”

“Well, you should have expected it, I mean a kid’s anger is more terrifying than you think.” Metis recalling who was at fault for making me stuck in that place to begin with. “To be honest, the only reason I could come was because of what’s happening right now”. She was starting to give an expression that few including me could tell. I mean I did realize she was the mastermind in me releasing the kids but no matter how long I have known her, she is still the hardest to figure out.

“By the look of things, you have been taking care of things while I was gone,” I said, questioning what has transpired over the years. We decided to first teleport to a safe location to further discuss what was to happen during my long absence. We for sure couldn’t go to Heaven, so we went to Earth. It was in the caves so that none could see me. Metis was pouring some tea that she had prepared beforehand. Giving me something to drink and relax with. I decided to get comfy as there was a chair!!!! It’s so good to be back. Nothing in the hell is at least a bit soft. Even with my clothes, I would still feel pain. Getting back to the topic, I looked at Metis ready to give her a report of what happened on Earth and Heaven.

" So now that we are in a safe place, what’s been going on during my absence,” I said as I was prepared to drink some tea. Metis would tell me all the things that happen after I left. About the changes on Earth with the advancement of humans. The wars that occurred in Heaven and Earth, while also speaking of the decisions that heavily affected Earth from the golden age to their age. There were some parts I felt like she left out, but she said that they will eventually open themselves up in due time. She didn’t want to talk as much as she said. Talking to me will cause her to have to explain every detail which would take forever. Plus, she said that I wouldn’t understand until I saw it.

Through a month of talking, I collapsed on my couch as Metis told me. Conflict arose a lot more than before. Not only that but the world that I had created also disappeared where everyone was at peace and now wars are being fought amongst the heavens. This must be a nightmare. Though heaven now is at peace but still for heaven to be involved like this is bad. I thought Tartarus was worse, but this really takes the cake. Because right now Metis told me that because of the actions of heaven, Earth is now facing the struggles that I tried to prevent. Starvation was the most important one. But because I wasn’t the one controlling harvest which brought a cold age that shouldn’t have happened.

" I see so much has been happening that I’m surprised about” as I continue to sort out all the information. But I didn’t want to overreact based on this information. It was that same reason that caused the conflict to begin with.

“Cronus, so what’s your plan now?” Metis asked.

“What do you mean?′ I wondered what I was going to do.

“I mean after all the battles they are weak,” as Metis was being curious about my plan of action. “With things as it stands you can try to take the throne once more”.

Although that is a possibility since if I come back I can help resolve some problems. Unfortunately, I have no desire to rule anyone ever again. My time has ended, and that is what I decided on. Going back is to doubt the decision I committed ages ago. Rather than trying to seek the past as it was, it will be better to look forward to what I see right now. Thinking about it now, it would interesting to see what their creations are and how the world is. Won’t know till I found out. Now that I’m free, I don’t have to take action. Rather, it would be best to just be in the shadows and decide when the time is right. The most important thing is for me to lie low and explore the world. Let me call myself an adventurer for now.

“I think I won’t do anything for now and just relax as much as I can,” I said while still thinking.

“.... Haaaaaa” as Metis went from a curious look to a disappointed one. “Are you serious?”

“I’m positive,” I said.

“.... You’re not going to do anything,” Metis continued

“Yep” I replied....….. She was pretty quiet for a while and I thought I said something wrong, but that can’t be right. I mean, it makes sense, right? Then suddenly….

“I expected as much from you.” Metis was pretty frustrated, but then again she didn’t look surprised. “With everything being perfect for you to take over yet all you want to do is do nothing.” I was going to say yes, but she seemed like she would get angrier if I did. But then again she was always the person who would go along with my decision. And she usually supports my decisions. So far it has gone pretty well, more or less. “Well, guess you haven’t changed at all….” she said sadly.

“Same to you, always disappointed in my actions no matter what I decide on.”

She looks at me with her calm demeanor and said,” Knowing how stupid you are, I guess I can’t expect much at all.” said as she was sighing. “Is there any way I might change your mind?”

“Nope, cause this is what I plan to do for a while until is right.” as I reassure her about my final decision. For most of my life leading and controlling everything has eventually led to my demise, so why not accept it and move on with my life? And besides the inventions created by humans, things might actually be fun. “This would be a wonderful opportunity to see the results of my kids creations, wouldn’t you say” as I look at Metis with excitement.

“From my perspective, they are far from perfect, but I guess all I can do is help you enjoy this little ‘vacation’ “. As she passed a bracelet to me.

“What is this?” I questioned.

