Titan: My Return to Earth

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Gods retreat

In Heaven stood Zeus, Poseidon and Hades standing in each of their thrones. But there were others standing there as well. Hera, Demeter and Hephaestus were also there. Others would be there as well however they had other duties to fulfill and couldn’t be there but at least a good portion of them had to be there. Athena was of course with Neo but it was better to keep Neo away from Heaven as much as possible with Athena preoccupying him.

“Father, we have returned,” Ares said with all three of them bowing.

“Don’t be so ceremonial right now, currently we have to get down on the topic that needs to be discussed.” Zeus said in a hurry. Though he was looking he was in a good mood during the hologram. That however changed afterwards as he wasn’t talking to Neo.

“Yes this is important as right now Heaven is in great danger.” Hera said in agreement. “Something has been going on in the shadows that is slowly coming towards us. And with our current strength right now we are unable to do anything.” Hera had brown hair with a nice slender figure. However, compared to the other beauties she was average.

“I have been improving the defenses of Heaven every year to make sure that nothing can get through. It was even based on your power level father. However, as you could have guessed, that power that this Neo has far surpasses it. Me and the Cyclops are going to have to go back to the drawing board as we now have a new power level we must beat. It might take time. Meaning the possibility of us being attacked can be certain in the future.” Hephaestus stated. He wasn’t that good looking at all with brown fuzzy hair. Though he had a good tone body, his face was left to be desired. He forged everything from the buildings to the weapons in Heaven. Many who received his blessing were gifted with designing and creating as well. Though they aren’t as powerful, they still give the GPF an overwhelming edge compared to the arsenal of any human weapon. Hephaestus with the help of his uncles, the cyclops who created the weapons that Zeus, Hades and Poseidon, help Hephaestus’ talent bloom by leaps and bounds.

He thought he would eventually be able to create everything he wanted that eventually would be able to surpass his father. Sadly during the time he was creating a new weapon he, like everyone in Heaven felt something that made them shiver in fear. There were times that his father had fought some of the strongest creatures, but never had he seen such energy that was so pure and concentrated. The power level was equivalent yet the quality was so much better and more fearful than anyone can see. This made everyone change their mind assuming that peace was going to happen. However this moment signified to everyone that they are no longer safe. The things that have happened from the undead event, and the appearance of Neo meant that something is coming and they might not be ready for it.

“Yes my daughter even stated something feeling like something was odd in hell. Though it looked normal, there was something that made her feel restless. I told her everything must be just her imagination because she has been in hell too long but now I felt like she might be right.” Demeter said.

“Then what do you suppose we do father?” Ares questioned. Though he is head of the organization and the main battle potential for Heaven, he still is under his father who is the strongest of them all.

“First we make sure that we don’t offend Neo as we need him right now.” Zeus explained. “With the recent performance, we need him to be our shield until all three of us brothers have recovered our strength. It will take about another few thousand more years but that should be fine.” He then touched his chest as there was an injury behind his clothes but he doesn’t want to hide his shame. The same goes for Posiedon and Hades who didn’t want to show any sign of weakness as they were covering their injuries as well.

“But father are you sure we can trust him, His identity is still a mystery even with Metis backing him up.” Artemis refuted.

“Exactly we cannot trust that god no matter what, there is something that he is hiding from us that he’s not willing to tell us.” Enyo said backing Artemis up.

“That may be, but brother you should know by the looks of him that he is no liar of any sort. I have met many liars and this person shows no sign of lying. And he should know with his strength, he could have walked here in Heaven without any resistance. None would be able to stop him and we even if we did, the result would be disastrous. We know he doesn’t want to attack us for certain because he would have done so earlier, so that is enough for me to allow him to do as he pleases.” Hades explained.

“I agree and not only that this is the perfect time for us to go to that place.” Poseidon said seriously as though it was more important. He was stressing this more than talking about Neo. Everyone knew what that place was as well as they all directed their attention onto Poseidon. “You know as much as anyone that place is the only place that will allow us to heal and grow faster. While Neo and our children watch over Heaven and Earth we can go there to recuperate.”

“But you should know if we go there, we would be cut off from the rest of the world and no matter the emergency we won’t hear it until someone calls for us.” Zeus pointed out. Although he wanted to, the case that they left meant that any form of back up would be lost. Meaning if the organization failed then there was no hope for anyone to come to the rescue. Although there are plenty of gods that can fight as well, the fact that three of the leaders of Heaven are gone is still a blow. So the idea of it never came to fruition.

“Brother, if we can go there, the recovery might speed us up to the point that we don’t have to wait for a few thousand year we can heal within a hundred years. This is a big chance we can’t waste. With Neo being this strong, we not only have to heal ourselves but get stronger as well. We can’t be selfish anymore and always think about others. We need to act now.” Poseidon pressed on. Zeus however was still unsure if this was a good idea. Although the gain outweighs the loss but the idea of what if still linger in his mind that he can’t let go. Zeus then turned to Hades to see what he thought about it as well. Hades was thinking deeply about it as well. At first he was against it completely, however as he kept thinking about it something clicked as well.

