Titan: My Return to Earth

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End of a nice day

“Neo, we have something that we must inform you.” He said, “Don’t worry, we will get done in about half an hour so just be patient.” I was curious,curious, but knowing there wasn’t any killing intent I knew for a fact that it wasn’t anything bad. “By the way, before we go and talk, we should keep this a secret so Athena if you please.” She nodded as she knew what Ares was talking about, which implied it must be a big deal. She then pulled out another crystal that was different from the hologram crystals. She then poured energy into it and suddenly the crystal created a small pocket dimension that isolated us. Well, I wouldn’t say it isolated us because it created a bubble of sorts that separates us from our surroundings. It seems like they can see us, but they can’t hear us at all. There seems to be an illusion that makes it look like we are having a normal talk but when really we are talking about something important. I mean, we could just go to Heaven, but they forbid me. Then again, having this is convenient for gods as they don’t have to move to places. They can just talk or get straight to business without having no disturbances. This is so much better than what we have in the past.

“Now that we got that out of the way, what did you want us to talk about?” Athena said as she finished up her ice cream.

“Father and both our uncles are going away for a while this means that you and I are no longer going to have assistance from them for a while. Ourselves must do everything us do now for now.“Ares said.

“I see so they are finally deciding to recuperate after all this time. I was expecting them to go sooner. But because they worry so much, they didn’t take the chance. ″ Athena said in disappointment. She really didn’t care too much, as she rarely cared that much in the first place. In fact, never in her life did she rely on them. There were a few times she did require their help, but that wasn’t because of the need for fighting power. It was mainly to give them permission to get help from other gods. Because they are the main leader’s everybody listens to them. So by convincing them it makes it easier to get other gods’ cooperation. But rarely did she actually need their help. Even this instance was similar as she never asked for their help. Even though they would help on the whim, if she doesn’t say anything, they usually don’t interfere. They will give orders if they feel like there is something that takes more priority than something else. But besides that, there is nothing the three of them do. It’s just because they fear that if they come back and something were to go wrong everything would be on them. “Well, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about since our fighting force has been strengthened by the help of Neo. What needs to be a bigger priority is that now that Heaven is without those three, Heaven is defenseless if they were to be attacked. What’s the plan for that?′

“Do not worry, Hephaestus has created the defense for Heaven if anything was to happen. And you should know that even without those three, Demeter and Hera are no slouches themselves. We still have competent guardians there as well so we shouldn’t be too worried.” Enyo explained.

“And besides, we can teleport to Heaven if anything were to happen.“Ares pointed out.

“True but actually guarding Heaven and teleporting in Heaven are two different things. If something were to happen that blocks communication in Heaven then what then.“Athena countered.

“You don’t think that is possible, right?” Enyo questioned.

“Have you forgotten there is one person who knows almost every secret entrance to get through things? He even found a way to make it so that sometimes we teleported to hell or even in random parts of Heaven just because he wanted to mess with us. But it proved that there is a chance that someone can attack Heaven more often than the conventional manner you would see in battle.” Athena said. As usual, she was someone that leaves no stone unturned never taking any possibilities away. It was kinda annoying as she can never seem to take a break and never seems to stop worrying. But because of that, she made sure that the GDF never had to face simple problems that most human companies normally face. It’s because of her efforts the company has never had a problem with people working too hard or communication breaking down. Also, because of her skill, she has single-handedly made sure that no one would try to take advantage of each other and everyone got some sort of respect for each other. Making sure that no department was looking down on each other. So there is always a plus to every downside.

“Right now Hera, Hestia and your mother will be in charge, With her being there you should feel more assured about Heaven,” Ares said. Because Ares knew that the only one that Athena respects more than anyone else is Metis. The one that taught Athena everything and helped her grow was Metis. Because of this, Ares would use her name to try and end all discussion. So far it has pretty much worked.

“More or less for now, I’ll talk to her in more detail later on.” Athena said. “Will that be it for now.” Athena got agitated for some reason.

“That’s pretty much it for now, we are just waiting for father to be ready to go before we send them off,” Ares said.

“Well that doesn’t seem to be too bad of a situation, so it just means that anything that happens more than likely I will have to deal with it right,” I said after listening to the discussion.

“Pretty much I mean compared to us who already have a lot of work to do, you just need to show up when something is happening.” Enyo followed up.

“Ares and I will be your direct superiors, so you don’t need to worry about reporting or listening to anyone else. Also, most people will ask you to report your mission but don’t worry about it since you don’t know what I’m even talking about.” Athena said.

