Bloodrose Academy

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Jenna Marshall is the daughter of the darkest magician of all time and for the last 5 years she has been imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. When a professor from the most famous school of magicians in the world makes her a proposal, she is suddenly in the spotlight exposed to thousands of enemies and confronted with her brother whom she had never met. And while everyone is trying to make her life hell, a greater danger is approaching and this time she will have to choose between darkness and light, good and evil, life or death.

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The Beginning

The beginning

In 1756 in a small village in America, Amelia Werthington fell in love with Leonard Cain and they got married in 1758. The two lovers, in addition to being young, possessed the power of magic that they kept secret because at that time the only word warlock led someone to his death without a trial.

The two young people longed to complete their family with a child, but no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t complete their dream. Amelia soon let her melancholy overwhelm her and in desperation Leonard sought the help of Sophie Perk.

Sophie was Amelia’s childhood friend, and a powerful witch who came from powerful wizards and gave Leonard the only solution that could help them. In a book that Sophie kept her spells, there was a spell that it could give them the coveted child, but there was a big problem.

The product of this magic would be a dark creature that wouldn’t have the power to love, a lifeless, devilish creature that would have to be controlled for a lifetime. Sophie warned him that the first child of two warlocks is usually the most powerful and that she didn’t know if they would ever be able to control it, but Leonard was determined to get his wife out of grief and gathered everything necessary for the spell.

Amelia was full of hope and from sadness she went to paranoia, she read the spell all day, she had almost memorized it until she reached the last ingredient. The heart of a loved one.

The couple, who had now gone beyond the bounds of reason and without thinking, killed Sophie and sacrificed her for the spell which had an effect and nine months later they were holding in their hands their only son named Derek.

Little was known about Derek’s childhood since his parents kept him protected until he was 17 years old. At the age of 17 he killed his parents and left the small village forever, which was now too little for his own ambitions.

From 1790 to 1852 Derek gained power and many followers. The spell had blessed him with incredible beauty and grace that made him almost immediately beloved by his followers to the point where they glorified him as a god. He had black hair, bright blue eyes and his skin was flawless like porcelain.

For decades he terrorized the entire magical world and killed without hesitation in order to become the leader of the entire magical community. However, as his power grew, so did his enemies, who soon spread to all parts of the earth, and each time he met them, he was led to bloodshed.

Derek, however, in addition to strength began to show unnatural longevity, his enemies and allies were aging and dying, but he stopped growing old at the age of 40 and went down in history as the scariest and strongest warlock in history.

Blinded by his vanity and as his opponents’ army grew, he found a way to build his own army of soldiers he considered the best, his own children. He found strong witches and waited until they gave him his first child, killed the mother and disappeared forever with the baby.

His children were raised by families of his followers and he marked them with a star on their left wrist. The sign meant that among his followers they were the most important but they were forever submissive to him.

In 1995, in one of the biggest battles, Derek’s army is destroyed and he is mortally wounded, that day everyone believed that maybe their nightmare would be finished once and for all, but they were wrong. Back at his headquarters a large castle awaited his youngest child, his one-month-old son and one of his most loyal followers who gave him the idea to tie his life to the baby and heal him. As long as his life was tied to the child and the child was magically protected then he too would survive.

Derek followed her advice and survived and continued to build his army only this time tying his life with every baby, creating his own safety net that would secure him eternal life.

In 2002 he charmed Erica Marshall, the Marshall family was the strongest magical family of recent years and Erica believed that Derek could indeed change. She told him that she would leave her family only if he married her and left behind the dark magic. Derek accepted and stayed close to Erika for a year, but seeing that the child he wanted wasn’t coming, he tried to kill her to continue his paranoid plan. However, Erica was probably the only one who could repel his power and after a short battle she managed to hurt him and run away from his castle.

Derek, however, was confronted with something he had not taken into account, Erika’s family. Once again he was forced to save his one-year-old son and his faithful follower who had proved valuable and to run away and from that day he disappeared. For the months that followed everyone knew that the nightmare was not over but at least for now they had won.

