Titan: My Return to Earth

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Rekindled friendship

“Hey NYX are you ok?!” I yelled. That last attack was powerful but it wasn’t my strongest so I held back well. But then again I should consider that without her ability that she cancel she couldn’t use her full strength. But then again there is no way she would die. I think….? After waiting for a while everything cleared up and what stood there was Nyx standing there perfectly fine as though nothing happened. Well to be exact some of her clothes were blown away and her body looks like she faces some damage that she is not showing. The damage will fade actually because the damage is only going towards the body she possesses. However, she did receive some as my divine energy did leave a mark.

“I’m ok but that was an impressive attack you landed earlier. If it was any other person they would have just died right on the spot. Though I am ashamed that this attack of yours wasn’t your full power.“Nyx commented. “You have truly grown to be a powerful god, I guess you really don’t need my help after all.“though that gave her a sad face as she felt like a part of her existence was soon coming to an end. “In response to that, she grabbed her scythe as she was preparing to do something. But before that, I interrupted her attempt.

“No you’re wrong I’m still weak,” I said as I walked towards her. “It was because I was weak that I had to come to you to get stronger. There was never a time I felt I could do things alone. It was because I was weak that I had to run away. It was because I was weak that I had to leave you. It was because I was weak I had to experience the hell that I deserved in order to be this strong.” I then continued to come closer to her. She then reacted as she put the scythe against my throat. ” When I left you, it wasn’t because I wanted to leave you. It was because I was afraid that you didn’t want to join the path that I would continue towards.” Nyx didn’t attempt to kill me. Rather after my words, she was starting to get interested in what I said. Any form of killing intent was gone and finally, after lowering her anger she was willing to listen.

“What is it you are trying to say? You know how I hate your roundabout talks. Out with it!! what are you trying to say….?” Nyx said in confusion.

“Haaaa... the truth was the future that I saw along with Rhea wasn’t pretty.” I started to explain. Although I didn’t want to but I never want relations like this to go sour. Never in my life did I want Nyx to forever hate me just because I did something that caused her a misunderstanding. “At the time of the planning, Inever included you because of what was about to change and who were we going against. You said that you were turning towards a peaceful style. Because of that, I thought that if you knew my intentions you would reject them. That’s why we both never thought of having you in the plan.” I explained.

“What was the future you were having that would result in not telling me?” Nyx questioned as she never understood what was going on or what was happening that would have to force her to be locked away. She thought it was because she was dangerous or wasn’t needed at all. From her assumption was thinking she was a tool that was only to be used when needed. That was what made her feel sad for the longest time.

“Originally the intent was for you to find another wielder for yourself temporarily while I was gone because of me being locked away. We thought that if you were angry because I left you, you would move on and get a new wielder in order to get stronger. Never did I think that you wouldn’t be compatible with anyone to the point you would be sealed. And unfortunately, you never did like Metis, so I should have expected that.”

“Thanks for not considering my feelings and putting me in this situation. Don’t think that I will do as you please if you don’t tell me because you should know that I won’t.” Nyx complained. “Who do you think I am?”

“Well I realize that now but I felt like even when to this day you never made real friends with others and I thought it was best that you get along with others. However, you never wanted to, so I tried to push you a little. Who knew that you were that stubborn.”

“Well sorry but I don’t intend to be other pawns to be played around with,” Nyx said as she crossed her hands looking away.

“That’s why when I realized I saw you locked away, I really felt bad about what happened,” I said in sadness. Putting my hand towards her head, she was hesitant at first. I started to put energy from my hands to her. “For that reason, I will now show you the past and the future that I have seen.” Injecting energy into her she soon started getting a headache as I was injecting memories into her. Though this might seem rare, it is as there are only me and maybe Rhea who is able to do such a thing. The reason is our ability to deal with time because that all things are recorded within us. After a while, we are able to transfer that information to others after going through many tests and practicing on each other. Though there were times where we gave false memories with each other as you have to focus on the memory or else one form of distraction will give images that will override the actual memory. So I have to be careful.

After transferring all I wanted her to see, I stopped. The moment I did, she fell down as she couldn’t stand properly with so many images injected to her head. She couldn’t even stand as she never had memories injected into her before. It was like she was there and because of that, she felt like she had left her body somewhere.

“What was that?” Nyx said as she was still confused.

“That was what happened before I had to temporarily lock you away.” I said as I remember it was yesterday.

Back before when everything happened…..

On Earth, the world was peaceful as there were no such things as deserts or swamps. The world was in a sense a huge garden full of life. Spring wasn’t part of the season as no matter the year, it was always spring. The constant stream of flowers blooming everywhere. Trees always glow green spreading its youth and wisdom. Water will be flowing blue and pure, with the harm being the touch of human hands. Constant sources of food are always growing with no limit in sight. With the sun radiating upon the world, there was no area that wasn’t being nourished. With the light smiling upon the world, it was truly what you call a golden age. No human-faced struggle or hunger. All they faced was the calm feeling of bliss. However, this could not be said about the three gods that saw something they didn’t want to see. The three saw the opposite of bliss, it was sadness.