“Ok I just know you guys are the only ones telling me what to do. That sounds simple enough. Hopefully you guys don’t talk to me often.” I said while taking a bite of ice cream. Athena giggled as she thought it was funny.

“Well now that we are done we will take our leave, we have other engagements to prioritize. So see ya.“Ares said as he walked away with Enyo.

“They seem to be in a hurry wondering if there is something that is important that we need to get involved with.” I wondered.

“Don’t worry about it, knowing them they are just going to do something that requires more private attention”. Athena frowned as she didn’t eat her ice cream as she seemed to imagine something that she didn’t want to. I didn’t know what she meant, so I decided to eat the ice cream. Athena then closed the hologram and got up. “Time for us to go to our next destination”. She turned 180 as she went from being serious to being happy. She then dragged me to somewhere else. Guess I am following her orders. She then grabbed me to an empty spot then teleported me to the top of a tall building and it was strange because I thought she said we weren’t supposed to use our powers but guess she is the one making the rules. But it was a pretty sight as she put us at a tall building that showed the city at night. There were amazing colors as the time where sunsets and nights to come. It gives it a great feel and with a nice little garden to represent the past with the buildings in the back to show the future is a truly amazing site. Athena and I didn’t need to talk and neither did Nyx. The moment she brought us here we couldn’t say anything as what we could say.

“I saw this in one of my subordinates’ visions and really thought it would be amazing to go. But I really wanted to come here but she also came with someone so I always wanted to come here as well to see it with someone. Fortunately you happen to come along so thank you.” Athena explained in happiness. I guess she really had no one to go with. It does feel good that she brought me along because that’s how you know we are starting a good relationship.

“Thank you, this is a beautiful sight, and I’m glad that you were the one who guided me here. Today was a fun day and I hope we continue to have these moments.” I said. Even Nyx was feeling like she is making a friend though I don’t think Athena knows that Nyx actually is a person quite yet. We probably should make a body for her or something along those lines. I believe my brothers will be able to create something like that. But knowing them, they might try to kill me before they give it to me. Locking them up wasn’t the greatest thing in the world. But then again, stealing I mean borrowing is still a good option.

“That would be wonderful unfortunately I will be busy for certain parts of the day but do try to occupy your time till then I will accompany you during the times I have off,” Athena said while slouching. She knew that as the person who was the leader of the GPF, she had a responsibility that she couldn’t avoid. Though she wanted to keep spending time and having fun with Neo. She knew that that can’t always last forever.

“Don’t worry, we can wait, besides those times I can train or spend time with Metis to better understand the world,” I said, I can’t spend all of my time-wasting and having fun. I still have to be productive and prepare for the future. But spending time like these once in a while is not too bad. Metis and I still have much to do after I get out, and there is still a need to visit one person. Hopefully things are going as planned and if not well we will just let Metis do it.

“OK then please wait for me tomorrow then. Right now there needs to be talks done with some of the high officials from the various countries that got invaded by the undead. It’s going to take a while so please be patient and if you do I will take you to some nice places!!” Athena said.

“Will do.” I replied. Though it was Nyx’s fault to begin with, we can’t do anything about it till some time has passed. Hopefully, everyone will forgive her by then. But that does kill the joy that I can’t have fun for a while. “This is all your fault Nyx” I said to Nyx through telepathy.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to, it’s not like I’m trying to cause an apocalypse. Besides, it’s your fault you got me stuck inside for a long time and I didn’t realize how much of an impact I made.” Nyx complained.

“Well either way we caused her a lot of problems we should probably find a way to repay her…“I suggested.

“Agreed but what!!! We really have nothing.” Nyx said. “We just got back into this world and all my stuff is in hell. And if you think about it most of your stuff is taken away….“dang she is right before the battle I didn’t think about getting anything because I really didn’t need anything in Tartarus. And I’m terrible at planning things so naturally, I didn’t think of anything ahead of time. So what do I do that can help replay her back? I mean there is nothing I have that can give it back to her. Think about what I can do...?

“Well then I will be heading out first,” Athena said as she teleported away. I was going to say something as I wanted to give her something but she went away. We both felt depressed as we felt like we are just receiving things and we are not giving anything in exchange. This makes it unfair to us. Yet no matter what, we couldn’t think about what to give her, it was pretty blank as we were clueless. I lay down for a while thinking but nothing came out.

“.... Guess we should just do our thing Nyx.” sighing as I felt like I just received everything without having to deserve it. But since she will come back later, I guess it gives me time to think about what to give her. Nyx shook on the bracelet to tell me she agreed as well. Standing up we both then teleported to somewhere. As we both left the beautiful scenery as the sun finally set.

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