Titan: My Return to Earth

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She is so nice!

“Hello, my name is Nyx.” She said with a polite curtsy to me.

“Hello My name is Neo, how was your taste in freedom after a while,” I said with a bow. We were being polite, and it confused me what to say after this. I mean, I knew her for a long time, but the fact that I had let her be stuck by herself for that long really makes me feel bad. Oh, I forgot to remind everyone Nyx and I are friends. But because of Metis, our relationship[ went a little distant. About one million years distant, I might add. That’s a secret in itself, but I thought with the strength of the kids they might have been able to handle her rather than seal her away. Though it was a guess, there was someone in there who could have used it. To think my kids be incapable enough to not be able to handle her. Guessing I should apologize to her later on but for now, I need to see what she does as she has now finally been released. She was released before in Thanatos’s body however like I told her body couldn’t come out as she could only possess the body but couldn’t get rid of the power that dominates the body. Gods have a special power that is naturally in their soul that creates who they are. As reminded a human or god’s body can’t have two souls. So the problem was that her true form couldn’t for the chance that Thanatos body would explode as she would then put two souls in the body. That’s why for me I suppress the power in the soul to allow her to come out. As long as the energy from the soul is not coming out then Nyx could inject her soul into the body which has now allowed her full control.

“First I would like to thank you for allowing me to come out. Never would I have that you could do something to the soul like that. Where do you learn that skill as there is no one is the world who could tamper with the soul in such a way? Could you tell me how?” Nyx questioned.

“That’s something I’m not allowed to say as you know tampering with the soul is forbidden by law even amongst the top gods. And you should know that I suppress the soul. Eventually, your body will go back to the scythe.” I explained.

“True even now I could feel something in my body that is trying to force my soul out. Guess you only did this to give me some time to be free correct?”

“Precisely although I could easily go and just defeat the body you possess and just try to claim you. However, knowing that you have been stuck inside for so long I thought it would be nice to have you come out.”

“That’s why I’ll give you my kindness as I will personally kill you mercifully,” Nyx said with a smile as though she has just found her target. She was turning scary as she licked her scythe. I started to get chills from it.

“What’s with all the gods giving out the wrong form of kindness,” I said in surprise. “I let you out and you want to kill me.”

“Is it because you are being vulgar to me right now?” Nyx explained. “First you say your name is Neo, which I can tell is not your actual name. Second, you are clearly a powerful God that is hiding an enormous amount of power. I don’t know who you are, but I haven’t faced such a strong opponent for a long time. The last one was quite disappointing and facing you will leave me satisfied before I go back to my scythe. In fact, I changed my mind. I will possess you after I defeat you as your body is worthy of my strength.” Nyx said as she was getting excited about the fight. Can’t people just talk and drink tea. I mean compared to fighting, it’s more relaxing….

This is not good, I thought she would be happy about getting to use a body for once. But little did I forget that she naturally likes to kill. She’s the God of Death and killing is one of her greatest abilities. Compared to Ares who likes to fight, Nyx is different as fighting and killing are two different things. For those who fight it to see who is superior vs the other. See who has more energy, techniques, or experience. You are trying to see different ways to win. Killing is about who dies first. For Nyx, the one that dies is the loser. Because of that, Nyx is far superior to Ares in every way because fighting can be under her tree as fighting is a form to kill. I didn’t want to get to this point at all. However, for someone who hasn’t been able to kill for so long and been stuck sealed, I guess I will have to fight. Then again, knowing her it should be expected. I then project a sword and I directed that sword towards her.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” I said to her.

“That’s a dumb question as I should be asking you,” Nyx said. “I’m not someone you shouldn’t underestimate.”

“I kinda figured, As I want to make sure. Then again, that was a pointless question, to begin with.” I said which then causes me to send energy all around us. Nyx didn’t seem to mind this as she knew what was coming. It was the same Nyx did, but with Divine energy and a twist. I then created a field a golden grassland that was filled with divine energy surrounded that. Over us look like it was a sky, but it was just an illusion that was created from my visualization.

“Oh haven’t seen this in a while. This is God’s arena, isn’t it? A field where only two people will not interfere with the outside world and until someone loses the field will not vanish. Quite an honor for you to create it for me.” A long time ago this was a practice field to say. It was used to make sure that when we gods fought, we could make sure that earth would be unharmed. Battles between gods are larger in size by nature and destroying Earth or Heaven would not be the greatest idea just because two people want to duke it out. So it was decided that before a battle a field would be created that wouldn’t influence the world. This was the result in a field that creates a setting where neither side has the advantage. The only thing that matters is your skills. It would not impact Nyx despite the field filled with divine energy actually so like I said no advantages. Nyx created a field earlier when he faced Ares, but hers was a smaller scale and only did effect the surface of what is within the sphere. Mines, however, was bigger as it made sure that no matter if there were tornadoes or earthquakes, nothing would impact the Earth in the slightest. But there is one catch why it’s only for practice or a small duel.

