Titan: My Return to Earth

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Grounded to Earth

Getting ready as every soldier surrounding the arena was ready. They started to generate a lot of energy in hopes to prepare themselves. Everyone was nervous as they didn’t know how they faced a god, as they have never faced gods in a serious fight. They have all trained with Ares and Enyo, but they never have to fight them seriously. But now this seems to be a more serious one where they might die. Same for the ones manning the artillery they have never faced gods but have known that no matter how far they are, the gods can reach them. And even if they don’t reach them, they could easily destroy them without having to even just think about it. But otherwise had to face it either way, as they were doing what they were ordered to.

The Gods were getting ready except Athena, who simply just stood there. Ares and Enyo were getting their swords ready, while Artemis had already pulled back her bow. They were prepared for anything that was to come out. Though it was a fifty-fifty chance they still wanted higher odds. But as the arena slowly crumbled away, their anxieties were lifted as they soon saw the man they wanted to see. It was Neo who was carrying the scythe while also dragging Thanatos with his other hand. A joy of relief was made by everyone as there was no need to fight. And even better news no one was going to die.

Once the arena was gone, Ares soldiers immediately went to constrain Thanatos. They even put the devices on him to prevent any use of energy. Seeing him unconscious Ares was relieved and he was going to say something but someone actually interrupted him first.

“How was completing your second mission?” Athena said as she walked towards him.

“It was fun I had a lot more exercise than I would have wanted but it was good nonetheless,” Neo said casually.

“I see you also have the person in custody, that means you have exceeded your expectations,” Athena said.

“Well, I thought that was what I was supposed to do?” Neo questioned.

“Yes but sometimes not all things go as planned so the scythe was more of a priority. Which means you completed the mission fully, meaning you have exceeded expectations.” Athena said gleefully.

“Guessing based on your standards I did, by the way, how about you?” Neo asked.

“What do you mean…?“Athena questioned.

“During the undead situation, I’m guessing you might have struggled and dealt with a lot of casualties,” Neo said in concern. And it was true because not to mention the cities, many people were harmed, which resulted in numerous deaths. Fortunately, the attacks weren’t actually bad. As it was later found out by Neo, Nyx had actually made the undead attack certain people that were considered by her to be quite bad and needed to be killed. However, no one knew because with the sheer amount of undead it was impossible to see what had actually happened. Though the cities, however, were left to be desired as Nyx wasn’t thinking too much on that. But at least some of the major cities were intact making it so several countries are still able to run without having to completely rebuild everything.

“Well despite the destruction that has been caused we are good. We receive quite a lot of casualties to us and to the humans, but it’s recoverable.“Athena reported. “Not only that, with the help of the organization and the help of other gods, everything can be restored after a year so nothing is too bad. Of course, we have to take the blame for the failure to prevent this from happening but that is no big issue at all.”

“Ah ok, I’m sorry that we weren’t able to stop it sooner. I completely forgot that the undead was still active. Ares was fighting, and I was so interested in what he was doing that I never realized the importance of stopping the undead.” Neo regretted it. “If I had done things the moment I met him, I could have made fewer people suffer.”

“No no if you hadn’t done it at all we would have faced a worse outcome,” Athena said as she got closer to him. “We can’t say for sure what would happen if you did that earlier or not as whatever happens, happened. The worst thing you could do is regret what you did.” As she continued to comfort him. Yes many lives were lost and some of them could be avoided but Athena being a pragmatic person by nature so she moved on pretty quickly. “Neo you also have to think, what happened if you weren’t with Ares in the first place. He might have died and not only that there might have been a chance that the undead was still walking amongst us now and the entire world might have faced a bigger catastrophe. So don’t think about the people that were lost. That is only one part of the result. You have to see what you did in terms of how many lives you saved.”

“Thank you I needed that and I think someone else feels the same,” Neo said. It confused Athena as she didn’t know who he was talking about but she didn’t seem to care that much. Neo then gave Athena a pat on the head which was sudden for her but it felt nice for some reason. There was a nice mood going on that felt like it was just those two. However….

“Ah hum, do we mind cutting in?” Artemis said. This was to get them to notice the spectators that were around them. However... they didn’t even respond to her. “Excuse me!!!!!” She then said as she yelled in frustration.

“Artemis, why are you being so loud we can hear you,” Athena said calmly. Neo was also thinking the same way as even he was tilting his head.

“.....Why does it feel like I’m being made the villain in all of this….” Artemis said dejectedly. Enyo patted her in the back to give her some comfort.

“Let’s get down to business then, Neo can you hand over the scythe now,” Ares said he was getting impatient.

“Sorry but this scythe stays with me from now on,” Neo said as he played with the scythe.

“And why is that?” Ares questioned as he was thinking this was going to be a smooth process.

