Titan: My Return to Earth

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The lurking dangers

Traveling across the vast forest and mountains there was a thrill to it. There was a sense of adventure I haven’t enjoyed in a while. Also with the fact we were being sneaky was cool. I wonder if humans do this because it feels so cool. Rather than having to continuously engage with the undead army and get tired, we just moved to areas they weren’t. With Lena’s help, it was entirely possible. She seems very adept at moving stealthily and could sense people from a very far distance. Though not as good as me. But let’s compliment her at least. Compared to the rest, Lena was the one who was more adaptable to going through the forest. The others were already close to panting and seemed to slow down Lena. It’s probably because of the blessing she received from one of the gods. But then again, why was she not able to sense the army when they came earlier that time? Thinking in mind I asked Alexis.

“How is Lena able to be this good during this terrain, is it her skill?”

“Yes it is, she was blessed by Artemis, Goddess of hunting and wilderness. This allows her the ability to move any terrain with ease and be able to sense things more than the rest of us.”

“Oh that makes sense, I was wondering why Lena was in front. Excellent decisions indeed.” I said in praise, it made Leon embarrassed a little as he turned red.

“No need for praise, it’s my job to lead and make decisions that are best for the team,” Leon said.

“Haha no no I only state the things that’s true since not all leaders can make such decisions….” before I could complete my sentences I sensed something and would say something but it was quite far from here so I didn’t know rather to say it or not.

“What’s the matter Neo, you ok?” Alexis said. Everyone stopped as they were curious about what I was doing.

“I’m getting a strange feeling that just now we are being watched by someone”

“What makes you say that, I haven’t sensed everything” Lena retorted.

“If you are afraid, then you can leave, but don’t hold us back if you feel scared.”

“Enough!! He’s only looking at the wellbeing of the team, but unfortunately Neo we have to get going. We still have a mission and can’t stop now. There is also the chance that the undead is still following us.” Leon stated. Troy was still rude as ever but still had to listen to Leon. There was indeed a guy watching us, but he was too far and beyond what Lena could sense. That creates an issue, although everyone trusts me, they trust Lena more on this field more than me. Since they really don’t know I can’t only accept the situation.

“Sorry about that lets carry on” and we continued walking on.

A further distance away there was a man standing on a cliff looking from above. The man with a dark robe and had dark short hair. He wore a black raincoat loosely along with leather pants but the contrast to his clothes, his skin was pale white as though he was a ghost. He was very soulless and behind his red eyes should be nothing but emptiness. But something had piqued his interest as though there was something that he had not seen in a while.

“A human seems to have noticed me when I was this far.” He said, Then a mysterious person appeared just behind him. He was much older and had the same skin as him. He had a look of a butler from top to bottom.

“Pardon my lord, could he be a hero or a god. There is no human that could see you beyond a certain distance,” he said.

“No, because I can’t see any divine energy in him which makes me more worried.”

“Why is that my lord?”

“Cause when I try to pry why is it, it felt like something was preventing me. Something strong. I have not seen such a thing in my life.”

“Should we call for help sir if you are that worried?”

“No, just continue with what we are doing. Once I grab what’s been lying here, there will be no need to run away from anybody.” The man said as he was walking away. The butler soon followed. “How far are we until we find the item”

“My lord we are getting close. It should be a matter of time.”

“Excellent, I think it would be better if the organization hadn’t come, but it’s too late already, for I will soon gain the ultimate weapon that can slay man and god alike,” he said with a snicker. For a single moment, he had life in his eyes that showed how excited he was. There was this feeling that whatever he was trying to find, it was worth the sacrifice. “Send in the Minotaurs, better to get rid of them than waste our time.”

“Sir but if we do that, the chance that the gods will interfere will increase….” The servant said in distress. He knew that though his lord is strong like anyone else, he is not those of the fighting type like Zeus or even Ares. One on one he probably would lose because he’s not a fighting type. Unfortunately, his master doesn’t seem to take heed. “We should just send the army of the undead to get rid of them that way we can lose suspicion and involve less powerful people.”

