I don't want to marry you

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Forest of Khroma

“Don’t know where we are, don’t know how to get out of here, don’t know if someone is there to rescue us,” Zea started listing her concerns, “ and I will be surprised if I can secure a chance to catch my flight.”

“And I will be surprised if I can secure a chance to save her.” Aurel said absent-mindedly.

Zea wasn’t sure about whom he was talking about. But, she was sure that he had lost in thoughts.

“Er— Whom are you talking about?” Zea hesitantly asked while she took-off her bob-cut wig which was concealing her shoulder-length black hair.

Her question made him abandon his thoughts halfway. But he chose to pretend that he didn’t hear her.

Zea was completely confused with the series events that caused complete chaos: adventurous escape from castle to avoid marriage and ironically meeting the one whoom she was forcedly supposed to marry, escape from a stupid chase by some idiots, ended up somewhere on earth.

“It’s just because of you, I ended up here, ” She started accusing him. “ if you just had get out of my way I would have already been on board”

“Excuse me! If you own a grain of gratitude then you must thank me” he said.

“THANK YOU?” Zea shrilled, “MR. REGNARTS! that is the last thing on my list for the one who RUINED EVERYTHING”

“Ms. Allen, Trust me I am fascinated to know which dictionary you use to refer things because you certainly had a different definition for the word ruin, ” he squeezed as much sarcasm as he could.

“Very well! Then,” she said grimly who is on the verge of bursting, “could you please explain why should I owe a gratitude”

“The one who owns this car betrayed you for money” he shrugged.

Zea’s jaw dropped. Part of her was about to argue that he was lying because he had no evidence to support his claim.

Did Helena ask Alban to hold her? If so, how did she know Alban?

How did Mr.Regnarts know about Alban?

“How do you know?” she curiously asked him, without any trace of grudge on him.

“I heard him,” he said, “he was there not to escort you to the airport, but to abduct you”

“Abduct?” she asked, “this is something really insane because, who on earth had a gain in abducting me”

If Helena knew that Zea was about to escape then she would directly head to Zea’s room. But why should she hire Alban to abduct Zea somewhere instead of preventing her from escaping?

“I don’t know,” he shrugged, “I don’t even know that he was talking about you. When he was talking to someone on the phone, he said that he was going to bring the abducted one somewhere. I didn’t hear the place properly. It is ‘Caligosus’ or something ”.

“But I didn’t find him near the car or anywhere else,” she said, remembering what she had seen.

“Me and my friend, Fidel, stuffed him in the city dust bin, ” he said, “Fidel went back into the castle to manage a lie for my absence to my father. Besides, I couldn’t find any other car along with keys to run away. So the rest of the story you knew very well. When I was about to escape, you intruded into car ”

“Why do you want to run? ” she asked him hoping that he may not answer obliquely

“That was really a big story,” he said obliquely, “it is getting dark and I would be hardly surprised if we are not attacked by anything”

“Judging the situation, I would have been at least safe if I got abducted,” Zea mumbled, propping her cheek on her hand resting her elbow on the car’s fascia.

He smirked at her as he unfastened his seat belt.

“Don’t smirk at me. Besides, you know very well that I am correct. That is why you are not defending yourself.” she said tiredly.

“With your permission I want to inject a universal fact in your head,”

“Permission? okay! granted,” she said, still resting her head in her palm.

“A man quits defending when he finds it is useless to argue, exclusively, with women” he said the so-called-universal-fact in a philosophical way.

Zea snorted.

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