Titan: My Return to Earth

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Who are you?

In the remote mountain, it was the God where it lies, the man with the chessboard. This time, however, he was fully awake and thinking about something. Though it might sound normal to have a guy wake up but for him this was a rare occurrence. Suddenly someone teleported in.

“Ha.... report what happened so far.” He said while looking very disappointed.

“I wasn’t able to retrieve the scythe…..” the female said as she was nervous.

“I know that... what I’m asking is what happened during the time you were trying to retrieve the scythe.” The man in annoyance. “Who was there and what happened, I need information!!”

“..Ye...Yes…. at once here is what happened…” The lady said as she reported everything she saw prior to her leaving. At first he was bored out of his mind because of how Ares was the one shown up which he didn’t feel like a threat. However, after hearing more and more, he started getting more interested in the topic. The once boring face was now in excitement as he realized who has appeared to this world.

“So you confirm that there was a lady with a dark outfit with a veil covering her face,” He stated.

“Yes there was no doubt and she had a dark energy that is similar to Thanatos but stronger and more dense.” she confirmed. “Is there something important about her…?”

“Yes actually, and it couldn’t be more perfect to finally see her again.” He said as he stood up. His energy level soon erupted in excitement as it started to push even the lady back. For her, it’s been awhile for him to release such a powerful energy level. What could the lady hid in the veil be that would excite him so much…..

“Who is she?” the lady asked as she wanted to know what’s so important about her.

“She is the most strongest woman alive, and the one of the only beings that even father dare not face,″ He said which actually made the lady shake from fear just hearing his words. “There is a reason why not many have ever seen or even mentioned her. It’s because she is that dangerous that only a handful of titans or even gods know.”

“Then what do we do about her? Wouldn’t that mean, we would have to face her if our plan was to work.” The lady said in panic.

“Don’t worry even with her the plan will still be a success, we will slowly but surely take our rightful place in Heaven.” He stated not knowing the fear of defeat as he continued to feel the excitement with what’s going on. “Send the word out to everyone we are going with the next phase of our plan.”

“Right away!!!!” She said as she soon disappeared.

“Now the question is who is that man that has been throwing a wrench in my plans lately.” He said, “The fact that he created god’s arena means he is from our time but who? No one has reported anyone from leaving Tartarus. And from what I know Hyperion doesn’t intend to interfere after father. So who is this individual? The details of the face is not someone I recognize either...This must be Metis plan as well. However do you think one of these two will stop me? I have planned this in the shadows for a long time. Be prepared for what comes next because the first move will come soon.” After saying that he got more and more excited about the future as he felt like after so much time. It was finally his turn to make his move. He then turned on the board and removed one of his pawns. He then decided to sit and go back to sleep.

Back into the arena, we played for a while until I realized that some of my power was coming back. I then grabbed the energy ball and stopped it.

“Ah, why did you stop? I was winning.” Nyx said in disappointment.

“Nyx you should know that that body can no longer hold you anymore. You have to return back into the scythe.” I said.

“But can’t you block it again as you did before. I don’t want to go back into that scythe,” Nyx complained. This could be a possibility however…..

“Unfortunately, that is only temporary, you should know better than anybody that my powers can only do so much. Besides unlike your servants, no one’s soul can just be shut down like that.” I explained. My powers just blocked it. Unfortunately, if I block it for too long the soul will eventually blow up which wouldn’t really do much to Nyx at all but could cause some unnecessary damage. Because of that, it’s not recommended for her to keep on staying in that body.

“Well can’t I just possess the body like before and everything will be okay.” Nyx countered.

“Unfortunately it would just cause more problems I believe as first of all you beat Ares and he probably wouldn’t take it too kindly that you are still alive and kicking. Second of all, we need this guy to be interrogated as this guy might have information about who is behind all of this.” I pointed out. I mean this guy is the one who caused this mess, but this guy is not the smartest person in the world. So getting knowledge from him will help us have a better understanding of what is happening in this world. Not only that, his powers cause massive problems so keeping him in check is important.

However, after thinking for a while I realized something. “Hey, Nyx do you know this person because it looks like he has the same type of energy as you,” I asked. Both of their powers are almost directly linked to each other. Though this guy’s energy is inferior to Nyx but how their powers that revolve around death are similar. This made me feel like Thanatos is related to Nyx.

“I don’t know actually because it has been a while since I saw my kids. After I gave birth to them, I remember I took care of them for a while before having to let them go on their own devices. Truth be told my kids were taken care of by my reapers when they started developing their own abilities. Because they all represent a part of me, I let my reapers teach each one what they were each good at. After that I sent them away. They were pretty young at that time so I pretty much don’t recognize my own kids.”

“So you were a bad parent,” I said after listening to her explanation. You only taught them the way to survive the world and let them go without the care of a parent. That is a real shame. However…..

“Didn’t you also do that as well? I mean you literally locked them up for a while, so I wouldn’t say you did a good job either.” Nyx countered. This was true as both of us have our faults as parents. Both will have to repent for those later.

“Lets not change the subject, don’t you think that this might be your children?” I asked.

“Uhmmmm maybe, I’m thinking about why it was a lot easier than normal that I could possess him. So that could be it. But why do you ask?” Nyx questioned.

“Well think about it this way if Thanatos knows you are his mom wouldn’t it be easier for us to get information. It could be possible that he was in this because he wanted to find you.” I explained.

“True but why would we do this just to see me when clearly I haven’t been that good of a parent.” Nyx was curious about it. That itself is a real question as well I mean who would ever love a parent who just let them go after they learn to survive. Some of them would probably be more than willing to kill her rather than actually hug her. Yet on the other hand some might actually want that feeling which is why they are willing to go that far to see her. But that is just my guess.

