A Dying God (Book 2)

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Alexander wearily rests in a chair, the only thing allotted to him in his prison. His hands cuffed in front of him rest between spread legs. Blond hair, greased and oily hangs down his face. He wears fresh clothing, one that we provided for him. It’s simple clothing, a white t-shirt and linen pants. When he first entered, he was too disgusting to look at. A change of clothes was for my best interest.

As he is, he doesn’t seem so dangerous. From this image alone, he almost seems insignificant. A thousand year old Angel is never truly important but this man has been able to evade capture for weeks by wounding and killing over ten of my subordinates.

It’s true he doesn’t kill them with his own hands. Alexander is cursed but what is that for an excuse? He knows every time he connects to the Source the Vetalas come from Hell to eat his Soul. He uses such an affliction as a weapon. Vetalas are mindless hunting beasts. They will go after the purest form of Light. Does he think he is innocent? Blood drenches his hands as much as any murderer to walk this earth.

Alexander’s head bobs when I open the door. Dirt smudges his sweaty cheeks. Despite the dishevelment, he is a gorgeous man. Bright blue eyes look up at me and for a moment, I’m breathless beneath his stare. He shifts, attempting to remove the bangs off his forehead and he straightens up. A thin scar cuts along his cheek down to his jaw and the light blond of facial hair does nothing to conceal its freshness.

“Hello, Alexander. Do you know who I am?”

Confident and reposed, he analyzes me. Sizing me up, perhaps wondering if he can take me. I’m sure he’s realized by now he cannot access the Source. Not only does he wear a hollow, a necklace that steals his Light, but a Shroud encompasses the room as well, keeping all form of Light from entering it.

“Yea.” He replies with tedium interest. “I know.”

“I must applaud you. Managing to stay aloof all this time, it’s quite an accomplishment. You must have many influential friends. It is most upsetting that none of them have connections in the transportation department.” I giggle, shifting my eyes to the soldier, silently asking for a chair. They readily bring one in and I sit in front of him.

I catch sight of the scar on his face. For a scar to leave such a disgusting mark, it was done by the darkness. I’m interested but not enough to question it. “May I ask, where are you trying to go?”

As I wait for a reply, my observation stretches over him. He seems so meek, so trivial. How could such a man stay out of my reach for so long?

He continues to be silent and I grow bored, jabbing him with the very information that will get him squirming. “I know the girl is sick. Perhaps you are attempting to find a doctor for her. You are inadequate, I take it?”

A charming grin stretches over his lips, one that would have a woman fall into bed at the sight of it. The scar pulls but it only seems to add to his allure. Alexander leans his elbows upon his knees, coming a tad closer to me, flicking the bangs from his gaze. “I guess we are both inadequate. Me, a worthless doctor who can’t seem to help a single Fallen and you, you will fail the entire Angel race. We’re a lot alike.” He chuckles adoringly.

I want to smash his face in.

“Even rogue, you’re able to keep up to date with the war, then?”

“I manage.” He shrugs, leaning back. “I’ve got a lot of friends.”

“So it seems.”

I want to hurt him, physically, mentally, emotionally, anyway I possibly can.

“Do you know God’s dying, Alexander?”

Satisfaction comes when his eyes drift to the floor. “I’ve heard rumor--”

“It’s not a rumor.” Snapping to my feet, I latch onto this moment of victory as if I’m twisting a knife in his gut. “God himself stood before the Elder race and held my hand. He’s dying. You, whose life has been but a miniscule of my own, couldn’t possibly grasp what it means.”

Blue eyes fasten upon me wildly and I lean away, taken back by the suddenness of his movement. “Is that why you’re chasing after her? Do you think- ” He straightens, his chains clinking with his movement. “Do you honestly think Kyla can save Him?”

I grip his chin, pressing my nails into his skin. “My desperation has no limits. I will sacrifice hundreds if it would save one. Kyla is the only hybrid in existence. Her Light alone surpasses mine. If I bleed her dry, return the Light she stole from Him, God will be restored.”