What no one knew was as everyone were busy with Derek’s disappearance for months, in a small hut in the middle of nowhere, Erika, with the help of her family, gave birth to a healthy baby girl, her eldest daughter, Jenna Marshall.

December 2013

New York, full of light and life, people are walking fast on the street, everyone is in a hurry to go to work, most of them hold a cup of coffee in their hand and talk non-stop on their cell phones. The city where everything seems to be moving fast, the city with the huge skyscrapers.

However, on that day in December, the city seemed to have a different feeling, a strange hazy mood was wandering the busy streets and people without knowing why felt more pessimistic, sadder. There were those whispering in the streets, talking to each other in groups , terror and panic were written on their faces.

The magical community was mourning, a horrific attack had come to destroy their mood as the Levington family was murdered. Peter Levington was a well-known businessman in the field of tourism and for years he was married to his wife Erica Marshall and the father of her daughter, Jenna.

The couple’s happiness was completed by their youngest son Benjamin and they lived in one of the richest areas of New York. The couple was overwhelmed with happiness and Erica’s daughter, little Jenna was a beautiful, sweet girl who was always loved, wherever they went she charmed people and seemed to act as a lucky charm to her father as those who knew her wanted to be around her to get even a little of her shine. Erica, however, didn’t leave her out of sight for a moment. While she had a younger boy, all her attention was focused on Jenna and every time she left her field of vision, panic and despair flooded her. Peter didn’t want to push the situation even though he thought his wife was exaggerating and seemed to overwhelm the little girl with her overprotection. Like everyone else he had the incomprehensible need to protect little Jenna and see her smile.

However, he knew that his wife before him had a difficult marriage, she hadn’t told him much, only that her ex-husband was violent and had barely survived. Erica was trembling just at the idea that her ex, whose name she stubbornly refused to reveal, would find out about Jenna and especially during the first months of their relationship she didn’t want Jenna to appear anywhere.

Peter was willing to protect both Erica and her daughter and didn’t push for more information but often wondered why his wife seemed so scared. No one expected the happy family to end like this.

That morning the couple’s housekeeper opened the door of the luxury apartment and found Peter Levington murdered and the news had traveled rapidly.

The apartment was messy and with signs of struggle. The walls were marked as if someone had set fire in some places, glassware was broken on the floor, the couple’s photos were all torn or burnt while there were splashes of blood everywhere that became even more intense near the businessman’s lifeless body, his look frozen in a form of terror and panic.

Erica and Benjamin were no where to be found even though it was clear she was home at the time of the horror as there was blood in both the little boy’s room and Erica’s robe that was thrown and forgotten on the floor. What shocked them all was that eleven-year-old Jenna was standing near Peter’s body, covered in his blood and holding a knife in her little hand.

The police took her to the department and the magic government started looking for Erica and Benjamin, but their investigation led them to a well-hidden secret. Jenna was the daughter of the darkest warlock of all time and her mother had kept it a secret for years. The police who worked for the magical community took Jenna and because they were afraid that the little girl would follow in her father’s footsteps, they judged her and locked her in a high security prison that closed only the worst criminals, Goldron Prison, hoping that with in time she would reveal to them what had happened to her mother and brother.

July 2018

The tall building looked like a lighthouse, it was remote on a small island that had no room for anything else. The small rooms were the size of a telephone booth and if one wanted to rest could only sit with his knees folded and leaning his back against the cold stone wall.

It was round with three cells each floor with thin but strong railings and not at all protected from the cold or the drops from the sea brought by the icy air. The guards were holding a gun that was electrifying the prisoners who were causing problems and was checking them from the cameras that were everywhere. Goldron Prison was rightly considered one of the worst prisons in the world, and rarely did anyone escape. Even if someone managed to get out of his cell he couldn’t leave the island.

Another cold day had dawned, it was blowing furiously and the waves were erupting on the stone wall at the lower parts of the building while the rain was falling hard and sideways with the result that the rain entered the cells and made it even more difficult for the prisoners.

