Titan: My Return to Earth

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Old bonds

Outside God’s Arena, there stood Ares. He wanted to see the action, but unfortunately, that seems to be not the case. Wanting to see what’s going to happen, he tried to break through the barrier by force. This proved futile, as there was not even a single scratch on it. Everything he could think of that could damage the barrier was futile. Thus he eventually gave up and decided to sit there and wait. But then after a while, Athena appeared. She looked like she just came back from battle as there were dust and scratches all over her armor. Athena had that long brown hair down to her waist as she now didn’t have to worry about fighting anymore.

“I got the message that you were here, but where is Neo….?” Athena said.

“In there fighting that monster of a God,” Ares said.

“Why aren’t you helping him then,” Athena said out of curiosity as she knew Ares would always join in on a fight no matter the situation.

“I wish but I can’t get through this dam barrier, otherwise I would have gone into battle as well,” Ares said as he touched the barrier. “This barrier is so powerful, I don’t even think father can even break through it. To create such a barrier and still fight that monster should be respected.”

“It’s the first time I see you look in admiration for something like a barrier. Unless it was something about a new fighting move or fighting an opponent, you wouldn’t even be a tad bit interested.“Athena said in surprise. “What changes here that makes you think like this.”

“Athena, when I first fought my father, I thought he was the strongest fighter in the world. Eventually, I thought that if I trained diligently over the years, I would soon surpass him and take the throne.“Ares explained. “Now I have realized that there are even greater beings that have surpassed even father. After seeing them I realize that the world is far too vast for me to set my goals on just surpassing father….”

“To think you have been able to grow this much after this experience. I don’t know if I should be either happy or surprised by this. Then again, just like you, I have realized that too. All my life I have controlled and guided this organization to become what it is today. Never once did I realize how lacking I was. Even if I make a mistake, at least I look like I took it head on, rather than hide behind a person when it fails.“Athena said honestly. She was feeling something that Ares had never felt before as well.

“I guess both of us got something out of this, but unlike me I feel you will develop more than me. There was never a time where I believed I could realize the mistakes that had happened. For me, I felt if I made a mistake I would naturally grow from it and don’t have to worry about it in the future. Felt like it worked so far, but now I don’t think so...”

“...hahahaha” Athena laughed. She had never felt like this before but after thinking about it she just..laugh.

“Are you mocking me….“Ares said in dissatisfaction.

“No no… sorry.“Athena said as she calmed down. “I never meant to have that laugh be offensive, actually I never thought you would ever compliment me for something that I had always annoyed you with. Truth be told, I was jealous of you because you never worry about what happens next, you went with the flow.“Athena pointed out. She then grabbed his shoulder to give him encouragement. “We all have our strengths and weaknesses and because of that, we have to work on our flaws yet continue to develop our strengths. We don’t need to change who we are because we can’t. That’s why relax you will get stronger your way, just like for me.”

“….Thank you….” Ares said as he had no other words that could describe that feeling of having someone cheer him up. He didn’t know what to do. All he could do is stare at the barrier while standing next to his sister. Athena did the same as she just enjoyed the atmosphere while not trying to ruin the mood. Both of them know things will be back to normal after this. For now, though, they will let this last for as long as possible. They both know they can’t get through the barrier, so they just let things go. It can be described as the first time these siblings have actually been able to get along.

Inside the barrier, the fight continues as both of us are still continuing to exchange blow for blow. We soon got a certain distance away from each other. That time I thought she would run at me again. But halfway she threw the scythe at me, which surprised me, but I easily dodge it. But just as I did the scythe was moving back to me and I used my sword to block the scythe however because it was unexpected, the scythe forced the sword out of my hands. Fortunately, the scythe was also blown away, so I survived it. Suddenly she was in front of me and she thrust her fingers towards my throat. But as she was about to thrust her fingers towards me. A blade soon blocked the finger as she didn’t see that coming. She didn’t expect that I had used my open hand to create another sword. Because of that, I manage to get out of it unscathed. I then forced her back as she stopped her attacks.

