I don't want to marry you

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MR. Regnarts not a stranger

It was pleasant to see a day outside the castle after six months of imprisonment under her cruel step mother’s mercy. To greet her newly born freedom, bright red maple tree leaves were spread all over the path as a red-carpet. A warm welcome of chilled breeze brushed her face. Two meters apart from her, Ford Cortina was parked beside the great wall of the castle. A man in the driving seat, well groomed in black suit, was searching for something by squeezing his head amid the car’s fascia and steering. She looked around the street to quickly scan any other car, she found no car other than this Ford. So she was sure that it was the car of her sister’s friend’s brother, Alban, who came to help her to escort her to the airport. Without a word, Zea walked towards the car, clutching her side seams of the coat with two hands to do her best not to look awkward and did not wait for the acknowledgement of the person in the driving seat before getting into the car.

He flinched and looked frozen when Zea got into the seat. Judging by his expression, she was sure that he was astonished rather than flinched.

“Hi!” she said slightly abashed, “I am —”

“—Zea Allen?” he blurted, still with an astonished expression.

“Er— yes,” Zea mumbled, wondering why he was so shocked.

He gave a quizzical look at her (Probably because of Zea’s outfit). She started cursing her sister, Luna, under her breath for not telling him anything.

“You, too, don’t want this marriage, do you?” he asked, a strange excitement was palpable in his face.

She was puzzled with his question. A constant question, Who else doesn’t want this marriage? made her give a quizzical look that mirrored his expression.

“You are Alban, aren’t you?” she asked him, trying to drop the thought What if he isn’t Alban?.

He rolled his eyes at her with an air of astonishment. “You don’t even bother yourself to know who you are going to marry, do you?” he asked.

“Who are you?” words slipped her mouth before even her brain could start processing.

“Perhaps, I should introduce myself, Ms.Allen. I am Aurel Alcander Regnarts, the man you were supposed to marry today,” he said.

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