Titan: My Return to Earth

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awkward first...

After teleporting, we arrived in a very small house that wasn’t as vast as the Heavens. The house was on top of a waterfall with constant water flowing past the house. The house exterior was white with fades of light blue, shaped like a castle. It was a delicate design though as there were beautiful marble walls and shining floors that are so smooth you can see the reflection off of it. Then there were some parts of the floor that were soft, as though you were touching clouds. The ceilings were also well designed, as it was drawn and created to make it look as though you were looking at the skies. There were also nice chandeliers everywhere but it was done so it looked as though there were divine energy illuminating. To top it off was at the center of the building was an indoor garden with beautiful flowers everywhere that directly connected to the main hall. The flowers were arranged so that certain parts of the garden will have a unique smell that never conflicts with each other. It then connects the garden to a nice shaped fountain that leads downstairs to a nice pool room. A great place to go swimming for humans, Athena said. The pool also has a pleasant view as you can see beautiful green mountains. Then if you look beyond that, there will be a good view of a blue ocean. This is truly a beautiful place. The garden is the center of everything that leads to everywhere else. Athena also said that there are like 10 big bedrooms, 14 full restrooms, 3 kitchens, a movie theater, a full set gym, three dining rooms, 5 living rooms, 5 office rooms, a large library, 2 full bars, 2 laundry rooms, and something called a gigantic garage. Then there is a secret underground arena that Athena said was a training ground for gods to fight while not being spotted. I don’t know what we use them for since gods should easily destroy the training grounds within a second of practice. Then again with me, if I used God’s arena then it would be fine. I was surprised that humans need other things though as I feel like this is excessive. Athena however said that there are some humans who actually have a bigger one than this. She said that it cost a lot of money but for me, I couldn’t care less.

It was rather impressive, as the house was really good if I have to say. Nyx however was amazed and was playing around. She was acting like a kid walking around and looking at the many things that are decorating the house. Athena was giving a tour of the place for Nyx as she wanted to have fun. By the way, at first Athena was confused but after revealing her identity she was scared and confused. She was nervous and sweating a lot when she started out the tour. But over time she started to treat Nyx indifferently after she realized that Nyx had no intention of harming anybody. Nyx just wanted to see more things that humans created. For me, I wanted to teach Athena my technique to quickly improve everyone. However, Nyx really wanted to see everything so we had no choice but to follow whatever Nyx wanted to do. Well, it wasn’t going to take long anyway besides Athena said that this will be the place we will stay at for the time being. She said that it’s a very remote place that is hard for most humans to reach. Along with that, it’s one of the areas that Athena felt won’t get influenced with the contamination that the humans are creating. Athena said that with the advancement in technology, maintaining the ecosystem in some areas is hard. So she makes sure that this area for example is controlled and away from human influence is important.

“Well what do you think of the place so far? I personally designed most of everything to my liking.” Athena said. She got done with giving us the tour and was actually pretty excited to show us the house.

“It’s actually well done, to mix the modern-day building of the humans and slowly combine it with nature as you slowly walk to the back really is a beautiful design. Whoever must have put in a lot of detail to make this all possible.“I noted. When I first walked in this house, it wasn’t that big of a deal as my fondness for human houses is not as great as I would have imagined. However, as I saw more and more nature sprouting all over the house, it made me feel good inside. I love nature, especially when they are bursting with life. It really does help one relax. Even Nyx liked the place as she was smelling all the flowers.

“Agreed the flowers are wonderful and this is the first time I was able to feel how comfortable a bed is. I don’t know what we are supposed to do with it but it’s comfy to lay on. Oh and this waterfall does give the sound of nature a nice appeal.” Nyx expresses her love for this place. We really enjoyed the feeling of this place and can’t help but feel like we are at home. Though Heaven is vastly bigger and more open, the person did try to make this big and vast while also trying to give it a human feel as well to signify we are on earth. Overall a solid place to live. Athena was especially happy too, as the more we compliment it the happier she got.

“Thank you, Thank you, you guys are really making me happy today. When I first decided to bring you guys here I thought you guys would hate it. Never thought that you guys would enjoy something I designed.” Athena said shyly. Then we looked at her with gazes of amazement. This lady can do anything, she is smart, leads an entire organization, she is a capable fighter, she knows a lot of good food, has a lot of knowledge about everything in the human world and now she is a talented designer of houses. However, the real question is why is she surprised by our reaction.

“Question hasn’t anyone else told you how wonderful this place is?” I asked. She is so talented and has done many things. She should have many other people who have spoken to her about it.

“Um..um actually you guys are the first one to tell me that not to mention you are the first ones who actually wanted to come here.” Athena said embarrassed. We then look at her dumbfounded as to why. “Well to be honest no one is very interested in my place….. Since they could always go to Heaven, going here will always be inferior to it. Because of that, when I invited many people to come here, they mostly refused as they weren’t interested in something that they didn’t need. They felt like it was a waste of time.” Athena was dejected as she put a lot of work into this house and no one wants to see it.

“Don’t worry your work wasn’t in vain,” Nyx said as she grabbed her hand. “No matter what you do or anything you are going to do, just tell us and we will be there for you.” Nyx was really showing the opposite of what it means to be the God of Death. Even before many would love to hang out with Nyx because of her honest nature. She had to be the one that had to bear the saddest part of life which is death. So whatever she did on Earth or Heaven was really pure. She really does enjoy everything that happens.