“So far I see it, this is a tie isn’t it,” Nyx said as she put her hand on her hips. “It’s been a while since I have faced such a formidable person. Well then, again I have been locked away for awhile”

“I could agree but unfortunately you seem to cannot realize that this was not a tie,” I said, It did confuse her but just as she was going to say something. Swoosh a sword came right in front of her that was a hair’s breadth from injuring her. She was shocked for a moment as she didn’t realize that if it was even a slight bit closer, she would have been hit.

“....How...was that calculated on your part…” Nyx said while still in shock. “I saw that blade fly away, it should not have been coming here. Actually, that sword should have vanished after a while.”

“You shouldn’t be surprised because I learned to do this after many years of practice. Also, if you had paid attention, I was doing what you were doing,” I commented.

“…...What do you mean from what I’ve done...?“Nyx questioned.

“Did you use your scythe to move back towards me after I dodge? You had thin lines of energy on your scythe to control it after you threw it. Well, I noticed so I did so as well.” I explained. During the last engagement, I did see a thin line after I dodge it. Though I was confused at first, but then later on when the scythe came back unexpectedly for me, there was the realization of what she was trying to do. So returning the favor I did so as well. However, after learning how to control energy in Tartarus, I don’t need such control anymore. I don’t need strings to control them, rather I just have to make sure that the energy is enough where it doesn’t need to be connected to me. That was what caught her off guard. From the times I had the swords flying from before it was simply the same when fighting the undead.

“I didn’t realize that you would be able to see through that so quickly, even then be able to use that against me. Not only that, from what I can tell you don’t even need to do what I’m doing. Color me impressed, the way you are able to see and grow from the situation is beyond what I have seen from most Gods. Although I had fought a few Gods, you are one that reminds me of a certain individual that I have once faced.” Nyx said.

“Oh and who was this person, he must have been super strong,” I asked.

“At first he was weak, and I thought why would this person challenge me, is he seeking death. I beat him so badly he looked like he was about to die. There were times that he was about to die from me after a single slice. He survived but it is surprising that he kept coming despite the repeated failures.” Nyx said. I then remembered it all so well. Back in the day, I was never one for fighting as that was never my nature. However, to defeat my father I had to fight someone who was capable of matching my father. Though there were many siblings that I could face, they were at the time not as strong as my father. So I searched everywhere besides Tartarus and before you know it I found Nyx. She was incredibly strong at that time and was so strong that no God would face her. Because of that, she became my perfect opponent to face. Well to be exact not that perfect as she was close to killing me a million times. And that literally is not an exaggeration as she was someone that represented death and she never knew had to hold back. For me, I was the one who was able to fight her so many times yet survive to tell the story. But after those near-death situations, I grew and grew to the point I was able to fight on par with her as you see now. I was trying to remember how it was back in the day.

“That boy was the most persistent person in the world, he kept trying to face me every time. At first, I thought he was just like any ordinary God who would just run away after a few times. However, he kept coming every time and my view of him changed. He risked his life to continue to get stronger, never fearing the world after. It was something I have never seen in a God. A God who was never afraid of death was the most surprising. Eventually, I came to view him as a friend. Someone who was never afraid to face me or talk to me. In my eons of living, there was never such a person in Heaven such as him. He was one of a kind.“Nyx narrated. It was something I was happy to hear as well as I remember those days as well. Yes, I would get bloody up and near death, but after the fights, we would talk and discuss many things about ourselves and what we desire. It was at that time which started a beautiful relationship.

Many Eons ago.... In a dark world that is under the earth lies a dead plain filled with everything that could be close to death. Plants that are spiky will never bloom. The ground is filled with muddy plains and withers trees. Rivers that are dark and poisonous that will never nourish. This is the place where it holds the many souls that are lost and are looking for a way out. There was no sun, but there was some sort of stone in the sky that seems to light the world as it fades in certain times and rise up in other times. This is what makes them differentiate from night and day. Nothing really happens but in an unknown spot lies two individuals. One on the ground while the other was sitting on a rock casually spinning a dagger on the tip of her finger.

