Titan: My Return to Earth

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Almost got one.

“What’s wrong?” Athena said. The others were wondering as well because they found it strange that I was staring in a random direction. Not even looking at where I felt it, I then out of a sudden created several swords out of nowhere. This shocked everyone as they never saw it coming. “What’s going on Neo, what are you doing?” Athena worried. I then shot a bunch of them in the direction where the wind originally came from. This leads everyone from going shocked to curious as to what I’m doing. Soon the swords that looked like it wasn’t hitting anything, collided with something. Without hesitation, my swords kept on striking on that spot relentlessly. Eventually, I threw in more swords to keep on trying to strike it and break it. What was originally invisible started to reveal itself as some sort of wind barrier? Then what revealed inside the barrier was the goddess with the azure dress.

“That woman, it’s the one that we saw before,” I said, She was the one I let go of earlier. Though I would like to be nice and let her go, unfortunately, that result in Nyx going out of control. For the purpose of getting information, I’m going to have to try a little this time. I then created three more swords in my hand and threw it at her. The sword then broke through her barrier instantly, which she found surprising. She quickly sent her wind blades at me to retaliate. However, my swords were already created to intervene in any form of her attacks. She tried to attack everyone else but me. But I keep intercepting them wherever she tries to create the blades. Frustration was growing as she couldn’t do anything at all. She then started to glow, which showed that she was wanting to escape. I tried inflicting damage on her so she would lose focus, contrary to what I thought she was ignoring the pain. That is some resilience she must have really firm resolve. She was slowly going to try to escape but before she could, something happened as she felt like she couldn’t think of the place she wanted to teleport to. Curious as to what is preventing her from teleporting but then again I notice that Athena was doing something. I figured what had happened was that Athena must have channeled energy into the lady’s mind that prevented her from teleporting. Wow she really does have an interesting skill. Not wasting this time, I locked her movements with my swords as it sealed all her movements making sure she could move in the slightest. It was perfect as now we can capture her and interrogate her. With my swords, I floated her towards us.

“Amazing I didn’t realize her earlier, how did you know that it was her,” Artemis said. She was known for her sense of being stronger than others, so naturally, she would know when there would be people hiding within a certain distance. However, she only sees what is within her senses, never beyond the senses. But what she didn’t notice was that before, when the portal was active, there was wind and such. This naturally made her guard down, as she must have thought that the wind was always there. But when the portal fell, she didn’t notice the change.

“You have the best senses but make sure that you don’t heavily rely on them one time. When you observe things, don’t see things for what it is, look beyond that. Keep everything noted down because not everything is what it seems. Those that are clouded and hidden will eventually reveal themselves, but if you don’t take your time observing it, you will eventually miss it.” I advise her. As a person who has made plenty of mistakes, it’s good to teach the younger my mistakes.

“I see I never thought of that, I have always been very impatient with what I see. Thank you for this advice, I will further hone myself to be better.” Artemis said.

“No worries, I didn’t notice it until recently so we both need to work hard,” I said.

“Now that we got that out of the way let’s go and take her back with us for interrogation,” Metis said. “Athena I will leave that to you, Neo help her out to make sure she doesn’t escape.” Athena and I both nodded as we waited for the mysterious girl to come. When she got on the ground, Athena immediately went to go grab her. Unfortunately, there was something that was preventing us from getting her. Originally it was safe, but I had a feeling that something was coming. I immediately grab onto Athena and put a barrier in front of us. Bamm Bamm continuous blast was shooting at us with intense power. Fortunately, the attacks were only aiming at Athena, rather than the rest of the group.

“Everyone get out of here before they attack you guys,” I said to everyone. They knew as well that the more people I have to protect, the harder it is for me to move. They instantly teleported away to no longer hinder me. I then focused on where the attack was coming from as it was surprisingly from a long distance. It was relentless that I couldn’t see anything for a while. I estimated where the attack was coming from based on the direction they were coming from. With a large concentration, I create a powerful sword outside the barrier. When I got the right amount I wanted, I shot it in that direction. Woosh it went a lot faster than I intended but it’s doing its job. Bamm there was a big shock wave that erupted from afar which meant that it surprisingly hit, my attack actually made it. I couldn’t see where it was but the attack finally stopped. We waited for a while but after there were no attacks then I immediately released my barrier.

“Are you alright Athena?” I asked while holding on to her. During the attack, I didn’t even notice that I was holding on to her tightly so she might have been uncomfortable.

“I..I’m alright thank you, but can you please let me go first.” Athena said. She was a little red though but overall she looked as though she was alright. She then stood up and got herself together before she felt disappointed.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. Although we got rid of the intruder, what could possibly be on her mind.

