Titan: My Return to Earth

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First fight back

After a certain distance, I decided it was a suitable spot to see how strong this Minotaur was. Getting some distance away, the Minotaur made the first move by charging at me while getting ready to slash his enormous axe. Once the Minotaur got close it made a downward strike trying to get rid of me with one blow. This made it easy as I just had to jump to my side, but I made an excessive jump. This was not because of me underestimating my strength, it was just.....

PANG the Minotaur made a crater bigger than the size of his body. And the debris exploded everywhere, shooting out shards of rocks. The Minotaur had such excess strength compared to a human, and despite the strength of the Minotaur, it was very nimble. The moment he noticed he had missed he went straight to where I was and slashed me again. The only change was the Minotaur was slashing from my left. I jumped back to dodge it but the Minotaur was anticipating that and was able to change his slash to a downward slash while I was still in midair. However, he missed because I jumped back a lot further than his axe could reach. Never underestimate your opponent, no matter what was a perfect description of this situation. The Minotaur had physical strength but never relied solely on just strength. He still has the intelligence to realize that he can’t simply go for one hit but has to set them up. Unfortunately, the opponent he’s going against is a bad match up. The Minotaur continued to swing his axe around, causing craters after craters. However, not one hit landed on me, which continued to frustrate the Minotaur. This continued for a few minutes as it was a way for me to get rid of time to make it look like I’m having some difficulties. Also, it was to see the abilities of the Minotaur as I had never seen these creatures before. Sadly I decided that it was getting boring, and I needed to end things here. To make it easier, I stood still waiting for the Minotaur to strike. It hesitates for a moment, but like any person in the world, he took the initiative at the first sign of weakness. Without hesitation, the Minotaur focuses all his energy to his weapon. I could see that he was throwing everything into this one blow. All the energy was focused on this axe to the point it was glowing gold bright. There was a shrieking noise, as though it was telling how much energy was being concentrated and was ready to explode anytime. When he poured the last of his divine energy, he immediately rushed to me, swinging the now powered axe.

BOOOOOM!!! The entire ground around us in a 50 yard radius was completely destroyed as the attack caused a massive explosion of energy, even to the point where the energy reached the sky. The explosion even caused a massive shockwave, that can even be felt by the team. It was a truly strong attack that no human can defend even if he had put all his energy at a single point. Despite that, when everything settled, the Minotaur noticed something that he thought was impossible. Not only was I still alive, but I also didn’t have a single scratch on me. The axe that was supposed to cut through my shoulders was already broken. Shocked by the outcome the Minotaur that was supposed to be fearless felt fear for the first time. Everything he did meant nothing to me and he started to realize I was treating this like child’s play. The Minotaur soon was thinking about running away as he had no way of knowing what to do. However, thinking that it’s time to head back, I pointed my pistol at him and fired. The bullet that shot looked small but when it hit the Minotaur, he disintegrated into nothingness in an instant. The bullet was a plain bullet but I infused it with a little energy that was enough to destroy him.

“Well that wasn’t eventful at all, better just head back and see how they are doing,” I said. “Wait maybe I should just observe them to see how good they are, I think that might be more entertaining than me fighting them?” I thought to myself I then head towards the team excited to see how they fight against the Minotaurs. Finding a good spot to hide my appearance in the shadows as I watched the fight from afar.

10 minutes earlier…. (Athena’s POV)

Thanks to Neo taking care of one of them it made it easier to deal with two Minotaurs. Especially when one was severely damaged by Leon earlier. Not to mention the one that he lured away was actually the leader. He must have planned it so that we would be able to with the weak ones. Though still, they will have a tough time as Leon still seems to have trouble fighting against him. However with Lena’s support, she should be fine. As for me, when I took over control of Alexis’ body as it still needs experience and would be useless against them as she could not react the proper way. This body won’t be able to support Troy who has decided to not even use his gun and decided to use his ability to create weapons from his divine energy. Is was better as Troy was doing much better. When the Minotaur would slash, instead of moving away, Troy would go towards him and try to slash his legs or his arm. He would continue to inflict small wounds but that’s it. Once that happened he would try to appear at his blind spot so that the Minotaur would not be able to counter.

