Titan: My Return to Earth

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Those who come from death

Deep into the mountains lies a network of tunnels. Freshly made the tunnel wasn’t formed to create a hideout. Its true goal was to find something, something that would require time and strength. As you go deeper you could hear loud noises of clanging and rumbling. Although the tunnels were sporadic it did lead to this big hole that thousands of undead were continuing to dig deeper and deeper hoping to find something. The one looking over this project was the dark figure that previously sent the Minotaurs. And behind him was his loyal servant, who continues to make sure his master is taken care of. But then he noticed something that was odd.

“Sir, the minotaurs that were sent have been annihilated, ” The butler said.

“Annihilated?…. How’s that possible, at most, they were able to take down one but to have killed all three…” The dark figure said as he was thinking. “I guess the fellow was to blame after all.” He said with a smirk.

" Pardon sir????” he said in question.

“The one I told you about. It seems like this unknown fellow is a stronger fellow than we initially imagined. He actually might be a God.” The dark figure said in delight.

“Sir if I may, I believe this is no time to be excited to see a strong individual.?” the butler said in worry. We should just leave now before we are found out. There is no need to abandon them, they will find us out even if they search every speck of this place.

“HAHA you worry too much, even if the GPF do arrive they won’t be able to do much against you or me. Besides, I have a feeling that we are reaching som…...boooom an explosion happened that blasted all the undead who were digging in the hole. The blasted radius was to the point it reached towards the dark figure and the butler. They instantly project barriers around them that prevented them from getting hit from the blast. The blast reached all the way to the ceiling and it was already starting to break through the ceiling. Rumble as the rocks from the ceiling fail right after another. Then as if it was coming the entire ceiling crumbled as the explosion went all the way to the sky. From the outside, it was as if a volcano had erupted. The large mass of energy exploded in every direction. A bright light overlapped that envelope the two as a whole in everyone inside. The blast soon erupted everywhere as the explosion got bigger and bigger.

Outside the team was closing in on the mountain and at the entrance, there was a bunch of undead walking around patrolling the area. The team was planning on how to infiltrate the mountain when suddenly they felt a rumble as well. The earth was shaking, and they questioned what was going on. Then they suddenly saw a white light appear from the cave and they were questioning what it was before Neo jumped in front of them. They didn’t know what he was doing before an explosion erupted and went in their direction. Without Neo, they would have died instantly.

In the heavens, it was a calm storm that suddenly went dark. At that moment a large surge of energy came together and swirled in the clouds. It focused on one point and it shot a massive beam of light that went to one person, Zeus. The lighting looked like it was going to vaporize him, only to see the mass of lightning flow into his body like how lakes flow back to the ocean. All the energy that was released wanted to come back to where it belonged, and Zeus who was depleted looked like he got the energy that he was looking for a long time. Zeus opened his eyes and although it should be a joyous moment for him, his eyes opened full of sadness. He decided to stand and walk in the garden trying to find peace before someone came unexpectedly.

“Looks like you heal up just now, yet you show no happiness for it.” It was Metis as she walked around the garden touching the flowers as she walked around.

“Metis this is no laughing matter, you know what happened?” Zeus said in anger. That moment the lighting storm appeared to show that anger. “That energy is used as a trap and a warning that the scythe is found. What makes you think I would be happy!!! That scythe can not exist in this world.” The lighting was hitting everywhere like crazy compared to the time when he was calm. It looked like heaven was going to be torn apart just by the lighting. However, this didn’t really scare Metis as she continued to play around.

“To see the King of the gods this angry about one weapon is so surprising,” she said sarcastically. “As someone who defeated your own father, this weapon shouldn’t be that significant right hehe?” Metis was the only one who didn’t seem to take it seriously. Many gods still wonder why Metis is allowed to roam around so freely in the heavens, despite her mysterious personality. No one was able to control her it seems besides Rhea even then she was never able to be leashed by anyone. Zeus, the strongest of the gods, can’t seem to control her either. There were times where the Gods thought she should be imprisoned however...

“Don’t joke with me, the only reason I fought Cronus before was that you stole that scythe from him!!!!” Zeus was turning furious, lighting even started hitting the garden. “That scythe in the wrong hands can kill even a god, but in the hands of Cronus can kill every one of us. If it wasn’t for you we would all be dead by now!!!!” That was the reason Metis was never restrained as she was the very reason the gods won the war against the titans as she was the one who planned and stole Kronos weapon. “Now that the scythe is unsealed, we have to hide it again.” As Zeus was walking to go get the scythe. However, Metis stopped him.

