Second Chances

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Have you ever thought about your death? Wished that you had time to say goodbye? Well I have thought about mine and I had time to say goodbye but it wasn't enough.

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Destiny Saint
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The End

I am dying, this is the end.

"NO please, I didn't have enough time." I said hoping someone could hear me but I knew they couldn't. Nobody will ever hear me again.

" Is she dead?" I heard someone ask. I couldn't recognize his voice but I suddenly had a reason to fight my death.

" No but if she doesn't wake tonight, the chances of her ever waking up is slim to none." another person said.

Wait I am not dead yet? All of a sudden I was blinded by a white light. I welcomed it, tired of only seeing black.

" Destiny, listen to me," A angelic voice says. " I don't have long my dear child, you were meant for more than this. It is not your souls time to die however your human body cannot survive. you will now be a werewolf, you need to remember who killed you. I wish I could help you daughter but I cannot reveal myself to you yet. Just know I am here with you."

When the voice ceased I felt a surge of power flow through me, when I opened my eyes I heard sighs of joy and gratitude but all I could do was run and run as fast as I could. When I slowed I finally took in my surroundings, all of my senses were enhanced, fur replaced skin, gold eyes were replaced by purple, paws replaced hands. I felt amazing I could smell, hear, see and feel everything around me so when I heard twigs snapping I turned and bowed my head getting ready to pounce. That is when his smell hit my nose and my wolf relaxed even when I told her not to, his wolf was a beautiful brown color his eyes were two different colors one gold and the other an unholy blue. He seemed bigger than the other wolves but I was just a little taller, my wolf was a pure white color with some purple on her snout. It looked as though I was licked by purple flames by how the purple had faded into my fur.

" Your wolf is as beautiful as you, mate." A male voice rang in my head and I was confused, so I shifted back only to regret it. I was in my birthday suit, I am not ashamed of my body but I didn't necessarily want a stranger to see my property.

" Here is some clothes for you." He said after he shifted back into his human form.

" Thanks, stranger in the woods." I say sourly, I just wanted to run with my wolf.

" My bad, I am sorry my name is Ezra alpha of Bloodmoon pack," Ezra says as he bows respectfully, " may I ask the name of my beautiful mate?"

" MATE?!?!?!?, sorry dude but I think you have the wrong wolf." I say while walking back when he step closer.

" Is that so?" he asks then sniffs the air around us, as he is sniffing I instinctively squeeze my thighs together without my mind telling them to. Why am I aroused by this man? My wolf whispers, "Could it be because he is our mate?"

He interrupts my thoughts, "I can smell your arousal. And by the way your wolf was running from me you are mine and I am yours." By the time he finished talking my wolf took control and pulled him to us kissing him hard, like we was starving and only he going satisfy us. I pulled all the strength I could muster to push him away - he was a stranger and I don't care if he was my mate or not I am not going to fuck him in the woods - which didn't do shit so I bit his lip earning a groan from him. Well that backfired.
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