Titan: My Return to Earth

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Oh things just got worst

Clang Clang Clang Clang, back inside the arena, the fight got more and more intense. To say that I was having a hard time was an understatement. Nyx and her servants were so coordinated that cuts all over my body were appearing. One after another, the attacks kept coming. There would be times that all of them will coordinate and attack me one at a time. Then there would be times they wouldn’t as some of them would pretend to attack me in a blind spot. And because they have some long-range servants, they would attack me in spots that I can’t see making it more important I protect my vitals. Luckily, with my floating swords, it continues to be moving on spots I know they want to attack. With two hands, it’s impossible to block every single one of them. Not only that, there has been no chance I can counter-attack. When I tried to go offensive, I would be blasted with energy beams and projectiles that makes me go defensive. Then once they were done, the close combat servants would swoop in. Then if that didn’t work Nyx would join in to find that fatal strike. The good news is that I let her cut me in nonfatal areas while protecting myself from any spots that would kill me. Still, they are so relentless as they would throw a unique combination of servants to go at me every time, which makes it hard to predict how to dodge or block them. This has been going on for an hour already and the damage is accumulating to the extent that I need to do something fast before I get really screwed.

After finding a single speck of opportunity, I created a large barrier covering my body. Getting me the time I created several swords around me making it look like I was inside a spiky ball. I shot them all over. Like before the swords then separated into thousands more making it look like it was raining swords. The servants aware of the dangers took evasive action and was prepared to fend them off. However, I could create a surprise of my own.

“Take this!!!.“I screamed. The swords moved everywhere, but it didn’t hit anybody, making it confusing for them. However, because of that, they couldn’t predict where they were coming from. Eventually thud the swords would piece a servant one after another. They tried to block them but the overwhelming swords were too much for them to handle. They tried creating barriers to fend them off, but eventually, the swords got through them due to my powers triumphing over theirs. This has caused all of them to be immobile and turned them into smothering. I was trying to concentrate on destroying them one by one at first, but after it proved to be difficult, I changed my mind. However, someone was hitting my barrier, and not only that, it was causing a crack. Seeing who it was, I realize it was Nyx, and she was determined to strike me before I finished destroying her reapers. Knowing this, I stopped and focused my attention on Nyx. Of course, she backed off and fended herself from all the swords as she created a shock wave to destroy all of them. After that however, both of us reach a stalemate again. The servants that were tattered and damaged were everywhere. Though there were some that survived they were not without injuries. That sounded good for me as I had less to worry about, but then Nyx released her shadow and it spread to all of her servants. This was the grim news as the moment of contact the servants that were tattered, were soon repaired. All of them soon stood back up and looked as though they had not gotten a single scratch. Unfortunately, I can’t recover that fast due to death energy. Although Divine energy can heal, it takes more effort when death energy is present. That’s why most gods in Heaven don’t really like going to hell. Those above prefer to lock you up. While the gods in hell or in death realm are different as they can kill much easier. Not only that, they can disrupt the healing effects of divine energy. Therefore I’m not healing as fast it won’t work for a while. So right now Nyx has the advantage right now.

“Something just doesn’t feel right about you and I can’t seem to put it about you,” Nyx questioned. I can tell she has been trying to not think about it but eventually, it got to the point where she wasn’t focusing on the fight. She wasn’t even paying attention to the fight and was relying on instinct alone. Which was why she wasn’t paying attention as much, relying on her servants to do the damage. No matter what, she couldn’t just feel like she couldn’t get into rhythm.

“Though I am impressed that you could survive this far but the way you move just looks so similar…“Ah dammit I couldn’t cloud my movements at all. Before I could just change my movements so that I’m able to fool her eyes. However, as the fight gets more and more serious, your body will move more efficiently and you can’t hide it. You go back to what the body prefers to do. My body will move in a way that will protect itself. Because of that, Nyx who I have fought against so many times will eventually recognize my movements as this was similar to how I fought against her before. This will eventually trigger her memories of me.

