Titan: My Return to Earth

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Finally something fun and delicious!!!!

At a popular city in what is called United..something, there were many tall buildings and Athena was standing there surprised as she has always seen this through her blessed children but never in person. For her it was amazing to see, especially just yesterday there was an apocalypse. Since it was over, people in high cheer went to their normal lives. Though there were some that seemed to want to be a zombie for some reason. Some were even trying to create a handbook to survive an apocalypse surprisingly. But out of all that, for Athena, there was something else she was just as surprised about.

“Neo why are you behind my back?” Athena said looking in the sky as though she was taking care of a child. Out of the things Athena seems to have seen thus far, the most embarrassing thing I have done is stand behind her. Originally I was amazed by the tall buildings and the amazing structures we were looking at when she teleported me to see the overview of the city. I think she said this was New York or something. It was wonderful compared to my time. Not to mention thanks to Nyx not sending anyone here the place was perfectly fine. From a distance it was great but when we got close I got more nervous. This was the most nervous I have ever felt. This was something I never had to overcome at all. A lot of people!!!!! I was shaking and I got behind Athena who was surprised. Even Nyx was the same as she never had this many people walking around.

Yes she has created a bunch of undead when she summoned them, but they were brainless and had no conscience. Though I’m also surprised with how many souls she has seen as well, I guess seeing souls that are just a ball is different than seeing them in humans. By the way, right now Nyx is turned into a bracelet as Athena said carrying a weapon like her is weird in today’s society which is weird but we had to play by the rules. But still, it’s so scary seeing so many people looking at me. Yes, I can handle stares from like twenty to thirty people but there are like hundreds and thousands of people. Especially since the last time I said hello to humans. I was captured. Who knows what happens if I greet people wrong. It sounds scary just imagining it.

“Why can’t we just teleport to a quieter place?” I complained to Athena.

“Haaaa…. It’s because you said you wanted to see how the world is and what is not a better way than to close up.” Athena said as she found it awkward to talk while having her in front of me. “And wasn’t I supposed to be the shy one, what happened?”

“I said only about going and seeing things on earth. But never was there anything about seeing people. Can’t we just teleport around or go to a place that is empty like before.” I said I wanted to run away. They kept staring at me for some reason. Is it my face or breath? Hmm or do they realize I’m a Titan??!!!

“Can’t you just act normal for your age, we are doing this so you can experience the world along with me. If we use our powers to do whatever we want, we can’t enjoy the world of humans can we?” Athena said as she pushed me off. “Now stop clinging behind me and walk properly like a normal person would.”

“But I’m not a person, I’m a Titan,” I stated. “I will also have you know that I’m several times older than you so clearly I know how to act. But as a Human....well that is something different...”

“Well to the eye of those guys you are not, so stop being one and act like a human,” Athena said as she started to help me with his posture. “Now look decent and stand up straight, you acting like a kid.” she then crossed arms with me which was weird as I don’t know what she is doing. Is it customary to do this here?

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Well this is when two people who are really close do when walking the streets. This is to make sure we don’t lose each other and make sure that when talking we don’t bother other people. Do you mind it?” Athena explained while also looking dejected when thinking that I might feel uncomfortable.

“No no it’s just that I’m new to human customs so it is strange for me?” I said. I don’t want to end up being rude. Human customs are weird, but I see many of the humans not doing it unless they look really intimate. But then again, I have no idea so I’ll let Athena be the one who helps me out. “Since you are the one who knows everything, I will trust you. Lead the way.” I said.

“Leave it to me!!!!” she said she soon dragged me to the places she wanted. I didn’t notice before but Nyx seemed to be excited yet mad for some reason, I wonder why. I’m guessing it’s because she can’t enjoy this in physical form like me. But I mean eventually, we both will just go together as we both will be competent to go wherever we want to go later. It was amazing how there were so many people going around doing things that we Gods never have to do. Though I would say however that despite the fact that the city looks good when looking from afar, it looks dirty up close. I mean, people should have some self-respect. Keeping a clean place is important as it makes you feel better, makes everyone else feel better too. A win-win situation. I was going to use my powers to make everything clean. However, Athena stopped me. “Nope, you can’t use your powers, to truly enjoy the human life you have to not use your powers.” Though I wanted to but guess because humans don’t have that power that I shouldn’t do it as well. Man, this might be tough and fun at the same time.

