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Golden Lotus

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A prophecy unheeded leads to the murder of the Great Mother and Queen of Gods. Will the Great Protector and King of all Gods bring his Queen back onto her throne by his side before the world feels the consequences of her loss?

Fantasy / Romance
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A great tragedy will befall your kingdom were not the words a ruler wanted to hear on a beautiful, calm morning in the throne room. Unfortunately that was the fate Thaddeus dealt with when he claimed rule over the Gods and world below them. Every week the God of Time, Tempus walked into the halls of the Sky Palace to tell him how the future looked and what he could do about it.

What could he do about it?


Tempus spewed all these predictions to the high status of Gods but refrained to tell them exactly what to do when the time came. His knowledge was to be noted and they waited for the inevitable.

“What kind of great tragedy?” Thaddeus humored Tempus.

The God of Time pursed his chapped lips in disappointment at the lack of seriousness in Thaddeus’ expression. “If you trust those close to you far too blindly…darkness will fall upon your life and the fate of our kingdom,” Tempus announced, letting it echo in the deep brown walls of the palace back into Thaddeus’ eardrums.

Thaddeus flickered his eyes over to Junius standing on the side of the throne room with a concerned expression on his face. “See, now you’ve worried my Ingar.” He gestured towards him. “Could you at least be specific? If the situation is truly dire then I cannot run on riddles.” Blue eyes sharpened both in frustration and mockery of such a flimsy warning.

Tempus sighed, features hardening in exasperation. “I can only give you so much, Great Father. Time is unpredictable even for a God.”

“Well, tell Time that I need a better explanation before I start interrogating the people I trust most.” Thaddeus leaned forward on his throne, deep brown hands intertwined. “It’s a very bold claim, Tempus. You must understand I can’t act on it so easily.” He tried to speak in a reasonable tone for the God. Though Tempus hardly looked convinced.

“Then tread carefully.” The lack of address to Thaddeus created an eerie atmosphere of rebellion. Tempus tightened his jaw. “That’s all I can say.” He turned on his heel, black feathered cloak trailing on the floor behind him as the Ingar guards escorted him out of the throne room.

When the double doors thud close, Thaddeus relaxed back against his throne. He sighed in exhaustion and rubbed his face to calm his new frustrations.

“Don’t worry too much about him.” Junius’ voice fluttered through the room, breaking the tension as he walked up the stars to his throne. Wave blue hair hovered over his left eye when he reached out to touch his shoulder. “He likes being dramatic sometimes.”

Thaddeus scoffed. “He’s always dramatic. But he’s also always right.”

“Not always.” He shook his head.

“How do you mean?”

“His predictions can be inaccurate. He predicted that you would rule the kingdoms above at the center and in the depths. But Orcus rules the depths.” Junius smiled, squeezing his shoulder gently to provide more comfort. He hated it when people distressed his King. The way his lips curled downwards and his features hardened hurt his chest. “He said your father was going to die from your hand but he ended up jumping into the Underworld’s fire out of his own madness.”

“He really was fucking mad, wasn’t he?” Thaddeus chuckled mirthlessly. Memories flooded of how Aelia had to cast protection spells on herself so his own father wouldn’t act on his wandering eye. He still felt the chills of satisfaction when he saw him burning in the Underworld. Even Gods cannot escape Death. Orcus’ eerie words haunted him.

Junius smiled in response, glancing around the throne room before meeting his gaze. “I think we’re done with the meetings. Go rest, I’ll tidy everything up here for you.”

Thaddeus couldn’t help but feel his body loosening at the reassurance. It was like the world off his shoulder when he was able to relinquish himself for a moment. Sometimes he wished that moment lasted longer but he knew the ones who wished to replace him weren’t safe for the world. Enslavement, blind devotion and some suggested mass destruction to rebuild a ‘perfect’ world. It was too risky. The second he gives his throne to another worthy God, he would’ve signed a death wish for all humanity.

“Thank, Junius.” He sat up from his throne, patting Junius’ shoulder before making his way out of the throne room. His mind set on only one location.