“The way you fight and that annoying attitude of yours. There is only one person who has a combination of both…” Crap she is finding out and wait... what’s this about having an annoying attitude? In what way am I annoying? Is it how I talk or how I fight? In what way am I annoying? Wait, I shouldn’t be focusing on that I need to think about what I do to deceive her. To make sure she didn’t think about it anymore, I sent out my attacks. However, her servants deflected all of them, preventing anything from happening. I tried to rush in by throwing a large energy slash right towards her. However, the servants got in front of it and were able to counter it pretty easily. This made it hard for me to get to her. Trying to rush towards her the servants react properly and attack me from all sides. Though I threw all of my swords everywhere to intercept all of them, some of them didn’t care as protecting their master was more important. Because of that, I had to fend them off or else I could get seriously injured. I need to stop her from remembering but I couldn’t have known that what I had just done now was what caused the thing that I didn’t want most.

“The way you jump in to cover something up is also familiar. “then something hit her that was obvious since the beginning. “The way you talk, the way you move, the fact that you can fight me so fluently as though you have faced me before….” Nyx said as she started putting her hands on her head as though she is in disbelief.” It can’t be…..It can’t be It can’t be It can’t be It can’t be!!! “She kept saying to herself as her energy level continued to skyrocket faster and faster than what was shown so far. But that confusion now turned into anger.

“Ah but…” I was trying to say something but unfortunately, that never happened as she didn’t let me speak.

“HOW DARE YOU.....HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!!!!!!” She screamed.

“RAWRRRR.” The Servants then soon screamed, showing their rage as they were soon reflecting the anger of their master. Though this was my realm, even then everything was starting to shake. If I wasn’t focusing enough, my entire arena would have been destroyed just from the sheer energy they were releasing. I instantly got my energy ready as to prepare for what was to come as I know that the next attack she would release was for sure going to end me.

You may have changed your face and your voice, but your habits are still the same.“Nyx said. “Cronus why did you not release me from prison? More importantly, why did you abandon me?.”

“….I can’t answer that,” I said. I still can’t reveal my and Metis plan as there is more to it than meets the eye. Really there will be a dangerous path we will have to go through and I don’t want her to join in our plans. Right now all I could do is simply just go and let her frustrate her anger on me and let it be.

“If you aren’t going to tell me then I will force you to tell me!!!!” She said in anger. I soon felt a chill on my back as there was something scary coming that I have never seen from Nyx before. “Fine then I guess I will have to do this the old fashion way. I hope you are ready for it because I won’t hold back.” Nyx said in a frightening tone. Soon as that happened, her body soon released a dark amount of energy that surrounded us and the servants came along too. Soon everything around me faded like it was night. It clouded and hard to see. I couldn’t feel or sense anything, everything was numb. I created a barrier, but when I created it, the barrier simply faded away. I tried to create my swords yet everything faded as well. This space was so strong that not even I could create a single weapon. This is bad as I have never seen her use it before. I tried to touch or grab a hold of something, but there was no feeling. I couldn’t grasp anything at all. What is this? I can’t release any energy as well as though I didn’t have any of it. Thinking about it for a while to understand what she did, I tried tapping my head. However suddenly without realizing it my head was cut off. Thud, I didn’t know what happened but my head was split as my head was now falling and spinning around. What happened…..

After a few seconds, I was back to normal. Was that an illusion... what could it be. Then slit my throat was cut open letting all the blood come out in an instant. Then it happened again: I was back to normal. I tried to create a barrier or slash a few around me, but nothing could stop me from leading to my death. Smashed head, loss of blood heart crushed, no breathing, being cut to pieces, starvation smashed body. Pierce in the heart and there were crueler ways of dying where I was poisoned, drained of blood. It kept going on and on like there was no stop to all the death. My mind was exploding as it kept going. The body keeps feeling all of them, making it feel more and more real. There was nothing that I could do about it. I let death come to me as the torture kept going on and on. Then for a minute, there was no pain. A voice came as to say something in the middle of the torture.

“How’s this ability of mine? This is my strongest ability that no one can stop. I created this when I was locked away” Nyx said. “This ability locks you in a space that finds out how you will die. Everyone is supposed to die in a certain way, that can be the same or different compared to others. This realms find it and will use it to destroy you. But it never knows what the exact way you will die so what does it do….Try every possible way till we find it.” She grinned. I finally realize the reason as to why long ago she was into torture so long ago. This was her ability as that was no matter who she had faced no matter human or God they would face death. Because everyone will die eventually and have a predestined fate. Some of them can defy death, however, as there are those who above her and even me in terms of power. They can never die. But everyone else is fair game. This must have been the reason why even my father has never once thought of trying to kill her or let alone fight her. “Now you have experienced this, will you now tell me what you didn’t want to say many years ago?” Nyx questioned.