“So what is this, the 601,019 times where you almost die?” Nyx said casually as she kept twirling it around her finger. “Why are you still coming here to fight when you haven’t even come close even winning?” As she went and looked down on me.

“Ha...…. Despite the fact that I almost died again….. I think I survived longer than the last time....” I was covering my wounds as there was a deep cut that was splitting my shoulder apart. It will take time for my body to heal as it will only last for 10 hours or so. I should be fine as long as she doesn’t cut me anymore.

“Indeed, you actually survive a minute longer than yesterday. That is an achievement in itself. However, you still can not completely react to my attacks fast enough. Got a long way to go before you can fight me 1 on 1.” Nyx explained. “But to think you were able to survive all my killing strikes even after all this time. That is something worth praise.”

“Ha….cough...cough…. You say that but you never once continue for the finishing blow…..cough can you explain that.“I said as I never understood why she would never do the finishing blow.

“Actually yes, you are the first person to ever survive from my one-hit kill. And for you to survive every single time, hurts my pride as the god of death. Until I kill you with one strike, I’ll keep you around to improve myself as the goddess of death.” Nyx explained,

“Never thought that not killing me with one blow actually hurt your pride as much as I can’t win against you. I guess we are both benefiting from this, really.”

“True and plus....“Nyx said silently.

“Plus what….?“I questioned.

“To tell you the truth, you have the person I spend a lot of time with besides my husband. Although I have kids, because I never understood what being a mother is like I never know how to interact with them.”

“That is surprising actually, to think that you who have lived for many eons have very few friends. I don’t know if I should feel happy or scared?”

“What do you say…..?” She said in a scary tone as she released killing intent. It made me really scared as I restated my words.

“...I...I...mean… thank you for considering me as a friend.”

“Mm… you see all my life... Many have feared me as they think that being close to me will result in their death.” Nyx said while feeling dejected.

“Has there ever been a case where you prove that statement to be false?” I wondered.

“How could I when they weren’t even willing to take the risk? That’s what makes you so different compared to the rest was the fact that you were willing to come here in the first place.”

“Well I didn’t know you were the Goddess of Death in the first place. Really didn’t realize you were until I had half my body cut.” As I pointed that out to her.

“And yet you are still here proves that I’m not dangerous, right?” She said jokingly.

“Yeah but that’s more of the fact that I manage to survive your death blow rather than you actually be nice to me,” said analytically.

“When we first met, you were walking suspiciously, of course, I would try to kill you.” Nyx pointed out.

“I wasn’t moving cough cough….. suspiciously…. I was lost... I have never been here before. You think a person who go to a random place would not let their guard down?” I asked.

“........Like I said you were suspicious.” Nyx said after thinking about it. But she then realized that it was her mistake. But she won’t admit to it.

“Hah, whatever…..by the way, you want to talk right?” I said after giving up.

“Correct, why do you ask?” Nyx said.

“Then what do you wanna talk about then? ” I asked.

“......that’s a good question...I really don’t know?” Nyx said as she was thinking. This was the first time she had a normal conversation with someone. “What do you usually talk about with others?′

“Anything really, what we believe in, what we do today, or even what we eat.” I named all the things that I could think of but I really don’t know what she is excited to talk about. “Anything can be a topic to talk about, as long as you are interested in talking about it.”

“Like what was your favorite way to kill?!!!!” She said excitedly.

“...Sure let’s go with that,” I said. What the heck was that question, who talks about that stuff anyways. That is the most messed up thing to talk about. Then again, that’s probably what she likes the most anyways. “Let’s start with that. Tell me about those and we go from there.”

“What if you get bored or not even listen to me,” Nyx said nervously, hoping not to bore me.

“Don’t worry I’m stuck here anyway, besides…” I said which left her tilting her hand. “I guess you could say we are becoming friends!” I then gave her a smile. She was confused for a moment but then she showed a smile for the first time during the entire time I had fought her.

“I guess so as well. Alright, here it goes, 1000 years ago….” She started her story as that was the beginning of how our friendship started and it will continue for many years to come.

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