Titan: My Return to Earth

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After an hour has passed, I notice us slowing down. By the sound of things, it looked as though we had arrived at our destination. The two soldiers opened the door, who had the same uniform just like the four that captured me. They grabbed me out of the car and dragged me away. By the way, when I mean dragged, they dragged me through my legs. ” Uhm can I get up first….” I asked. It was through deaf ears as they continue to treat me like baggage.

Fortunately, I was able to see what was around. It was a small base with many of the devices like the others were driving. Some were bigger though, and sturdier. Then there were many metal structures that had doors on them. Then the entire area was surrounded by some metal wires that are connected to metal bars. Are these to be used as defensive, I mean what is it going to do? That thing will stop weak animals but anything bigger will treat it like a toy. So this is what humans do, very interesting. I even saw some human exercise and shooting those weapons that the guy with the scar was pointing at me with earlier. But I was wondering why they would make camp where there is a lot of forests. I mean yes this place has a good amount of empty space but there are mountains over there. Someone can see this place easily. A terrible place for hiding. Are they not afraid of being attacked?

“Take him to the interrogation room. We will get the commander to get him over there soon.” The guy with the scar said. I was then dragged into a metal building that looked much stronger than the moving machine. They also happen to use divine energy to open the doors every time. They then dragged me into this room and they let go after we went in. They shut the door after making sure I wouldn’t leave. The entire room was coated with divine energy to make sure I didn’t escape. Though the energy was weak making it so I can escape anytime I want. But that would cause some trouble that I’m not looking forward to. Sitting down I realize that humans these days are weird. I mean when did they have divine energy or how to even use it. They weren’t meant to be born with them. Leaving that in the back in my head, I drop the subject.

I then waited and thought about what to say. What is the best way to talk to someone and convince them to let me go? I never really done such a thing before, so this is a struggle. Times like these I wish I would take lessons from Metis or had the book to read. Sadly, neither are the options right now. This made me have to wait awhile until someone arrived. For me waiting a few hours wasn’t bad I mean it like a few seconds went by at this point. But still so much for my adventure. It hasn’t even been a day and yet I was captured. I get the feeling that this was supposed to happen. Then again, knowing Metis it was entirely possible that she made is so. Haaa...I really need a vacation.

After an hour or so, I noticed that something was off as the noise outside was getting louder and louder. Then it came to the point I was sensing a lot of divine energy was being released everywhere. What was going on I wonder? Though with the presence of a lot of death energy everywhere I could guess what is really going on. Debating what to do though. Should I go out and see what’s going on or should I stay and wait for someone to come? I thought that unless something stupid happens, that would convince me to say otherwise. Putting myself in trouble is the worst thing I could do. Then I heard an explosion from somewhere outside. Hmm, it must be some form of sparing or drill that is going on, I should let it slide. This is still not enough for me to check it out. As time went by there were more banging sounds, explosions, and shouting that went on. Even after all of that, there was no way I was moving. Must have perseverance as that is what it takes to live on earth.

After a while, I noticed that a few of the soldiers ran inside the building panicking. Though there was a window, it was pitch black so I couldn’t see through it. Weird windows, but I can sense their presence. But they were going to a certain room, grabbing certain things and leaving immediately. Completely ignoring me as they never bothered to tell me what’s going on. Obviously, this is still not a reason as to why I should leave. They probably forgot something and need it for what they are practicing or maybe training for. Sitting in the chair, I decided to have fun with it by balancing it on one leg. It didn’t take too much time though as I got it down after one try. The noise kept ongoing as it kept getting louder in every direction. It was annoying because I want to know what’s going on. What in the world could they be doing that causes so much commotion and not have anyone tell me. The so-called commander hasn’t even shown up either. In times like these, there’s a saying back in the day with humans. How did it go? Something along the lines of “God please give me a sign”. As I said that, a door was burst up. Oh so that does happen if you say it. Guess that is a sign that something is going to happen.

