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Quinns Lotus

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"Look it's the great conjunction." I tell Alexander pointing at the sky. "Where is it?" He asked trying to find the gaseous planets. I grab on to his wrist and use his finger to show him where they are. "There's Jupiter... then right over there is Saturn." He follows his hand that I'm holding. "Cool huh?" "Yeah, it's something extraordinary." He says, looking at me. Quinneth Worthingshire is a normal 17-year-old girl living in the small town of St. Helena, California. There nothing interesting happens, unless you count the odd number of wolves roaming around. Quinn is startled when she comes into contact with a rather mysterious man. His eyes are black with a swarm of grey flecks, he's there one minute and gone the next. Who is he? Where did he go? She doesn't know, her questions are left unanswered. But, to her luck, they are reunited and her feelings for him can't go undenied, what she doesn't know is that he isn't some cute 19-year-old boy, he's a cute 19-year-old werewolf. The future Alpha of The Golden Summit Pack, and also her mate. Their relationship is a tumultuous one, it comes with people trying to kill them, trying to trust each other and keeping one eye open at night. With this new found relationship, Quinneth discovers something about herself she never knew. Release Date: 1/29/2021 End Date: 7/14/2021

Fantasy / Romance
K.Z Spencer
4.7 3 reviews
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The Beginning

-As of 12/2021, this book has been edited.

Hi! This is the first book in Quinn's series.

Enjoy the book!

“Lyra, Lyra you can do it just a few more and you’ll be done,” I yell to my best friend Lyra as she climbs the rope for our P.E class.

“I don’t think I can do it Quinn I feel like my arms are going to fall off. This is it, I am going to die, I am so young this is not how I wanted my life to end maybe by a car or something, but not like this.” Lyra cries out as she starts to work her way down from the rope. She is so dramatic sometimes.

“Lyra comes on down I think you’re done,” I say as I grab onto her torso and help her down. She lands on her feet and hugs me as if I’m going to disappear.

“Quinn did I ever tell you how beautiful you are I don’t think I ever did. You are amazing just amazing.” Lyra says cheerfulness fills her voice. Like I said so dramatically.

“Come on let’s go to the locker room to change my body is weighted down by sweat,” I say as I grab Lyra by her arm and drag her with me to the locker room.

As we walk to the locker room Jack Thompson, Lyra’s boyfriend walks over to us. Oh, what is life without Jack? Lyra has been with Jack for almost 4 years. I can’t imagine a day where they were not together. They practically eat, sleep, and breathe for each other probably would die for each other. A modern life Romeo and Juliet. She runs up to him and wraps her arms tightly around him.

“Jack what are you doing here? You are supposed to be in the workshop?” She says to him as she holds on to his torso and sways with him back and forth. He waves to me with a toothy smile, I wave back just the same.

“I know but I snuck out of the class to tell you that I won’t be able to hang tonight, me and the boys have to stay late today coach wants us to work on the plays,” Jack says in a disappointing tone. Did I forget to tell you Jack plays on the football team, the Killer Bats? Our team is really good we always triumph over the other teams.

“Really?! I wanted to have a movie night with you, I guess it’s OK me and Quinn can hang out today. Right, Quinn?” She looks at me with her hazel eyes dancing over my face hoping to see a smile or a node showing that I agree. I give her a nod and a smile showing her that we are going to hang out tonight.

“Sure, I will hang with you, but I have to go to work today from 4 to 6,” I say.

“That’s OK I’ll go home and do my homework and then meet up with you at your house.” She says to me and then kisses Jack goodbye, me and her walk over to the locker room to get changed and ready for our next period.

The bell rings to let us know that school is out. I grab my lavender backpack off the ground and proceed to walk out the door. As I am close to the door my teacher, Mr. Jefferson, calls me over to his desk. I turn around and head on over.

“What is it, Mr. Jefferson? Was there something wrong with my homework? Did I forget to turn something in I always remember to turn everything in?” I say as I kept rambling on.

Mr. Jefferson shrugs off my rambling and says, ” Quinneth your work is perfect there is nothing wrong with it, “he says as I release all the buildup oxygen in my lungs, he continues to say, “I just need to know what your project is going to be for the FLOA science fair.” He says. I know you’re wondering what does FLOA stands for? Well, it stands for Future Leaders of America, it is a program for students who inspire to be leaders and want some guidance and practice. I worked all my freshman and sophomore years to get into this program. I could say that it’s all worth it in the long run.

“Yes, I wanted to do an essay on a future leader like Malala or Greta Thunberg,” I say very proudly.

“Quinneth that is a good topic to write about, I feel that you will boost yourself to the top in this program. The essay is due in a month so remember to be on you’re A-game and spread your time out wisely.” He says as he writes down my ideas for the project.

“OK, thanks Mr. Jefferson and thank you I hope I do well too. Can I go now?” I ask him.

“Sure, you can go see me tomorrow.” He says as he waves me off, I wave back to him and walk out the door to see Lyra waiting by the door for me.

“What took you so long?” She says as she links arms with me as we walk down the hall.

“Sorry, Jefferson wanted to ask me about my project idea for the FLOA program,” I say as I readjust my backpack over my shoulder.

“What are you doing your project on?” She asks.

“I’m going to do an essay on a future leaders and how they benefit society,” I tell her.

“Wow that sounds good, why are you so smart?” She says in a curious tone.

“Lyra you are smart too, in your way,” I say as I mumble the last part.

“Hey!” She slightly yells at me as she slaps my arm. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing.” I laugh at her as I rub my arm. She might not be able to climb a rope but she sure can slap an arm.

“I mean but what am I going to do with my life. I mean you want to be some leader of America and Jack wants to go to the NFL and I’m left in the dust. What If I never figure out what I want to do?” She says worriedly. Lyra is very smart and beautiful she could do anything she sets her mind on.

“Lyra, lots of high school kids don’t know what they want to do yet trust me you are not alone,” I tell her.

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