“Tonitrua wept as he held his love, Niji in his arms. Stilled by the call of the Underworld Nymphs. He watched them carry her soul away…saw the tears rolling down her cheeks as she smiled. Then she vanished. The God now held onto a lifeless shell that used to be the women he promised to marry.” Aelia left a small silence with that solemn note, watching the Ingar children with their bright eyes widened and jaws dropped. Eventually a smile tugged at her lips as she reached to brush one of the Ingars’ fringe so it wouldn’t tickle their eyes.

“The heavens cries rained down on the earth.” She waved her hand and a grey cloud formed over the children, lightning striking with rain rushing down. However the water only lightly sprinkled on them earning innocent laughter to grace her ears. “Tonitrua beat on his drum as loud as he could muster and it rippled across the skies.” At Aelias’ words, a distant thud echoed in the makeshift storm she created, trying not to make it too loud for their sensitive ears. “He beat the drum all night long praying his love could hear him. The world could hear his grief and pray for his mercy not to shatter the skies.”

“Ton-tua is thunder!” One of the female Ingars squeaked causing Aelia to giggle.

Tonitrua…and yes, he became the brewer of thunder.” The storm over the Ingars head now faded back into the beautiful day light of the palace gardens. “As the Titans ceased their grieving, the Nature Mother blessed the earth by kissing the Sun Goddess Solistas’ forehead. Together they formed colours…the very colours that manifest all the hues of our world.” With another wave of her hand, a burst of bright colours reflected around them, rainbows shining on their young skin.

Aelia grinned seeing one of the infant Ingar’s screeching in excitement at the rainbow reflection on the mat they were sitting on.

“What happened to Tonitrua’s love?” Another older Ingar inquired.

“She would always follow him wherever he went.” Aelia grinned. “Niji means rainbow.”

A series of light gasps and smiles spread across the group causing a warmth in her heart.

“Alright, children, let the Queen rest now.” One of the Ingar caretakers announced to the whole group. They guided all the little children back to their homes while the infants were gently carried out.

Aelia waved at the toddlers before removing the rainbow reflections. She rested back against the peach blossom tree bark with a sigh, letting the subtle sweet scent grace her nostrils and calm her body.

“Do I get a story too?”

The familiar deep, chocolate voice made her smile in seconds. Aelia felt his soft fingers brush against her cheek. She held onto his hand and placed a gentle kiss on his skin before he moved to sit down in front of her.

Thaddeus sighed, finding immediate relaxation in his wifes’ presence rather than the throne room.

“Maybe later. My throat aches,” Aelia murmured. “You look tired.”

“Happens when you need to listen to every whiny complaint from people with powers beyond humans.” He rested his head on her lap. Warmth seeped through his veins capturing her scent and filling his lungs with the ultimate comfort. It almost felt selfish how good he felt with her presence. Almost as if he didn’t deserve being so close to her.

Aelia raked her fingers through his raven locks, caressing small circles on his forehead to soothe his exhaustion. “It’s lovely that you listen to them though.” She brought her other hand to trail down his nose to his lips.

Thaddeus placed her fingers in between his twin flesh smirking at how she giggled. “I only listen because someone convinced me to be more attentive.”

“Well it worked, didn’t it?” She tapped his lips three times. “You’re the most loved Ruler of the Gods we know.”

“It was only possible with you by my side. They love you far more.” Thaddeus held her hand and kissed the inside of her palm. He lifted up again, placing his arm on each side of her body while she was pinned to the tree and took her lips against his own. A low hum emitted in his throat, his hands began sneaking up her long light pink dress.

“Ah, don’t.” Aelia smiled into the kiss, lightly pushing his hand away despite the tingles that shot through her body.

“Come on, just a quick one,” Thaddeus breathed out, sneaking his tongue between her teeth.

“Tha—” She chuckled pressing a hand against his chest. “There’s people here.”

The God managed to whine a little as he moved to nudge his nose on her jawline, taking in more of her scent so he could never forget. “Our bedroom then…” Thaddeus cupped her cheek, gaze darkening as he forced himself not to pounce on her right there and then. “No one needs us right now.”

Aelia bit down her bottom lip feeling a light tingle pooling between her legs. “We should be quick,” she whispered. “Before someone sees us.”

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