Titan: My Return to Earth

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Who got out?

I thought back in the cave where I was originally with Metis to be empty as this was just a place to help start my journey. However, there were two women sitting at a well-decorated table and chairs, while drinking well-scented tea. There was also a strange large bag in the back. But there the two ladies were very quiet, as though they were waiting for someone. Suddenly, as they had anticipated someone’s arrival, the person came. Of course, it was the only other person that could have known the location to this cave. It was me and this time I brought an old friend.

“I was wondering when you were coming, but you were having a little too much fun with my daughter,” Metis said as she was giving out a cheeky remark. It surprised me as I was curious as to how she always seems to know what is going on in the world as though she has some sort of connection. But then again she will never tell.

“Come now, let him enjoy the world as he recently just got out.” Rhea said. She finally showed herself in front of Kronos as last time she was very nervous and didn’t know what to say to him. While she had to stay and didn’t have to worry as much besides watching her kids. She really didn’t have to worry about anything at all. As her kids actually treated her very nicely and would occasionally visit her sometimes. When there was a problem they would never tell her about it fearing that she would get hurt. It’s because of that she never had to deal with anything, which was in a way making her secluded from the world in a way. There were times that she wanted to go out as well, but many prevented her so she wouldn’t get hurt. This made it impossible for her to do nothing but stay in Heaven. It wasn’t until recently that she was free to go after help from Metis, of course. Now she is more free to go about given there be one exception that Metis goes with her. Which happens to make it even more convenient. It was that or bring a large elite task force to protect her, which was excessive. So that was how it came to be.

“Rhea, you still are nice as ever to him, why can’t you discipline him more so that he actually can be more responsible,” Metis complained. Though Metis does help with a lot of things I do, it’s not because she knows ahead of time. It’s because she is simply reacting to the things that I never considered. Like for example, at the time that they had actually attacked Heaven, there was a problem. I had made sure that the defenses of Heaven were really hard to penetrate through to the point that no matter what they could do they wouldn’t be able to break through for thousands of years. At first, I thought it was fine, but never did I realize that I was going a little too far. Metis noticed this and literally had to find a way to get through the defenses without having my kids knowing how powerful it was. Needless to say, she shut it down after she got through. Which reminds me, are the defenses still there…? It was a great deal of effort that actually got her really mad so I wouldn’t know. She never had been so exhausted at that point, but in order for the kids to win, she did what she had done. There was an easy way to get through all of it actually I just forgot..to… give..it..to..her. Anyways, that was one of the many reasons that she loves to personally mess with me and punish me as well. Now that I think about it, Nyx almost tried to kill me due to Metis doing. I guess you could say we are even. But then again, she does make me do things that always get me in critical situations so nevermind she still wins.

“Metis this is because you both never seem to be in sync with your ideas. Why can you guys ever agree on the same plan,” Rhea said as she poured tea for me. “Cronus, how was your trip back to the human world? It must amaze you at how humans have developed over the years.” She then handed me the drink but as I was grabbing it, my bracelet was burning. This signifies that Nyx was angry. “Oops sorry, I forgot about you Nyx.” Rhea then poured a cup for Nyx. She then calmed down but was still angry. And that was because... Poof she then turned to a scythe. And it was releasing a large amount of killing intent. Though she didn’t say anything, everyone knew that Nyx was mad at Metis.

“Now now Nyx, why are you still mad at me for what I did? Although yes I locked you away for quite a while but that was because you couldn’t get over the fact that Cronus left. I was trying to get you to get along with the other gods in the hope you could create more friends. Unfortunately, you were that dangerous that I had to lock you up for a while.“Metis said. “Also, unlike that guy over there, I have a present to give you.” Metis then got the bag in the back. She levitated it to the front for everyone to see. What came out was a life-size doll. It surprised me and Nyx as both of us couldn’t believe it. The doll had the exact same image as Nyx in full detail. Even the outfit she usually wore was the same. It was an amazing doll. “I thought that rather than being a scythe or a bracelet, you would like to have a more human-looking body. This body has been perfectly made so that your soul can be directly inserted in there. Though the body is weak you can use reinforcement energy to protect the body instead. By the way, it took me a great deal for me to get this from the cyclops. So what now do you forgive me?” Metis smirked. And that was deservedly so. We both were in awe that my mouth dropped. When was this created, this is amazing I thought this was hard to create but she somehow made it. That was an exciting thing for both me and Nyx as we can both enjoy human life together without having her be a bracelet. This also meant that rather than me having to use her. We both can fight together.

