Titan: My Return to Earth

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Lets prepare for the next move

In another area with the mountains in the middle of nowhere lies the same man lying in his chair. But his mediation was disturbed by an unexpected guest. He himself couldn’t believe it after sensing her presence.

“It has been a while and this is how you greet me…” She said as she gave her evil grin. She then releases her energy through her violet eyes. She gracefully walked to him without a care in the world. Her beautiful clothes were fluttering everywhere elegantly. It was Metis who came to her already knowing where he was. And to make it even more amazing how normal she felt, this was her first time here.

“How did you know I was here?” He questioned as the air soon turned heavy with rage and the mountains were trembling as though something was about to erupt.

“It was rather simple really because I have someone who happens to know how to get to places. And another who happens to have good vision. Eventually, your group will leave a trace that I can lead back to. Oh, don’t worry, only the two of us know. There is no way, I would tell them now when it’s too soon.” Metis teased as she sat at the chair next to him.

“Haa…. Guess I was careless after all, yet aren’t you careless as well. That you are here alone might lead to your death.” He said as he was soon channeling energy to his fist.

“Oh no, I forgot, oh what do I do?” she said sarcastically. She was even trying to act scared that drew the ire of the man. However, before he had the chance to attack, she said something that stopped him. “Don’t you think it’s too soon to kill someone with your current state?” Metis then said as she touched the pieces on her side and said “Check”.

“How did you know about my situation, this is only known to a few” he said. He then made the air denser and was trying to scare Metis. However, nothing so far has even made Metis even flinch.

“Even after all this time when you were hiding, you didn’t think I wouldn’t notice why you weren’t attacking. It’s not like you can’t attack, it’s because you are not allowed. You can only attack those that seek violence. Those who have no business with fighting will never feel your wrath.” Metis pointed out. She was making him look weak and inferior to her. At the same time he was right as no matter what he can, he can’t attack those who have no intention to kill or even kill before. Metis certainly is a mastermind and created mischief everywhere. Yet never did she kill anyone. The death that happens just comes as a consequence of her action.

“Haa you certainly are someone I can’t deal with, so tell me what brings you here. It’s not just because you want to prove that you have found me.” He questioned.

“Mmm I wanted to brag a little but I just want to tell you that although I have a good grasp on your attention. I want you guys to stop whatever it is you are doing. Things are made so that the world can be moved forward, not back. You can’t change what needs to happen.” Metis said.

“Ah so that’s why you came haah. Unfortunately for you, we have come too far for us to back down now. We were shown a new path that will lead us to a world we want. And the future that you and Kronos have envisioned will fall and crumble.” He said laughing. He didn’t realize that Metis came just to warn him. It was hilarious to think that someone came all the way to end a war through talking rather than fighting. “We will destroy everyone that will interfere with our dream bit by bit till finally we will rise to destroy everything.”

“I see….. Well, I guess I should head back if I can’t convince you.” Metis said while walking away. “By the way, I haven’t sent anyone to attack yet because we both know just because we kill you today, someone more terrifying will appear tomorrow.”

“Possibly, but killing me won’t change the course we desire.” He said as he simply moved one piece on the chessboard. “I look forward to what your next move is Metis.” He said that as she teleported away.

Back to the icy plains where Cronus and Athena were located they were talking about further plans.

“Though we now have a way to attack if we want to, we still have to prepare our forces,” I noted to her. After seeing many of the soldiers, I realized something that was bothering me for a while. How are they that weak? I mean even with the training they should at least be able to have one guy beat a Minotaur single-handed. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, they are severely underwhelming. If they were to have trained more properly some of them actually would be able to have a chance to fight against gods like Enyo or Ares. They won’t win but at least they will have a fighting chance. Right now though everyone looks like ants waiting to be stepped on.

“Do you have a plan?” She asked. The fact that I said that meant made her infer I had something that would allow her forces to grow stronger quickly.

“Yes I actually have one but I need you to answer a question,” I asked

“What is that?” Athena thought.

“Are you connected to every soldier in the organization and can you transfer your techniques or skills to them directly with no drawbacks?” I asked.

“Yes I can if it’s only to those that are from my bloodline. Those that aren’t I can’t pass it down without any drawbacks because of how I force them into it. If their body can’t handle what I inject to them they might die. So for those not in my bloodline, I have to be more careful in the amount of stuff I send to them.” Athena explained. During the battle, she was able to control many Ares troops, but it did require her to put in more care because she was making sure that she wasn’t putting too much strain on their body. She could have controlled her bloodline, but she knew that when it came to power at the time, Ares’ troop was a lot stronger and was more needed than before. Though they had some drawbacks though as their mind was very exhausted later on as many after the fight had to recuperate not from the fight but from Athena going into their minds.

“By the way, if I was to transfer you a way to improve your flow of energy, then would you be able to do it perfectly if you grab it from my mind,” I asked. This is the most important one because rather or not she can do it perfectly based on what I did. If she can’t do it that would mean she won’t be able to teach it to everyone else. I need to see if she can copy exactly every step.

“As long as you yourself experience it and you didn’t experience any imperfections, I should be able to copy exactly what you have done. Though if there are limitations that are required or energy levels I need to reach them even if I do it perfectly I will experience the drawbacks no matter what” Athena said. This got me excited because for me after experiencing everything in hell, I was able to learn a perfect way to strengthen my channels of energy through my body so that I can use more power. Though I no longer need it because it was something I did in the early phase of my training, it is still useful for Athena and the rest. Especially humans, since their access to divine energy are paper thin.

The reason as why the humans who even receive the blessing from Gods are still inferior is because they were never taught the proper way of drawing more energy. The blessing gives them access to divine energy. If I was to look at how they have progressed, the energy channels of humans grew based on how they are putting them through intense training. Meaning they are forcing the body to draw out more energy. And yes, some are because their bodies are able to do it. Yet not everyone is able to because their body isn’t capable of doing it. For example, it’s like how humans grab stuff. No matter how much stuff you grab, if you don’t have the strength, everything will collapse. People have to build the foundation for the body to grow. And that is what I’m trying to teach to everyone. Even Gods benefit from this because they have divine energy and are given enormous amounts of energy. But because of that, it causes everyone, including me, to forget to work on our foundations to help find ways to prepare for the harsh training. Kind of like how Athena told me about stretching before the workout. If you workout without stretching you naturally cause yourself harm than creating a benefit.

“Great, so let’s go back to your place so I can teach you. Although we can do it here, I would rather we get away from this place. Also, Nyx is waiting for me so it’s better if we pick her along the way.” I said, I then went to Nyx and grabbed her without giving her any time to react so we could meet up with Athena.

“Alright let’s do that, I have a house on earth we can use as a base let’s go now.” She said, grabbing us, we then teleported to her place.

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