Titan: My Return to Earth

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Now you know

Halfway into the mountains, we had to abandon the now I learned thing called a car. It was disappointing as I was enjoying the ride. We soon found a place that was in the middle of a forest that was a good place to hide and we put Leon against a tree where he could rest. I was curious as to what was going on because I have been gone for a long time. Really, I still don’t know what year it was. And when did humans start having to fight with.... Undeads. Do they like these sorts of things?

“So I’m guessing you guys have some people that really don’t like you?” Alexis then looks at me curiously.

“Do you really know nothing as to what’s going on?” She couldn’t believe there was such a person who does not know about anything in the world. “Were you living under a rock?”

“Well, to be honest, I have been away for a while and had no contact with anything or anyone here.” I can’t tell them I was in Tartarus people won’t believe me. And though Metis has explained to me about the current situation, it was not about the development of the human world. It had more to do with what has happened in heaven. The wars that went on in heaven. But to be honest it was so long that I zone out. Listening for a month straight is rough. But good news.....gives me a reason to talk to humans!! Which happens to be Alexis.

" I see….. well, let me explain, we are the GPF Gods Prevention Force. We are tasked with fighting anything that goes against the Gods. We came here due to reports of suspicious activity that has been going on here. Looking at it now, it seems like the reports are true.” Alexis explained. She then continued on how the Gods a few thousand years ago decided that they won’t directly interfere with the world. But to prevent any more disasters that the gods would have to face, they give the humans their blood so that certain humans could fight them. However, only a few were able to get the abilities from the gods. And each human will be given powers based on the God they are compatible with. The humans are then called Blessed humans. Those that had the powers then got together and formed what is now called GPF. Though they aren’t powerful as compared to Gods. It’s still doable. Oh, I forgot to mention we are in the year 2025 AC I think. What ever they say even though the world has been going on for billions of years. But I guess that isn’t really important at all.

“Hmm I get the gist of who you guys are and explain why the guy over there was using that lighting,” I stated “But what about those undead, what are they, and how did they appear?

“...We don’t know but for some reason, a group called The Enlightens appeared a few years ago and somehow could create and control the undead.” Alexis continued. “We have tried to destroy them, but with the numbers, they made it impossible for us to completely wipe them out. We thought we had gotten most of them but to think they would appear here...

“I see...” I was thinking for a while since the only way for undeads to be possible is for those that died to not be able to pass on. So that means there is someone who is able to control the souls. Very impressive since most if not all souls all wish to seek a place to slumber. They must have found a way to trick the souls into believing that going back to the original body as its resting place. And since it believes the body is the resting place, the soul is able to freely be manipulated since their wish has been fulfilled. Well, it seems like this will be interesting to see.

As I was in deep thought, I noticed the weapon that I was still holding. ” oh sorry I forgot to return your weapon”. I said to the red-haired guy. When I returned the weapon to him he simply just nodded and sheathe his sword. “Thank you for the explanation as I got the gist of what happened.”

“No worries and thank you for helping us, you can call me Alexis.” she said. But I already knew the name already. But it is nice that she said it. It does feel rather good when people are polite.

“Don’t mention it as you know I don’t have a name so you call me….ummm …..Neo” I said in the spur of the moment. I wonder how I came with that name but I guess that will do.

“Ok we will call you Neo for now,” Alexis said. “Let me introduce you to our team” she started to direct me to everyone with the first being Leon. “This is Leon, he is the team leader. As he nods to me while still resting up. He was the big muscle guy. He must have really overexerted himself when using that ability. “Next is the lady over here. Her name is Lena and the scout for the team.”

“Thank you for helping,” Lena said as she bowed towards me. She seems to be a very polite person compared to before. Guess that happens when she has a different view of others. “Finally the last member of our team is Troy and he’s our combat specialist.” Troy was the red-haired. I could tell that he was an expert with the weapon, though he still needs work since his speed is too slow. For the undead it was fast, but to us gods, he was going slow.

“Tch whatever, I still don’t trust him.” Troy said. Guess he still the guy who takes more precaution than most.

“Hope we get along. Anyways what is our next step now?” as I looked towards Alexis.

“Well, first we want Leon to rest until he recovers so that we can investigate more of this area efficiently. We need to know more about what’s going on in order to prepare the right countermeasures. Though they know what’s going on, an army of undead won’t require too much from the organization to handle. Besides, from what is being told to me, there is more than meets the eye.” She explained.

“Told, who told you?” I explained.

“Ah well the God who blessed me sees what I see and will inform me through this connection and help me make decisions for me.” She said,

“Ah I see that explains the change of eyes you displayed earlier, so she was contacting you”

“Precisely that is why I was able to react the way I did with confidence”. Well, that doesn’t explain why she was dazed before that, but I will let it slide for now since based on my experience looking at how that fight earlier happened she is the most inexperienced of the group.

“Make sense but question? we are just waiting for Leon to recover his energy, right?” I questioned.

“That’s correct and the power he used was blessed by Zeus.” Lena explained. Compared to Gods who have immense amounts of divine energy, humans can’t contain that much of it. For Zeus, using that much energy is so insignificant. It’s like grabbing a cup of water from the ocean. It doesn’t really make a difference. But for them it’s huge. And since Gods are basically entirely divine energy, getting them back is quick unless Gods overexert themselves. Humans and Gods are pretty much the same when it comes to using energy.

“So if Leon is fully recovered we can go right?” I suggested. Right now it’s a waste of time just to wait. Not to mention if we stay here for too long we will eventually get spotted by the enemy. Though the undead have weak senses the sheer number of them will eventually detect us.

“What are you trying to say?” Alexis asked as she was wondering what I was saying like everyone else. I then went towards and I grabbed the bottle of nectar from my bag and handed it to him

“What is it?” Leon grabbed it.

“Drink and find out,” I said. “Don’t worry it won’t kill you” I reassured sarcastically. Everyone was getting curious, but Leon drank it. The moment he drank it his body was glowing gold and suddenly the exhausted Leon looked as though nothing has happen.

” Your energy level is back to normal but how?” Alexis stated.

“What is it that you handed him?” Troy questioned as he got suspicious. But I was surprised for them to be in contact with gods, yet they should have known that nectar is a drink that gods have since it is delicious. But I guess that’s a God’s thing. And really for us, higher beings nectar doesn’t replenish that much of our energy, but for humans, it should be enough. There are others that can recover divine energy, but those are for emergencies as the fruits of heaven take quite a while for it to grow. So when the fruits are ripe, they are usually stored away and monitored by gods that specialize in the harvest.

“Nectar,” I said “helps with replenishing energy.” This should help us move faster since it would be bad if they find us and we are one man down. Besides if we don’t move fast we might get found out by them.” However they seem to get the wrong opinion as they immediately got suspicious and pointed their weapons at me.

" How did you get it, only gods are allowed to give them.” Lena stated. They got serious. Ah well this sucks, I was supposed to hide my identity till I met Metis daughter. Well, what to do. And just when I was thinking another familiar voice had said something.

“Who are you?” What the heck it hasn’t been a day am I already being questioned. Either I’m very bad or they are very smart?

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