Troy seems to have good fighting sense, but then again he inherits that from my stupid brother. Bad at everything else but fighting, which continues to urk me to this day. Looking at him really keeps reminding him. Ughhh , I need to stop and focus. I did what Troy does as well since I can also do that. I created a short sword because first, it was light and fast while second Alexis isn’t the strongest and she shouldn’t do any more than this as although I possess her body, I can’t use my full power. I can only use what Alexis possesses. That is the downside of taking over the body of those blessed by me. I can fight as efficiently as whoever I possess, knowing everything they can and can’t do. But like it sounds, the problem lies in the body. Whatever the limitations in the body, is now my limitation. If I do more than what the body can do, it will damage the one I possess. That is why I would usually form teams with just one of them having my blessing. As the other will be able to compensate for what she lacks. Those of my blessing is actually not as powerful as the ones blessed by Zeus. Agile as Artemis, nor have superior combat than her brother. Rather we have a very balanced skill set while possessing very high intelligence. It’s the reason why many work in headquarters as they help me do a lot of logistics. Anyway back to the fight.

“Troy continue to do what you are doing, I will back you up,” I said. Troy gave a quick nod to confirm what I said and continued the assault on the Minotaur. The Minotaur would try to strike Troy and the moment the Minotaur attacks I would attack his exposed weaknesses. I thrust my sword and threw quite a bit of power into it. Ding it was a clean hit but unfortunately my power I use only create a small cut on the skin. I quickly retreated as the Minotaur was quick to react to me. The Minotaur came running to me with his axe, I avoided it pretty easily as for some reason he was relatively slow. His strikes were swift, however, the time it took to close in the distance was slow. This also gives time for Troy as the time the Minotaur was reaching me, Troy had time to follow up and deal damage to Minotaur. And when he tried to react, the distance we reached was further than the range of his swings. This made it a much easier fight than it should be. Problem is that the defense of the Minotaur is extremely strong, that neither I nor Troy can break through. Although we are both adept in battle, our powers do not revolve around having one powerful attack. Well we do but as you can see if Leon did minor damage then for us two will probably won’t even do half that. I do not adapt those who are given my divine blessing to fight strong individuals. We are more suited for commanding and fighting using a team than 1 on 1. Ares is more suited for that. But despite that, neither of us can do anything significant to the Minotaur till Leon and Lena come in.

“Troy we will keep him distracted till Leon and Lena come back.” I notified. “Manage your energy more carefully.” Troy who continued to maximize his strength soon lowered the output of his energy and it could be noted that the energy on his weapon was getting lighter. Troy and I moved in the opposite direction, never letting the Minotaur see both of us at the same time. Everytime he attacked one side the other would attack. I changed my sword to daggers as it was safer and avoided getting close to him. The Minotaur would charge at Troy giving me time to strike him, while Troy would just avoid the hits. Plus with his slow speed, made it easy, I thought that we would be able to hold. Then suddenly….. Booom a large explosion appeared out of nowhere and it sent a shock wave that even reached towards us. It surprised all of us as we wondered what was that. This was bad news as it gave the Minotaur the opportunity as it jumped at me with everything he had to reach me. The Minotaur was already prepared to attack me, who was caught off guard. Trying to react and defend myself, I move back to get some distance. And just as Troy was about to help support me, the minotaur landed and turned towards Troy, catching him off guard. “Watch out!!” I said as he soon created a divine shield as quickly as he could, know that he had no chance to dodge it as it was too late. Sliiiinnnn the noise of the shield breaking as the axe not only broke the shield it did much worse, it went across Troy shoulder to his abdominal causing a huge gush of blood to come out.

“Plaaahhh,” was the sound of Troy vomiting out blood as he dropped on the ground. He tried to get back up to get away, but the wound was already preventing him from moving. Trying to move his hands was like a major struggle at this point. It was amazing he was still alive as that should have already killed any normal human. He was using his divine energy in making sure his blood didn’t keep pouring out. However, that was all he could do. Minotaur then walked close to him to do the finishing blow and Troy could look at him helplessly as he waits for it.