Without even thinking, she went inside the body. And as expected, her body naturally assimilated to it. That body that eventually wasn’t moving soon was taken over and started to allow all of her energy to flow. Soon like before, a large amount of energy was being released. I made sure that the energy was kept in check to keep this location a secret. Then the lifeless doll that was not even alive soon was moving like any ordinary human.

Nyx was quiet for a moment as she was moving around and seeing if there were any problems. After a minute she went from amazed to excited.

“Thank you Metis, for your efforts I won’t kill you in the near future,” Nyx said happily. As she kept moving around. We were excited too as we clapped to cheer for her new body. Metis however twitched however when Nyx said that as she was really confused as to what she meant. Both Rhea and I didn’t care, so Metis was the only one to feel depressed. “Cronus, we can now go and have fun without restraint.” She said as she hugged me. I hugged her back as I was excited for her. Being a scythe really must have been boring for her.

“Yes yes, we know now that you can have more fun after this but you must know that you need to be careful with that body. That body is a prototype and is not as sturdy compared to us Gods, so you have to be safe. Also, you should already know that the body will limit how much energy you can use as it will eventually destroy itself if you go through a certain limit.” Metis explained.

“Yes I know you don’t need to explain it to me. I already know the limits of this body.” Nyx said in annoyance as she is ruining the mood. Nyx despite how she acts is very smart. She understood the entirety of the body from its ability to transfer energy to what the body can handle. She was testing everything the moment she put her soul into it.

“Great now that we got that out of the way. We can continue where we left off a long time ago.” Rhea said. “Now let’s sit down and let everyone discuss what needs to go on for now.” We then nodded, and all sat down on the table. “Now Metis I know you have talked to Cronus about what had transpired so far but I believe that you wanna give Cronus some false hope that he can’t have a peaceful time back right?” We then all looked at Metis as we felt like she did things on purpose as usual.

“Well I really got irritated about his belief he can just trust his kids to do everything and he can just leave it.” Metis pointed out. “And rather than just explain everything, I thought it would be better if he experiences firsthand.” She shrugged, thinking that doing has always been better than listening. We looked at her as though she was mean and mischievous as usual. Though she may be the wisest, it doesn’t mean she isn’t sly. She will always help me but not without doing something that would throw me off. Besides she also did it so that I could get Nyx back because she knew that only I and maybe one other guy could calm her down to the extent without dying. Though I wish she would send the other guy as we both know there was no way she can harm him.

“As usual you both never seem to plan things together in the best way. You both always never seem to be on the same page…” Rhea sighed. The face was shown as a person who showed that she had to deal with it all and always had to be the mediator for both of them. Nyx didn’t seem to care at all as she was just blowing the tea and trying to drink it. She never seems to care much about the conversation unless it has to deal with food or deal with killing...

“Fine let’s get this underway before we waste any more time. Cronus I will say this after you and many others left for Tartarus, I did say to you that not all titans followed you and that some are still here and even some in Heaven. However, what I failed to mention is that during the battle of Heaven some of the Titans that we wanted to be in Tartarus suddenly disappeared during the battle.” Metis said.

“Disappeared….what do you mean disappeared that should not be possible,” Cronus said. This was rather interesting as during the battle I made sure that everyone that was against my kids was there. It was so that my kids wouldn’t have to deal with any sort of rebellions. At that time no one left during the initial battle so how can they disappear during….

“Yes but for some reason when we fought them they simply faded away as though they were never there….“Metis said. “I have tried to track them for a long time but haven’t found anything.”

“So what’s the problem with it?” I thought. If they are gone that must be a good thing and really curious as to how they disappeared as I have sensed their presence back then and was only till I have fought my kids directly did I lose track of them. So I really can’t say what happened to them. For sure though, some of them were locked with me. Then again, I didn’t see some of them, but then again I’m a forgetful person so it happens. Actually, to be honest, the moment I got inside Tartarus I immediately left, not spending time with many of them.

“The problem is because of those people that we failed to get rid of, I had to create plans that would prevent them from interfering with Earth and Heaven,” Metis said in grief. She must have really had a hard time with everything as the many unknown factors created more problems. When problems are known, it makes things easier as you know what you are dealing with. However for those that are unknown, you can’t pinpoint what the problem is. This multiplied the problem several times more.