A bunch of people was running inside my room while fighting back against…..Undead? It did make sense with all the negative energy going around that they were undead. But what’s a few thousand undead to guys with divine energy right. They should be able to handle it. That is what I thought but they seem to be nervous as they are trying to find a place to hide. Which just happen to be my room…..

“This should hold them for awhile, but we have to use the teleportation right now.” One of the soldiers said. She was very weak as she looked like she was already depleted of energy.

“But we can’t just leave our commander here, we have to fight!” One other soldier said. He had a sword with him but he looked ragged as he was in a desperate fight.

“We are already using up our energy and we are out of ammo. What is important now is that we go back and report this back to HQ!!” The older I mean young lady said. She was holding something that had some stored energy in it. I was wondering what it was and was going to ask but they were not paying attention to me.

“Agreed, we are useless now. We should rearm and come back. Besides, Athena should already know by now. She will eventually send help one way or another.” The man said.

“Ummmm” I said. Unfortunately, someone else but in.

“But... We can’t just leave.” The guy said who was worried.

“Can...I..” I tried to say.

“If we are in desperate trouble we are to use it. They always preach that our lives are the most important thing. And besides that, she also has a teleportation device. She will have to use it eventually.” The lady said.

“Can you guys please let me talk!” I finally screamed. Waiting is one thing but having to be ignored is another. They finally noticed me and were trying to threaten me. Please you guys just talk about how desperate you guys are. Now, after hearing all that, do you expect me to be scared of you guys?

“What do you want?!” The lady said. The others weren’t as nervous, but with the things going out there they felt like a need to rush things.

“Can I please leave? I mean based on your situation, I don’t have to be your prisoner anymore right?” I asked. I couldn’t care less if they ran away but If they let me go, I’m literally scott free and I would not have to worry about being in trouble with the humans.

“We aren’t taking you with us. There is only one for each of us, we can’t take you with us.” The guy with the sword said. I don’t think he understands what I’m getting at.

“No you guys can leave me here, but can you guys let me out of this room…?” I asked. This confused them as they were more confused.

“So you want to go out there…... full of undeads?” The slightly older lady said.

“Yes as long as you properly let me go. I’m okay with whatever happens out there. Just as long as you let me go.” I asked. I’m trying to get out with their permission. Once I get their permission that means they can’t arrest me again right…?.

" But you might die…” The worried guy said.

“I’ll be fine but you guys letting me go is more important than that,” I said

“Are you for real?” The guy with the sword said. As they all look together in puzzlement as to decide on what to do.

" I guess we just let him go either way he’s going to die..” The younger lady said.

“Yeah agreed it’s not like we can help him anyway.” The worried kid said. But then they heard some noises outside as though something was trying to break the door.

“Okay deal!!” The guy with the sword said as he quickly got rid of my restraints. Though I would have easily gotten rid of them earlier. But having them get rid of it makes me less guilty of it.

“Come on, let’s get going!!” The lady said as they quickly got their teleportation device. ” Good luck, I guess.” Was the last thing she said before they all teleported away. Just as they teleported away, the door that was shut, instantly fell with the rampage of undead breaking through. Trying to keep this in a low profile, I tried to use the smallest amount of energy possible. I created a small divine energy ball the size of a pebble and shot it out. Boom it blew everything in front of me without destroying the structure. Though there was so much undead, they are relatively weak by nature. The numbers are the reason why they are hard to deal with. It’s rare that a certain undead would be able to fight a person one on one. That’s really unless the undead were from a strong vessel. Besides that... something like this is truly a breeze.

More undead were coming, but I kept shooting tiny divine energy as they kept coming. The only problem was that walking through them was a tough one. They spewing rotten flesh. Fortunately after a certain amount of undead came there was no more. What made it fortunate as I was able to walk by without any resistance. Then I noticed that next to the door was my bag that they took away with me earlier. To tell the truth, I actually forgot about the bag. Thankfully, it was there so that I can grab it on the go. Oh and there is a sword as well I could use this to act more human. I think humans wear swords these days. Guess now that I got all the possessions I need, I can to get out of here.

