I don't want to marry you

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The chase

“Perhaps, I should introduce myself, Ms.Allen. I am Aurel Alcander Regnarts, the man you were supposed to marry today,” he said.

Zea’s jaw dropped. She felt as though jumping out of the frying pan and diving directly into the blazing fire. Several words got lost in the middle while traveling from brain to mouth.

“I am— I am—” she mumbled, “I am Zea Allen II, not the one whom you are thinking,” she blurted.

Zea must admit that she was no good at lying because she can see a considerable amount of skepticism in his face. He gave an Oh-really stare which made her go as pale as her coat.

“I am really sorry. I thought it was my car,” She said, desperately trying to avoid his Oh-really look, “Please convey my greetings to your fiancée, Zea Allen-I, I deeply regret that I can’t attend your wedding, you know, I need to find my car,” she said in a not-so-convincing-but-believe-it way, swiftly turned to her right and grabbed the car door’s handle to get out of the car as fast as she can.

“I didn’t say that it was my car, did I?” he asked her.

What on earth is he doing here then, if it is not his car?

Where is Alban, then?

Did he know that I hate this marriage?

A bunch of questions were flying around Zea’s Head. She, reluctantly, turned to her left to face him.

“Oh! Very well then,” she said though nothing was well, “can you get out of my car? I need to go.”

“Aren’t you the one who regretted a while before for not being able to attend my wedding?” he asked her, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes! I deeply regret,” she said through gritted teeth, though not a little part of her felt remorse for it, “but, suddenly, I am feeling sick. So I want to go. Honestly, I think you don’t mind for the decrease of a single head count in your precious wedding ”

He coughed (Zea was confident, It was actually an excuse to mask his laughter) for Zea’s school-child’s-leave-seeking reason. He swiftly turned away to avoid her glare and glanced at the front mirror. Abruptly, his smile vanished. Instead, an air of fear spread all over his face. Zea followed his gaze, Two middle-aged people were accosting them. They were fiercely running towards their car. One of them was shouting something but she couldn’t hear them.

“Buckle your belt,” he said while pushing the key into the key-hole.

“Who are they?” she asked when he pressed the clutch

“It doesn’t matter.” he answered her absent-mindedly while he pressed the accelerator pedal.

“Why are they accosting us?” she asked him without realizing that she was also being involved in the chase.

“Don’t bother yourself.” he answered ignoring the mixture of her irritation and panic stare.

“For heaven’s sake, can you tell me why on earth should I not be bothered?” she shouted(probably, now realizing that she was also being chased).

“For heaven’s sake, will you stop grilling me?” he shouted, peering at the front mirror, “ they are after us and if you keep on talking then I may hit something. as a matter of fact, we will end up either in hospital or in a burial ground.”

She was neither sure about what exactly was going on nor how to calm herself, again and again, she glanced at the front mirror, a black car was restlessly after them, meanwhile, Aurel was literally crushing the accelerator pedal with his foot.

“Shit!” Aurel exclaimed.

“What happened?” she asked, praying for no extra problems.

“Brakes aren’t working,” he said, pressing the brake pedal wildly.

“What?” Zea screamed.

“Are you deaf? Brakes aren’t working” Aurel screamed at her.

“Shut up!” she yelled, “do something instead of making fun of me”.

The Black car which was tailing them tried to overcome them but failed miserably by hitting the tailgate.Which made a loud bang.

“Don’t you dare to press the accelerator pedal,” Zea warned him, “ Are you deaf? don’t raise the speed”

But, Aurel ignored her. He raised furthermore which only made Zea to scream harder. It felt worse when she saw the railroad gates which were leveling down to obstruct them. However, Aurel was doing the opposite. He was straight heading to hit it. On top of everything, finally it became crystal clear about what Aurel was trying to do when Zea saw the train which was heading east from south, while they were heading to north from south .

The train whistle was more and more audible as it approached near and near for every second that had passed. Zea rapidly switched her glare from Aurel to train and back to Aurel.






The black car again hit their car.

Zea screamed, “Oh, for heaven’s sake! will they tail us even if we are interested in going to hell?”

Within a split second, Aurel crushed the accelerator pedal which let the car dart towards the leveled railroad gates.


Zea closed her eyes with her hands and screamed wildly while the car smashed the gates, narrowly missed by the train.

Zea saw over her shoulders that the train had obstructed the black car which had made them buy some time to escape. She took a deep breath. Suddenly, her mind reminded her “Excuse me, your car brakes still aren’t working. Do you mind bothering about it?”


“What?” he asked, still trying to figure out how to stop the car.

“How are we going to stop this car?” The panic in her voice is palpable even if there is no one following them.

“Do you think I wrote a manual called ‘How to stop a car without any breaks’ ?”

Sarcasm levels Zea said to herself.

“Can’t we use this?” She pointed at the hand brake of the car.

“We can, if we are really passionate to die brutally,” he said, “for your disappointment, I am not that passionate”

Zea grinded her molars.

“There is only one option.”


“Travel carefully without hitting anything until there is no fuel left ”


An hour and half passed. The car was running on the viaduct which buckled as a bow to the adjoined rugged mountains, embedded with trees which were having bright scarlet orange autumn traces all over the ridges which obscured the ruggedness of the rock.

Zea tried to keep her thoughts to herself while Aurel tried hard to follow the road wherever it goes. Car speed, gradually, slowed down. Eventually, it came to a halt.

She wheeled to her right side and glanced around through the car window. To an unreachable distance, the sun was leaving the sky by promising his return for the next day. Densely and widely grown red maple trees were stretched as far as the eye could see and there was no sign of anyone other than distant birds chirping. She wasn’t sure how far they were from the castle. She turned her head towards him hoping that he knew where they were.

“Don’t ask me where we are,” firmly grabbing the steering wheel with a considerable amount of worry, filled in his face, he answered her before she could ask him- perhaps, he guessed it was time for getting grilled.

“Mr. Regnarts!” although she tries to suppress her anger, it is completely tangible when she shrills, “trust me, I love to know if you can suggest a person on earth or elsewhere here to tell us where we are ”

“Even I would love to suggest you if I could find someone,” he said through gritted teeth.

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