“So who was it that managed to escape?” I asked thinking it shouldn’t be that great of a deal right. I drank the tea as it didn’t seem to be a problem that I can’t deal with.

“Perseus…..” Rhea said. This shocked me and Nyx as I suddenly forgot to drink my tea that started to pour on my shirt. I didn’t feel the pain, so it wasn’t a problem as there was a bigger issue than that. Pong that was my head hitting the table as I knew that I had messed up so badly. Really badly.

“That guy of all people didn’t get thrown there….. That makes everything far worse than anything else. He’s the most violent person out there. And he feeds off the violence of the world. He’s like Ares but far worse...” I complained. Nyx was agreeing as she hated that guy because unlike Ares, this guy will fight and fight till no end. He had no stop button. He would keep going until he had won. No matter the damage, no matter the cost. It was an annoyance and the reason why god’s arena was created as he never holds back. Ares is also inferior to Perseus in every way as Ares is only involved in the war while Perseus is destroyed which means it goes beyond that. And what’s worse is that the more destruction that has occurred in the world the stronger he got. Based on Metis telling me how much has occurred so far. His power has only gotten stronger. That was the reason why I was stronger than him back in the day as the world was so peaceful his power couldn’t get stronger. Now that his limiter has been loose he can continue to get stronger.

“This might be a problem, I’m surprised that you were able to keep him at bay,” I said in awe.

“Well, the problem is that I didn’t do it. Someone else has been keeping him at bay. I’m not sure who but someone has been trying to play a game of chess with me that has been going on for years now. There were times that it felt like he would strike at any time but because of some tricks I manage to prevent him from being too aggressive,” Metis explained.

“That is strange because the only one that was able to deal with Perseus at the time was only me, Nyx and Rhea. Besides that no one, almost no other sibling could tame let alone control him.” I thought.

“Right that was why it made it more and more complicated as time went on as I tried to force them to come out several times, but never did they actually take the bait. After a while, I then turned the strategy to make sure that they couldn’t do anything without revealing too much.” Metis said.

“It was really rough for her and to make matters worse, I couldn’t see so far in the future, so it prevented me from helping. The only thing I could do was protect Heaven.” Rhea said in sadness. Knowing that you can’t do anything is worse than not being able to at all.

“It’s alright Rhea we all have roles we must play and yours haven’t come yet. The real question is what is happening now?” I spoke after I patted Rhea to comfort her.

“Right now we have to expect that they are finally making a move. The recent events showed that they are being secretive but they are slowly starting to show themselves bit by bit.” Metis said as she drank her tea. However, you could feel the change in the air as she was not joking around as she never once blinked nor did she change her voice. This means that what she believes is going to happen is going to come true.

“What makes you say that?” Nyx questioned as she was getting confused.

“Remember the god that showed up with Thanatos before?” Metis pointed out.

“Yes I did,” I recalled. Though I wouldn’t really call them a threat though.

“That was the first time they had actually sent out a god to intervene. Before they had only sent one of their goons who would simply self-destruct the moment, we saw them. For them to actually show themselves actually meant that they are no longer needing to hide anymore. I actually wanted you to come earlier Cronus but then I pushed it a little longer as I needed you to be out at the time they started taking action.” Metis said. Though I was a little mad that because of these people I was locked for a while longer. Metis wanting to keep me a secret for this long of a time meant she has her reasons.

“Yes we had originally planned to have you come earlier but if you did, it might have resulted in them figuring you out before they started initiating their plans making it easier for them to attack us. But if we kept you at the last minute it prevented them from creating a countermeasure for you.” Rhea explained. It finally then hit me why Athena was never expecting me after waiting this long because they changed it later.

“That makes sense but why now couldn’t you still have waited as there are not many strong foes besides Nyx?” I thought. It was true the god we faced earlier actually wasn’t strong and Thanatos was obviously weak, so why now?

“Because we knew they were targeting Nyx as something they felt like they needed. And as you know that besides you no one else could control her. So we had to get you out as soon as possible.” Metis pointed out. Nyx was obviously one of the strongest gods and perhaps one of the more frightening ones to say the least.

“Ah okay so now that all that’s happened, what do we need to do now?” I said.

“Right now you need to keep yourself on the down-low. While at the same time you need to strengthen the army.” Metis said.

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