Titan: My Return to Earth

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Oh.... this is bad

Back to normal times.

It is something worth noting, and that was why to this day I have always seen her at high regard. Though she was the strongest, she was also the kindest. Yes, she may have those quirky moments and creepy thoughts, but overall she is like everyone who wants to have friends. Looking at her reminded me of those good times. She was smiling for a while as she was reminded of a good time. For a moment I was going to reveal my identity. Shudder but before I could she released a powerful wave of energy that erupted out of nowhere.

“WHY...WHY DID HE LEAVE ME THOUGH….I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!” She screamed. She started crying as she also started remembering something that was sad. I then realized that I also had to pay the biggest price during the war. It was something that I had to do in order to accomplish my goal. When she was a scythe, everyone feared her as she was the weapon that made me strong. The Gods never really wanted to have a direct confrontation with me if I had her there with me. So in order for them to face me, I had to separate from her. She tried to respond to me several times but during that time I blocked her from talking to me. I even got a way to put her to sleep. It brought me tears when I had to do all those without telling her. But Metis insisted I not tell her, as it was something that was essential for the plans. Metis thought she would never agree to it, so she told me it was better to be left unsaid. Truthfully I wanted to say something but I didn’t want her to get involved in this. But the end result was that she went to a place she didn’t want to go back to. Nyx went back to being lonely again.

“Now I’m very angry right now, so I will have to frustrate my anger towards you.“Nyx said as she got rid of her tears. However even without knowing she showed signs she wanted to kill. I was going to say something but.

“Ah….” that was all I could say unfortunately before she threw an energy slash at me. Woosh that came at me at full speed. Knowing that I had to cool her off before I could talk to her, I immediately got ready for her. She instantly jumped at me however, just when I moved away from the attack suddenly a scythe was behind me. What was worse though was the fact that the scythe was close to my neck? Ting it was the sound of weapons colliding. I created a sword that went straight up and protected my neck. Then without looking, I created a sword with my other hand. It was a reverse grip and made sure the sword was pointing behind me as something attacked me. Bang block a kick that was going towards my back. Not trying to be defensive, I created three swords and shot it towards her as I tried to get some distance from her. She deflected it easily, but that let me have an opening that I wanted and I tried to thrust the sword on her chest. But she moved back to avoid it, but at the same time, she let go of her scythe. What was worse, she was able to control it using no energy strings. It took me so long to control weapons without using strings yet she did it after seeing me do it once. This made me stop as I want to make sure that she doesn’t surprise me with anything. And just as I was prepared for the scythe, it moved towards me remotely. It spins around constantly, throwing energy slashes everywhere. Because of that, it was confusing as to where they are coming from. Swoosh swoosh swoosh it was coming at me repeatedly. There were times where it looked like the scythe came directly at me then there were times where it wasn’t and it would be an energy slash. This happened all while Nyx wasn’t moving. It was weird that she wasn’t as she would usually try to attack me when my guard was at its lowest. But she never once attacked me. Because of that, I have been throwing swords everytime the scythe has been throwing energy slashes. At the same time I tried to hit her as well but then she used her slashes to protect her. She used the scythe to go both offensive and defensive was splendid. Putting me in a rough spot, it was time to kick this up a notch.

I then created several flying swords, directing them to Nyx. Wasting no time, I shot all of them. She anticipated them and was about to intercept them. But then the swords multiplied from one to several thousand. This shook Nyx a little as she realized she couldn’t block all of them in time so she created an energy barrier before the sword came. However, before she completed the barrier, I was inside already behind her. Knowing she couldn’t take the barrier down, she channels energy into her hands. We did hand to hand combat as the barrier was small for us to both wield weapons. Exchange blow for blow as there were times we did grappling as well. When I tried to grab her, she would grab me to make sure I couldn’t do anything to her. But we only did that for a while until the attack stopped outside. Once she opened the barrier, she grabbed both my arms as she tried to lock them. Behind me was a scythe that was preparing to cut me in half. Cling I create two floating swords behind me to block it. Then with time, I created two swords on my hands to help me get out of Nyx grips. She then got the scythe back into her hands. I faced her again with swords floating all around me.