“Cronus if this is the future you saw, then there is no way we can follow it,” Metis said to me in worry. “If we let the next generation deal with this, there is no way we can survive this.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of as well, I never thought that the future that Rhea and I saw would come to this,“I said as I was getting nervous as well. With things as it is the world we have is not enough for what’s to come. The future I saw at that time was a pleasant one as I was trying to see the future as to find out if something were to happen. But as I kept looking more and more into the future it was turning more and more dark as there was a giant power that appeared. I couldn’t see it and all it did was destroy everything. Being powerless and weak, I had no choice but to see my world fall. I then looked at the beautiful blonde lady that was next to me, Rhea, my wife.

“But if we change this future, not only will it be dark but it might lead to a more dangerous one,” Rhea said. “This is the future that is supposed to happen if we don’t it, not only will we diverge from it, but we might change the fate of every single one of our children. Are you prepared to live with that?” She asked. Rhea was looking at her stomach. I noticed this as well, while I was thinking about the same thing. How are we going to deal with this? For me like any parent teaching them how to fight or even teaching them the cruel part of the world is the saddest thing. Teaching them to be kind and loving Gods is what I wanted to teach them. But if they were to experience that, then what I planned to teach them would be pointless.

“Rather we teach them the cruelty of the world or not they will find it out eventually. But if we are to go with that original timeline, they will never be able to develop or grow to be strong individuals. Rhea, you saw how they were and how my world was. In this kind of world, no one would fight which results in us not being able to grow.” I stated. As things got more and more complicated, I couldn’t help but feel I’m like in a tough situation. The future I see is the correct path and will not change no matter what I do. Yet if I force the change, it remains dark as the time stream on utter flux. Making it hard to determine the future will be. Rhea and I can see the future on the new timeline. But it’s only up to a year or so and even with our powers combined we won’t be able to tell the future until a certain time has passed where the timeline has adjusted to a new one even then it’s only a few years ahead. “This is a tough decision as it will greatly affect you wouldn’t it Rhea,” I said looking and her as she couldn’t help but look down as she knew the outcome.

Why? Because like a road, I can always predict the timeline because the road is set. However when someone changes to a new path that has no road built before, it’s hard to know what path leads to. You can only see as far as you make it. So the moment we diverge and turn to a new course everything changes. This also would affect Rhea significantly in her powers. The reason Rhea is powerful is that she makes sure that the timeline that has been given to her is the correct path. Even if I was to fight her I would lose as she would be able to predict everything perfectly to the teeth. No one knows this but Rhea is very strong but she would never show her ability as she is a pacifist by nature. Other times when she’s not, during fights she would always win because she knows what’s going to happen and how to avoid it without disturbing the timeline. However, if she let the timeline change, then her power would significantly drop as she no longer has the advantage that she originally had. Because she only sees the original timeline and she would only do things to change everything back to the original timeline. That meant her powers only came from when the time flowed normally. Anything that changes means that her powers get weaker and weaker as the timeline changes.

“Whatever you choose, I will do my best to support you even if it costs my life.“Rhea said as she glared at me and Metis without a single hint of fear. She didn’t care about her powers as she cared for the family more than that. “Though I’m ok with this Cronus, even though we can’t know clearly who the person is, we have a good chance that the person might affect how Nyx will feel.” All of us thought about Nyx as we felt like this individual will be hard for Nyx to fight without hesitation.

“I think we should tell her first before we jump to conclusions. I have known her for so long and she was even willing to go to extreme lengths in order to help us face father. As a friend I can’t do a cruel thing and keep this a secret towards her.” I pointed out as I was feeling guilty even just thinking of lying to her. “She is a powerful and valuable person to us, we can’t treat her like that.”

“Yes but understand this, she was facing our father, she couldn’t care less about him. However under this situation would you be certain she would say yes?” Metis argued. Not to mention you saw that in the future she was with us and yet it still didn’t make a difference. That could mean that even with everyone combined we stood no chance.”

“So what do you suggest we do Metis?” I asked her. Knowing her she has always had the better ideas and was the smartest one out of all of us. Though we know what happens, she is the one that usually gives us a better insight on what the future means.

“Cronus you are going to have to be sent to Tartarus to train.” Metis said as it shocked me and Rhea. Though Tartarus is known by everyone as a place for those who commit heinous crimes. No matter where you are, once you are inside you will never sleep or ever rest as the realm itself will constantly do whatever it takes to make you suffer. Also the heat that can burn your very existence, to creatures of various sizes that will constantly consume your body in the most painful of ways. And that is just some of it. For any God, it is truly a survival of the fittest in there.

“Why must I go in there?” I asked.

“Because Tartarus is not only the perfect place to train, you can face one of the primordial gods that you have never faced before. And he is a god that won’t kill you like Nyx as he prefers to have them suffer people rather kill. So you won’t have to worry about dying.” Metis explained. “As long as you don’t give him the idea that you won’t kill him he will not kill you.”