When I walked out, everything was totally destroyed. There was fire everywhere with undead and some human bodies. It looked like there were a few of the soldiers that actually died. The majority of them were undead which showed that these soldiers are very capable. Still ashamed, what were these walls. They were so useless as they didn’t really stop much at all. There were also a few moving things but it seemed like only one was available.

“Oh there they are,” I said as I noticed that the one car that was intact was defended by the four that captured me. There was also one other person with them as well. All of the undead were attacking them. Let’s go see what they are up to I thought as I ran to them as humanly as possible while also slashing a few undead as humanly as possible. Hopefully they don’t attack me which is a worry though. When they saw me though they were more stunned then threatened.

“How did you get out, more importantly, how are you alive with all this many undead?” The guy with the red hair said. But since he saw me attack the undead he knew that I wasn’t on their side. For now at least… He just continued to shoot the undead that was coming at him.

“Your comrades help me escape it all before they left,” I said, They then understood and didn’t mind that I stayed next to them. Though they never let me be behind them for a chance of me trying to kill them though. I didn’t know what to do as I didn’t want to get in trouble again.

“Um are they supposed to be here?” I asked them. They were giving me a face, thinking what the heck are you saying.

“Do you think we would be in this mess if we expected them to be here?” The guy with the scar on his face said.

“Can we talk later there is still more coming.” The girl with the blonde hair said as she kept on firing. But with just 6 of us there was no way for them to overcome this as the rate. The amount that is attacking us is just increasing as another herd of them were now coming to the base. This was going to be rough on my help.

“.... It can’t be what’s an army of undead doing here and this many…?” Alexis said. Though she was helping everyone fight, there was still a lot of shaking in her body. Everyone knows that she was every bit afraid of what is going on. Though she had the same stuff, everyone else had to escape, it still doesn’t put her at ease. A bunch of undeads were running fast at us to the point that if we don’t get rid of them. We will soon be consumed till we are buried by the undeads. Well they are. I just blow them away.

“Commander we should leave before we lose the chance or else we might really die here. Athena should already know by now what is going on. We should come back later and discover what is going on here.” The big built guy said.

“No the fact that the undead are coming at us this relentlessly means that they are trying to get rid of us as soon as possible. We have to find out why.” The commander said. I notice her uniform was different than the rest as she had leather armor on her arm and chest. And she had a nice long sleeve under her armor. Very stylish as the armor was not too big and was perfect on her so that it wouldn’t constrain her movements. Though she still has those baggy pants that the others have, but her outfit was all black to give it some appeal. Judging by her divine energy level she must be stronger. That explains why she got that armor.

“But there is no way to get past all of them without expending all of our energy?” the well-built man said.

“.....Don’t worry I will be able to get you guys out of here.” The commander said.

“What are you saying..?” The built guy said. This actually got all of us listening to her, as it wasn’t a good time to look at her with enemies all around.

“I will use my strongest attack to give you a path that leads you further to the mountains. This will give you time to escape and find out what’s going on here. We need more information.” The commander said.

“No ma’am how about I do it you should be more qualified to lead this expedition.” He said,

“You don’t have the power to wipe them out. So let me and stop talking.” The commander wasn’t taking no for an answer. This made the well-built man hesitant but sigh as he knew that he couldn’t say no.

“Yes ma’am we will complete our orders,” he said. The others nodded to confirm they have received the order. For me, however, I don’t know what to do as they never mention me at all. Either way I can escape. The undead got even closer but the weapons they were using were quite useful. As I see the undead getting mowed down handedly. I see that these things shoot projectiles that are fast and deadly. It’s like a bow and arrow but faster and deadlier. As I noticed for a while, they started changing the box that was connected to the shooting. This must be what allows them to shoot, I see.

