Titan: My Return to Earth

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My test for her

Back to the major event, I was down on the ground or something like that as my consciousness has been pushed to the limit as it was mind blown about the continuous deaths I had to experience over and over again. It was like a nightmare that never seems to stop. And though it felt like I was going through thousands of years’ worth of deaths. It has been going on for a few minutes as she actually increases the pace of the death. So every millisecond I have experienced so many deaths that I couldn’t recall all of them. But finally, she stopped for some reason, as though something is bugging her.

“What’s going on, no matter what I do, I can’t seem to find out how you die,” Nyx questioned. “I have used everything I can muster and yet you are not able to die. Cronus, what did you do? Why can’t you die? That is impossible...”

“….Don’t ask me. if you see how many times I died, you tell me,” I said. I don’t even know what’s going on but thank the Heavens that it did because dealing with this was equivalent to Tartarus all over again. But thankfully I survived all of this.

“Well it matters not, if I can’t kill you through this means. Then I simply have to use this ability to destroy your very existence.” Nyx said as soon after not feeling energy for a while, an enormous amount of energy soon was released and surrounded me. It soon made my body feel heavy as though it was trying to compress me. Soon I was being squeezed to death, leaving me no room to move. Then just as it can’t get any worse a large amount of energy was then going into my body and trying to destroy everything inside. I tried to resist, but I had no access to my powers and every part of my body was being consumed and destroyed bit by bit. Every part of my body was getting more and more painful by the second. I had to escape this or it will doom me. Then after working so hard I finally was connected to a source of energy I felt something that could help. However…. Drip drip.

“Farewell Cronus,” She said as she cried as the sphere that was surrounding us consumed me alone and it got smaller and smaller until there was nothing left. She killed the only friend that she had ever made. When she finished her attack, I felt nothing. Everything was empty.

Crying was the feeling she continued to have in her heart as it kept aching as she can’t stop her tears. Never did she think that she would go and kill her one and only friend. She thought because he had survived being with her for so long that they would be friends till the dawn of time. Yet she would never expect this to happen. But what was she supposed to do? He locked her away for so long while, never having a reason why she was put in that situation to begin with. There was a resentment that grew with time and she could never forgive him. Yet at the same time, she just wanted an explanation. That was it. As long as he explained what was going on, rather it is good or bad she didn’t care because as long as she was with him she didn’t mind.

“Why didn’t you give me a chance? I didn’t care what or why you did it, just let me have a chance to be around you. We were friends and I can’t at least get that. Sob sob.″ Nyx said as she kept crying. “Am I that worthless to you that you would just throw a friend away like that…. Cronus did you ever value me as your friend at all?” She knew there would be no answer as she knew what she had done. She knew that no matter what, once she used that ability of hers she would never be able see the person she had killed. The body was torn and destroyed as though they never existed in the first place. Her anger was so great that she resorted to her strongest ability. She couldn’t stop it and after her anger was gone it led to her sadness. It was easy to be consumed by anger but at the end of the day was it worth it at the end.

She cried for a while longer than she couldn’t find a way for her to stop, as she didn’t know what to do now. As the moment the seal is gone, she would be sent back into the scythe and someone would come to possess her. The worst part is that no matter what she did people would just use her for her power rather than try to bond with her. Because of that, she always would test them and try to see if they will connect with her rather than rule her through force. But many had failed to do that, as they all seem to seek to be superior and dominate her. That reason was why no one has ever been able to wield her properly. Even Zeus couldn’t because he thought wielding her was like wielding his lighting spear. As long as he was powerful enough, the weapon would serve the wielder. However, she was different because she believes despite weapons being a tool for death, they also have the desire for life by being able to protect it. It’s because she thinks that way and no one else has wielded her besides Cronus. That is why Cronus was the only one who was able to wield her and allow her to use her full power without restraint.

“Ah..I finally calmed down…” Nyx said. She had finally been able to stop her tears and was able to think properly again. “Now what should I do, I still have time before I have to revert back. It might be worthwhile to visit back in my realm or even check how much the earth has changed.” Nyx thought. What should I do after I get rid of this arena? That’s such a hard decision as it was only a matter of time. “Welp guess this arena needs to be taken to…. Wait Cronus should be destroyed. Why is the arena still active? Then she thought about the seal in the body as well. If the owner of the seal is dead then the seal would have broken down as well. She should have returned the scythe almost instantly. What’s going on?