“We already got Athena involved. That woman always sends her forces out to every mission in order for her to get information. She’s annoying and always wants to know what happens.” The dark young man says. “Always willing to send a person for information has always been her belief. That’s why we had to spread the army around the world to give us time here. Once she finds out, there is no way we can’t involve the gods since she knows instantly. He explained, knowing full well what Athena’s ability is. ″ So sending the Minotaurs won’t make any difference since she has already sent a force here. Do you understand? He says as they continue to walk back inside the mountains.

“As you wish I’ll send them at once” The butler said as his concern still left unanswered as he knows no matter what happens if they don’t get what they were looking for, they can just simply run away. He then snapped his fingers the very next moment. People would think nothing had happened but the moment he did, down the mountain in a certain cave, the minotaurs that were sleeping peacefully suddenly woke up. Minotaurs that were 10 meters tall with a human body, but the legs and chest up have the body of an ox. Body full of muscle, that was superior to any human could ever face. Thud Thud They got up, shook the ground every time they made a step.

Rawrrrrrr!!!! The area was shaking because of their cry, making their roar known, telling their masters they are awake and will prepare to bring carnage to anyone they see. They got out of the cave looking at a certain direction, the direction of the targets they will kill. They look to the side to see large axes that fit their size. They grabbed the axes and tested it on a large boulder. Bang with a single strike the entire boulder was pulverized. Feeling confident, they all rush towards the direction of their target. With the other side not knowing the dangers they will face.

From above there was a woman in a chair sitting while looking at the sky. She looked as though she was looking into space but in actuality is looking through many images and information that made it look as though she was a living computer. But like any person, she needed to stop as there is a limit to how much a God can go without a break. Even for a god. The goddess had a smooth round face flawless with round blue eyes with a perfect young face that made it look as though she was in her early twenties. She had small lips and a nose, but it was well-proportioned to the face. With long blonde and purple hair that was tied up to a ponytail that went down to her hips you wonder why she was a virgin. Though contrary to her beautiful young look her dress was different. She was wearing a blue dress shirt and dress pants that really didn’t look like a god. And also although she has perfect vision, she had glasses on for some reason. But from the looks she looks intelligent and looks as though she was managing an organization. Which she was, but she didn’t need to look the part. Most gods wear a traditional toga and long garments, but she was different as she dressed like what the humans in today’s society wore. She was Athena, the wisest and smartest of the gods. Well not really as there was others. But to humans yes.

“Seems like work always keeps piling up no matter how much is solved.” she complained but then she went into thinking mode of the current situation. She thought the Enlightened would stop eventually, but never would have she thought they would appear in this part of the world. This area must be their key aim since they openly attack other places so blatantly with no motive. Now they are here secretly makes this place a high priority. Fortunately, Cronus is there, so it might go more smoothly than originally thought but for some reason she doesn’t know why but she does put faith in him.

For most of her life, she has never felt dependent on a certain in her entire life. She has never felt this way even towards his father who was the strongest of the gods. When he had fought for so long, there were many times she would worry and had to assist him to make sure he wouldn’t die. But Cronus was different when he told her he would help, she felt that there was a need to worry. There was something about him even when he doesn’t show it, a strength that can’t be seen but felt. It was the same feeling when she played against her mother in a game of chess. She never acted serious but when you faced her, there was this feeling that you couldn’t win. It felt like no matter what happened you felt you were already playing into her hands. It’s the same with Ares no matter how u try to fight him it looked like there was no way to fight him.

“They should be fine and although we are sending forces there, it will take a few hours. I wonder if I should spectate through Alexis’ eyes and see how Cronus fights. This is something that is worth researching.” She wanted to know how strong he was and what made her mother go so far to release him from Tartarus. As she was about to look through Alexis’ mind, she realized something else that was important. “That’s right I need to report father if he knows what’s so special about this location.” Realizing that she had no knowledge or idea of this location. With Zeus living for so long, he probably would know something about this place. So she instantly teleports to a new location. What was the location Athena transported was beautiful scenery. There was clouds as floors but despite how delicate it looked it helped stand a white garden filled with clear white pillars all aligned to form a circle that lead right towards the entrance. There were no gates and no roofs as there was no need for such things in heaven. It’s a paradise that can’t be seen on Earth, as there is no one to touch or interfere with its beauty. And stood in the middle was a cloud floating and there was a man in the middle meditating on the cloud. That man was Zeus, the ruler of the gods.

