Titan: My Return to Earth

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A Titans work

“....Down low I can do that, but why do I have to train the GDF when Ares and Athena are in charge of them,” I asked. I mean isn’t having me be there training them actually going to get attention. By training the army, many will notice me and actually draw attention from many gods. This is very contradictory to what she is saying. I am so confused.

“What I meant by training is creating a regiment that everyone in our army is able to do to get stronger. Right now as you have noticed our army has just struggled against the army that Nyx created. This won’t do against future threats that can be potentially the same or even more powerful than what the army has currently dealt with. If we don’t make them stronger now, it will be like throwing pebbles against an elephant.” Metis explained.

Though it was true that the army was more powerful than compared to the entire human army combined. However, what Nyx has unexpectedly shown was how inferior they were against other gods and their powers. And with the current ability of Ares and Athena, they have no way of strengthening the army than what they have already done. So what they need to do is get someone who is stronger with a better form of practice that might make them even better. That is why it was important to have Cronus be able to teach them or else the next wide-scale attack won’t end as nicely as this one. It would result in total annihilation of the GDF. So getting them stronger makes sure that future problems can be solved. Plus there is another benefit.

“If we can make them even stronger, it would help when you are away. You can’t fight on multiple fronts, so training everyone would help decrease the reliance on you,” Rhea pointed out.

“So if you and Nyx can do that, then we can promise that you will have nothing to worry about. This will make your brief vacation last a little longer.” Metis also said to tempt me. I was thinking for a while about the benefit of having a stronger army. To tell the truth, if we have a stronger army then it will allow Athena to have more time, possibly. This will mean the three would be able to have more fun. Truth be told, there is actually a way for me to strengthen everyone already as I have learned a few things. But to oversee everyone doing it as hard as some people might go overboard and possibly injure themselves so that is a problem. I wonder what is the best way to teach everyone in such a short amount of time.

“Well if you say it that way, I will gladly be obliged to follow your orders. To make it even easier we just need Athena to help get everyone in the army to be stronger instantly.“Rhea said confidently. I then realized from Rhea that Athena can do such things. Truth be told, I’m not a writer of sorts, and explaining things would be a pain. So rather than teaching them one on one, I could have Athena do it who has many of her blessed children do it. After I give Athena the technique to strengthen them, it will be up to everyone else to strengthen the army. Though once they get the skills, they will already be twice as strong to be exact, they might get even stronger. Maybe too dangerously strong but oh well that’s not my problem.

“Anyways what else do we need to do?” I asked. Although making the army stronger is important there is something else that we need to do as well right?”

“Yes and this takes more precedence than the first one. After continuous fighting, the toll has finally come to us that we are on the brink of being exhausted. All three sons are going to recuperate, as you should have realized by now. They are going to die if they don’t go away soon.” Rhea said, sadden. The sight of her kids fighting has taken a toll on her mentally as well. What mother would like to see her kids fighting. “So I asked you Cronus? While you travel the world, I would like you to meet some of your brothers and sisters that were neutral. I need you to convince them to help us....”

“.....why can’t you two do it,” I replied. Though I don’t have a grudge or any problem with them. But the fact is that those guys simply just don’t enjoy getting involved in any matters at all. They simply want to just enjoy their lives. However, upon the fact that war came about really created some distance between us. Because of the enormous change in the world at that time that disturbed their peace in quiet ended and that didn’t sit well with them. Though they refuse to take part and remain neutral, the actions we took still left them with a scar.

“I have tried many times to ask for their help, but even with the combination of both Rhea and me we still couldn’t convince them,” Metis said. “From one place to the next, it eventually got to the point that they have locked their realms from us. They have even declared that any form of contact will cause war.”

