Titan: My Return to Earth

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Humans are nice???

Outside the cave

I have no idea where to go. I mean, I’m in the middle of a forest and have no idea where to go. Maybe I should go back but knowing those two, they probably won’t help me after I left. This reminds me I should look inside the bag to what’s inside. When I opened it I looked and saw some shirts and pants with a letter from the Metis saying I should probably wear them. Then I snap my finger and the next moment I was wearing the outfit she chose. Feels weird, but I’ll get used to it.

“Now then what else is inside this bag” The bag was a miniature dimensional pouch that allows anyone who is divine to access through. For those who aren’t partially divine, they will probably see an empty bag. So moving on I saw a bunch of green paper with pictures of faces on them which I don’t know what it’s used for but I thought humans don’t care about these things. Then there was a divine scroll and when I opened it, a lot of information entered my mind, teaching me various languages of modern time. Then there was some nectar that was good to have. Along with it was a book about places to travel, with something sticking out with an arrow. This signifies that this was the first destination I should go towards. That seems simple enough, but I never been there or saw it because the world has changed so much since the last time. I wonder where this is. But there were notes that showed me the directions, which were convenient. Next was a hat that looked cool. I put it on my head though I don’t know how it looks but oh well. Then there were a bunch of other things that humans had that I’m supposed to carry. And finally, there was a card. It has everything about a person’s information except the name was missing. I guess that is where I put my name. Hmm, I would say Cronus, but that would give it away. But what would be a good name for me that no one would think of?

“Hmm this might be a tough one,” I kept on pondering about what I should name myself but I really can’t come with anything that interests me yet. ” Guess I’ll just let it be until something comes up”. After deciding that I also happen to find some sort of divine paint of sorts. The letter said that using this to change the color of the hair is essential for me to hide my identity. The bracelet will change my appearance, but not my hair I put it on, and the moment I put on my hair soon changed it to something dark with silver highlights. My face already was different now I went from a handsome face to a normal nothing special face that any normal human would have. Hopefully, humans have this type of hair because I don’t know if Metis is doing this for the humor or actually trying to help me blend in.

“Well I don’t really look at myself all the time so oh well”. After looking at other stuff and didn’t find it to be that important, I decided that it was finally time to start my adventure that I was excited to look forward to. I grab the bag and put it behind my back as I look forward to the path in the forest. I walk straight as this was my adventure as a titan.

As I continue to walk through the forest, I realize something really important. What is the current date of this world? I am wondering what type of world humans are living in now. Not only that, how do I fit into a world that I don’t even know how to get accustomed to. I should have asked Metis, but it never crossed my mind at that point. Though I have a way to communicate with them and a book to help me. I can’t just read it before I talk with them that would be weird right. So how am I going to deal with this… as I thought about it, I heard a strange noise ahead? This was an unfamiliar sound that I don’t recognize. Well then again, the cyclops did have some contraptions that made noises like this. However, this is still a strange noise and I was quite interested.

I decided to run to the noise. It’s important to not reveal my abilities casually. I have to act as humanly as possible, though I hope running fast counts as being human it said so in the book... This is such a troublesome part of being a titan, I don’t know how much I need to hold back. When I ran towards the noise, I was surprised there was a road and it was really interesting since in my time there were no such things as a road. It was kind of sad to see the world changed, where nature itself wasn’t everywhere. To most, it would seem small, but to me who created a world that was perfect, that didn’t require such things was kinda sad to see. Hearing the noise come closer, I saw where the noise was coming from. It came from a moving object that was coming this way. It was strange and I could feel that there were people inside. This is really the first time I have seen these things. It was curious but suddenly the moving object noticed me as it was slowing down when it had gotten close. The object stopped, and suddenly four people came out with all of them holding weapons that were rather strange. They had really strange outfits compared to my time. The outfit had a top and pants that were matching, as it looked durable. The nice part is that the clothes were embedded with a divine energy that will change color depending on the environment. It has nice camouflage colors to them. The pleasant part is that they don’t look unnatural to the eye making sure that it still has the decency of making sure that the people look like these guys have some style. Not like I care.

“Who are you,” said the man with the gun. He had blonde hair and was a big muscular guy. He looks like a rather strict guy. There were a lot of small scars all around his face showing that he was clearly a veteran in doing this. Looks like I met my first humans. This is very exciting. But then again. They don’t seem that excited to see me. But before I talk with them, I grabbed my book to see what to do when you first meet them. I was looking around the book which confused them as they wondered what I was doing. Looking through the book, I found what I was supposed to say.