I then noticed that Alexis was not even shooting at all and was in a daze for some reason. ” You ok?” I asked, but she didn’t seem to pay attention at all. And noticing the situation, with the skeletons coming closer. I decided I might as well help them out. I grabbed her weapon from her and I followed the movements that they did and without hesitation BANG I shot. Compared to using a bow using this was a lot easier. I shot once, and I hit the head of several heads of undead at once. I kept using one shot instead of everyone who shot so much at one time’ cause it’s more efficient that way. And although every one of them was surprised at what I was doing, they then focused on the undeads. The redhead soon discarded his weapon and charged at the skeletons unarmed and I was wondering if he was being suicidal. Then I soon realized that the divine energy was pouring through his hands and shaped into a sword and axe. It was surprising, as this was the first time that I saw a human use divine energy. He soon jumped real high and landed in the middle full of the undead swiftly cutting many within seconds of landing with ease. He then kept slashing and creating havoc with the army in order to distract them. I was surprised since he was quick and his skills are very impressive to the point of him not even sweating after cutting tens of zombies. However, despite his efforts, the army was too big for all of us to stop with what we had. And although I would like to use my powers, it would be better to use it when I’m sure it’s needed. Also, I got a feeling that I won’t be needed to escape right now.

The commander then got on top of the car and channeled her energy. She was gathering a lot. This made her vulnerable to attacks. Many of the undead didn’t have brains for the life of them. But they all felt the same thing as they know if they don’t stop her….. many will die. They immediately came twice as fast. This made things more complicated as this weapon had no way of stopping them in time before she could use her attack. I might add that she is so slow. In a battle between gods she would be dead by now. Soon the lady with blonde hair, Alexis and the scarred guy channeled their energy together to create a shield around them. Yet before the shield was fully erect the lady with blonde hair kicked me out of the shield. Rude but thankfully I had Alexis’s weapon and a few more boxes with me.

A large flood of undead came rushing at me. However, they clearly underestimated me. I threw all the boxes in the air but each at different heights. This is where I tried doing something epic, I just thought in my head. Shooting much faster than before I made sure every shot would hit multiple undead. And I continued to move as I shot in every direction. After running out, I got rid of the box and turned my gun so that one of the boxes that was in the air landed where it was supposed to be in the gun. It all happened in a second and I continued to shoot again after reloading. Some of the undead try to jump on me but I whack one of them with one other end of my gun. Twirling around I shot my gun in every direction. Then letting the box go again, the next box arrived just in time. I didn’t shoot as I jumped on several undead and ran to the guy with red hair while shooting everyone that was in his blind spot. This did however leave me with one box left as I grabbed when it arrived in the air.

“I didn’t ask for your help at all.” The red hair said as he destroyed the undead coming at me.

“Well I just assume you were the safest person right now as your friends left me for dead.” I said,

“You deserve it as you are too suspicious, not to mention aren’t you afraid that I won’t kill you here today.” He said as he wielded his divine energy weapons.

“Well I would but you seem to have other priorities Am I Right?” I said as I fired my gun at the undead. He then didn’t ask any more as we both went opposite directions. I shot everyone in front of me before I looked back and shot everyone that was trying to swarm the guy with red hair. Then he used his weapons to create a whirlwind, killing everyone who came close to him. He then grabbed the sword on his waist then led him to throw the sword at me. Throwing my weapon at the undead as it was useless now I then sidestep. Without dodging the undead attacking me the sword that the red hair threw hit the undead in front of me. I then with a reverse grip grab the sword and spun around too as I cut the heads of all that was around me. Though this was quite a boring fight, I was at least excited to fight on earth for the first time in awhile.

“Leon who is that man over there.” The commander asked.

“He was the one that we captured during our recent scouting.” The scarred guy who was named Leon said.

“That man is suspicious but bears no ill will I believe, you can bring him on this mission.” She continued.

“.... as you command” Leon said in surprise. Though he had no time to talk to her as she was finally ready to unleash her strongest attack.

The red-haired seemed to have something strap on to him as he looked like he heard something.