She started to try to feel the energy around to see for any abnormalities but everything seemed to be fine. She also just uses her energy to see if something manipulated her energy. Nothing. Then why is everything still there when the owner is dead? Could it be...? “Cronus!!!!! Where are you?!!!!! I don’t know how you are hiding but come out now!!!!!” She shouted. However, there was nothing as there wasn’t even a single response to what she said. Tch she clicked her teeth as she was getting frustrated. She then started sending waves of energy everywhere, hoping to get Cronus out of hiding. She knew he was inside the arena as the owner of the arena can only be activated inside not outside. Now, where is he?

Bang Bang boom, every inch of the place was exploding everywhere. Nyx was shooting energy beams everywhere thinking Cronus was hiding but unfortunately there was no response. No matter what she did however nothing came out of it. “Ha...ha...ha.. Where are you!?” She said after doing everything she can to find him. This really started to fluster her as this shouldn’t be possible. That attack was absolute. Nothing could stop that attack at all. Yet everything is still here and was left with silence....

After a while, she decided to wait as she felt like something will eventually happen. Though it was irritating that she knew that she had failed to kill him again. But she had no choice but to wait for him to personally come out as she herself doesn’t have the power to destroy the Arena. And even if she broke through, there might be a chance that another god will be out there, and although she knew that she could beat them, it would cause pointless fights that she wasn’t intending on doing. I mean she was here to have fun. Not cause a war. So knowing that she felt the best decision was to wait for Cronus. With that, she sat and closed her eyes to meditate as a form to relax her mind. This went on for ten minutes before something happened.

Thump the air shock a little. Then thump the air shock again, but this was louder. Thump thump, it kept getting louder and louder with each passing second as something was about to appear. Crack in the mid-air there was a hole that appeared out of nowhere. It looked like reality was being distorted. It was a dark hole that soon appeared that looked like it would consume anything that it touched. But what was surprising was suddenly something bright light was appearing from the dark hole that soon expanded and blew it all away. BOOM the blast was so great that the hole broke as though it destroyed the 3rd dimension. It was enough where Nyx had to create a barrier to defend it. The hole soon grew big enough where a God was able to walk through. And sure enough, a god was able to come out. Cronus came out unharmed as though nothing had happened to him.

“Wow, that was an experience,” Cronus said exhaustingly. “I thought I was going to die for sure. I started to stretch my body which felt bad since I was almost crushed to smithereens earlier. But boy that was an experience in itself as I never would have thought Nyx had an ability like that. It was incredibly strong with no holes to get out from.

“How did you get out?” Nyx questioned as she was releasing her anger once again.

“Mmmm that’s a good question actually, even though I had a hard time finding it out. Though you had somehow interfered with my divine energy during that entire time. I was somehow able to use my trump card to help me. Though I can’t use it anymore at least I get to live.”

“I see… I still don’t know how you access it, as the ability prevents any form of exterior interference. But then again, you happen to be the only one that can never die as always.” Nyx said. “But this time I will for sure be certain that your death will come,” She then channeled her energy again as she was prepared to release the same thing again. But this time I appeared behind her as I made sure she could use that ability for this battle as I instantly channeled energy into my finger and injected divine energy into her body.

“Sorry but I don’t want to experience it again,“I said as I finished channeling my energy. That moment her ability was gone as though it never happened. She tried to channel it however as it was not working no matter what she did. “What did you do to me?′ She said to me in anger.

“It’s only temporary, but I made sure that I seal your ability for now,” I said to her. It’s a little trick that I learned when in Tartarus. The technique is used to temporarily block off an ability that I have seen. It’s convenient especially against people I know their ability is. However, the bad thing is I need to see the technique first. Against enemies I don’t know if they use a powerful technique like what Nyx did, I will probably die…. But fortunately, I didn’t and now I could use it. “Don’t worry, just like how you will eventually go back to the scythe, you will eventually get your ability back.” I assure her.

“Gehhh when did you learn this ability why are you so strong,” Nyx said but then after thinking about it she started to turn sad. “Is that the reason you left me because you don’t need me…“She then got sad. Oh what do I do this is just making it worse. I can’t do anything when she sad. I’m looking like I’m the villain now. What do I do? I don’t want to upset her, yet at the same time I don’t want her to know. This must be what they call being “stuck between a rock and a hard place.” I kept thinking, but at the end of the day I decided that I will tell her the whole truth. Yet wanting to know her resolution and hoping she will follow me to the end, I decided to put her to the test.

“Nyx!” I yelled. It then startled her a little, as she wasn’t expecting it. But at least it got her attention. “I will attack you with my strongest ability and if you survive, I will give you a reward,” I said that and it clicked for the both of us as we remember our last fight in the death realm.