“Hmm Hi how are you?” I replied. This was my first greeting to humans. I think it went well. But they were even more confused.

“Answer the damn question or I will shoot!!!!” as he points his gun, the others do as well. I think I didn’t say it right, or maybe I used the wrong greetings. I was then looking at the book for more answers to see how I responded, unfortunately…..Bamm my book had a hole in it. They used their weapons to create a hole. I was shocked, not by the weapon but the fact that they shot the book. Great job people!!! The knowledge I need to talk to you is now gone. How am I supposed to talk to you guys now?

" Hey guys, I’m lost to tell you the truth and I don’t know where this place is. So would you guys be kind enough to let me go?” Just having gotten here and I’m already getting myself in trouble. This is what you truly call an unfortunate event. Especially when now my book is completely ruined. So much for a relaxing trip.

“Alexis is he telling the truth,” The muscular guy said. As he was talking to the lady. The lady he was talking to had brown hair in a ponytail with great features that make her face look good for a human. Compared to most who try to show her beauty, she herself doesn’t seem interested in that. She was looking at me very carefully as though she was trying to see my inner thoughts. But unfortunately, I got some practice with Metis. Though I am actually telling the truth. Metis gives absolutely no help in giving me a guide, let alone a map. Being gone for many years makes it hard for me to guide myself to places. I could teleport to places however if the landscape has changed then the teleportation won’t work as it needs a proper image of the place. Otherwise, I would be sent to whatever is in my mind. Which means you are guessing. That would be a waste of time.

“No, he is telling the truth, but we should be wary of him,” she said as she dropped her weapon but still was prepared to use it. The others, however, were not as kind as she was.

“I say we kill him, he appears in an area where no ones were reported to be, and here he is, this has to be a trap.” The dark skin guy with red hair, with a sturdy body but not as big as the other big guy. From the looks of things, he was a rookie compared to his counterpart. He was good looking however he had a weird look about him that would tell that he was not what he seems.

“Calm down, if you check your sensors he doesn’t show divine energy.” The black-haired lady. She was older but had a sharper and serious look compared to Alexis. Now that you mention it they were all wearing strange things in front of their eyes. The fact they said I had no divine energy means they can track people who have divine energy interestingly. But they won’t be able to see mines since the bracelet hides it. Well, at least I’m in the clear right?

“But we should first take him back for interrogation,” the blonde girl said. She then got an object that is chained together. What is that anyways?

" Um do I have a say in anything?” As the blonde lady came near me, with the chained object. I didn’t move, but as she came close, there was an instance where I was going to retaliate. However, the problem was I remember what Metis said, which still I feel like she was kidding about by the way to not use my powers or start a conflict. Especially when I feel like all four have divine energy in them. Taking a step back, as I didn’t know if I should or shouldn’t just run. They were confused and the red hair asked

“Guess that means you are retaliating,” the red-haired said, then suddenly as they were ready to shoot. After he said that, I decided that I would just let myself get captured as I don’t want to hurt them. And to create a problem that would somehow get other Gods involved.

Getting captured, I let them drag me into the back of the moving object they were in. There was not a lot of space because there were boxes everywhere. I would say that space could barely fit me.

“I don’t suppose you got more space for me?” I noted to them. Unfortunately, they didn’t care and pushed me into the back. This will be uncomfortable, I thought. They then all got inside the machine as well. Though it’s to be noted that they were sitting comfortably compared to what I’m sitting on. They eventually got the machine started while also getting it to move. Despite being in this situation, it was kinda cool in the fact that I am moving in this machine. So despite being stuck in this cramped place, I would say to experience this was well worth it.

I wanted to see where we were going, but that didn’t seem to be possible at all. It was pitch black where I was facing. I did try to turn around one time and then there was a gun pointed in my face. So with that being said, I decided that I can’t do much; I meditated for a while as it was the only way to survive through the horrendous feeling of being stuck in a cramped area. Hopefully, this won’t last too long as it was starting to bore me to tears. Great!!!!! my adventure starts with being captured. Humans are so cruel. Is that really how they say hi? I was left questioning while the car kept shaking.

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