Athena then looked at me as I nodded to agree with what Nyx said. She was really happy as she was very close to coming to tears. Though it was great, Athena then realized that it was time to go back to work. Nyx understood that as well as she took her hands off.

“Cronus you said that you could transfer me the skill for all of us to get stronger?” Athena said.

“Yes I do and I only need to teach you this because once that is learned, everything will naturally fall into place,” I said, As I explained before, it merely lets the person expand the flow of energy, so this training is used to help increase the quality and quantity of divine energy. Let me tell you though, compared to before when I was in Tartarus I was several times weaker than I was before. After suffering and struggling there, I came to realize the things that I lacked. One of them was the limitation of how much power I could use for a long duration. Because the flow of energy was lacking, it first made it hard to generate enough power fast enough against stronger opponents. The second was I couldn’t use any powerful attacks in battle of speed as the quality wasn’t strong enough. So because of that, I learned a way and I wanted to share it with Athena. “Just tell me how you are able to learn from me?”

“Simply just stand there and close your eyes,..... while you think about the technique along with its entirety. Um...I will deal with the rest.” Athena said in embarrassment. Both me and Nyx didn’t know why she would be embarrassed about it but she felt like she didn’t want to do it. Really didn’t mind it and simply closed my mind. Doing as I was asked, I kept thinking about the technique and everything there was to know about it. Though it was very easy to do, Athena however was taking a while. After like an hour, I was still waiting with Nyx, still staring at us for something to happen. What could she possibly be doing that is taking so long as I don’t like she is doing anything. Then I heard something as though something was cut. And along with that was a dripping noise. What was she doing as I was very confused? After that, she grabbed my head and felt something make contact with my lips.

“Oh my…” Nyx said in surprise. It was very surprising for me too as I don’t know what she is doing. For some reason, I started tasting blood as it was being sent right into my mouth. Dumbfounded as I am, I let her do as she pleases, as she said she would deal with the rest. I then realized that the blood that was in my mouth was embedded with divine energy. Something happened as it sooned went and mixed with my blood. Then the thoughts of my technique that I was continuing to think about felt like it was being sucked out. Though I still retain everything about the technique, I felt like my mind was no longer in my control. Wanting to resist, but eventually, the feeling I was getting earlier, left.

“You can open your eyes now…..” She stated. Though I wanted to, based on how she talked shyly, I could tell that I would see something very unladylike. However, I did and she was in a corner before I could open my eyes. Nyx was then patting her in the back as to comfort her. Weird thing is that Nyx is wondering if she is helping or making it worse. I then walked up to her.

“Are you ok?” I asked. Yeah, I mean she kissed me but I’m not thinking too much of it as she probably felt that she had to do it. Right…?

“Yeah, I’m okay, just a little embarrassed is all. Truly I didn’t want to have to do this or tell you as it was really hard for me. The last time I accessed your mind last time, it was taxing on me and I couldn’t have a time to get information, let alone control you. By injecting blood into your body, I can get free access because those with my blood I can control.” Athena Explained. Though she could have just injured me to transfer blood, Nyx and I would probably have reacted. So the best way without doing any harm to me was through a kiss.

“It’s okay, the most important thing did you get the information?” I asked. Though it was embarrassing but if we have to do it again, then that would beat the entire purpose of doing it in the first place.

“Yes don’t worry I managed to get everything about it as that was the only thing I could get. If you didn’t think about it, retrieving the information would be really hard,” Athena said.

“Ok then we will leave you alone to make sure you do everything properly. If you are confused about any part of it feel free to ask me,” I said as we walked away. Nyx waved as we both decided to go to the patio to relax.

Athena was still in her corner, hiding from her embarrassment. She couldn’t believe what she had done. The reason why she was taking an hour to do it was that she was trying to mentally prepare for this. Through her ability she is able to control her mind really well, but because she herself is not willing to do it. No matter what her ability is, if she doesn’t concentrate, her powers won’t work if she is not committed.

“I can’t think about it right now, the most important thing now is to learn the technique that Cronus showed,” Athena said as she clapped herself back to normal. She then calmly sat down and crossed her legs on the ground like how he taught it. Though it might sound like it’s very complicated but it was actually simple. The most important thing is to feel the channels of her body. He explained how most gods naturally control divine energy like breathing. So most of them naturally won’t ever feel the flow of energy as it just naturally happens when it comes out of them. But what about when you feel it within your body rather than when it comes out of the body? Athena then looks at the flow of energy. Rather than bring out the energy and release it, try to release it right back inside the body. Circulate it everywhere around the body little by little. Make the energy flow around the body a few times. After you do it, circulate again, but this time with more power. At first, it might feel pain as your body never felt having released energy back into your body. As you repeat doing it for a while eventually you will circulate more and more energy around your body. Do this until you feel like your body is being exhausted or being pushed too far. Don’t force your body to do more than it can as overexerting the flow of energy will cause more harm than good. Develop slowly and you will get stronger, do it fast and you will pay the price. Athena was repeating this cycle days upon days without even realizing it. She followed everything to the teeth and without noticing the time.

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