Aylan, the white sorceress

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What do you do when you are a nineteen-year-old witch who was cursed one hundred and fifty-six years ago? What to do when you're cursed by immortality? What to do when it is our ex-boyfriend who cursed us? What do you do when you have black, ink-like marks on your face because of the curse? And what do you do when you are forced to go to Cataclysm High, in the United States, in the 21st century, without betraying yourself? Ask these questions to Aylan, she will answer you kindly (no guarantee). Aylan is nineteen years old and she is a witch, who used to be nicknamed The Young Devil in White. She was feared, and now she finds herself in high school, cursed and among students all without powers. She has been searching for 156 long and difficult years the one who cursed her, whom she knows very well. She wants to be free, of course, but who says her heart doesn't want to be chained to someone? And who said that she wouldn't find obstacles across her hunt ?

Fantasy / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 : ink dreams.

« Please... »

My body was hurting me.

« Please, Connor...go away... »
- I won’t let you face him alone, Aylan ! he said, taking my hands into his.
- You will die for nothing ! I can’t just sacrifice your life...

Tears were dripping on my cheeks, mixing with my face wounds’ blood.

The physical pain wasn’t comparable to my mind that was teared up.

A scream of madness suddenly resonated, making us shiver on the ground. I looked quickly at him, his green eyes shining in the full moon.
« You have to go...I won’t die...So please...I-»
He shut me out with a passionate kiss.
I wanted to push him away, but he didn’t let me move.

His tongue was roaming in my mouth and I couldn’t breath.

He locked his green eyes to my blue ones, while stopping the kiss.

« I won’t leave, my beautiful witch. We will die together. »

« Aylan... » said a sadistic voice...

The man that I once loved was in front of us, with a blood-dripping knife, a mad look on his face.

He was thirsty for my blood.

Monday 9th of September, 2018

« AAAAAAH....! »

I suddenly woke up.
Satan dam-


Monali busted out in my room, sweating and in her underwear.

I realized that I was sweating bullets.

« Oh my god, sis, you okay ?» Monali said, with an anxious voice.

I couldn’t talk, still shocked and shivering from my dream.

What did I dream about ?

What the-

«Aylan ! Please tell me that you’re okay ! You were screaming like Satan came in your room and told you that he was going to take away your powers and-
- I’m okay, Monali...I just had a bad dream...
- What dream ? she asked
- I don’t remember it...I just remember that I was going to get killed and...I woke up.
- Well, tell your brain that you can’t die please. These dreams are worrying me, Aylan.
- Yes, Monali...

Why can’t I die ?

I pushed the blankets, (that were soaked in sweat, ew) on the side and stood up from bed.
I was going to the bathroom, when...
« Wait, Aylan. I have something important to tell you.
- What ?
- Since we moved in this town, we will have to put you in a high school. They only have one so...
- I ain’t going at school, Monali.
- Yes, you will. It’s not because you’re a immortal Wind witch that it means that you can’t live a normal life.
- How the fuck do you want me to do this, huh ? I can’t go to highschool with my face ! »

I placed myself in front of my Mystic mirror.

I may look normal when you are looking at me from afar.

But when you get close...

« We don’t care about this shit ! Just go take a shower, and let’s go to this teenagers’ shithole ! » Monali said, annoyed.

And she just pushed me out of my room.
This bitch...

Eventually, after 10 minutes of cursing my big sister, I had to go shower. I didn’t want to stink anyway.

So I entered the bathroom.
There were no lights in there.
So I had to use candles.

While I was lighting these, some whimpering was resonating.

« Ostende daemone aqua. » I said.

A little scream was heard. I turned the candle towards the demon I found in our tub.

It didn’t have a demon apparence. It was a naked woman.

A siren.

- Hi, inked witch...she said with a slutty voice.
- Get out of our tub, I wanna take a bath, Lorelee.
- Yes, yes.

She stood up and made the fish scales disappear from her skin.

Her turquoise hair and her grey eyes were glowing because of the candles.

- Tell your sister to call me if she wants to do it again...and you call me if-
- Yeah, yeah, just get out, I don’t wanna hear your sex life with my sister. And I’m not interested.

She took a towel, smirked at me and evaporated like froth into the hole of the tub.

I immediately rinsed the tub and cleaned the bathroom after she was gone. Sirens can be...weird.

I took a quick bath, in a moon-scented soap.

Am I able to be with normal teenagers ?
Like, I know more about their world than them. So why would I go study there ?

I frowned my eyebrows.
I can’t believe Monali did this to me. I don’t wanna be a brat but...I can educate myself at home.
No need of mortal teachers and classmates to do so.

« Aylan, it’s been thirty minutes that you’re in there ! Come out !
- It’s not my fault your sexfriend tried to hook me up ! I said, angry asf.
- She was there ?! Oh my...sorry. »

I sighed.

I got out of the bath and wiped myself off with the towel. I faced the mirror in the bathroom. The foam was hiding my face. I just gave my blurred reflection an ironic smirk and left the bathroom.