“Because this scythe overpowered you, do you think you or anyone else would be able to wield it.” Neo pointed out. “Not to mention since I was the one who was able to overpower it, the one that should guard it should be me. Plus you saw what it did with Thanatos and what do you think it would do to you if you were to be possessed.”

“...But having you be this strong and having that weapon would be scary even for us,” Ares said cautiously. This was true as they saw the energy from before and now they are assuming this was from Neo. With his energy and the scythe, what could be worse of a combo. “I don’t think father or uncle would be too kind to see you have “that” in your possessions.”

“Agreed having that scythe would be considered a threat if wielded by you. It’s not like we don’t trust you, it’s just that we don’t want to take chances.” Artemis said. “The only way for us to allow you to come to Heaven is by giving us the scythe. If not, then we will not allow you to go up there. Do you understand..?” She was just nervous as everyone else. Even if she said this thing they really can’t make him do anything at all. No one in the organization or in Heaven is able to actually deal with him. Though they could try, but that is just asking for unnecessary hostility. What is more important is just trying to cause fewer problems than needed.

“...Fine I guess there is no helping it…” Neo said. This then made everyone relax. Since really what could they do? However, what came next was unexpected. “I guess I won’t go to Heaven then.”

“What...!!” Everyone thought.

“I’m not going to Heaven, as long as I don’t go there I won’t have to deal with any problems right?” Neo said.

“Bu….but if you don’t go up there, how will we lock away the scythe or how will we report this to our father?” Artemis said.

“There should be a way to contact him even without meeting him in Heaven correct?” Neo said.

“Yes actually there is,” Athena said. “We have recently created something called a projection crystal which can show the visualization of individuals from two different places without having to meet directly. Not only that, as long as you promise not to attack Heaven we will gladly confirm that the mission is complete.

“Athena what are you doing!!!!??” Ares shouted to her. Ares was really mad this time as he didn’t understand what she was thinking. Is she turning on everyone for this one unknown man?

“What do you mean Ares, I am trying to compromise to make sure we can get this through peacefully. We don’t want him to bring this to Heaven, yet he doesn’t want to let it go. And as long as we can have him report this to Zeus and everyone else, then we can avoid confrontation. Not only that, his job is to prevent anyone from going to Heaven. So keeping him here on earth is fine right.” Athena explained. She then pulled out the projection crystals and started to inject energy to them. “So what do you say, father?”

It was empty for a while but then suddenly the surrounding area was then turned to a different image. The look was that of the main throne room in Heaven. Not to mention Zeus, Poseidon and Hades were there as well. It was assumed they all simply teleported to Heaven. However, this was not the case as it was merely an illusion created by the Projection crystals that was reflecting the image of one place, which happened to be the main throne room in Heaven.

“That is fine, I heard what the deal was and I’m fine with it.” Zeus said. “Neo, good job on your first mission, though I am still concerned as to why are you not handing over the scythe but since you are the one who is able to properly wield it then I suppose that this will be your reward for accomplishing your mission.”

“Thank you Zeus, I’m sorry that this happened this way, but this weapon of mine is very compatible with me so I don’t want to have a chance of losing this now. But because of your trust I will do my best to help you and everyone else protect Heaven.” Neo said while bowing politely. This was encouraging to Zeus and the rest as they felt assured that Neo was being honest. Unlike Metis and maybe someone else, they can deceive or bend their words any way they choose. Neo was different from them however, as they feel like he’s not the type of guy to lie or try to deceive. Because of that, they can feel safe. It’s a contradiction however because though they trust him they don’t feel safe as having him with the scythe in Heaven feels life-threatening for everyone. But as long as both sides are on good terms, everyone is okay.

“Athena you are to accommodate him so that he is able to get used to Earth life. If he needs anything make sure you will be there to assist him.” Zeus ordered. “Ares, Enyo, and Artemis return to Heaven to get further orders.” Everyone bowed after listening to his order. Then the hologram stopped as everything was back to its original place.

“Well now that’s out of the way, I will take Neo away while you guys go to Heaven,” Athena said as she walked closer to Neos. “If you want to contact me, please talk to one of my subordinates. “She then teleported herself along with Neo away. This left Ares, Enyo and Artemis alone.

“Something is up with Athena as she has never been this intimate or actually helped a person to this extent,” Enyo said. “There must be something that she is not telling us.”

“Let it go for now we should be more thankful than suspicious towards someone that saved us in this predicament. She is probably trying to make sure he doesn’t need to be an enemy.” Ares said.

“Yes there is something going on but we can’t force the situation. Right now we have to get stronger. We saw how strong he is and we can’t compare to him. First, we have to report to our father and then we have to find a way for us to get even stronger than before.” Artemis said. Everyone nodded in agreement as they all realized their limitations and what they lack. Even gods have their levels, and from what they saw, they weren’t that high in the ladder. They soon teleported to Heaven as they were to get their next order.

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