“That is the bracelet I created which should hide your energy levels from everyone and not only that it also will disguise you so no one in our time would recognize you,” Metis explained. “This should allow you to do what you want on earth without too much interference”.

It surprised me to think she had already prepared for this. Well, I should expect it since she is the smartest amongst the titans. But to think she thought this far.

“With this, I guess I can start anytime I want, right?” as I was getting ready to leave.

“Not quite” Metis interrupted. “There are a few rules that you must follow to avoid getting caught.” As I got confused about the rules, she started to give that really scary grin that would make anyone uncomfortable.

“First you can not stay in a single place for more than a few years because people will start to notice your immortality and lower your chance of encountering a god. Second, don’t use powers in public because you will never know who saw you. Third, create a new name for yourself every time you move to a new location to ensure no one can find you if they want to find you,” Metis explained.

That sounds pretty easy, I mean I planned to travel a lot. Also staying in one place is too boring, for example, Tartarus. And really, I don’t have to worry about that since I can use my special power happens. And besides, eating and “entertainment” don’t need to involve powers right. But why is she grinning if that’s it? I mean, making food is easy and traveling is just as easy. Then the next thing she said destroyed me.

“One more thing you can’t commit any form of adultery or relationships” she smiled. Dang, she got me that was one thing that I was looking forward to doing too. I’m a man who is lord knows how long? I was in hell for how can I not want it?

She slowly sat on my lap and grinning. “Have you decided to change your mind now?” as she put her arms around me. Cunning as usual, but I must not fall for it. Besides, there must be other things I can do right? Hopefully?

"Nope, I will still prioritize my vacation above all else…...” I said silently.

“Fufufu you don’t seem to sound too confident about your answer,” Metis questions.

“And why can’t I have a relationship again?” I replied.

Then the obvious came.

" If you start a relationship, the likely chance of you using your powers is high. The person might either spread the news about it, which can lead to the gods finding out. Also, Heaven forbids any Gods from having a relationship with any humans,” Metis explained. ” Not to mention the worse scenario, she ends up giving birth, which could lead to a kid of course with powers that first can be hidden and eventually found out. And with your thinking of hiding while having a kid who can show his powers in any moment could ruin all of your so-called vacations.”

As much as I want to disagree, she makes a valid point. And even if I could control them, it would be hard and I wouldn’t be able to have fun because I’m worried about others constantly. The best is to not get too involved with others while still have fun. And knowing myself, the chance of creating a baby is kinda high. I mean, I already created 6 and looked at what happened. Guess the vacation will be sightseeing and food.... It’s not complete, but better than nothing. So I wonder which is worse hell or the feeling of hell. Either way, I guess I can’t do anything about it.

“By the way, please show this bracelet to my daughter if you ever need help,” Metis said,” This is my bracelet that only my daughter knows of. She will assist you if she sees it.” She said as she got closer.

“I see, well she would be helpful..... You have a daughter?” As I got confused all of a sudden.

“Oh I forgot to tell you I had a kid with Zeus,” she shrugged as though it wasn’t that important. “Though what is surprising was why I had a kid with Zeus which should be more surprising, guess you find that later as well.”

“Hmm I see, after all these years I should have expected this.” Then thinking about it for a while why isn’t Metis daughter here if she is to assist me. “Why isn’t she here then? If she was to help me?”

“First off my daughter is well-liked by Zeus and if she was to follow you, he would definitely find you more suspicious which you don’t want,” as she explained “But if you were to meet her while she is down on earth it wouldn’t really surprise Zeus as it was something that happened due to him believing you are human. Gods recently have been interacting with humans and sometimes they perform adultery. But never anything further, as anything more would be forbidden.”

“I see so it’s better if I meet her without her knowing my existence rather than knowing each other first to make meetings look more natural,” I replied. “This will avoid much of God’s suspicions and lead her to help me without question from the Gods.” As usual, she is always a forward thinker. Better for things to naturally happen rather than faking everything. But wait why can’t I know her name. So I ask, “What’s her name?“/

“Hmmm not ..telling..you…” She said with a mischievous look. Figures she would say that, but then again knowing her she had also planned it out and I would probably know, eventually.

“I would love to spend more time with you but unfortunately my dear brother I will have you leave.” but contrary to what she said she got closer.

“Unless you want me to comfort you for a while, I’ll make an exception,” she said charmingly as she presses her body towards me.

“Tempting but ill pass.” as I pushed her away. Knowing her, she is planning something.

“Pssh well there goes your last chance,” Metis said as she was mad and got up to throw me a bag. “Here is a bag of supplies that you will need for your trip to check it after you leave the cave.” Seeing the bag I was rather ecstatic about my adventure. But then something raises a question.

