Overshadowing Darkness (Book 1)

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Raven Walker has lived in boarding schools for as long as she can remember. But one day, a ferocious storm destroys the building and she is struck unconscious. Whilst asleep, she visions something rather peculiar. After she awakes, lonely Raven sets off to find her destiny... A nail-biting story that will leave you on the edge of your seat...

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Destruction's Awakening

The night was gloomy, yet the air was warm. The wind swayed in the depths of the ocean to the peaks of the sea. Everyone felt the tingle inside of their bones, that raw gut feeling that something was about to happen. Everyone knew that there was mystery and somehow magic in the air. Everyone felt the peace and the calm, the way it should’ve been at all times.

Except one.

The old cathedral was rumoured to be haunted, so not even the bravest of souls would dare venture in, for they had heard the tales of those who had tried. “Their limbs were torn apart by ghosts, and their minds had been tampered with. It was as if they were monsters,” their parents would say. “They would come back with alabaster skin and dark red lips, and the intention of finding ‘souls’.”

So all the people, both young and old, would listen to them and stay far, far away from the supposedly ‘haunted abode’. Until one day, four young fools stumbled into the cathedral as a dare. They had been told the stories of those who had been massacred by the ‘ghost’ multiple times. However, as they decided not to listen, they followed the advice of the dolt. When they arrived, though, they seemed rather uneasy.

“Hey, Steve?” the first one said. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this place.” Their leader sniggered. “Don’t tell me you’re actually scared of this poor old place!” He started to leap around, acting like a frightened child. “Hey, I’m the little wimp who’s afraid of a simple ca- Hey, did you hear that?” The others shook their heads. They thought Steve was crazy. “Uh, boss?” mumbled the third. “There’s something-” “Probably nothing,” Steve announced suddenly. “And to think I was startled by zilch! Nobody scares Green Steve, eh? Hello?”

They had abandoned him.

Now all alone, the once-tough man was beginning to feel partially frightened. However, he acted like he didn’t have a fig about where they were, and had forgotten what his parents had attempted to drill into his head for so long now. “Hey, Pete! Come out, come out wherever you are! Boy, they’re good at hiding,” he muttered as he dodged a grave in his way. Before searching for the other three again, he turned around and read the words lithographed (engraved) in the stone out loud:

Because of your wild and treacherous heart,

You’ve broken the barrier that keeps us apart.

Alas, hapeless one, you’ve sealed your fate.

Be rid of her soul before it’s too late.

“Be rid of her soul before it’s too late. What does that mean?” Steve thought. Then he sneered. “This is absolute nonsense. Totally loopy. And I thought that this place was only half crazy. It’s batty!” “Did somebody say batty?" breathed a voice. A woman dressed in a chalky-white transparent dress was gliding towards him. Fast. Steve turned around and gulped at the sight of her. She was a beauty. But there was something not quite right about her image. The pale skin. The waxen yet plump lips. The dark eyes. Nonetheless, the blinded young man decided to win her over with his ‘skills’. He strode over and said bluntly, “You’re beautiful.” The woman grinned. Steve peered closer; her teeth were pearly and suspiciously long. He shrugged the fact away. The anonymous lady then ruffled his hair. “I was afraid that you might change you mind about me when you saw my true colours,” she replied. Steve was perplexed. “What are you talking about? Do I know you?” The woman nodded. “As a matter of fact, you do. I’m Luna Link, top of the pops and supposedly your worst enemy.” She winked and started walking away. This was when she went in for the kill. “You know, if you just said that you didn’t hate me, you wouldn’t have to be a jerk your whole life. Anyways, I’d best be off.” she added and slinked off with a smirk.

Steve was dumbfounded. He was sure he remembered that he’d seen her before, but then she had pink cheeks, and was full of colour. She was the Summer in the Winter, the sunshine to everyone’s day. Everyone loved her. Even him. He was just about run after her, when he stopped. He remembered the words on the grave: “Alas, hapeless one, you’ve sealed your fate. Be rid of her soul before it’s too late.” he whispered. Somehow, they had something to do with Luna and her sudden appearance. He made a silent vow to find out what that something was, and then somehow flee. Little did he know.... There was no escape.

Steve kept to his word and went to live with Luna. She showed him the ways of ‘her people’, he in return offered to keep his living with her a secret. They lived peacefully for decades- well, at least one of them did. All of a sudden, Luna revealed everything to him. The sun was just arising and the moon had gone to sleep. Shadows echoed of the plains and the destructed cathedral where Luna and Steve lay, apart. On spur of a moment, she awoke. Her face was wrinkled and her eyes bloodshot. The woman’s ey were dark and they bore a malicious look in her eyes. One of her most striking features was her hunched back and long, wizened nails. As soon as Steve put up his head, he expected to see the ravishing face he had been used to for so long now. Instead, he jumped back in fright. She had once been so lovely, now she was a monster.

“What happened- who are you, and what have you done with Luna?” The decrepit woman smirked. "I'm surprised you can't recognize me. I'm Luna, and I'm going to take your soul."

Many knew the story, but only one heard the scream.

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