“Stoppp!!!” I screamed, I created a spear with the energy that is good enough where it didn’t damage Alexis’s body. I threw it as the Minotaur, hoping that would be enough to get its attention. Banng it created a tiny hole that went an inch in and although he was bleeding, he seemed to not care as he still wanted to kill Troy first. The Minotaur then got ready to strike. I tried to go to him, but the body was exhausted from creating that energy spear. “Troy!!” I said all I could say in sadness. Then suddenly a burst of lightning shot at the Minotaur that knocked him away from Troy. I turned to see where it came from and it was from Leon. Then I saw a divine shot be fired on the Minotaur’s eye as a form of distraction as she was hitting the eyes. Leon immediately came and dragged Troy away as fast as he could.

“Are you alright!!!!?” Leon said in a panic. Troy was trying to respond but he was already struggling to survive that trying to give a nod was straining for him.

He grabbed the nectar and gave it to Troy to drink. “Drink this quickly” forcing him to gulp the nectar drink. And just like magic, Troy’s body that was already badly injured was completely cured. Nectar also helps the blessed human heal faster. Divine energy going through the body helps heal any part of the body. But compared to humans who have less divine energy their healing is slower. So by having nectar it helps speed the healing as he has more divine energy to use. Although his clothes were pretty much in tatters, the fact that he was alive outweighs the clothes. Troy and Leon both got back up as they were ready to get back into battle. The minotaur, who got annoyed with Lena, threw the axe in her direction. She was able to jump and dodge the axe however the tree was cut in half like butter. She then landed and regrouped with us as we knew that now that there was just one left and he was very slow it was possible to fight him.

“Leon prepare your strongest attack we will destroy it with one blow. Troy, are you ok to fight?” I said to Troy. He nodded as he formed his weapons. “Good now Troy go all out and do everything to get his attention, Lena and I will back you up. Now that everyone knows, let’s kill it.” We soon moved out as Leon was starting to charge his attack. The Minotaur who noticed it knew of the dangers if he left him unchecked. He decided that he had to kill him first, no matter what. Although he was charging at Leon, it looked like he was forcing himself as the legs weren’t moving properly. Something happened during the fight that affected his legs, but I don’t know how.

Anyway, we had to give it our all till Leon was ready to attack. Troy immediately did a frontal assault and instead of using duel weapons, he created a bigger long sword. He was trying to rely more on power than speed and decided on this option. The Minotaur, knowing he couldn’t ignore it, decided he would take the invite and fight him head-on. Concentrating divine energy in his fist, he threw the punch straight at the sword. Duuuunnn, the collision created a shock as two forces collided. Both sides didn’t want to back down as both sides were starting to destroy the ground just by the collision. And although it looked like it was a standstill, everyone knew that Troy was getting pushed back. Troy was putting his all but knew that no matter what he did, in terms of pure strength Minotaur will always win hands down. Troy was slowly getting back and could only hold on for so long. However, the difference between him and the Minotaur was now alone. The Minotaur suddenly realized that another source of energy was being channeled. He looked, it was Lena and she was charging an extraordinary amount of energy that she hadn’t shown before. Soon the entire gun was covered in divine energy and shaped into a bow and arrow. I knew she was using a technique that Artemis has taught to all who had inherited her powers.

“Artemis guide me.” She said as she shot her arrow at the Minotaur. The arrow was going directly towards his head but at the last second, he was able to dodge the arrow. Once he dodged it he was going back to charge at Leon, suddenly he got shot in the head by the arrow that he dodged. He was confused as to how that was possible when he dodges it. ” Artemis arrows will never miss their targets.” Lena said. When using that ability, it will always follow the target it sets its sights on and will do a lot of damage. However, that is based on the individual as the stronger the person, the stronger the chance it was a one-shot. But compared to Lena, the Minotaur had stronger divine energy to protect him. But it did damage as one of the Minotaurs’ eyes was wounded and he couldn’t see through it. Not only that, it injured half of his face. He was still able to fight though as he continued to attack Troy. Lena was tired after that as she dropped to her knees. But Troy and I got in his way, creating our strongest weapons to repel him. We fought with him with everything we could. Although it was the two of us he continued pushing us back until he reached towards Leon. Fortunately, Leon finally was ready to release the attack. The downside was that we were in close proximity to the Minotaur. It was hard to get away without getting caught in Leons attack blast radius. Yet we knew for the sake of the mission we had to give up our lives in order for the mission to move forward as I give Leon the nod. Leon knew what I meant as a generated electrical sphere and pointed that sphere right at us and the Minotaur. Without any hesitation, he released the energy from the sphere that shot a large beam at us. In order to make sure that the beam would hit we did our best to restrain the Minotaur.