“….If that was the case, then why am I going in there if it will cause problems. “I commented. Though I understand why Metis would be flat out rejected because she’s not the type of person you could easily be trusted. While Rhea is the opposite of that with a more honest approach. They are more trusting of her than anyone, yet how is it that they don’t seem to trust her or willing to help her. There must be more than what meets the eye. Both looked down ashamed as they both were remembering their failures. It was a spectacle to see really as both never really looked that miserable.

“It’s because compared to us, you actually have a better chance to talk with them compared to us,” Rhea explained. It let me pause for a moment as they never talk to me at all. Actually the times I visited many of my brothers and sister were very slim. Yes, we have some chats once in a while but they were never beyond an hour of talking. For me personally, that really doesn’t mean much at all. But I will listen to Rhea’s explanation as to why. “Remember Cronus that you were the one that everyone chose unanimously to be our ruler very far back in the day. It was the reason Perseus or even Atlas who both wanted to become rulers weren’t able to do so. Those who are neutral today chose you very far back for a reason. Though you haven’t seen them in a while it doesn’t mean they don’t respect you. Sometimes you undervalue yourself.”

You don’t have to put it that way at all, that hurts my feelings… But then again they were the ones who voted for me a long time ago. But I had always thought that the reason why they never voted for Atlas or Perses was simply that they didn’t want to deal with them. With me, they didn’t need to listen, simply because they would just be left to their own devices. In my rule, it was different as it is now. While yes, I did make sure that everyone had a place to rule like there is today but never once did I ever control them or pay this so-called tax. As long as they could take care of their own realm without bothering others, I wouldn’t interfere with any of their affairs. It was mostly a lax type of system.

Though it might sound like I wasn’t very much a person who led people, you were right. It’s because first I let other people do stuff like Metis and Rhea, for example. For me, I was the one who would rather go wandering around than actually work. Sometimes though it would lead me to many of their realms as well. Yet I never interact with them. To be honest, I have had fun with their siblings rather than the leaders. For example, Hyperion was in the realm of the sun. I really don’t get along with him. It was Thea, his wife, that I interacted with more often than not. It might sound like I’m cheating on Rhea that I spent time with his wife but that is not true as first Nyx was always with me at that time and we always did things like orb tossing, which is what we did in the arena. Then there were times like creating a garden or talking about our skills. There was nothing that would say that I was cheating. Besides the world is such a small place for me to cheat it’s not worth doing it.

“So when do we start…?” Nyx said as she finally joined in the conversation. Exciting isn’t what you would call this conversation at all because it just means that I have to do something that I rather not. First off, besides a few people that I know, the conversation isn’t my strong suit. Not to mention, compared to Metis or even Atlas, many don’t seem to follow me. This can be explained as to why many left during the fight without me noticing, as they never wanted to follow with me in the first place. So it’s just furthers my desire to not want to do this task. Though Nyx has other plans in mind. “It’s been awhile since we last saw many of our old friends, it’s a perfect time!!!”

Of course, Nyx reasons are not aligned with the three of us at all. She only cares about fighting and having fun. She is so simple that it’s not even funny. Like when she got mad at me for abandoning her. Once she found out the reason, she let her anger be gone like in an instant without even thinking. Oh, how I admire her as she never seems to worry about anything. It must be because of this reason that she has no stress like us. Then again, because of her simplicity, it is actually an outstanding trait to have. Many of the places we visited at first were so scared that they were at first as they would purposely try to close their realms to hide if Nyx entered their realm. Eventually through time and slow meaningful interaction that we actually were welcomed in every realm that we could go besides hell.

“That is why you are going with him, of course. Along with your new body, they will easily recognize you as well. Just remember to do nothing that would scare them” Metis said. Since no matter, if it has been one hundred thousand years or a million years, it wouldn’t make a difference as she is still one of the most dangerous gods amongst us. Currently not right now but when given the situation you don’t truly want her to go full power.