The rooftop door opened and two guards came out into the open accompanied a tall man. He was around 40 with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was wearing plain jeans and a simple long-sleeved blouse under a black cloak and looked around almost indifferently.

“Cell 8” murmured one of the men.

The unknown man approached the cell and almost stopped in surprise. All the prisoners were either standing or sitting but not this one. The girl was lying on the ground with her feet against the wall and her hands were tangled behind her head. She was dressed in a dirty gray bodysuit, her hair was tangled and she had marks on her hands and feet from wounds that had begun to close. Still, he couldn’t deny her dazzling beauty. “Jenna Marshall, you have a visitor,” the guard told her abruptly and kicked her door. Jenna got up almost bored and leaned against the wall, clenched her fist and the guard grabbed his neck and began to sigh.

“I think I don’t like your way” she said calmly, her voice soft, melodic.

The other guard, without wasting time, shoot her with his gun and thousands of volts hit her body, forcing her to kneel. The guard was about to hit her again but the unknown visitor grabbed his hand.

“I would like to talk to the prisoner" he told him calmly but menacingly “you know who is sending me”

The guard cursed in a foreign language and left with his colleague who was still breathing heavily and with difficulty.

“Jenna Marshall, my name is Luke Clark and I come from Bloodrose Academy. This academy is… ”

“I know what it is,” she interrupted. “What I don’t know is why someone from the academy should visit me,” she told him and looked at him curiously. “Am I not considered the dangerous killer?”

“I will be completely honest with you. I have a story to tell you ” Jenna sat on the ground with her legs folded as Luke sat on the ground on a low stool to the right of the cell door well away from the prisoner. “In 2010 the school had an unpleasant surprise…”

“I was 7 years old, whatever it is, I didn’t do it,” she interrupted.

“I know. Your brother came to school. Jeremy Cain has powers that no one can control. From the age of seven he has fans and opponents and tries to become the leader of the school. He has powers that most teachers can’t even comprehend and unfortunately no one can stop him. ”

“Not that I don’t enjoy the story but what does that have to do with me?” she asked indifferently “I have never met him and I am quite sure that he is no particular in mood to listen to his sister”

“As I told you, he is terrorizing the school and we want someone who can control him. He may be older than you but you are the eldest daughter of Erica Marshall and Derek Cain, we are sure that you are much stronger than him and you can easily impose yourself on him ”

“Why is he not expelled?”

“Because no one comes to report the abuse. He terrified them all and the teachers have no evidence to justify the expulsion. ”

“In case you didn’t notice, I am locked in a cell, I have been here since I was eleven. Why didn’t this discussion took place 5 years ago when I was dragged into this hell? ”

“We tried before…”

“But Derek has begun to regain his strength and the government fears his children will take over the school because it is illegal to deny them entry. However, you left an eleven-year-old in prison without caring if I was alive or dead, and of course without anyone looking to find the truth. And now, five years later, five years that I lost from my life, years that I was treated like the worst criminal, you want my help. ”

“I know you may be angry but stopping Jeremy is to the benefit of both of us. No one is safe and nowhere. Once he finishes school he will come for you”

“He can’t touch me. In all that you said there was a truth, I am much stronger than him. But what do I have to gain if I help? ”

“You will get out of the cell and have the opportunity to attend one of the most famous schools in the world”

“In a school that can’t handle a teenage warlock"

“You will make acquaintances…”

“Or in a world that already hates me before they know me”

“Jenna, you are a strong witch, no one denies that and most likely you are more advanced than many teachers, but control is not the only thing you learn in school. I personally can teach you to survive without the use of magic, that’s my job. Don’t forget that there is a way from the ministry that can take your powers

"You just saw me use my powers, if they could remove them they would have done it” “They don’t know who you are. Your mother did a great job, few know that her daughter Erica Marshall is also Cain’s daughter. If they knew you wouldn’t be in prison, you would be dead “Luke stood up and sighed softly running his hand through his hair”

I will give you one day to think about it and I will come tomorrow to get your final answer ”

Jenna was watching him as he left and a small smile spread across her face. Luke Clark had no idea she had already made her decision, her chance had come.

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