Titan: My Return to Earth

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From a small cave, we now stood in a cold freezing desolate island with not a single life in sight. However, when I looked around, there was a big giant portal surrounded by a bunch of people. It was strange because the area surrounding the portal was full of life. The area was filled with many flowers and plants that were blooming with energy despite the cold weather. Something about that portal was interesting as I had never seen this before, but I knew that beyond this portal was filled with a lot of energy. As we got closer, the energy started to get denser and denser. But it was a good way because my body felt like it was rejuvenated, as though I just had a good nap.

“Metis, Rhea, and Neo, thank you guys for coming all this way to send us off. I hope I wasn’t bothering you guys or anything.” Zeus said greeting us. Poseidon and Hades were looking a little suspicious with us three being together, but then again knowing their mother they know that whatever she did was for their sake. “Neo sorry about not letting you in Heaven, but this is for the safety of everyone else. I hope you understand?” Zeus was rather apologetic. Though he didn’t want to cause more problems, many gods were rather afraid of seeing that scythe. It was shown even now as there were many gods very hesitant to get even close to me. Athena was one of the few who actually was willing to get close to me as she slowly walked in our direction.

“Don’t mind me, Athena has been showing me many things that have been nothing short of amazing, so I should thank you.” I said with a bow. Athena was rather happy about the compliment as she gave a small smile. Zeus was rather happy as well. Everyone relaxed as well because they all didn’t want to mess with a strange god that came out of nowhere. Especially when that person was related to a prophecy that involved Metis. Not to mention I own the scythe that everyone is scared of. The worst thing to do was to offend me. But I never cared since as long as I have fun that is all that matters.

“Excellent, well Athena, make sure that you are giving him the proper care while I’m gone. Neo I will be counting on you to protect everything while I’m gone ok?” Zeus said. We both bowed.

"“By your order.“” I and Athena said at the same time. We bowed as to give our proper respect. Even if he didn’t say that we would do that since that is what we want to do. But just having him say that just shows how much he has put his faith in us. Not only that, saying that in front of everyone puts me and Athena in top priority. That prevents any of them from trying to interfere with me at all. We have been given charge of defending Heaven and Earth so no matter if they hate, fear, or jealous of me they can’t do anything until Zeus comes back. More importantly, with us being in charge they have no choice but to support us unconditionally. This will make this flow a lot better.

Rhea then came forward to give the three a hug. All three receive it happily as they know that they won’t see each other for a while.

“Please get well soon and don’t worry about anything when you get there. The more you worry the less your body will recover.” Rhea said. She looked at each of them with sincere eyes as she was trying to give reassurance.

“Don’t worry mother, we have faith in everyone and will focus every moment to getting better,” Hades said. The other two nodded as they agreed to their brother’s comment. Zeus then looked at a certain God that looked rather young. He had a carefree facial expression as he was dozing around for a while until Zeus said something. He had short brown hair with tight pants. But his shirt was baggy and looked like he just got out of bed.

“Hermes makes sure that no one is able to enter this place you hear me.” Zeus said in a serious tone. Zeus was even throwing a lot of killing intent towards him like it was a normal thing to do. Everyone who was there didn’t seem to find it a big deal at all. Because even when it happened the God Hermes just didn’t seem to mind it at all.

“Yawn alright alright already, no need to make this scenery turn to a murder scene,” Hermes said while not caring in the world. “I just need to close any place that reaches you. That is the easiest thing in the world why are you so worried about it.”

“We are going into seclusion and want to make sure that there is no interruption. That is all I ask for. Can you at least take this seriously” Zeus pleaded. He was being very serious as he was trying to convince Hermes to be obedient. Though I’m guessing that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“Yeah Yeah don’t worry about it I can close it without any problem,” Hermes said as he then handed Zeus a very strange rock. “Just use this if you ever need to open the gate. You just have to crush it to open the gate back here. Hermes then gave him the stone that was unique as I never saw anyone make the ability to make portals with just using stones. It is truly amazing to see the things that have been made by the younger generation.

“Thank you, son, Now everyone we will take our leave. I hope that every single one of you is doing well at the time we come back.” Zeus said as he and his brother both headed beyond the portal. To me it was kinda sad because I had just met them, now I have to see them go. But for everyone else it was different, these guys were the ones leading them and protecting them. Now that they are going away, it feels like a part of them has left. Not only that, I’m their protector now which made them more scared because they have no idea what they are expecting of me. They already know about me dealing with Nyx and help stop the army of zombies. But when I had been forbidden to go to Heaven because of not wanting to return Nyx. It left a little hesitation from many of the Gods.

