I don't want to marry you

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Zea, who was under mercy of her step-mother, Helena, plans to escape with the help of her step-sister, Luna, when she was forced to marry. But ironically her adventurous escapes get tangles with the person whom she was forcedly-supposed to marry.

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Escape Plan

It is true that everyone, indeed, possesses a heart to be kind. However, it blossoms when one has a conscience to question oneself. To know why, we need to know Zea Allen and her story.

Before we begin, let me ask a question: how would you feel when you are forced to live in a store room of a castle, even though you own the entire castle?

That was what had happened to Zea. Her room was anything but comfortable to live in: faded moth-eaten curtains, which made no effort to resist the sunlight through the lancet window of her room; grain-filled burlap sacks, which was neatly arranged in the wooden shelves under the stone staircase; every stone wall in her room was in a desperate need for lime wash. Even though it was not homely, thanks to Zea, she had adjusted herself to live there. But, there’s a limit to everything. Even to cross the limits!

Zea stared at her disguised reflection in an old emerald green mirror. It seemed to her a strange girl was imitating her in the mirror. The spark had been found nowhere in her dark brown almond eyes. She looked paler than ever. Moreover, her untypical outfit was anything but her characteristic resemblance: An ankle-length straw color trench coat, into which two people would certainly fit, cloaked her shin length peach color frock and a weird bob cut wig curtained half of her thin face.

Beside the mirror, on the old pie crust table, a paper desperately trying to fly away from the paperweight’s captivity caught her attention. She stared at the paper. ‘A small piece of paper is doing its best to fight for its freedom, can’t I ?’ Zea questioned herself. Her excuse to abandon the thought of freedom was an inevitable fear of her step-mother, Helena. Her words echoed in Zea’s ears:

“It is decided that your wedding is to be held tomorrow and I expect no fuss. I found an old dress in this carton box, probably your mother’s and I am glad that there is no need to waste a single penny of mine for you. Remember, there is no way for you to escape and I won’t even let you step out of your room”.

Zea immediately dropped the thought of her step-mother and stared at the carton box which Helena gave to her as a Helena-type-wedding-gift. In an attempt to cheer herself up, she recalled what she had found, to her surprise, in the carton box: A massive straw color trench coat instead of her mother’s old dress and a letter from her step-sister, Luna.


I know it is ridiculous to write a letter when we are living in the same castle, but this was the only way I could find to speak with you. Mamma is being crueler than ever: wedding without your consent; imprisoning and starving you as a reward to your refusal; I knew she was harsh on you, but I never imagined this. I bet this was the reason why Mamma ridiculously resisted me from coming home. In fact, I heard when Aunt Charlotte was talking to Mamma on the phone that she insisted on my stay in Georgia for a few more days. Anyway now I am here and I am not going to let her hurt you anymore. Don’t wonder about how I managed to replace the carton box. I will tell you tomorrow. Now, help yourself to find a trench coat(forgive me for the size) and there is a wig, passport, your flight tickets, too. I can assure you that tomorrow I will create as much chaos as I can. In the meantime, however, you must disguise yourself - a coat and wig will help you. Use anything you find helpful in your room to disguise you. My friend’s brother, Alban, will escort you to the airport. Don’t worry about money because I sneaked into Mamma’s room(mind you, it doesn’t count as housebreaking, after all it’s your money).

PS: There is something I need to tell you. There is a letter from a university about accepting you. You can guess where I found :mamma’s almirah.

With love, Luna.

“Luna,” Zea called her foolishly as though she would turn up just by calling her name.

A loud, echoing thud filled the room. Within no time a voice screamed, “Yes!”

Zea jumped and raised her head towards the stairway.

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