“Athena bows before father,” she said as she walked to him and leaned her head down.

Boom!!!!!! The lightning struck as he opened his eyes. This was signaling his awakening as when he awakes, so does the storm and the sun that was now bringing light shrouded by clouds and lighting instantly.

“Athena what brings you here this time!!!!” he said with a smile. Despite the scene, the way he acts was different. However, although he wanted to go hug his daughter, something prevented him. Athena didn’t mind and just said what she wanted.

“I’m also glad to see you father, but there is an urgent matter that I might discuss with you,” She said with a serious tone. Athena was a serious person and despite being Zeus the almighty god, she doesn’t change her attitude. This always disheartens Zeus as he always tries to get her to smile and have fun, but he feels like because of past events the relationship between Athena and him will never be fixed.

“Sigh very well what is it that you want?” as he gets serious while the lighting continues to rage..

“As you know the enlightened have been attacking us around the world and we are continuing to push them back and it seems like lately, they have been in the down-low.” Athena reported.

“Then what seems to be the problem, if you are pushing them back then that’s good unless the fact that they have been hiding lately is the problem”. Zeus replied. Most of the time, the GPF does most of the fighting while Zeus and his brothers are the back-ups. But sometimes Zeus has to manage stuff on Earth. Though it’s rare, he still looks around Earth seeing if things need certain changes. This has led to him being able to have a better understanding of what’s going on. Making sure that he can always figure out what people are saying.

“Yes they haven’t been active lately and we thought they were close to being wiped out. Unexpectedly, we discovered that there was a presence in a certain area. We sent a scouting unit there just to find the enlightened there. They are there for some reason, but I’m not sure why.”

“What area?” he said as he got more curious, as it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. In this part of the world, father? Athena said as he then created an image through divine energy in a shape of a globe. Pointing in the South American region. But the moment she created the image of Earth and the location of where it was at, he started to try to stand up but the moment he did, his body started hurting.

“Cough cough are you sure?!!!” Zeus said in panic.

“I’m positive that this is the area.”

BOOOOM there was big bolt of lightning that happened before she could finish what she wanted to say.

“No… cough… that is an … important area…... ” Zeus said painfully. “There is a weapon that... must not …..be found….send Ares...now!”

“Yes father, it shall be done!!” Athena said as she quickly rushed out and teleported to her domain.

“How did they find out?” Zeus said in his head. Only me, Hades, and Poseidon know of that location, yet how did the Enlightened know. Those two know the dangers of the weapon so they wouldn’t reveal it and yet who could have done it and why now of all times. Lighting struck more as he got more frustrated. Why now of all times and with the current situation can Ares face such a weapon if they see it? Only a few know the dangers of that weapon and not even we can deal with it.

He looked into the sky as he pondered for a long time. Looking back into the past when he and his siblings fought their father.

It was the first time that they fought against Cronus. In the flashback, it was the three of them vs their own father. They thought with the three of them they could win. However, they were very much wrong. They would always attack simultaneously, making sure that whenever he attacked one. The other two would attack his flanks. However, his attacks were swift as he was able to blow one guy away and then deal with the other two with ease.

“Always deal with one opponent at a time. Always find a situation where you can fight a person one on one. If you try to defend then you are just limiting what you can do.” He said. During the fight he would lecture them as to look down upon them. They then got angry as they wanted him to shut up. Shooting divine energy beams as well as projectiles at Cronus to make sure he doesn’t get close. However, he dodged them with ease as he would intentionally move that would cause us to hit each other. This made it hard for them to attack. What was worse was the scythe, no matter if it was a slight cut or not the damage would not heal. It took forever to heal after the fight. Not to mention when he fought them. Cronus used the scythe to absolute perfection. He would use faints to attack one of them at random. Then use the scythe’s length for defense. Cronus would attack one person, but the moment the other two attack, Cronus would simply change targets. A downward strike would soon become an upward strike against someone else. Sometimes as well he would make two of them attack each other without even realizing. He constantly made it a guessing game. Causing the three to flinch every time.