“You never know since I don’t think any parent would know what their kid thinks at all. For now, just get back into the scythe and we will do something about giving you a body later. Besides if anything was to happen we can get Metis to help create a humanoid body like last time.” I said.

“….Fine we will do that for now, but make sure this time I’m with you. And don’t think you could put me to sleep like last time because the same thing won’t work on me twice.” Nyx pouted as she started to leave the body as well and return to the scythe. Eventually, Thanatos appeared and was back to normal as though nothing happened. Making sure that nothing went wrong I checked as Nyx can sometimes be forceful.

“Looks like everything is ok,” I said as I soon grabbed scythe Nyx. “Don’t worry this time I won’t leave you.” She heard me and the scythe, then turned to hit me at the back of my head. She then said through telekinesis.

“That is a warning, next time it’s your head,” Nyx said.

“Fine I get it I won’t. Relax I’m not that type of person anyway.” I said, “Now let’s get out of here since the guys outside may start to create a bigger problem if we don’t leave.” I then grab Thanatos as I have accomplished my first mission and got my old friend back.

After a while outside the arena, what was originally the two gods end up becoming 4 gods and a bunch of elite soldiers surrounding the arena. Some soldiers were the exact same that just fought just earlier. But given the seriousness of the situation, it was important that the soldier come here just in case something were to happen. This was mostly the soldiers that belong to Ares. Though it requires more soldiers, because of the catastrophe that happened around the world, these were the only soldiers that could be sent. Not to mention that these were his personal soldiers, so their priorities are around him rather than the entire organization. These were the soldiers that were surrounding the arena as they were more capable of fighting. The other soldiers are stationed far away with artillery pieces and tanks. These were the ones that didn’t have any chance of fighting at all.

Soldiers of this time are much better equipped than the previous time. With the technological advancement of humans, the gods advance their soldiers as well. With the gifted forger gods, many technologies that are used by humans were made for the organization. However, they are a lot better and much more destructive than their human counterparts. Because of that, a war between humans and those of humans blessed by the gods will be a one-sided annihilation from the latter. It’s because most of the time fights between humans never seem to involve the Gods or the GPF because of the fear of losing. On the other hand, the GDF never interested in human affairs as well as they view it as a waste of time.

Anyways back to the main subject just a few miles away stands a bunch of artillery pieces that are aimed at the arena if it turns out that Neo has failed. Though it would be questionable as to what it would do, they still do the standard procedure as this was all they could do. Fortunately, they had Artemis and Enyo there, so the soldiers feel reassured.

“So what do we do now?” Enyo said. “Why can’t we just break through this and just see what happens. It’s boring just standing here.”

“We can’t unless you have something to break through it,” Artemis responded. “Also, if you have that energy that you saw before, then go ahead and breakthrough this energy field. Don’t tell me you weren’t frightened by the energy level earlier.” Before it was initially just Ares and Athena, but after a sudden burst of powerful energy that was released before, it caused panic as many could feel that energy level from afar. This then got Enyo and Artemis to come to join to be here, just in case. Though that also got Heaven alerted as well, Heaven went on massive security lockdown getting many Gods to be prepared for battle. They only sent four down there to see the situation. Though it would be best to have Zeus or any of the brothers to go, for the chance that someone would attack them outside of Heaven was dangerous. Cowardly as it might sound, playing the safe game is better than taking a big risk.

“…... that’s not it, it’s just that I prefer action over waiting.” Enyo pouted. But she knew as well, she stood no chance.

“Enyo right now we need to be on our guard, who knows who was the one that released the energy awhile ago. That energy was powerful enough that father is already starting to prepare for battle. That shows how serious you should take it right now.” Ares said. “Right now all we can do is conserve our energy and wait for something to happen, isn’t that right Athena?”

“My my for once you are thinking something, maybe I can finally give you a medal for thinking” Athena teased. “But this is just precaution, there is really no need to worry as the energy may be a powerful one, it wasn’t that of the energy we felt from before or from the rest of the undead. This was more divine meaning it could very well be Neo.”

“The confidence you have towards that man, I’m starting to think that you might actually find yourself a suitable man,” Artemis said as she was pointing out something different from the usual Athena that would never believe but do things based on what it is.

“Oh so this is why you were out in the frontline for the first time. I thought it was because you wanted to find a way to get along with Ares. So turns out you were doing this because of a man. How interesting.” Enyo said as she was making it turn into gossip.

“Shut up you two this is no time for your gossip. We are here on a serious business matter.” Athena refuted. “Can’t a person actually put faith in a person for once?”

“Yes but it’s you who we are talking about as you never do something out of assumption or risk.” Ares pointed out. “The fact that you came in person shows how much this person affect you correct or am I wrong.”

“Shut up!!!” Athena yelled in denial.

“Well that proves it almost instantly as you never get mad as well.” Enyo said. “I wonder if you are the same Athena?”

“Agreed, who knew you were terrible at hiding your emotions. Guess people do change over time.” Artemis said in agreement as she nodded her head. This made Athena pout as she was getting annoyed with the tag-teaming. This was the first time in her life that has happened. Mainly because she was always about what happened, nothing more. She based everything on facts. She was always the one in the winning hand, but today she felt like she couldn’t win. This was humiliating for her, as she couldn’t stand the fact that they were saying something even when there is no proof. Not only that, they are smirking at her. For the first time, she felt like she was in a legit situation to hide. However, something was weird as Athena questioned herself ‘what does she feel about him?’ As a man, she knows how strong he is but there is something else about him. But what is it? But just as she was thinking about it. Fwoosh the arena that they saw was soon vanishing slowly.

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