Athena was very knowledgeable as she went to many places old and new that had different assortments. There was food that I had never tried before that was amazing. They used grain to make so many different types of bread which was quite amazing in of itself. Same thing with meat, especially when they do the so-called frying. When they fry things it sends me to Heaven in a figurative way not literally. It was so good and I even was able to send some to Nyx in a way that allowed her to consume it. She enjoyed it as well as I can tell as the bracelet was shaking she could have told me but she was enjoying it just as much as I was. It was the same with the seafood. There were so many different combinations of food from everywhere around the place that I couldn’t get enough of it. And because we don’t have the concept of hunger or being full there was a problem with us eating a little too much. Athena didn’t seem to care too much as she kept using this card thing to give to people who made it. I was confused but I didn’t seem to care as we went to several places one by one trying out many delicious cuisines. There were some places that are called all you can eat but Athena said for us Gods it’s unfair to go in those ones for some reason. She didn’t even let me ask why she said it’s because it would cause problems. But it was so tempting because I smelled so many different foods that were a lot more than most others. But she dragged me with her super strength even when I thought she told me that we weren’t allowed to use it. But I’m guessing her doing this must mean it might be a serious thing if I did walk in to all you can eat. They must be that dangerous.

Along with that, we tried eating some smaller portion food that looks really nice. But I feel like these things weren’t going to fill any human. They did have good taste, even so, the portion was so small. Also, you had to dress up for some reason. I was wearing clothes. Isn’t that good enough? I’m definitely changing afterward, as these things are rather tight. Despite saying that Athena seemed to have worn a rather nice outfit as she was rather dazzling really showing off her figure. Wonder what is the special occasion?

We carried on with our tour as she kept talking to me about the many areas with different parts of the city having different humans with different cultures. Because of that, they each have a certain history that was different, resulting in their food being different from others. Because of that it benefits me in eating these foods…...I mean they have unique qualities about themselves. This also meant the creation of different buildings. They were also a delight to see since the creations are beyond what I could imagine. Eventually, I was dragged everywhere seeing so many sights and buildings. There was one that even looked like a giant woman. I don’t know why but it was incredible that humans made it. I thought we were able to travel through all the places if we simply teleported, but she said what’s the fun of that if you can get there instantly. It’s about the journey and the mystery that makes the scenery better. I didn’t get it because I thought it was wasting time, but whatever. What actually sucks is that we still haven’t gone through every part of the city, yet then again this makes it so that I have many other places to look for later.

The only disappointment so far today was that I have to wait in line for some reason. In some of the places we had to wait for things to be made. Can’t they make things ahead of time. The only one that was ready was this Chinese place. Other than we had to wait. haaaaaa....humans have such short lives do they have time to wait?

We eventually went to this building that was colder than most places. I really didn’t smell anything good but behind some clear glass containers were some kind of frozen milk. They were different colors too and I was wondering what’s so good about them. I started to see people licking or eating it with a spoon. They are looking as though they are enjoying it.

“This is something called an Ice cream, it’s a very good thing to eat after eating your meal. You can actually eat it anytime. But I prefer to eat it after a stressful day. I don’t personally like eating them every day.” Athena said as she then ordered two scoops of ice cream. She then grabbed a spoonful of the ice cream and fed it to me. At first, it was cold, but when I tasted it gave a good flavor that I was increasingly enjoying. Athena kept feeding me for a while, but eventually, I got my own. Occasionally I would sneak some to Nyx as she was just as interested as I was. We sat there and relax and talk about the things that I had enjoyed so far as a human. We also had talked about some of the stuff we used to do as kids. So far today was a nice day after a long fight. But just when I was enjoying my day, someone came…. I was surprised that Ares came down personally to talk to me.

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