Titan: My Return to Earth

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Alexis was looking at me seriously but in contrast to before when she talked to me her expression was different. It had a feeling of a person full of wisdom and intelligence. The release of energy made me realize that who was talking to me was a god. Although not as strong as Zeus and the others, but still strong. She was giving an intimidating look as though she was ready to kill me if I said anything wrong.

“Answer my question, who are you really and why do you have that in your possession?” she said. The others were holding their weapons, ready to pull the trigger. The situation was getting intense. I really messed up this time. It hasn’t even been a single measly day and I already expose myself. What do I do, I haven’t even gotten help from Metis’s daughter. What should I do... Wait a minute..

“I was given it by someone,” I said.

“From whom did you get it?” as she got curious who could give me nectar. It’s not that it’s uncommon to receive them, I mean all gods get to enjoy them. It must be because the fact that only gods probably can get them was the reason why I’m in trouble. Which makes them conclude that either one I was given it by a god or someone from the upper echelons, and the second I stole I mean took it from them. The latter more likely because of me being a total outsider. However, I wasn’t aware which is now causing me a lot of problems. Fortunately what I did next made all my problems disappear. I grabbed the bracelet Metis gave me and showed it to her.

“...tha..where did you get this from?!!” Alexis said. She sounded like she knew what it was since she was surprised. She even lost her composure that confused everyone.

“I got it from a relative of mine who gives me this,” I said. Metis said that she was closer and she naturally saw everything. The fact that she hasn’t seen or met me yet was weird. Then I realize now what she meant by she sees everything. She can connect to certain people and see what they see. Meaning this must be Metis’s daughter.

“Don’t lie!!!! How did you get it?!! there is no way anyone can steal it from her!!!!” She was getting angrier by the second. Everyone was confused, because no one knew what the significance of the item was. Meaning only a few got to see this bracelet. Looks like Metis really did a splendid job and made sure everything was planned from the very beginning. And now that I met her daughter, things can go more smoothly. Maybe….I think Metis wanted me to meet her for a different. I’m starting to feel my adventure isn’t going to happen. Nor my vacation.

“Didn’t your mother tell you who she gave it to?” I said, “Knowing her she might have told you a couple of hundred years ago saying that your family member might visit you.”

She was confused. And was thinking so hard but then she realized something after awhile and then suddenly everyone fainted except for me and Alexis. She then kneeled all of a sudden.

“Cronus I sorry I didn’t recognize you, I was busy and wasn’t aware of your arrival.” She was angry at first but suddenly became scared. Guessing, she thinks I’m a cruel person. What have my kids been telling them, ok maybe the things that they have suffered wasn’t kinda far fetch and unwarranted? But there was a meaning behind it. Though I didn’t say anything which furthers how bad, they view me as. I grabbed her shoulder which startled her.

“Sorry about that but as you know my identity is a secret. I’m actually sad since I would prefer that I talk to you in person. Your body is not here. Such a shame.” I said,

“I....I..I...I don’t deserve such words, also I have planned your arrival, but I wasn’t expecting this situation. Plus with you being here in a situation like this, if I were to help you right now it would cause some suspicion.” She responded quickly as she didn’t know what to do. I didn’t mind though. Thinking that it was odd that she didn’t send me here directly meant that Metis knew something that was happening and wanted me here for a reason. As always, she never seems to follow what I want to the teeth and has ulterior motives. Knowing her daughter, she knows all too well. Now thinking about it though, her daughter is actually the opposite of her who is more honest and straightforward. For my preference, Metis is the one I prefer to never have to deal with. Unfortunately, such blessings are not given. Yet we are very close siblings. Strange isn’t it. The one you hate, you like to spend time with them.

“Haha knowing your mother, she loves to bring more trouble to others. Guessing, you are no exception.” trying to cheer up the mood. Athena also seemed to relax and smile a bit.

“Hehe So you are saying even the great Cronus can’t deal with mother.” As she said with a little giggle. “To think that maybe I thought you were the villain, turns out she was the true villain.

“So for so many years you think I was the devious one. Guess you haven’t seen the rest of your grandparents yet.” We kept talking for a while as we soon realized we hit it off pretty well. But we knew that although we can talk more, there was a more pressing matter at hand and we could talk more after. “So why are you sending your people here?” I asked.

" We had a report that there were monsters in the mountains and required that we send a unit to investigate.” Athena got more serious and was explaining the situation. “Originally, this unit was to investigate and exterminate any insignificant amounts of monsters present. However, to think that when they got there a sizeable force was present. At this moment, we have already dispatched a large force to come here. However, it will take some time as we weren’t expecting anything to happen here. It might take about a few hours to fully mobilize our forces. But with a force this large I expect that they are up to something and it’s better that we send this squad to investigate more. The commander of the unit is back in base and can only give that much information to me”

“I see but wouldn’t this be dangerous for them? I mean from what I saw they don’t have the manpower or ability to fight against them if they get found out,” I said thinking.

