Unexpectedly became a princess

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How Brielle a young girl who was living a simple life becomes a princess all of a sudden. The journey of how Brielle becoming a princess.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Who are you?

Hi I'm Brielle I'm just an ordinary girl who is home schooled which is absolutely boring as hell. I made many friends in my neighbourhood . Well my life is simple I live with my mom in California. I still don't know who my dad is actually. Mom never mentioned about dad. Then one evening we had a visitor in our house. He wore black suit all black.

Brielle : Mom who is this guy?
Mom: Honey this is your father.
Dad: Hi honey, my name is George I'm your father.
Brielle: He is my dad?
Mom: Yes honey we kept it a secret from you.
Brielle: Why mom?
Dad:To protect you Brooke.
Brielle: Protect me from what?
Mom and Dad: from your uncle.
Brielle: [shocked] Why?
Dad: [Sigh] You are the Brielle the princess of Slovakia.
Brielle: I'm the princess of Slovakia!
Dad: You are supposed to take the throne when you grow up.
Brielle: I'm supposed to rule Slovakia?
Mom: Yes sweety, I know that this is all of a sudden.
Brielle: Dad,mom why did you have to hide this from me!
Mom: We wanted to protect you from your uncle.
???: Your uncle wants to take your position and rule over Slovakia.
Your majesty,Your highness
Brielle: Grandma,Grandpa?
Grandma: Yes dear it's true your uncle is planning to take over Slovakia.
Grandpa: Brielle darling you are the true heir of Slovakia.
Brielle: I need time to think.
Both: Sure darling this is to much for you.
Brielle: I have decided it already. I will look take the heir of Slovakia.
Mom:That's great darling.
Suddenly ymthere was a knock in the door.
Grandma:I'll see who it is.
Opened the door
Grandma:You! You are not welcome here.
Edward: Missed me?
Dad: What are you doing here?
Edward: I'm here to see my neice.
Brielle: ...
Edward: I'm here to tell you all that I will rule Slovakia.
Grandma: You will never rule Slovakia.Brielle is going to be the heir to the throne not you.
Edward: Is that so Brielle hm?
Brielle: [Scared]
Edward: I'll see how you will be the ruler of Slovakia while I'm here.
From upstairs mom where is my laptop?
Brielle: Richard really!
Richard: What dork face? Wait Brielle who is this guy?
Brielle: This is our dad stupid.
George: You have grown alot son.
Richard:Wait!Why is everyone here?
Mom: Brielle is going to be the future heir of
Richard: Wait what? This dork a princess.
Pffft you have to be kidding.
Brielle: Hey! I'm not a dork.
Richard:Yes you are.
Mom: Stop it already.
Brielle:Mom he started it why are you scolding me.
Dad: [Sigh] These kids!

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