Rawwrrrr! He screamed as he wanted to run away but couldn’t then suddenly a flash appeared over us as I closed my eyes ready to shift back to my body. Baaam the explosion went off and after that sound, I thought I had returned to my body, but then I noticed there was still the smelled of smoke and dust and wondered is Alexis still alive? I opened my eyes and realized she was still alive but was wondering how I was alive. Then I noticed there was someone holding on to my shoulder.

“You know both you and your mom both love taking risks.” It was Cronus, which shocked me since I didn’t know when he got here. But I was glad to see him as he made sure Alexis and Troy who he grabbed the back of his collar to save him was alive. He let go of Troy as he was just as surprised as well. After that he helped me get up and guided me to a spot to sit.

“Wait how did you get here so fast!!” I said in shock. There was no way he couldn’t have been this close without my notice. And even if he did, why did he show up now.

“I was already here, I wanted to see the full extent of the team so I can better work with everyone. From the shockwave till now I was watching in the shadows while waiting to appear at the perfect time.” said casually. “Anyways during the fight wouldn’t it have been better if you had Lena lure one of the Minotaur away while you three defeat one at a time. ” he said.

“Yes that would have been the most adequate if the Minotaurs were that stupid but they are not fools who would not realize that. Also, Minotaur is considered being mid-tiers monsters that this team isn’t equipped to fight. As you can see, besides Leon everyone couldn’t do any significant damage and even with my help, I can only distract them. So if one did try to distract them like you, they would have a chance of ignoring and it would be a two on three which was disadvantageous towards us. I said in detail. “Although I should have noticed that you were the ones that made them rather slow otherwise I could have planned it more differently” As I glared at Cronus as he give a smile.

“True and you changed it knowing that they were slower so good job on noticing that but you could have avoided Troy from getting injured.” As to further understand my intentions.

“It was going well as we were keeping distance while dealing damage, but if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have been distracted.” I glared at him knowing that was his doing. “Now the real question was who was the one that caused the shock wave. Was it you? Or the Minotaur?”

“Haha that was my bad as I wanted to see how strong the Minotaur was. During the time I was distracted since I didn’t seem to realize he was the strongest one but hey it works for everyone right.”

Cronus said. True and glad that he was here as this mission can go smoothly. Anyways, let’s get to the point as I need everyone to get going even though they had a tough fight.

“Everyone gathers around, I need to inform everyone about something,” I yelled. That got everyone’s attention as they got closer to me. “My father has deemed this to be a mission of the highest importance.” This instantly shocked everyone except for Cronus who has no concept of anything that is going on. Metis did tell him about what has transpired during the years that he has been sealed. The problem is the technological innovations and how battles are fought are all things that he is not well aware of. I will have to explain further for him to understand. “The mission involves something very important that must not be found. We must find it and protect it against anyone who plans to take it.

“With just this team, are we able to defend such a thing?” Leon said.

“Don’t worry I have sent a message to the organization and Ares. He and his team will come rather quickly,” I responded. This reassured the team except for Cronus who seemed to have lost interest in the conversation. Are you really the reaper my dad has talked about before? I really don’t understand this guy. What did he really do in the past that caused the civil war to happen? Anyway, we can talk about that later. ” I will be leaving soon, so Leon continues to go towards the mountains and find the weapon, I will contact you and assist you. Right now, I have to assist in getting Ares here. ”

“Yes ma’am!!! ” Leon said along with the other two giving nods as to confirm as well. Kronos didn’t seem to care as much but look like he was ok with whatever happens. I then nodded to them as I left Alexis’s body. Sigh, this is turning out to be a more problematic mission than intended. Hopefully, the team can complete the mission without any difficulties. Father said this island is a strategic place that must be hidden at all cost. But why was it in this area that humans inhabited? If this was so important, why didn’t he seal the place up to keep it close in the heavens where we could keep a close watch over it. No, there is no point in thinking of the past right now. I have to contact the Ares to arrive soon. I then activate my powers to contact Ares again. Though this is a bit painful as he is the last person I want to talk to. Since its father orders though, I have to do it. Sigh I really don’t want to do this.

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