“Though you got energy back, you still are not even half of your strength. If you go out that might be a trap, there is a chance you will die.” Metis was cautioning. “You should trust Athena and the organization to deal with it. Not to mention that scythe is not something that anyone can grab. You know as much as any of us the reason no one has wielded that scythe after Cronus.”

“Yes as long as you have divine energy you can wield it but that scythe is a curse in itself. I don’t know how that man could wield such an accursed weapon. The moment I wielded that weapon, I felt like I was fighting for my life. It’s the reason no one has decided to wield it.” Zeus said

“hehe Gaia created that scythe to be the strongest of all weapon, if it was so easy anyone would have used it.″ She then got close to Zeus with her hand on his chest. ” Don’t worry about the scythe even if they had taken it away, that weapon will only work if that person succeeds in the trial. And even if they did, they still won’t be able to wield it to its full potential. Now rest easy there is no need to worry.” Metis was trying to reassure Zeus, who was still stressing out about the entire ordeal. However, with Metis advice he slowly calmed down.

“...Very well, I’ll leave things to you for now,” as he decided to sit back to meditation. Metis then bowed as she left. Unbeknown to Zeus however she displayed an evil grin that would have caused anyone to shudder.

“Now what will you do, brother?” she whispered teleporting away.

Back at the Mountain, well, it used to be a mountain was the dark figure and the butler. They managed to survive the blast as the light disappeared. The shield that was protecting them was deactivated as the dark figure wanted to see what happened.

“To think that Zeus set a trap like that,” he said with a hint of surprise. “If this was anyone else they would have died the moment they found it. Haha, this weapon must truly be a strong weapon if he was to have used this much energy.” And just like that everything settled and what lies on the ground was what he was looking for. Cronus’s Scythe, the strongest weapon in the world. It was a 6 ft long scythe with a long curved blade that seemed to be 4 feet long. From afar it looked pretty harmless, but as you look more closely it was emitting strong dark energy that clouded every spec of the weapon. The dark figure walked close to it as he was delighted to see it. “HAHAHA after all this time I have finally found what I have been looking for. With this, I can finally achieve my long last goal.” He then started to go and grab it.

“Sir be careful this weapon is no ordinary weapon,” the butler said in concern. Though his master didn’t seem to care as he grabbed hold of it. The dark aura then disappeared as if it never was there.

“See nothing wrong,” the dark figure said as he started to swing the scythe around. He tried to put energy to it and swing the ground. PAAAANNNG the ground shook as soon as he swung the scythe. As it was natural, the ground rupture as a large crack appeared on the ground. It didn’t stop however as the crack continued to grow and grow without stopping beyond what the eye can see. ” Thi…. this is amazing, I have never seen a weapon this powerful in my life, hahaha you see that!!! With a little energy I already have the power to even shape the land. Earth is now no more than a plaything for me. Now it’s time to shape the heav...bluugg” Just as he was talking he started feeling intense pain. This shouldn’t be possible as his body was completely fine before but then he noticed that his hand started to turn dark and a large smoke was spreading from his arm to the rest of this body. ” AHHHHHH!!” as energy was starting to course through his veins he started to feel more pain.

“What’s wrong are you, ok sir!!!!!” The butler was worried because he originally was glad it went well but then soon his fear soon came true. “Drop the weapon sir, you can’t handle it right now.” The butler soon came close to help it let go of the weapon. The dark figure then signals him with his hand.

“Stay back I need to get the approval of the weapon before I can actually wield it. I can’t have you interfere.” He then grabbed the scythe with both his hands. “Let’s see if I can get your approval, hah!!!” Pouring his death energy into the scythe trying to push back the black smoke. It soon created a battle between the scythe and the dark figure. It was weird to see as for a weapon to fight its wielder as no weapon ever created by the ogres and Hephaestus never had weapons that would defy or damage the wielder. For a weapon to be dangerous like this, the butler now understands why the gods secretly sealed the weapon. The butler wanted to protect the lord but he couldn’t defy his master’s orders. But all he could do was wait, however soon he noticed a bunch of presence that was coming towards his way. He wondered how it was possible for anyone to come so soon when everyone was blasted away just a moment ago. He was going to tell his master, but with the master being here and focusing on conquering the scythe, he couldn’t move. This meant he was the only one to protect him and he had to give as much time for his master to successfully wield the scythe.

“Master I will take my leave.” knowing his master wasn’t listening he still bid his farewell and went to face the enemy.

A few minutes beforehand...