“Sorry I’m afraid I can’t say it even if I have to die…..” I said struggling to keep my mind conscious. “This is not your business to deal with.” There is no way I can get her involved in my problem. And there was no way she would want to go through this hardship. The moment you do this there is no turning back.

“Why won’t you tell me!!!! Am I that worthless to you!!!” Nyx shouted. I could tell that she was very upset. She wanted to know so badly yet I kept my mouth shut. “Fine!!!!!! Suit yourself keep rotting till you cease to exist!” She said, as the deaths resumed again.

“Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!” I screamed. But no one can hear my scream as it was solitude and I had to take all of this my own.

Meanwhile outside the Gods field were two gods still standing there waiting for the barrier to be down. At first, they were both okay with waiting. However, suddenly….

“I can’t wait any longer!!!!!.“Ares said as he was fuming from the fact that one, he couldn’t win a fight, second, he couldn’t see the battle between those two and three he had to wait. Those are just killing him morally today.

“Calm down as you said a few hours ago we can only just wait,” Athena said as she was drinking tea on the ground. To take some time off, she made a little picnic and put some stuff for some tea. Though it looks like, she was just casually just leisure around, she is actually prepared for battle whatever happens. But she knows that with nothing to do, it’s better to relax. “Just sit and relax as we both know that we can’t do anything.”

“But it just irritates me to no end,” Ares said furiously.

“Haa it was just an hour ago and you have already gone back to the way before. And to think I thought you grew up and started to become wiser.” Athena said in disappointment.

“That was before and this is now,” Ares replied back. “I want to see the fight, this might be the fight that will help me surpass the limits that I long to surpass.”

“So that was the reason but if you realize that if the barrier is down that means the fight has to be over so you will not get anything out of it,” Athena explained.

“..... even so I need to get this mission over with.” Ares said now knowing she is right. If the barrier is down then the fight has to be over. Meaning what happens after wouldn’t benefit Ares as much. “Actually if Neo wins that means I can spar against him which will help me improve.” Ares then found out. He then soon got excited at the thought of fighting and getting stronger at the same time. However…..

“But you are saying if he wins…” Athena said calmly to get Ares back into reality. “Don’t forget that he still has to win first before you know what is going on. This is the reason why all our forces we can gather are setting a perimeter around here to make sure if neo was to fail we will have to deal with it. “This was true as the barrier was still active, meaning they were still fighting. And the fact that the barrier has been active for quite a while shows that the fight must be that intense. “We can’t let our guard down.”

“True though both of us have recovered our strength, I doubt however that we can’t take on that monster of a woman.” Ares responded. He got composed as he realized that if Neo failed then a bigger problem would occur as Ares lost to her when she wasn’t at full power. This gave both less confidence to even think about victory. “So what do we do if he fails?” Ares asked.

“I’m not sure and I really haven’t even thought about it yet.” Athena said as she drank her tea.

“Then why are you calm then if you don’t have a plan? You should know that if she is the victor both our lives will be forfeited.” Ares said nervously.

“Because…“Athena said.

“Because of what????” Ares questioned.

“Because I believe he will win”. Athena said with a smile.

“That’s it???” Ares said.

“Pretty much.” Athena said while getting more tea.

“Then why are you preparing for the worst then if you believe in him.” Ares thought.

“Always prepare for any situation no matter what happens?” Athena pointed out.” That’s what any strategist should do.”

“Whatever but what makes you believe. Aren’t you someone who’s always about knowing rather than just believing.” Ares asked.

“You are right but since I never know about him at all I can’t say I know he will win. But something about him makes me think that belief is all you need with him. You don’t know what is going to happen but there is this feeling I get for some reason that just makes me feel confident in him.” Athena explained as she smiled just thinking of him.

“…...I feel like you are talking as though you love him.” Ares thought.

“Shut up, just sit and drink your tea,” Athena said as she thought she could say something different for once. However, Ares just pokes fun at Athena because she is still single. “Just know that there is no way he is in any harm of dying.

Ares finally gave up and drank the tea. Both were able to relax and wait for something to happen. However, much can not be said about the person inside the barrier.

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