“We need to fall back,” He said as he leads the way back to the vehicle. I followed close behind as this was made sure that I didn’t have to do too much work. And it was already dirty, just cutting them up close. The blood on them really does make my clothes smell real bad. The red-haired then grabbed four round objects looking things on the side as he pulls these things off of them. He then threw them at the car. I didn’t know what they were but a few seconds….Booom there was an explosion that destroyed everyone that was surrounded and enveloped the rest of the guys inside the divine barrier. The undead was relentless as they literally were trying to bury the guys in the divine barrier. Thankfully the explosion was able to get rid of most of them while also allowing us to see them. One of them also lowered one part of the barrier for us which let us get in.

“Sorry about before but I couldn’t put our commander in danger.” The blonde girl said. For me, I was hurt that she would think of me as such a dangerous person. Well, I let it slide as I was never in any real danger.

“All is forgiven so let bygones be bygones.” I said, Though the talk was cut quite short as the commander was ready. The top of the barrier was open as she jumped out of it. She had a ball of concentrated divine energy and placed it in both of her hands. Once she got out of the barrier, the barrier closed, which allowed her to stand on top of the barrier. Pointing her hands in the opposite direction, she then unleashes her strongest attack. She created two blasts of energy both sides full of undead that was coming at her with ease. It not only blasted the undeads but many of what was left of the base. The undead knowing how powerful it was came running at her in the direction she wasn’t attacking. They thought she could only attack in two directions, but they were wrong as she was able to move her body and change the direction of her attack. This made sure that the entire area within seconds of being surrounded with undead were wiped out. After that, we lowered the barrier as there was no need for it. The entire base that was originally there soon became a wasteland as there was not a single speck of life left. Though unfortunately she didn’t destroy everything as after the attack there were still many undead coming. Then we heard a thud. The commander was gasping for breath as she looked completely worn out.

“Are you alright, ma’am?” Alexis said as she was getting close to her to help her. But the commander put her hand in front of her to stop her.

“Get out….. now... before more arrive or….. you guys won’t be able to escape. I’m ...going back now.” She then looked at Alexis with a serious look. ” Milady, I leave everything to you now.” She then grabbed the device and teleported away.

I was confused as I looked at Alexis thinking if she is the real commander. Then Alexis who was in a daze soon came back and had a different air about her. But during that time I noticed but her eye for some reason turned golden. But the moment that happened she started to take command.

“There are still some enemies left. Leon uses your abilities to clear a path ahead of us towards the mountain. Make sure you don’t overexert yourself. We still need you to lead afterward. Everyone else gets in the car. Lena take the wheels.” We followed what she said to the teeth. Leon, who happens to be the blonde buff guy got in front of the road and stood right in front of the undead that was blocking our path. They were a significant distance away though. What was he going to used to destroy them, I wonder. Then suddenly a large amount of lighting was coming out of his body like it was natural. Lighting soon came out as more and more of it expanded the point it was causing a lot of damage to the surroundings. Then he opened his hand as all the lighting concentrated in his hand to create a spear. The spear was shaking and created a large thunderous cry. He then grabs it and throws it at the undead. Though it looked small in power it carried its weight. When it went towards them no matter if it touched directly or not all who were close to it started disappearing in the blink of an eye. Then when it finally hit the ground….. BOOOOOOOOM the spear caused a massive explosion that destroyed everything in the spear’s path. The area that was once flooded with undead was erased like magic. Though in front of the road there was a big hole unfortunately yet it was better than having undead so it was a good trade off. I was amazed but then I saw Leon completely exhausted as he slowly tried to get back to the car as fast as he could. At that moment before I got in the so called car, I went towards Leon along Alexis as we grabbed him to get inside the car. But as we left I saw someone very far away watching us from above, I looked back at that person before I looked away getting inside the car.

“Get us out of this area now, we will find a place to stop as we need to go by foot and give time for Leon to recover. He didn’t seem to listen and overexerted himself ,” Alexis said as the car went full speed towards the mountain.

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