That blast was really dangerous if I didn’t react in time, likely chance the team dies are high. For me it wouldn’t have affected me in the slightest as this was used for those who are a grade below gods. I guess Zeus placed a seal here and although they can be strong there is a limit as it’s based on how much energy allocated. For the seal to be maintained, the one who puts a seal inside must continue to send energy to the seal until it is broken. It’s not common to use it however it makes you lose a portion of your power making you weaker the stronger the seal is. For him to create it means that what’s being hidden here must be that dangerous. I wonder what it is. But let’s worry about that later.

“Are you guys alright?” I said to everyone. They all were covering their eyes as they didn’t know what that was.

“We are alright, thank you!!” Alexis said. Everyone else seems to share the same feeling. However,, despite the thanks, they had to think about what happened.

“What was that?” Lena said.

“That beam of light almost looks like the same light that is emitted from Leon’s power?” Alexis said. I was surprised to think Alexis was that perceptive despite almost dying.

" Are you sure, Leon is that the same type as yours?” Troy said curiously.

“It looks similar... but this is far brighter and more powerful. I’m afraid if Neo didn’t protect us from the blast then we would have been destroyed.” Leon said. However he then looked at me with hesitation. “Who exactly are you Neo, I was questioning how you defeated the Minotaur, but now you are raising more questions as you were able to protect us from the explosion earlier?” Everyone agreed and was waiting for the answer. Fortunately, they were more curious compared to wanting to shoot me before.

Well that’s unfortunate that they have to question me now, and now they are suspecting me of sorts. I’ve been gone for quite a while and really don’t know a good lie. What should I do...? Oh wait Athena can help with this, I will just dump this problem on her.

“Right now I can’t tell you now as we need to fulfill the mission, but when the time comes Athena will tell you as I was given a mission that was only told to Athena,” I said. Leon then looked me right in the eye to see if I was lying however, I never really lied because it was technically true besides the mission. Fortunately, I had another person who decided to back me up.

“Athena already told me to trust Neo, although I’m very inexperienced, I do value Athena’s judgment. There is no reason for her to trick us after coming this far. Especially for us who are not even considered an elite team.” Alexis said. She was really a nice girl. I wonder why she was sent here. She doesn’t even look like a fighter, she’s more suited towards a normal life.

“Very well,” he said. “let’s go and finish the mission first,” We then all got ready and headed closer to where the blast happened. Thanks to that, though, there were no longer any obstacles or enemies we had to go through. But then suddenly an ancient gentleman appeared before us and bowed.

“Greetings to everyone but I’m afraid this is as far as you go as right now my master is currently occupied so you will have to face me.” He said.

We wondered who the hell was this guy. Especially what he is wearing, it looks pretty cool but I have never seen these clothes before. I wonder if I should wear them one day. Anyway I’m sensing from him he’s not a god-level but he is far stronger than Leon and the rest. Though based on my intuition he doesn’t mean to harm us, he just doesn’t want us to go closer. It was a weird situation since I want to eliminate him and find out what’s going on, but then again if I don’t help then they would all die before they realize. I wonder what I should do. However, Leon decided that they had to fight him.

“Who are you!!?” Leon said as he got his gun ready. We all followed along and pointed his gun at him. Despite the fact that we are pointing guns at him, he seems to not deem it as any form of danger. Rather he seemed to find it more amusing than actually a threat.

“I’m terribly sorry for being impolite, My name is Frank.” He said,

“Well Frank why are you and your master here at this location?” Leon said.

“We found information that an item we desired was located here. After much time we have now found it and we shall now take our leave. So if you would please wait, we would gladly leave immediately.” Frank said. “So what do you say, do we have a deal?”

“Unfortunately, we are here to secure that item as well, so how about you give us that item or we will use force to retrieve it,” Leon said as he started to get ready to pull the trigger.

“Really, that’s a shame I was hoping no conflict would arise. By the way….`` Frank said as he suddenly appeared in front of Leon while grabbing the gun. ” You should be aware of who you are fighting before you point something at them.” Bang Frank threw a kick hard enough where Leon was almost sent flying. He then crushed the gun with his bare hands as though it was paper. He was so fast that none of the team could react to it. The others tried to react but the results were unfavorable. Troy projected his weapons and went to slash Frank however Frank grab his wrist and twisted it. This resulted in Troy spinning in the air and before he landed a hit on Frank, who for good measure landed a good sidekick that blew him several yards away. Then Lena tried to aim at him, but when she pointed the gun at Frank he was already gone. She couldn’t find out where he was until… ” Are you looking for me?” he said as he appeared right next to her. He was being so cocky he even had the gun pointed to him on the chest. Lean tried to pull the trigger but… nothing happened. ” Oh I’m sorry but you would need this to shoot.” He said while holding the ammo box. It was obvious he was toying with her and before she could attack Frank, he then landed a blow on her neck knocking her unconscious. Frank then went to attack Alexis and though he was just going to knock her unconscious, I stopped him before he got close.