The battle would last for several months without end. However, the one that was getting tired was the three rather than Cronus who simply was twirling the scythe as though this was not even a challenge at all. They even concentrated all their attacks together into a single blast of energy. The power was so strong that it almost destroyed Olympus, the biggest city in Heaven. It was a powerful attack that no god or titan wanted to face. However, Cronus created an energy slash using the scythe and cut the blast in half. The collision was very intense at first, but the difference in power was so great that it was no wonder why Cronus was the leader. This made them tremble in fear. They thought how in the world would they defeat such a monster. Unsurprising though Cronus looked at them with a smile. Looking back he wondered.

“If he had that scythe in the last battle would have killed us?” Zeus said to himself. The last fight was just as intense, if not more. But at that time they had better weapons and were more trained than before. Not to mention it was the six of them rather than 3. Plus he didn’t have the scythe so they knew the fight was much easier. But even that Cronus was still so powerful. Zeus continues to think of the what-ifs. But he knew it didn’t matter anymore as Cronus was locked up and they didn’t have to deal with him anymore. Though he is still worried about the scythe, he knew it was pointless. What was more important was to go back to meditate and heal himself. Zeus then went back to meditation. Though the lighting has stopped, the storm was still very much not over.

Going back to the forest, the team continued to go closer and closer to the mountain. It was a smooth journey really as we didn’t have to avoid anything and Lena noticed nothing as we kept going. But knowing this made me feel uneasy as they were really unprepared. I then notice a few things coming at us really fast. They were still far away, but despite that, they looked like they will still come in a few minutes.

“Leon, we need to prepare for battle right now!!” immediately said Everyone was puzzled for a moment.

“What do you mean Lena has not to sense anything thus far.” Leon questioned.

“I feel there are monsters approaching us that are extremely strong. We need to get ready now!!!!

“That’s it I have enough of this guy. He’s been looking around and doing weird things lately. We should just get rid of him right now!!!” Troy said as he pulled his gun out. “All he’s doing is wasting our time.”

“St..stop putting it down….we cant be fighting against each other now of all times.” Alexis said nervously.

“Don’t worry, it will be quick and we didn’t need him in the first place. Troy replied as he was ready to pull the trigger. But it was getting frustrating cause I really need them to spread out before they get trampled on a bit I don’t know what to do. But what do I do? How do I convince them without giving myself away? Then I went to Lena.

“What are you doing?” Troy started getting more cautious. The others were curious.

“Lena if you focus on one direction can your senses see further?” I asked.

“Yes I can but why do you ask?” Lena was questioning.

“I need you to focus on that direction towards the mountains and tell me what you see right now.” I said anxiously. She didn’t know what made me worry but she decided to do it anyway. Her eyes turned green, and she looked at the direction I pointed. At first, her expression was like there was nothing there. However, after a few seconds, her facial expression changed instantly and was showing sweat as though she just saw a nightmare.

“We have to run right now sir, Minotaurs are coming this way!!!” Lena said frightened.

“Wait what, Minotaurs that can’t be how they are here of all places. We destroyed a good portion of them a long time ago” Leon was just as nervous. The other two were as well, even though I didn’t know what they were. I knew for a fact that they are better than them though.

“Let’s get moving then we shouldn’t waste any time.” Troy said.

“We can’t Minotaurs are fast and the fact that Lena can see them means they will reach here pretty soon. We have to listen to what Neo said and prepare for defenses now. Lena and Alexis get to a tall tree to provide cover fire. Us three we will have to face them head-on. Troy placed all your explosives right in front of us.” Leon commanded. Troy immediately got a bunch of weird boxes and quickly placed them a good distance away. Lena was already climbing fast in the highest tree she could find and then got her gun out. Now that I mention it her gun was a lot longer than the others and before when she was firing she was shooting rather slow. Not to mention it looked like it was more powerful than the other guns. And the gun that Leon was a lot heavier and was firing a lot more compared to the other ones. However, the reload time was awful though. These things called guns are very interesting, just like swords they come from all different shapes and sizes. Yet what made it unique was that Lena was doing was she was embedding the bullets with her divine energy and then she put them in the gun. This was a rather interesting sense that means these bullets can store energy, but why didn’t anyone else do it.

“Lena, how far are they able you tell and how many are there?” Leon said as he was also storing lighting into his bullets as well.

“They will be here any minute now and so far I only see three,” Lena said as she was pointing her gun at them.

“Alright, Alexis are you ready.” Leon said as he loaded his gun.