The bright side though is that they trust Athena. Though she is not as strong as Ares. But what she has created on Earth and the network that has formed in Heaven to make sure that everything is known to her. That was an impressive feat by itself as this has made sure that no matter what happens, Athena has made preparations against it. Her reliability has continued to gain the trust of everybody. I am hoping that she will help with this predicament, but knowing her she has already done something about it already.

After waiting a while, Hermes, who was being lazy for a long time, stood in front of the gate. He looked in front of the portal and started to channel a large amount of energy. As he kept focusing more and more energy, the portal got smaller and smaller. As the portal got smaller the area that was once green with grass faded slowly as though they have lost connection with life. After a while, the portal that was the size big enough to have everyone set foot inside the portal, was now enough to fit only one person. Flick, with a snap of his finger the portal, slowly vanished and was sucked into Hermes. It actually was simple to say it didn’t go to him but into something that was in his clothes. It might be like a rock like what he has given to Zeus. However, this guy was very interesting.

Never was there such a thing where worlds that are connected to earth can be controlled by this person. Portals are mainly in Heaven that help connect them from the other parts like Earth and hell. The portals also are very stationary so for this God to be able to move them at will is quite powerful in its own way. When we teleport we simply just jump through the portal every time. Now the question is do we see the other people who also happen to teleport at the same time as you do. That is the simple answer, which is no. While teleportation is a direct link from one place to another it does not interfere with others doing it at the same time. Its like the cars driving to get from one place to another. Though they all might go to the same place. It doesn’t mean they are making contact or aware of each other going to that place. And it takes a few seconds to channel as you have to create that link through imagining the proper location. Once that link has been created we simply follow the link. The link happens without interfering with others unless you are touching them like what Athena and Metis did before. That is the only time you can interfere with the teleportation because two or more are connected but want to reach different places. Besides that no there is no interaction. That is why teleportation isn’t a skill for battle since you are channeling it and it takes a really long time to use. During a course of the fighting, the time to think and move is very short. So trying to use teleport is like giving the other guy a free hit. But in terms of convenience, it’s pretty useful.

Once the portal closed, everyone simply just started to teleport away since the reason for being there was gone. Hermes, however, then started to turn and look in our direction as he wanted to say something. He then walked up to us lazily, as expected given his personality. I was wondering why this guy has this type of attitude when he has such an important skill.

“Here,” he said to me as he handed me a rock. I was confused.

“.....what’s this?” I asked.

“It’s a rock,“Hermes said.

“I don’t want it,” I said

“But I don’t want it.” Hermes retorted

“But I don’t want it either” I asked

“But it’s better with you than me.”

“But that’s your fault so you keep it not me.”

“You keep it cause people will attack you not me.” Hermes said

“Huh what does a rock have to do with any form of danger” I questioned him. Despite the rock holding a portal, what does it have anything to do with me? What am I going to do with a rock when I can simply travel to many places as I go.

“Neo, Hermes is giving you the only stone that could directly lead you to Zeus and his brothers.” Athena explained. “Although Hermes is very skilled in concealment and escape, he’s not that great when it comes to fighting. So if he was ever in a situation where he would have to fight, well lets just say that it won’t end up well…”

“That is why he is giving it to you as not only will it be safer with you, but also help him avoid any future fights that might occur.” Artemis says. I didn’t realize she was there but it just so happens she overheard the conversation was there. “As the new protector of Earth you also have to be some sort of gatekeeper to make sure enemies won’t reach the former protectors.”

“Yes right now they are in the phase of trying to recuperate all the damages they receive. If someone was to come, they might be vulnerable to whatever comes through the portal. That is why we need to make sure that whatever happens, we protect this rock.” Metis explained. Everyone nodded as well to show the importance of having me to guard this rock. It was an unpleasant feeling because that just means that if words get out….People will start attacking me.

“Am I allowed to quit this job?” I said in retaliation.

“Unless you are locked up somewhere then no,” Metis said. Everyone agrees with it as well leaving me no choice but to agree. Though it was kinda upsetting as I then saw Hermes who was the one smirking silently without anyone noticing. Which made me feel like he knew this would happen. Clever boy. I was going to say something, but then a gust of random wind was blowing. Though it might sound like a normal thing but during the entire time or around the area I couldn’t feel a spec of wind. Then I felt something in a certain direction. It reminded me of a certain wind lady. Was she here somewhere?

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