“So where is your daughter anyways?” as I was asking her before I left. But she does what she always does when it is to irk people. She looked back at me while waving her hair and looking directed at me with her beautiful purple eyes with a smile that was nothing but pure evil. The same smile she left me before the war between titans and gods began. And what she said was the three words I would always remember.

“You will see,” She said

I laughed, which is surprising because everyone besides me found it scary. For me, it was always amusing what she had planned and had never once blamed her for the war or the outcome.

Before the final battle.....

The palace in heaven was a site beyond any humans can comprehend. The clouds where it lie is where what helped create the very floors and spaces. The bigger the cloud, the grander space. No matter where you step on it is soft. No such thing as a ceiling as this was to embrace the very sky. What connected each cloud was the water as it would flow from the top of the cloud to the bottom. The water flows throughout the city, bringing a soothing sound. When reflected with the sun, it shows beautiful colors. It was cast as far as the eye can see. Every structure was made of a mysterious material that would not break, never rust or leave a single scratch. By looking at the heavens, it would always calm the mind. A city that was so beautiful that it was too good to be true. However, heaven was burning, filled with blood ashes everywhere with even the skies turning red reflecting its state.

I was glaring at the top of Olympus, the biggest region of heaven as my kids were coming up to fight me for one last time. To think my end would come to this. But really, I don’t have to pay attention to them because someone was already here.

“You know for being the one leading the other side, shouldn’t you be there instead of here?” I said

“Fufufu, oh please with your powers you should have already known this was coming.” She laughed as she found the whole thing amusing. It was Metis, the mastermind of the end of the golden age. “You already knew how the war was going to turn out, so what’s the point of being surprised that I’m here?”

“Haha well I just thought you would want to keep your identity a secret from everyone, but you should have known from Rhea that I’m a bit forgetful and I’m not the type of guy who looks at what others do.” As I give a shrug. Actually, I could have made it all not possible, but besides me. For Rhea and Metis there are choices to be made. I already chose mine.

“I see and based on what you were saying you didn’t even use your power at all this war, are you even planning on using it?” Metis said, wanting to know more.

“Actually, I made it so that my power can only see certain events for a certain person, but not everyone. It cost me most of my powers, which means I can’t even use it now.” answering her question. She was confused, but realized I wanted to keep it hidden in what I did.

“I see so that means you are just waiting for the final act of this tragedy.”

“Isn’t that why you are here?” I asked her.

“So you were waiting for me after all”

“Well knowing you playing around with people has always been your favorite.”

“Haha you truly know me best, but I guess by now you hate me for doing this in a way. I mean, I am the one that made you face all of this. There could be a chance that I’m actually doing this so I can rule heaven. Haven’t you thought of that?” Metis said as she was curious to what I feel about her. Though this was a plan that I was a part of so why should she worry if I hate her or not.

“Why would I, knowing you are the only one that could accomplish all of this. You were the only guinea pig to fulfill this prophecy.”

I already knew that Metis was the only one to plan this out and the only one to make this successful. She was trying to find out if I would hate her because everyone already did. It must have been hard for her knowing that every one of her siblings hated her. Since I said that, she cried a little and hugged me for comfort.

“I guess you would always know me best,” but then she got a little more serious and back away. “So what are you planning now, I don’t suppose you want to escape,“.

“You know that it’s not going to happen because if I run then the Gods will try to find me and they won’t prioritize the earth. It’s best I lose and disappear from this world.” I have to make sure they have nothing to worry about when they start changing the world. “However, if there is a case I am needed by them, I can’t permanently be locked away. They likely won’t seek my help.” Although I could escape most places, they will probably put me in Tartarus and that itself is hard to breakthrough.

“And that is where you need someone outside that can open it without everyone noticing, correct?” Metis already knew the plan the instant I talked about it, which is important because if she doesn’t then she really betrayed me. “Knowing the situation, I will open the gate after a certain time. Though I will get you out in time however, to get you out might be several hundred thousand years at the least. It could even be millions of years. Are you sure it’s ok? ”

“That’s fine I don’t mind the wait. I just need to make sure that someone can make it to the gate and release me. Knowing you, I am pretty confident you are the only one able to do it.” In terms of intelligence, Metis is the only one to be able to do it. I mean, think about it, she herself could create all this without needing to fight herself. I walk to her with a seed.

“Take this you might need this if there is someone or any form of harm will come upon you. Just break this seed as this will help you,” She was confused at first but reluctantly grabbed it.