“Umm….um yes I’m ready!!” she said as she got on top of a tree from the other side of Lena.

“Ok so once they come Troy activates the explosives and we will try to distract them as best as possible. Alexis, you and Lena try to focus on any weak points you can find. We will distract them and give you openings.” Leon ordered. Troy didn’t embed his bullets as Troy didn’t seem to care about doing it, while I just didn’t want to show them I can actually do it. Well I can actually rather than embedding my energy to the bullets I can actually create it and shoot it without even needing to pull the trigger. Makes it convenient, but that might be a secret I will use later. This is because we can feel the earth trembling, signaling that they will arrive every second. But at that moment, I noticed Lena was preparing to fire already. Bang she shot one and the shot was filled with divine energy. The bright light coming from it could be seen when fired, as there was a gold line that was seen along with the path it was going. A moment later there was this boom that can be heard. That was quite a shot she dealt. However, tch the noise Lena made as she knew that it didn’t perturb them. I sense it as they didn’t look like it fazed them.

To be honest, it did no damage, it looked like the Minotaurs had divine energy naturally surrounding the body. This is going to be hard for the team, as the only one who was able to do damage is Leon. His power is the only one that can break through the armor. The other way would be to keep doing damage until the Minotaurs run out of energy, making it easier to deal damage to them. Though Leon does have the power when he used the lighting on the undead army but unfortunately it took time and required too much energy that drained him. But as I said that Leon started charging up and Lightning was coming out of his body just like before. He then channeled it and created the spear-like before. And just as he got it charged the Minotaurs were at a closing distance. They were three times bigger than us and we’re massively huge compared to us. Plus, they had each had an enormous ax the size of a 6 foot human and were carrying it like it was nothing. And they were charging towards without hesitation. After they were in sight, Leon immediately shot his spear straight towards them. The Minotaur notices it but rather than trying to dodge they just straight take it head on as the Minotaur taking the lead already tries to hit the lighting spear with its axe.

Kaboom!!!!!! the sound of the collision goes against each other trying to find out who was the stronger source of energy. Eventually, an explosion erupted, causing massive damage to the area. We couldn’t see what happened, but by that time I gave Leon the nectar and he backed up to regain his energy. Troy and I got in front to protect him while he recovered. It was quiet but suddenly as the dust settled the Minotaurs charged again. And though the Minotaur who took the hit had lost an arm along with his weapon, still didn’t falter. The Minotaurs continued to charge against us. This made the team nervous, as the team leader with the strongest damage wasn’t able to kill a single Minotaur. And the fact that they are closing in makes Leon using his ability dangerous as throwing it in close proximity can have a chance of injuring the team. So once they came close the explosive was the only thing left to use. Leon, who was already better, was waiting until they got close to the explosive and then….

“Troy now!!!” he said as Troy instantly activates the explosive. Booom the sound of the booms being denoted. The explosion is not as strong as what Leon created, but it did do damage. However, it wasn’t that much as it only did damage to the Minotaur that lost the arm. The injured Minotaur slowed down a little bit, but he continued to charge nonetheless. The others were fine and passed the injured one. They were getting close, and we started shooting guns at them. Try to shoot the injured one that way we can deal with just two. And everyone tried to however the other two blocked for the injured one. Making this hard for us, as they finally close the distance to us. Wasting no time, we soon had each Minotaur attack us three. We each dodged by jumping backward and during that time we still kept firing the guns at them. But the guns were eventually figured to be useless as no matter if embedded with divine energy or not….. did nothing. I decided that it would be best that I reduce their numbers by removing one Minotaur away from everyone.

“I’ll distract one of them while you guys take care of the rest! Athena if you there they can really use your help I said. As I kept moving away from the rest of the team. But before that, I shot a rock on both of the Minotaurs right on their legs secretly before I left so that they had an easier time. And the moment I called Athena, Alexis’ eyes turned gold and gave me a nod to tell me she understood. With my pistol, I kept irritating one of the Minotaurs to the point that he had to follow me in order for me to stop. Once that happened, the Minotaur followed me wherever I went. Although running from this Minotaur was relatively easy, making it look like I was struggling was the hard part as this was not even close to even a warm up. Lena should not be paying attention to me, but it’s better I stay at a distance where she can’t see how I’m fighting.

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