« Finally !
- (I looked at her, with an exasperated expression) Yeah, I finished.
- I picked some clothes for you. And you should clean your room because there is some frogs hearts that spoiled, Aylan.
- This is not the hearts, it’s my perfume.
- Then change it.

I just ran into my room, annoyed by my sister for the third time this morning.

I saw an outfit that was perfect for going to school.

A black blazer with a white shirt. A (not too short) brown tight skirt and some high socks. And my doc Martens on the floor.
While I was drying my hair, I was looking for my underwear and my jewelry. The jewelry that I wear usually is magic : a middle finger ring with a red stone that hide my magic for demons and creatures, a necklace with a medaillon that hides the photos of my dead parents and my big cross earrings.

I was dressing up when I heard a big voice call my name :

Dammit. Is that...?

I dress up quickly and come down the stairs.
I was right.
I would recognize this voice every time.

« Timothee !
- Hey, girl ! »

My best friend, Timothee Argentia.
A werewolf.

« So you’re going to my highschool, huh ?
- You going there too ?
- Yeah! When Monali told me you were moving at Tonarda, I was though the roof ! And when she told me that you were going to Cataclysm High, I was dying of happiness.
- Well, at least you’re happy about it.
- Don’t worryyyyyyyyyyy...Everything’s gonna be fine, Ay’ ! You will have great grades and you’re pretty yet cold so you’re gonna be popular and-
- Hell no. I’m going to be super discreet. I don’t wanna be the center of the attention of mortals.
- We’ll see this afternoon. Monali said. Breakfast is ready, Aylan. And yes, it’s noon but I can’t survive without pancakes in my day. She said because we looked at her like she had two heads.

Timothee ran into the kitchen and sat at the table like he was coming every time.
« Made you a steak, Tim.
- Thank you, Lili !
- Stop calling me that, you dog. And here Aylan, eggs on a toast with bacon on the side. With some Coca on the side, Your Highness. »

I was blushing of embarrassment while Tim was mocking me. I mumbled a « thank you » and I started eating.

« As soon that we finished to eat, we are leaving. While I hypnotize the headmistress, you take care of the whole school, right ?
- Yes, Timothee. With a Wind that manipulate their spirits, that will be easy. I said, confident.
- Then it’s perfect. Monali said while emptying the bottle of maple syrup on her pancakes.
- You wanna have diabetes, Li-
(He shut up immediately after seeing Monali look at him like she wanted to eat him) I mean...uh...
- Anyway, I said emptying my glass, this is gonna be easy.

I snapped my fingers and my plate and stuff was cleaned and dried off on the table.

« Waiting for you in the car »
And I was gone.

Connor POV

My girlfriend Kiana was driving us to highschool.
« Are you okay, baby ? You look tired...
-I just had a weird dream...but I’m okay, don’t worry. »

When I woke up this morning, I felt like I was going to die in the dream I had. I just remember blue eyes. And some blood. And a man that was looking crazy.

But the eyes were staying on my mind.
They were blue.
Blue like the sunny sky.

« BABE ! I called you 4 times.
- Sorry, Kiana... »
I can’t believe she’s my girlfriend, but I’m forced to go out with her. Don’t have a choice.
- I was talking about your new neighbors !
- Yeah, a French teacher and her little sister.
- This girl will maybe come at Cataclysm...
- Yeah, maybe...I don’t really care.
- Is she pretty tho ?
- I only saw her sister, Monali Whitestone. She is nice.
- Hum... »
She turned her eyes back on the road.
I grabbed my phone and sent a « pls help me Kara » to my best friend.
When I saw the school and that she pulled over, I jumped out the car and ran into the school, screaming « FINALLY BITCH ».
Everyone was looking at me, laughing, while Kiana screamed with her cringey voice : BABE !
Everyone knows that I don’t love Kiana. She is just using me for popularity : it’s true that when you are a blond boy with green eyes and a swimmer, popularity and bitches are a gift...
I sighed, annoyed.

I felt a kick in the back of my head.
« Hey bestie ! »
Kara, my best friend looked at me with warm browned-eyes.
« The whole school heard you scream, Connor...be a bit discreet ! She laughed.
- Yeah, no ! Unless she leaves me the fuck alone, I won’t stop showing her that I hate her.

I opened my locker : some books fell on the floor. Kiana laughed so hard that she was crying on the floor, while everyone was looking at her whispering : freak.
But fortunately, Kara wasn’t giving a fuck.
And that why I love her.

I suddenly smelled a weird odour around. I looked at everyone : they were all like...empty.
Their eyes were empty.
« What the-»
Even Kara stopped laughing and was looking on the floor, silent.
There was fog, grey fog on the floor.

I was feeling my head spinning a bit.
That’s when I saw her.

She was walking all around, her hands wrapped in clouds.

Her face was perfect.
Her lips were red like a strawberry.
Her cheeks looked like Sakura flowers were spread over them.
Her nose was the cutest I’ve ever seen.
Her eyes...
The same I saw in my dream.
They were the one.
And I was swimming in them, while she was looking at me, with an indescribable expression on her face.

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