“Yes yes I know you don’t have to tell me twice. Especially when I have this new body, I will be especially careful.” Nyx said while rolling her eyes. She never likes conversations like these, especially when someone younger is telling her what to do. Then again, she has known to go overboard, almost every time. The first time I met her she almost killed me and the time she came back she almost caused an apocalypse. That is why we are REALLY making sure that she does nothing.

“Relax as long as I’m with her she won’t go overboard,” I said confidently, as she usually will limit herself when I’m around. Besides, in this current state only I can stop her. But the question is when do I start. “By the way, should I go now or should I wait for when I have trained every one soldier.”

“Right now train the soldiers and the gods of course why are you asking the dumbest of ques….” Metis was about to say something insulting till something interrupted her. I didn’t know what but it seems like there was some type of energy that was sent to her head. It was very faint, but I could feel it. It was a distinct feeling, but I realized that it was from a familiar person. I’m guessing that it is from Athena, as she is probably the only one that is able to do this. She is so powerful in her own way to freely send energy into people’s minds, which is something that no one in this time can do. She truly is amazing. Not only that, she is able to inject information to people so freely I don’t even know if it is possible. Wait….. to inject information.... Could this be a way….

I was starting to think about an idea that I never would have thought about but then Metis interrupted. “Looks like it’s time to see them off.” She said. It got me confused as to what she was talking about. Who are we seeing them off? I did remember something about someone leaving but it was a while ago. Who was it again….. It’s at the tip of my tongue but I just can’t figure it out. Is my memory that bad these days? I have been living for who knows how many years and remember all the times in the past including the times in Tartarus yet I can’t remember who we are sending off. “Nyx can you stay here for awhile, this meeting is for those that know the kids. I wish I can bring you along but with your appearance and reputation….it will cause some problems…“Metis said as nicely as possible without trying to upset her.

“Yes I agree as well, don’t worry we won’t leave you it just be a short send off. Our kids can finally recuperate so it’s best that we put them at ease.” Rhea said as well. Oh so it was them… Dang I am a bad parent that doesn’t seem to remember that they were that badly injured. Ares told me and even Metis a few moments ago. Guess I need to start taking some mental notes about certain things before I really start annoying people.

“Does that mean Kronos has to go to…” Nyx questioned. Both of them nodded to give their confirmation. “Then I have to go as it is so boring with myself. And I don’t wanna turn into a bracelet either since I just got a body that can actually work.” She was obviously pouting since she is like any kid who likes to join whatever everyone else is doing. Especially when she just got this body.

“Can’t she just change her appearance, she should be capable of doing that right.” I asked. This was a body that was created and is built to be manipulated based on the desire of the host. But then again if the image is not accurate then the look can actually backfire.

“She could but Nyx do you have an image that you would want to change to that no one would recognize.” Metis pointed out. This made Nyx hesitant as she never really had experience with creating a new image for herself. Unless she has an image that she can see it won’t happen. I then went and patted her head to make her feel comfortable.

“Don’t worry Nyx I will only be gone for a short while,” I said to her, I then create small energy that I inject into her body. Everyone was confused as they didn’t know what I was doing. Nyx then suddenly understood it as it surprised her at first but then found it to be natural. “I inject a sort of connection between her soul and mine so that whatever we are in the world, we can find each other. It’s a neat trick I learned in Tartarus that helps when lost.” It creates a form of tracking that connects to people. As long as I continue to supply it. We will always know where to go. Even if we are in Heaven in hell, it’s possible actually though it might be a long line, but the consumption of energy is very little so never amounts too much. “So don’t worry if we stay for too long you can always come to find me okay?”

“Ok then don’t go for too long,” Nyx said excitedly. She was finally able to calm down because first of all, she didn’t want to end like last time where I left her. She doesn’t want to remember that again. And besides, we can’t really let her be by herself too long. No one knows what would happen if she was let loose in the world.

“We really need to get going,” Rhea said as she soon grabbed my hand. I gave her a nod as to tell her I was ready. Metis, Rhea, and I then finally teleported to finally see Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades off.

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