“That attack was merely a distraction in order to rescue the comrade,” Athena said calmly. I then realized the lady in the azure dress was gone. Dang, she slipped through my hands again. But despite that, why is Athena looking as though she didn’t mind it.

“You don’t seem to be all that frustrated,” I asked her. She then looked at me with a smile. It was rather strange as I never saw that from her during these types of fights.

“It’s because when I went into her mind, I was able to brand her with my ability. Those minds that I go inside, I make sure that they are marked so that I can always keep tabs on them if they ever prove to be an enemy towards me in the future. It’s the same reason as to why many people in the human world don’t want to interfere with me, as I usually have some people in high places that generously send me information.” She said with a grin. It was the first time I saw her with such an expression, as though she has everything in the palm of her hand. I was nervous for some reason as I started to think why she and Metis were mother and daughter. She then looked at me. “Don’t worry if I ever need to find her, I can send energy and locate her anytime. However, I won’t be able to spy on her, however. When I look into someone’s mind, I have to send energy that will fluctuate and will cause them to have their eyes glow as you noticed. If I was to do anything that would activate it, then more than likely she and her companions will know. Right now I will keep that for the future so whenever we can attack them we will be able to.” Athena explained.

“I see so that’s why you weren’t as down as you might have been. But still, I would like to have interrogated her before anything.” I said in disappointment. Though it would be nice if we have gotten her because she would have told us who was the mastermind behind all of this. Oh well, we will take what we can get I guess. But still, I have never seen someone who would have such a range over me. To attack me from so far that even my eyes couldn’t see is very impressive. If the attack was faster then there would have been no chance for me to stop it. I guess this is something that I would have to prepare for in the future. Whatever he is however he should have received some damage as that attack wasn’t something that a barrier could stop.

In the meantime, in a different place, there was a deep cave that was hidden from the world. It was spacious as though someone had been hiding there for some time. Though it was supposed to be cold, it was made so that it was warm. There was a lot of furniture and items that were valuable. Then beyond that lies another cave that kept making metallic noises as though there was something being created. But what suddenly appeared was something even more important. It was a man that was in armor that was very sophisticated in itself. It was very thick that made the man twice its size with a mounted cannon that was strapped on to him. However there looked as though there was another cannon strapped on to him but it was blown away. With one side of the armor destroyed as well, the god was speechless as he was also grabbing the girl that was dressed in an azure dress.

“I thought I was going to die back there, hey you ok?” The god said as he let her go and grab the arm that was injured. Though the blast did miss him a hair’s breadth he still felt damage from the after shock of the blast. “You are lucky I was ordered to watch over you, otherwise you would have been captured.”

“Shut up I didn’t think they were able to notice me from that distance. If I had known that he had noticed me then I wouldn’t have been caught. By the way I need to inform our leader of that woman. The leader of the organization seems to have some sort of ability to stop teleportation. Not only that, the new god that has appeared has the key to the portal where the three targets are. ” She said as she was tending to her wounds.

“Well we were both lucky to have survived that, it looks like you were right about him.” He said. “This equipment was my latest armor that I have been developing for a while and to think that he was able to blow it up so easily is a surprise. I think at this point only a few of us can handle him right now. We could get Perseus but ...”

“No we can’t now is not the time if we were to send him out means that we are desperate. Our leader has made preparations so that we don’t have to fight. Right now we just have to listen to what he says.” She said,

“Do you know when that time will come?” He asked.

“Not yet it will take about a year before we can start on the next objective. We just have to scout and continue to report what’s going on to him in the world.” She said. “We might have failed this one but it was not a big deal that our leader wasn’t expecting.”

“What do you mean?” He said as he had taken off his armor.

“What I mean if he hadn’t expected for this to happen then we wouldn’t be this quiet. We would have been more forceful to retrieve the scythe, Yet he did nothing. Meaning he wanted to retrieve it, but if he didn’t it still didn’t make such a difference.” She noted. “Besides the fact that only you and I are sent to the front lines means that he is not ready for us to go all out. Right now we should just lay low for the next operation.”

Both of them knew that although they were considered strong, compared to the ones that have been training in secret. The chance they have is low. “The only thing I’m worried about is that new guy because despite the fact that he still doesn’t seem to pose a threat to us now, but the fact that he is this strong could pose a threat in the future.”

“Don’t worry we aren’t the ones who will be fighting him in the future, although it is disheartening that we are only this strong after so much time in hiding.” He said in frustration as he looked at his armor.

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