He pants out of his nose, rage boiling in his brilliant blue gaze, “You’re insane. God is making a choice! It’s His choice. He doesn’t want to be saved. Kyla is our only chance to win against Lucius. We have to protect her! Don’t you understand? God gave us her at this moment for this purpose!”

I straighten with a tight back, staring down my nose at him. “God gives no one purpose.”

I flick my hand and have the soldiers lift him to his feet. This isn’t how I thought it would go. I hadn’t really thought about it at all, actually. I wanted only to flaunt in his face that Kyla was on her way but he had ruined it. Now I wish to see the devastation in his face when she arrives.

I stall upon finding Tessa at the glass. Her eyes wide and full of fear. I look to Matthias who hadn’t realized she was there. Clearing my throat I delicately reach out, “Tessa, why don’t you wait for me up in my office?”

She stumbles against the edge of the wall, her gaze going to the prisoner behind me, “What are you doing? He’s an Angel.”

I take a step but she tightens considerably, “You do what I tell you.”

Tears produce in her gaze as her body trembles. One last look at Alexander, she bolts for the steps fleeing from my sight.

We make our way slowly along the corridors. Alex’s chains keeping us at a dulling pace. He seems to care little to our adventure. My smile is returning. The surprise I have in store for him is enough to remove the negative mood from my shoulders. Especially when a soldier runs up to me to tell me the chopper has arrived on the east dock. I order all military personnel to pull back into their bunkers except for the three soldiers that follow me now. I want to keep Kyla’s arrival a secret for as long as I can. She is only going to be here for a moment before I move her to a secluded location where I have the proper sacrificial ceremony set up. I’ve never personally conducted one before but I’ve been to many. The Ten Great Houses love to do sacrificial ceremonies.

Arriving just in time, Alexander questions through the ruckus of the swirling blades, “Where are you taking me?”

I giggle and point, directing his gaze as the gurney comes around the other side.

Laid out a long white cot lies the only hybrid in existence. A young Asian woman, reborn in a body of a twenty three year old with pale white skin and black long hair, trimmed down to her elbow. From a single picture, I know these facts and I’m ready to meet the woman I’ve rested all my hopes in. The rumor is she’s sick, comatose, from some random ailment no one has been able to cure. It matters little. She doesn’t need to be awake to die.

My brows knit as she rolls closer. I pull a picture from my pocket. True enough, the woman on the gurney has long black hair but it is braided, thick and cumbersome, ending at her waist. She’s pale white, that matches as well. But where the girl in the picture is skinny, this woman has substantial weight and muscle. She weighs at least a hundred and sixty.

They roll her in front of me. My eyes widen drastically. She’s not Asian. She’s Inuit. They’ve caught the wrong Fallen.

Her eyes snap open and the blanket flings away as she springs from the cot and falls upon me. My back hits the ground with a shocking strike and all the breath exhales from my lungs. I choke to breathe but remain still, wide-eyed and terrified as I feel the sharp presence of a cold metallic blade pressed tight against my throat.

“Hello, Isis.”

This stranger glowers down at me, spewing her greeting through grit teeth. The length of her braid curls down between us and I feel the weight of it on my breast.

Panting heavy in my fright, I can’t tear my attention away from the brown eyes in front me. I hear fighting and gunshots but everything else is lost. I cannot assist them and I cannot stop this woman. The hollow and the diffuser around my neck, the things that are supposed to hide me and keep me safe, are now the things making it possible for a degrading Fallen to harm me. I should have been able to realize it the moment she came from the chopper but without the abilities of Light, I can’t see her Soul.

My lips tremble. Terror is an unfamiliar emotion and it makes me nauseous. “Do I. Do I know you?”

“No.” She replies. “But I know you. And I know it would save a lot of people if I just killed you right now.”

The sentence rolls through the thick layer of fright and latches onto logic. She isn’t going to kill me. There is something that she needs, something that I have, and she simply is distracting me until she gets it.

What a cocky little bitch.

She dares come into my domain and threatens my life? She will not get out of here alive. There are over a thousand Angels on the premises. Matthias will demolish their sinful schemes and I will get my revenge on this conceited cunt.

“You’ve got guts.” I smirk. “But you’re going to die now.”