“I thought you said you couldn’t see the future.” she smiled saying I knew it.

“Well I saw the future before so I’m well aware of a few things that will come but unfortunately I don’t know when or why but it will happen.”

“Very well, I will use it.” as Metis puts it in her dimensional pocket. Every god has it and without the owner’s permission, others can’t see it. The seed is something that I developed recently. If there is a chance that if someone was to attack her then this would be her best hope. Metis is a decent fighter, but not enough to win against the highest of beings. This seed is something that acts both to help protect and send an alarm to get help. It’s pretty useful, but I hope that she uses it when she is most dire. “Now I will have to warn you if I open the gate and you are not there, it would be hard for me to open it again.”

“It’s fine based on my estimation I get the gist of what time you will come,” I said without a care. Now to most humans that would be hard, but to us that is immortal is really nothing at all. Waiting is not a big deal for me.

“Shouldn’t take too long, but are you sure you’re going to put your faith in me when I don’t know what will happen in the future? I might change my mind.”

“Haha I doubt you are that type of person who would pass by an opportunity to go for a challenge. Knowing you, you are probably thinking about how to do it already.” I pointed out.

“Mmhm you seriously one hard person to deal with, don’t worry I will help you, but I’m going to need your friend.” I gave her a stare since she knew that the scythe was my weapon the one thing that could stop them.

Do you really need it” I said with a serious look

“I need it for it to work otherwise the chance of me helping you escape is lowered. To be honest, that was my mission in the first place is to retrieve your friend.” She looked me in the eye with gazes that hid no lie. So she is telling the truth. The scythe was already put to sleep, so it was perfect timing.

“Very well” as I opened my hand and the scythe instantly appeared. “Be careful it’s asleep, but don’t you think that it would be surprising that you got it with little effort?

" Don’t worry, I made sure that they believed that Rhea was the one that stole it from you last night,” she said as she knew what I would say.

“Haha guess this is going as you planned,” saying it as I couldn’t hide my laughter from how carefully planned this all was.

Booom. An enormous amount of lighting was struck down close to the castle. That was the sound of the battle getting close. And knowing that sound, it was from Zeus.

I then started stretching my arms. “Guess I’ll get ready for my last battle, gotta at least put on a show, I don’t want to beat them up that badly but gotta put up a solid front. You best be going otherwise you might get into the heat of things.” I decide to wave my goodbyes, but Metis did the unexpected and hug me.

“You better be careful out there,” she said with a really sad face. I hug her back, knowing how hard this would be for both of us. I gently pushed her away and gave her my best smile and said,

“Not Happening.” I did it with a smirk and she laughed.

“Fufu I guess not, look forward to seeing you next time” she teleported away, feeling no need to worry. I gave my final goodbye, as that was the last time I saw her before my fight.


“Looks like all these years has been a lot of work for you,” I said. Despite the times, that I was in Tartarus I was able to keep my sanity, unlike the other titans. Rather, my motivation to get even stronger overcame the horrors of hell.

“Fufufu for such a short time really doesn’t make that much of a difference. Well, anyway, just exit through that door and you will be on your way.”

“Kicking me out already? Aren’t you such a talented sister?” I headed towards the door and before I opened it I said this to Metis “Tell her that I’m fine,” I then opened the door and left.

In the cave, a slender person soon came out of the shadows. She had straight, long brown hair that went all the way down to her knees. Her face was beautiful with brown eyes. Even without a smile, anyone can tell she was beautiful. Yet her face shows that of a mother. It was the mother of Gods and wife of Cronus, Rhea.

“So he knew I was listening in after all this time huh, even when I hid my presence so well,” She said.

“You shouldn’t expect anything less from him,” Metis countered. “However, you could have talked to him, I don’t think he is the type of person to hate you of all people.” She was curious because if he forgave Metis herself, then clearly he would forgive Rhea.

“I just can’t face him yet, I want him to see the world first,” Rhea explained.“My husband has finally gotten a chance to have fun. Let him enjoy it while it lasts.”

“Well, it won’t be long.” Metis joked. “There was no telling what would have happened, besides this was all three of our decisions. We can’t merely blame all of this on you. All we can do is just do what we believe is right.”

“But…. I wish you had given him at least a year.” Rhea said as she was trying to scold Metis.

“Don’t worry now that he is free he can still have some fun. But he is going to have to do some errands. Right now we both know how bad it is going on. I didn’t tell him about what is really going right now as this peace is just an illusion created by our enemies.”

“You’re right I just have to believe that he will help fix the problems we started.” They both looked at the door as they found some relief to the current situation of the world.

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