“I must agree with Poseidon as well as right now with Organization and Neo maintaining things on earth, and everyone else to check up the rest of the areas, we can go without worry. And rather than fearing Neo we should just get stronger so that we don’t have to fear him at all right?”

“Uhmm...….” Zeus was thinking and thinking for a long while as everyone was waiting for his answer. Though he didn’t ask everyone else, everyone was already thinking the same thing after Poseidon’s explanation as well. Though having all three to help them no matter what happens was a great thing. But like any person who sees an injured family member, they want them to heal. They would rather have the family member get better than have then continuously be suffering in agony trying to slowly get better. It’s hard for anyone to see. Even Ares and Enyo who are soldiers think the same thing. This is why they are waiting for the words that they want to hear. This took a while before he sighed and decided.

“Ha…...very well based on what everyone is thinking, I decided that us three brothers shall go into seclusion in order to recover. Hera, you and Hestia will deal with the affairs of Heaven while I’m gone. For Earth, it will be the same as Ares and Athena will control it as usual.”

“Yes dear I will do what I can,” Hera said happily as she always was someone who followed whatever Zeus said.

“Oh and if you need help please ask Metis to assist you as she has always been there for me so she can help you as well,” Zeus said casually. However, Hera’s mood suddenly went from being a good wife to someone that wanted to kill. It was so scary that Demeter shies away from her own sister. This even made Ares, Enyo and Artemis take a step back as well as they didn’t want to deal with her wrath. Poseidon and Hades both sighed as they expected this. The only clueless one was Zeus who seemed to not realize it. Though Zeus has a great awareness for fighting and maintaining Heaven, he, however, lacks the awareness of the feelings of his wives.

“Yess…..I will ask her….if I have problems…..” Hera said while clutching his teeth while trying to give out the best smile she can. However, everyone knows truthfully that she was close to bursting in anger.

“Great, I know that both of you and Metis will be able to get along fine,” Zeus said as he was finally at ease. “With Metis here, Heaven will be good even without me here. Then I will get ready to move out. The rest of you should get ready for our departure. I’ll inform Metis along the way so that she can start working.” He then got up and teleported away.

“That despicable woman!!!!! What does he see in disgusting women? I’m all he needs and he continues to turn to that woman for help!!!!!!!” Hera yelled as she was finally able to let out her anger. Everyone had already closed their ears as they knew what was coming. They all know that Zeus never really loved Hera, but because of Hera’s determination, she was finally able to be Zeus’s wife. However, she knew as much as anyone that Zeus will never commit to her or dedicate his life to her. Because of that, there are some pains that continue to haunt her to this very day because of it. she gets really jealous. The question is how in the world did Zeus never do anything to help make Hera feel better. Make her feel at least she is important to him like anyone else.

“Now Hera you should understand that Metis was the one who was with him from the beginning and she was the one that helped free us. That is why she always had a special place in Zeus’ heart.” Demeter said to calm her down.

“Yes but she never seems to be that person who loved him as much as I loved him. Why can’t Zeus see that.” Hera complained.

“You have to understand that Zeus does care for you and trust you. If he didn’t he wouldn’t have left you in charge rather he would have had Metis in charge right.” Demeter said to cheer her up.

“I guess but still it’s not fair.” She pouted as she teleported away.

“HA...I still don’t understand our family.” Artemis complained. “I thought we would have a good normal conversation while having everyone be happy.”

“I’m just going back to my forgery, at least it’s better than dealing with people,” Hephaestus said. He really was never a talker to begin with. He just says what he needs to and that’s it. But the good thing was that he was motivated by something as he thought there was something to look forward to once he got back. “By the way, if you are to see Neo please have him come to my forgery. I have a lot of weapons that I want him to try out.” He said as he soon teleported away.

“We should go as well brother we need to get our realms in order before we leave,” Poseidon said as he simply ignored the conversation as though he has already grown tired of it. Then again for someone who has lived this long and experienced the relationship with family, he just simply ignores it. Thankfully, he was never here unless it is a major issue. God knows what actually happens when he is not here.

“Yes I will tell Persephone as well,” Hades said as he left.

“Well let’s tell Athena what’s going on, Enyo after that lets meet up with Aphrodite cause I need some stress reliever,” Ares said as he just wanted to just go and mess around.

“Right!!!!” Enyo said as she always likes following and doing what Areas does. They both then teleported away. This left Artemis being completely ignored and left alone. Though she has been the type of person that used to it. However, it does leave a sour taste when everyone makes her feel alone rather than the other way around.

“Guess I will go back to Earth and do my job,” Artemis said as she left as well doing whatever she could think of to ruin that taste in her mouth. This made the entire room empty but despite the strong gods that were there before, they failed to notice a certain individual that actually masked himself the entire time. He soon revealed himself.

“Well this is somehow becoming quite interesting. Mysterious people coming out of the shadows and things going on without me knowing. I guess there is someone that I should stick by. There is a hunch that things seem to go and follow that man as time goes on.” This man had a hood that covered his face. The hood was part of a green shirt. He also had long blue silk pants to go along with it. He didn’t look like a fighter at all as he had no weapons but the fact that he was able to be there without anyone noticing is a testament to his skills. He then unlike many of the gods who teleported simply just slowly faded away as though he wasn’t there.

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