I hear distant shouts and I shift my gaze, unwilling to move against her knife. I spot Matthias across the hanger battling a soldier in a black cloak. His desperation makes him sloppy and his combatant is surprisingly strong and well-trained in martial arts but Matthias will win. He always does.

My other soldiers are already unconscious. Alexander’s chains lay on the ground and he scampers across the hanger, pulling supplies from the shelf before heading toward the chopper on the field.

“Do you feel my Net, Isis?” She sneers, looking around her.

Gravity presses on my chest and squeezes my heart. From the moment she rose from the gurney, I’ve felt it. It’s immaculate but it’s not indestructible. She believes herself a worthy opponent. She must have been the Fallen to enter my city two weeks ago. Her power is familiar and I loathe it.

I cackle, the knife pressing against my larynx cuts into my skin and I feel the warmth of blood roll down my neck. “Do you think you’re impressive? Please, continue with such a concrete wall. I won’t have to kill you. Your Light will dissolve all by itself.”

She leans down, “Don’t you worry about me. Look to your right.” She assists me, easing the knife so I won’t cut myself in the process. “Above the Newborns, the ones that foolishly love you because they are blinded by your grandeur. Right over their shoulder. Do you see them?”

In the back, as she instructs I find what she boldly wants me to see. There is a band of Elders standing by, unmoving. From the shadows, they wait hoping, perhaps even praying that I’ll die.

She latches her fingers onto my chin, pulling my attention back upon her. A gratified smile stretches her lips, “It stings, doesn’t it? How they just stand there?”

A whistle sounds and then the helicopter takes off into the air. She looks around her noticing her last fighter. We watch together as Matthias kicks his leg out from underneath him and latches onto his head. With a quick jerk, he breaks his neck.

She grits her teeth and throws up a hand, sending out a second Net, stalling Matthias’ advance. He strikes against the wall with his Light and the ground rattles with the force.

“Who are you? What clan are you in?” A stoic face is my reply. “You think I can’t find out?”

“Find out. Learn who you are messing with.” She dares. “And fear for your life. Stop coming after Kyla or I will scar my Soul to end yours.”

She rolls off me in a sudden, quick movement. The Net shatters and she dives into the Dust, turning around to smile in satisfaction.

My quivering hand rises to my neck. Red liquid smears on my fingertips. I haven’t seen my own blood in eons. When I look up toward the woman, she’s gone.

And so is my patience.

I snap off each worthless necklace and fling them aside. I feel the weight of my Soul expand, gathering in the center of my chest as one gathers a cascading waterfall in the palm of one’s hand. It’s rejuvenating to feel such a massive amount of power, to feel the weight and energy course through me.

Strange fingertips touch my shoulder.

I latch onto the wrist and twist, snapping bone within an instant. I imagine it belongs to that woman. The taste of revenge will be so sweet when we meet again.

I rise to my feet.

Another soldier approaches me and I grab him by the neck, clenching, burying my nails into his skin feeling the blood roll down my hand. Bones groan and crack. I throw the body aside.

I want to hear that woman scream. How dare she challenge an Erelim Elder? Does she have any idea what I am capable of? I must show her. I must show them all that I am not a force to be ignored.

Through the center of my palm, I focus my Light. As an avalanche racing down a hillside, the shockwave barrels along the floor, smacking into anything in its path. Six marines to the left lift off their feet and slam into the wall. A Humvee flips and hurtles out of the entrance. The airliner slides on its wheels while every piece of metal distorts and curls against the pressure.

The thieving female made me appear feeble but I am far from it. I’ll have everyone here know that. There will be no rumors circulating that I was defeated by a Fallen.

I swing my arm, throwing the weight of my Light at a band of militia, watching as they fling off their feet, swinging in the air before slamming into one another. They all failed me and they deserve to be punished. The wall behind them creaks and moans and the lights burst and spark. Fires erupt and the ground shakes beneath me.

The adrenaline fills me. I want only more.

As the building begins to collapse, Angels flee at the sight of me and it only brings more anticipation. I will have their fear. No one will dare harm me again. I have nine thousand years of Light to exhaust and my vengeance has only just begun.

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