“Unfortunately we need to find out what’s going on and with an army of this size they are planning something big and it’s better to find out the situation even if it risks their lives,” she said sadly. ” As long as Alexis sees something I will know about it.” So therefore Alexis is here, despite the fact that she had little to no experience in fighting. Since she is connected by her no matter the lack of experience, Athena can assist or take possession if need be. She has a unique ability that is different than the rest of us. Though that reduces some of her combat potentials, she can use that to her advantage if she is strong enough. But even with her assistance, this team is doomed to die. However….

“How about I join along?” I said This surprised her very much.

“Are you planning to tag along with the humans.” She was confused.

“Why not I have been with them for a while now, might as well continue” I responded.

“B...but you shouldn’t deal with our problem, we could deal with it ourselves. We can’t just have you deal with something so trivial.” Athena said nervously.

“True but the quicker we finish this business the quicker I can leave.” I shrugged. “Plus with me being here, I believe we can find out what’s going on.”

“True but didn’t you want to go on vacation, the moment you do this, the possibility of you getting exposed will increase. You might not go back.” She said sadly. It was true the moment I helped them there is a chance I can’t have the peaceful life I wanted. But then again, I feel like even if I didn’t do anything I would still be involved. And really if I wanted to have a peaceful life, I could’ve left this world altogether. But wanting to see how the world has changed, it’s better to see it up close.

“If that was to happen then let it happen, besides….” I said with a pause. Which puzzled Athena.

Metis figured this would happen.” with irritation. She is cunning as ever to manipulate me and her. But I will play along with her. Athena knew instantly as well when I said that.

“Haha, I guess she is someone we both can’t handle” Athena giggled. “Alright, I let you go with them, and don’t worry, I’ll make them forget about the bracelet and make sure you can follow them. And if you need anything, you know how to contact me.” She says with a wink.

“Alright thank you, I’ll be sure to know that.″ And with that, I was back out of retirement.

Afterward, Athena got everyone their consciousness back. They soon woke up and were dizzy as though they had their life sucked out.

“Ah what happened,” Leon said out of confusion. Trying to find balance, he was looking around, trying to see where he was. Lena and Troy couldn’t handle it and fell on the floor, trying to get their body back to normal. We waited for a minute, but knowing how time is of the essence, Athena spoke.

" Attention!!” she said. They immediately stood still and were waiting for orders.

“Right now, your objectives are to go deeper into the mountains and find out why the undead are here.” the guys then saluted as to confirm the order.

“However what should we do about him,” Troy said as he soon realized that I was still there. The others were looking for an answer as well since they don’t know why he was still fine and most of all. “Why is he next to Athena like it’s a natural thing?” They were thinking.

“Don’t worry about him for now, I have deemed him to be a trustworthy person and isn’t a threat to us.” After saying that the group calmed down a little, except for Troy of course. Troy was about to say something, but Athena continued. “He is going to support you guys in the mission as you have seen he is capable of helping you guys out.” This surprised them as they were wondering why a suspicious person would join them on a mission with nobody having any knowledge of this person. For any group trust is important, although you have seen him in action, to trust their backs to him, is still a concern. “If you are worried about him betraying you guys along the way, then you are free to kill him.” I then look at Athena like, really. You tell them to kill me. But Athena, lookes at me like you are a God.

“Fine but I’m still worried that he will attack us at our weakest moment.”

“If that was the case why did he not attack you when the undead army was coming or when you guys were fighting he would have shot you if he wanted.”

“Its because the timing wasn’t right and he wants to lure us somewhere”

“Then why did he help Leon, if he was still weak the odds of killing all of you would have been higher not to mention he gave him nectar willing without realizing the consequence. A spy wouldn’t be willing to expose himself that easily. In normal circumstances, he would have been interrogated for having them. So do you honestly believe he would do something like that”

“It’s… because he’s planning infiltration or… something” Troy fidgeted said.

“Troy it is good that you are suspicious and believing so, but remember that not all people are bad. There are some that are good and you have to be open to it.”


“Enough we don’t have much time to waste right now. Complete the mission with him and when this is over we will do a full investigation on him. And if you feel like he will betray you during this mission, I will allow you guys to kill him is that fair.”

“Yes ma’am!!”

“Good then everyone moves out, I will come to assist when necessary” That was the last thing she said before she left Alexis’s body. Alexis woke up and seemed to feel dizzy. I went up to make sure she didn’t fall.

“Are you ok?”

“Um I’m fine, it’s just that the longer she is in my body the more strain it is on me. But don’t worry, I’ll be fine. The most important thing is that we move now.” We then gathered our stuff and were waiting for Leon to direct us on what to do.

“We will walk on foot. Carry what you need as we need to be mobile as possible” We then nodded and grabbed what we could. I didn’t have a weapon, so I just grabbed supplies they might need like ammo and food. While I was gathering stuff, Leon handed me a gun. It was smaller and required one hand and the ammo was smaller than what they were using, but it was nice for him to hand it to me.

“You will need this and thank you for helping us,” he said. Guess he can trust me to some degree, which was nice to see. He taught me how to use and reload it when everyone was packing up. After a few more minutes, we all gathered around. Leon then looked around for confirmation and then proceeded to order us around. “Lena you take point, Troy you take the rear and you two will be behind me. Avoid any form of confrontation and we will only attack unless necessary.” we all nodded and headed out.

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