“Cronus you have grown so far and grown more powerful than ever before. For that, I will give you a test, if you survive my attack I will give you a nice prize before you go.” Nyx said back in the day. It was quite a while ago but it was reminiscent of our past. We both couldn’t help but smile after that.

“Very well then,” Nyx said as she got ready. “Give me all that you got.” I then smiled as this was the first time I could test Nyx in terms of strength. To finally be the one giving rather than receiving is a pleasant change for once. I then gathered my energy together into creating a divine sword. However, this sword was a lot more powerful compared to before. Releasing my energy was so much that the entire arena was dense with my divine energy. Even Nyx was struggling to breathe the air as it was weakening her as she found it hard to release her death energy. The sword was slowly being formed, but what was special about it was that it soon formed into a solid sword. It was a beautiful double edge long sword. It had a double hilt that had dazzling red and gold colors. It had a long black handle that was enough for two hands to hold it. The sword itself was beautiful, without a single flaw to be seen. From someone who is seeing this, it might be a sword that is used for decoration. But this sword is by far not even close to it. This was a sword that wasn’t created from the one eyed or any forgers. It was the pinnacle of creating a divine sword. It was a weapon that beats all of those forges from the material. Rather, this was the sword created from the soul.

Nyx even got nervous as she never saw a sword condense with so much pure divine energy. She channeled her energy in the scythe as she wasn’t going to go on the defensive. Rather than creating a shield and defending from attacks like any usual people. She is all about counterattacking. She views defense as giving the other person an upper hand and limiting what you can do. I used to have that same opinion until I learned from Tartarus that defense has its own benefits as well. But anyway we both channel our energy as we both knew that this attack will end the fight as we both decided that there will be no fighting after this. Grabbing the sword, I then pointed it towards Nyx.

“Are you ready? “I asked.

“The real question is are you?” Nyx said back. As she concentrates all of her energy towards scythe. Nodding to her, I then activated my attack. My sword soon created 12 swords that circled around the sword. They begin spinning around and around as fast as they can. The swords then made it look like a cannon. As the sword in the middle had energy focus on the sharpest point of the sword. All the energy condenses at that single point. The condensing was starting to shake the very ground and suffocate the air due to the sheer pressure. The air that was filled with divine energy was now converting to this sword. Despite the entire arena supposedly being unfazed by any ability, this attack started to shake the arena itself as well. By the way, managing the divine arena and the sword is hard as both require a certain amount of energy. But I will be able to manage, though I hope the arena will survive it. I waited until I couldn’t compress it anymore. Looking at Nyx to see if she was prepared because although I want to beat her, I don’t want to kill her. And in that instant..... BOOOOOOOOOMMM The energy that was concentrated was all released towards Nyx in an instant. The energy was so powerful as it looked like it would vaporize anything it came through. It was a pure white light that blinded anyone who saw it. The enormous energy created was so powerful that no god would dare face it head-on.

In response to my attack, she converted all her energy that she could gather and focus it onto the scythe. While waiting for my weapon to charge up she was doing the same. She also got several of his servants to channel energy to her to supplement the energy she couldn’t create. She combines it in order to create an energy slash that she threw at my attack. Because of her ability, it was actually nullifying my ability to an extent. However, because of the sheer power of my blast, it wasn’t destroying it completely. BOOOOMMM the attacks collided against each other fighting for supremacy. The collision was so powerful to where my arena was starting to crumble and some of the energy even started to burst out. Getting my focus back I was able to keep the arena back into place. Anyways the energy was intense that neither side could back down as the moment one backs out they would feel the full brunt of the attack as there was no way to dodge them.

The collision was getting so intense, but eventually I knew that victory was mine. With Nyx’s ability she was able to cancel out the initial strike however she couldn’t nullify it all which resulted in my energy being able to overpower hers. Nyx tried to struggle by throwing in more energy to fight it back. However, as it kept coming closer and closer to her, she knew that it was inevitable that she would get hit. She then got more of her servants to supply more energy as well. But with their little weak energy level, it didn’t really amount to much. Nyx then could do nothing more but take on the attack. BAAAANNNNNGGGGG My attack hit Nyx and the impact was no laughing matter. As the attack itself was powerful enough that it eventually overpower my own arena that it created a large hole in the arena and went even further as it was even able to pierce the sky. Half of my arena was destroyed as well as a good portion of the outside. Sorry….The energy eventually faded, and the arena fixed itself. But the attack was way too powerful. I should control it better next time as there is no telling what the damage would do if I was to use this without the arena. If there was no arena, the damage would have been more catastrophic. That has to be considered later. For now, I will have to see what has happened to Nyx.

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