“You know very well unconsciously or not, she would not be able to do anything to you,” I said,

“Carelessness is only for fools,” Frank said. “But for you to be able to stop me with my speed means that you are the individual that my master has been talking about.”

“Ah, so your master is the one I saw earlier, I thought I saw someone spying on me,” I replied. I then let go of his hand, which got him to jump back to gain some distance. “For someone who was flashy just a moment ago to be cautious is quite strange wouldn’t you say.

“Indeed, but for you guys to be alive after the blast earlier must mean there was a powerful individual. The four didn’t last a second against me, which means you were the only one left. And for such a strong individual I must not be careless.” Frank said as he got his fighting stance ready.

“Oh you are quite a smart person, I guess this fight will not be boring after all,” I replied as I stood there without any battle position as I waited for him to attack. For most people, this is the pinnacle of disrespecting the opponent as giving them so many openings is applying that I can deal with anything no matter what they do. This is not to say I am, it’s just that fighting battles you know you already own are boring. To at least give them a fighting chance while they try hard is something I do enjoy seeing. He then felt what the other felt, completely toyed with. This led Frank to initiate the start of the fight. He soon instantly disappeared in front of me. I stood there then I jumped sideways as Frank soon was above me trying to land an ax kick. Crack as the ground soon crumbled the moment he landed a kick to the ground. It was as strong as the Minotaur when it went full power. However, he did it as though it was natural. After he landed he disappeared again, I then duck down as he tried to throw a roundhouse kick. I dodge that as well. The kick had power as there was a large wind that blew after his kick.

Frank was quite a powerful individual. He repeated a few more times as he wanted to land one hit blows. However, I avoided them with ease as it was so easy to predict his next move. The grounds were being destroyed however as each time he missed it created a crater that was changing the already changed landscape. Fortunately, I made sure that everyone was far from the fight as to make sure they weren’t harmed while unconscious. Actually to tell the truth he has been targeting my afterimage. During the fight, I was quietly moving them away from the battle to make sure that they wouldn’t be involved in the fight. All except Alexis, as I can’t possibly move her while she is still very conscious. But I did avoid being in her area. But after I finished moving them away, I went back to the fight. Though it was the same as I never once got hit by him and there was no need to block any attacks. We did this a few minutes before he decided to stop. “Are we done yet I said” as I stood there?

“You are truly a strong person, indeed to avoid all my blows without difficulty. However this time I will try even harder to make sure I defeat you.” Frank said as soon as he got in front of me to throw a punch at me. I twisted my body to avoid the hit, however, he stopped to throw another punch to where I was. Though I simply moved the moment, he threw another punch. He changed his style of fighting to make sure that his attacks are faster and cleaner. Compared to kicks that require more motion and time, punches are faster and create more openings. Frank threw so many punches in every different direction, if he missed he would disappear in a different direction and throw another one successively without stopping. To me it was annoying, however, I saw Alexis who was seeing my fight amazed. It was too fast for her eyes to see but she could tell that I was perfectly fine and was simply dodging flashes of attack. I made sure that my fight was away from the team so they wouldn’t get hurt, but still it was such a pain. He then appeared right in front of me to throw a massive punch. I then put my hand in front of me as I decided to catch the punch. Poooom the shock wave when I caught the punch as the shockwave was so great that the ground behind me blew away. I was amazed he threw quite a strong punch. But Frank didn’t share my thoughts and he was surprised that I caught it.

“Is this all you have to offer?” I said as I let go of his hand. If it is, I probably should end it pretty soon.” The fight was getting so boring as this was just the Minotaur fight but with stronger.

“Huh you are a tough foe indeed, I must take it up a notch.” He then released his energy, but it wasn’t the same as the others that were gold. His energy was dark color as his hands were covered in a dark cloudy aura. It was different from the aura of Hera or the team that was bright, it was something that I haven’t seen in a while.

“Death Energy,” I said. I then shot a bullet at him as a means to test his ability. I thought he would dodge it as he was being cautious, but he actually blocked it. It was quite interesting as it was the same amount I used to kill the Minotaur, but he blocked it with his hands. But what I saw was interesting, as the moment it contacted his hands the divine energy was slowly being deteriorated as if the divine energy was touching something that consumes it. That’s when I know for sure it was death energy.

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