“Are you saying that I can’t bring Nyx along?” I said sadly. “But we have been together for so long how am I going to tell her that,” I said,

“You don’t have to because she would refuse no matter what and would you probably have you rely on her rather than having both of you guys sent there. She has confidence in herself which results in her not being able to realize her flaws. That is why you two will have to separate as both of you can further develop and get stronger. “Metis assumed. “Plus she is to attach to you making it hard for you to go beyond what you are capable of.”

“But if we both do this together, we can get better synergy,” I argued back.

“Yes but unfortunately Tartarus will never accept it as both of them are not to friendly towards each other for some reason.” Metis pointed out. “Where can there be a place where you can get stronger? You know that mother won’t even give us a challenge or even lift a finger. So the best way to do this is to separate you so that both of you guys can develop in different places.” I then became saddened as I didn’t know what to do. “Don’t worry although it will hurt. Eventually, it will help her as well as she might be able to be someone who can learn to make friends as well as help you kids grow.” Metis assured me. “Just leave everything to me as I will make sure that everything will go well.” I then nodded as I didn’t know what to do at this point as I felt like I would take the path that was most difficult.

Back to the present.

“So all this is because of what you and Rhea saw???” Nyx said after finally getting everything together. I then nodded to her as I let my hands go. The vision we saw was also seen by Nyx as well as to make sure I wasn’t lying to her. Letting myself be vulnerable to give her a chance to either forgive or hate me. “To think that was the reason.” She suddenly said with a smile. It was confusing as that was the last expression that I would expect from her.

“Are you ok??” I questioned as this was weird as Nyx was starting to show a happy aura around her. What could be the reason that she is happy?

“HAHAHAHA..ha.” Nyx said as she dropped down and lie on her back. “For so long I was thinking that it was because of who I was or you didn’t want to be friends anymore that you left me. Who would have thought it was because of a dangerous entity in the future?” That confused me anymore as I thought that vision would actually frighten her and if not possible be angry with me for letting her go because of the need to train. This is starting to make me realize that even I don’t understand people at all.

“Aren’t you supposed to be mad at me or be at least afraid of the future?” I said confusingly. What’s going on here, this is stressing me out.

“I’m just happy that what you did was for my sake at the end of the day,” Nyx said while being happy. Like she had gotten the best present in the whole wide world. She then got up and hugged me as she finally did something she long to do. “Why would I be mad about you when you have been thinking about me? To think I underestimated you as a friend.”

“So…..does....that means you won’t kill me anymore and you will forgive me…..?” I said to her as I patted her head as she continued to hug me.

“Of course, you idiot, why would I kill my best friend?” Nyx said as she stopped hugging me. She then stood right in front of me to tell me something important as well. “Not only that, I will fight alongside you,” Nyx said excitedly. This shocked me as I was surprised as not only does she forgive me but also willing to help.

“But this future is something I’m not sure will happen, you might face some hardships that you might never have faced before,” I said in worry.

“You left me alone for many years for the first time in a while, and you abandoned me when you promised me you wouldn’t. Does that count?” Nyx pointed out.

“That was all true.....but that’s totally different as you will have to fight many people that could actually kill you. Even if we will have to still face that person in the near future, are you willing to fight them?” Nyx I said in worry.

“There is the usual you, I haven’t seen in a while, the one who would always worry about me like a parent looking at a child even when I’m older,” Nyx said in a calm manner. “Don’t worry Heaven or hell I will stand by you.” She said as she reached up to pat me as well. “I’m the Goddess of Death as well, to fear death is to fear my own existence,” She said with a wink. I looked at her for a while and there was no hint of fear. All there was were the eyes of commitment to what she believed in. It has been a while since I last saw those eyes.

“Fine I guess if you are fine with it I can’t say no,” I said, There is no way I can say no with those eyes. This is why Metis was the one to deal with her, not me. Something I wonder is how she can change so suddenly. She was first trying to kill me, now she doesn’t. Women are truly the most mysterious existence.

“Yay!!!! Don’t worry with the both of us together there is nothing we can’t overcome.“Nyx cheered. She then jumped up in excitement. What am I going to do with her and how am I going to explain it to Athena? Even with Zeus who fears her, I doubt that they would openly let me carry her around. However, I have never been the planning type of guy. Time like this is better to have Athena and Metis deal with it instead. The first thing to do now just enjoys the moment with Nyx before she has to return to the scythe. Creating an energy ball I kick it at her. Though it was unexpected she did a flip and kick it back at me. Knowing what to do I kick it up.

“Hope you haven’t forgotten what we always used to do,” I said to Nyx. I then kick it back.

“Hopefully you remember that before I have never lost this game of catch.” Nyx happily stated. We would play this so many times before and now we get to do this again. Not doing anything we decided that we enjoy this moment rather than think too much of the future. I wonder if the human thought of doing this with a ball. Who knows but its fun and cool. No one knows what the future holds, however I do know for sure that Nyx will be by my side.

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