I don't want to marry you

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“Oh, this stupid lock ate up half of my time,” Luna complained like a five-year-old child while entering the quarter landing of staircase by pulling a small pin from key hole.

“Luna!” Zea climbed the stairs while Luna descended the stairs and hugged her tightly.

Luna broke apart from the hug and started examining by holding her at arm’s length,“Wait! Let me look at you”

Zea warned Luna before she could open her mouth, “Don’t tell me that I look paler than ever ”

“Certainly not!” said Luna as though fatally affronted, “I must say that you look horrible” she rolled her eyes at Zea.

Zea knew what was the next thing Luna would do; Luna had never minded cursing her mother, Helena. However, Zea never felt comfortable when Luna criticized Helena.

“I did my part well, in the meantime, however, what about the chaos?” Zea mimicked Luna in an attempt to distract.

Luna gave a malicious smile and rubbed her hands together. Zea was sure that something was wrong.

“Oh! I must tell you this,” said Luna with an air of excitement as though she won a gold medal, “I put Mamma’s sleeping pill in Aunt Molestia’s drink”

“Luna! You should not do that,” Zea scowled at her, though a funny excitement filled her.

“Come off it. She annoyed you persistently, didn’t she?” Luna roared at her.

Zea had no answer to this question because Helena’s sister, Aunt Molestia, had never spared a minute to annoy her. Besides, she was crueler than Helena.

“She’s fast asleep and Mamma is thinking she is about to kick the bucket” Luna giggled.

“That’s not funny! Luna,” Zea admonished Luna with a bit of concern.

“Stop scowling at me. Serves her right!” said Luna indignantly, “now, you can’t waste her involuntary sacrifice. Everyone is occupied with Aunt Molestia’s sudden illness. Before anyone notices, you must escape. Come with me,” she seized Zea’s hand and yanked her out of the room through the stairway.

Both of the sisters are on the ground-floor corridor. Zea was sure that the first-floor was packed with chattering guests. Helena’s wailing was loud. Though it was fun to hear, it wasn’t pleasant to the ear. It was hard for Zea to walk, her trench coat sweeping all over the floor.

“Where did you get this?” Zea asked Luna, pointing to her trench coat.

“Can’t you guess by its size?” Luna gigled.

Ha! She can guess now. It was Aunt molestia’s. She was almost as twice as Zea (both horizontally and vertically).

“Aunt Molestia’s?” Zea asked her.

“Oh Zea! Your genius,” Luna teased her while Zea was literally panting to meet her sister’s pace.

She had only a few more steps to the back door of the castle when Luna grabbed the handle.

“Luna, dear,” a voice came from the right side of Luna.

Luna flinched and turned her head to the right while Zea swiftly moved behind the buttress of the wall.

“Aunt Surdia,” mumbled Luna.

Zea was sure Luna was cursing Aunt Surdia under her breath.

“Luna, dear, have you seen Molestia?” asked Aunt Surdia.

“Er— she was bit sick,” Luna mumbled

“Oh! Poor Molestia, what happened to her?” moaned Aunt Surdia.

“It would have been great, if I had put a pill in your drink, too,” Luna regretted under her breath.

“Pardon, dear,” Aunt Surdia drove closer to catch her words.

“It would be great if you comfort mamma,” said Luna through gritted teeth

“Certainly. Certainly dear!” said Aunt Surdia.

“There,” she showed the way to the stairs on the left side which led to the first-floor.

Luna patiently watched her climbing the steps.When she turned out of sight on the stairs, Luna sighed Zea to come.

“Er—Luna, dear, ” Aunt Surdia’s voice came from the stairs.

“What?” Luna barked.

Luna was shaking with anger. Zea slinked towards Luna to sooth her anger.

“Can you ask that mucky Zea to bring some coffee,” said Aunt Surdia.

Luna seemed to blaze with the white-hot lava of her anger. Zea hurried and seized her hand.

“Idiot! that stupid old hag! I told her not to call you you-know-what, I swear, I am going to give her poison instead of coffee,” Luna burst into anger.

“Luna,” Zea grabbed her hand to stop her.

Luna somehow pacified her anger for Zea’s sake. She grabbed the handle and pulled the door. Both of them entered the garden which was at the back of the castle. Autumn traces were found everywhere. Though the untended trees had grown wild, the rampaging growth of their branches captured the eye. It felt pleasant, for Zea, after being trapped inside for so long.

She felt it was not safe to stay there for a long time. Indeed, it is better for Luna to return back to the castle.

“Luna, you must go, if you are here, she will know that it was you who put pills in the drink,” she said with concern.

“Will you be able to manage?” Luna mirrored her sister’s concern.

“I can, by the way, what is his name, your friend’s brother?” Zea asked her.

“Alban,” said Luna while hugging her and who was on a verge of crying “let me know when you reached the Airport”

Zea nodded. She walked towards the wicket gate. She could feel Luna’s eyes on her.

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