“Are you looking down on me by giving me such a handicap? It is fair that I put the other half, wouldn’t you say.” Just as Nyx said the only downside to creating the field is that it costs a lot of energy to create. And really.... during the war between Titans and Gods, this was never used as it was a waste and it would have given the other side the edge. Back in the day, it was supposed to be that both sides created a half in order to ensure fairness. That was long gone as the gods of our current time could care about fairness or even thinking about keeping the earth a habitual place. It’s a shame that no one does it. I mean it not like we have deserts or anything on Earht right. Or it would be real bad.

“No need to worry I have full confidence in myself and either way that was my decision so if I was to fall it can only be my fault at the end.” I’m not saying with confidence that I will win for sure but I know that I won’t die, I think….

“Oh look at you being so confident about yourself. Those who are careless are the first to die you know.“Nyx advised. “I don’t like the fact that you are doing this as it ruins the thrill of the fight as I feel like you are giving me a free win.”

“Don’t worry about it, I never view having more divine energy as a reason you lost in a fight. Such things as having better techniques, experiences, or reaction time can make more of a difference. So if you think I’m not going full power on you, then you are the one underestimating me.” I said as I started releasing my killing intent at her. It didn’t affect her in the slightest but it did give the proper message that was needed.

“Fabulous!!!! then I won’t hold back.” She then got ready with her weapon. Compared to the fights before where someone would try to surprise each other to get who killed each other first, this one was different. We are respecting each other because no matter what a skilled enemy knows to never to let you guard no matter what the situation. When you try to get a sneak attack very quickly to get rid of your enemy, you are simply leaving yourself open. The last fight where Ares tried to attack with a preemptive attack, actually was predicted by Nyx but she simply dodges it since it would be boring to just defeat people just like that. Same with that butler guy, he tried to get behind me but I had several ways to counter that as well but I chose not too. Nyx is especially good in preemptive strikes cause she knows when to see the moment of weakness even if it’s for a small millisecond she will use that chance. That was why I told Ares to leave because he could not deal with Nyx, as Ares will die pretty quickly if he didn’t know what to do. It’s also the reason during this entire time she had not attacked. I was keeping my guard up that prevented her from trying to kill me.

We stared at each other down for a few minutes. It differed from a usual fight where we just duke it out from the start. However, the reason we are doing this is to see how we fight. Both of us are seeing what way would be the best way to fight while not losing the trade. A single mistake can cost you your life, and both of us are being cautious about it. Though technically she won’t die as she would just go back to her scythe but still as the Goddess of death, losing is the greatest of shame so she takes this seriously. But after waiting for a while, we got looser. This signified that this is the moment that the fight actually begins as both are now prepared to fight.

“Shall we start this….” I said, As I soon got ready for the fight. She also gave a nod. And just like that both of us disappeared to the naked eye. Cling Cling Cling. Strikes were being exchanged but no one could see where we were. We were going so fast that it was hard to see. After every exchange we would try to counter each other without stopping. She would try to slash my head and if she missed, she moves the scythe around her body to make sure there are no gaps in her attacks. Same for me I would do the same as I would try to find gaps as well. When I dodge I would use my sword to slash her weak spots but she would use the length of the scythe to block my attacks and attack again. The cycle would keep going for a while and yes I know it’s a stalemate but for us this is a test against each other to see who makes the mistake first in those of the highest level is more fun cause of the adrenaline from doing this is amazing. Before with the Ares fight, Nyx was playing around and was having a stalemate on purpose which was boring. Now that we are serious this has been more fun. No mistakes and no time to think it’s a fight for perfection.

We went back and forth with exchanges that look like they went home but were perfectly predicted by the other. Also, just like Ares, we are extending the blade but we both know the distance of each other’s blade so doing that is just proving it is useless. No matter if you extend the blade or not, if you can land the hit, the length does not matter. Wanting to see a breakthrough, I created several daggers and threw them at her at specific areas to make sure she blocked them in a certain way. However, she defected the ones that she wanted and dodge the others. Following that to no surprise, she could counter the slash I threw on her exposed side. She then led my blade on the dull part of the scythe to the ground so she could counter me but I saw through that and I let go of the blade and spin to have my other hand grab her scythe to counter her next strike. The exchange was going back and forth as it didn’t seem like anyone would be able to win the trades. Someone might question why we are not using much of our powers to help contribute to the fight. Well, that’s because personal duels between gods are like human fights. They are individual skills to see who is superior. Just having stronger power and shooting each other till one is one aspect. But it never can bring you to the feeling of your life being on a life’s edge. As immortals who can’t die by normal means, we never fear growing old. Because of that sometimes gods don’t look forward to anything. We don’t have limited time to learn nor do we have to worry about being constrained with time. For those reasons Gods have nothing to stimulate them besides what they are good at. Therefore, battle became something that certain gods do in order to preoccupy themselves with time. Competition to see who was better made it so that if you didn’t want to lose to this person, you had to train and test yourself. Fighting gives us a fear of death, which gives us the desire to work and try to be the best that we can be. Because of that, God’s love this feeling of battle as we want to find out who is better. Who is a superior fighter and how far can you go beyond your limitations? And these battles with just limited divine energy are the purpose to show the results. If everything was decided based on who has more energy then it would be the same as two humans who decided the victor on who was bigger. As we both know bigger doesn’t always mean better. And trust me after a while we will go more dangerous. But we both desire to have this fight go on for a little longer.

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