“I’m surprised, there have never seen someone who could masterfully use divine energy swords like you. Most would just have a weapon created by the one eyes but you don’t seem to need a weapon at all.” Nyx said.

“Where I was at, there was nothing to do, so training was important and I happened to work on this as a result,” I said, When you are in hell you have to do something to preoccupy yourself. I mean you can’t be lazing around, that is boring by itself. Because I didn’t have a weapon during my time in Tartarus I had to just practice with these weapons. Eventually out of sheer boredom I practiced as many possibilities I could do with the swords. I got them to the point that I can control them at will and create them anywhere around me. Making it a defensive and offensive weapon. I haven’t shown the full potential of using them but Nyx could already tell I have good control of them.

“Well based on what I have seen, I will actually need to get help,” Nyx said as he started to prepare to release more energy. I prepared as I knew what was coming, as this was what made her the strongest god at one point in time. Her shadow soon grew bigger and started to spread everywhere as though it was consuming the very life around it. Then out of her shadow, several things started to appear, which started to take shape. It looked as though some statues were appearing but then as it kept coming out of the shadow you could see that it was people in dark robes that covered their face and body. There were a few dozen of them, and each carried weapons of different shapes in sizes. Some of them had long-range while some short range. Some of them had weapons while some didn’t have them. They all come from different sizes and shapes with some being big while others were small. It has been a while since I had fought all of them as they were the incarnations of her. Those are servants that help carry out her work. They were her reapers.

There are many ways to die. Be it from nature, from fighting, from evil luck, illness anything. Because of the many sorts of forms of death, Nyx has to represent all of them. Because of that, her body carries all the forms of death. She herself has used all of it to the highest level but there was a time where rather than be everything, she could just split them. The result was reapers skilled at the highest level that is able to kill without a single hesitation. Though it would be expected that they be weaker but that differs from Ares who is splitting his body up. Nyx is merely embedding them with the knowledge and doesn’t require her to split her energy. How they maintain their energy however is simple. She formed souls that each inherited a single aspect of death. Though you might say that is not possible however it is. It is an inferior version compared to what gods have and humans to a degree. However, since they are tasked with one function, it doesn’t have to do anything else. There is a problem with the fact that a soul would conflict with the body however Nyx made sure that the soul would only produce energy by itself after it has left the body. This was something that she created that is hard for any of us to do. Because of this, she doesn’t have to supply the energy, and she doesn’t have to deal with the repercussions of having too many souls in the body. The only thing is that she couldn’t create any more of these as she said that there was a limit to how much she could create.

“I haven’t used this ability in a while but based on your skills I feel like I need to use this to win,” Nyx said.

“Well don’t I feel honored to see your reapers. But don’t you feel like this is wrong to face me with so many people. I mean I know they are all a part of you but still it’s better one on one right?” I said. They are the most troublesome of servants. The energy level of her servants are pretty strong. Compared to the Gods like Ares and Athena these reapers pale in comparison when it comes to power. Especially one on one. But in terms of skill that is different. Because their ability is at the highest, they can have the capability of defeating them because the usage of their energy is so much better than what those two can do. They all one mind making it more devastating as they can come in any direction, any moment, at any place. Along with Nyx, they become the ultimate killing machines. It has been a while since I last saw them. I then stretch my shoulders a little as this will probably exert myself quite a lot. The last time I faced them I nearly ceased to exist because of how strong they were. Let’s see how I deal with them now. However, during that time thinking, Nyx seemed to think of something.

“How did you know about my reapers, I never once mentioned who they are?” Nyx wondered. Oops, I forgot that the servants’ secret is that they are a part of her. Only I know that each of those servants has a soul in there. Everyone thinks that Nyx has an enormous energy pool that allows her to summon them. While it is true, she has an enormous energy pool she doesn’t want to waste it on her reapers as that would lower her energy a lot faster especially during a tough fight. So having them get their own energy source makes it a lot easier.

“Metis told me about them. She said how dangerous they were..” I explained. This was to avoid any suspicions of me. Hopefully, it works.

“I see well anyways. I hope you are ready for what’s to come because after this moment I won’t hesitate to kill you.” Nyx said. She was curious initially, but after my explanation, she seemed to buy it. Then again, she really was bad at listening to people. She moved on and then started to get ready for the fight. Everyone of her reapers also got their weapons ready as well. There was dread in the air as this was not something you would want to deal with. I then created several more floating swords and put them around me as a form of protection. Generating two swords in my hands, I then got into my stance to prepare for the onslaught.

“Whenever you are ready,“I said, Though she was ready, she was shocked for some reason.

“Why….why does he remind me so much of him?” Nyx thought for awhile. She was hesitant for some time and kept on thinking about something. “No…. I mustn’t think that way. I must first defeat him and worry about that later.” She then got serious and attacked. At that moment all of her reapers vanished and came right at me. And I sent out my swords as this is the moment where my toughest fight since I came back began.

Outside far away from God’s arena in the air was a lady watching over the scene. It was the lady with the azure dress who seemed to be in a very bad mood. She hoped that Ares before would be able to do enough damage to render Thanatos useless, then she would be able to take the scythe quickly before anyone would react. However during the fight she forgot that God’s arena was created preventing her from entering no matter what she tried to do. She then thought once the barrier was down, she would be able to jump in and take the scythe when both sides are weak. But that also never happened as the moment the barrier came down Thanatos was the victor and she herself knew she wouldn’t be able to kill her instantly. But what surprised her the most was the individual she had met before. He was also there as well. This made her really gloomy as she knew that there was no way to get through him. That person was incredibly strong and didn’t have a weakness you could think of. Except for that person, everyone else would seem to have a problem with him. What to do... she thought.

Thinking about it for a while, she then suddenly realized that Thanatos was unconscious. She was so caught up on what to do she didn’t realize that the individual had knocked Thanatos down. Huh….

Wondering what to do now, she thought it was a good time to pick it up. However, because she didn’t want to mess with both Ares and the mysterious person, she continued to wait to see what their plans were. She knew she could be able to fight Ares fairly well, but with him there, the odds were slim to none. So she waited, unfortunately.

An hour had passed, and she continued to wait which got her furious. Suddenly an enormous amount of death energy spread so great it even reached her. She had not felt this type of energy at all. She had sensed it from Thanatos, but never this powerful was it from the scythe or did someone appear that no one had known about. She was not familiar with her ever, but she recognizes that she is from the land of hell. This is because of Thanatos and others she has met over time. But out of all the people of hell, she was by far the strongest of them all. What should she do though, should she just leave and report it or should she just watch until something more interesting happens? However, just when she was about to watch something more interesting another Arena was formed preventing her from seeing anything. But compared to before, this was a larger scale and was much stronger than before. But no matter what, just like Ares, she can’t do anything till the barrier is down. Things are just getting worse and worse for her though. Eventually more and more forces will eventually reach this place, making it impossible for her to get any opportunity.

After thinking for awhile, she realized that there is no chance and rather than continue to waste time it is better to go with what she has and report it. Just knowing there is a new individual has appeared should already be valuable information and something that needs to be taken priority over. But something keeps making no sense here is that man. Who is he, as not many titans will use god’s arena? Even her master does not use it as it’s a waste of energy. Not only that, God’s arena was used for sparring, not for actual battle. Giving a handicap is only for idiots. But still to release this much energy and be willing to fight that powerful lady shows that he is accomplished.

After waiting for a few minutes she finally left as she saw little value in seeing something that will not develop. She also felt that there are others that will eventually come soon. This made sure that she had no chance to retrieve the scythe without revealing too much of her. And just like that she disappeared.

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