The Shifting Effect

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Madison is the soon to be Chieftess of the Emerald Grass Pride. She is capable and does not want a mate. However, she must accept a path that will decrease the power of an omniscient power. She must give up what she wants to achieve what the people need. Madison, along with her friends will attempt a fight that has zero chance of winning.

Fantasy / Romance
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Prologue, The Beginning

Let me start off by saying that every supernatural being that you have ever heard of is real. Granted they may not be the same as some of the stories that have been told, but they exist. Everything from brownies to Angels is very much real. This brings me to my own adventurous tales of woe. My stepdad always says that in every story there is always a beginning and how the beginning began. My story is not original, but the age old story of a girl who has a chip on her shoulder and feels the need to prove to the world not everyone needs a mate to feel complete. The women in my family have not always had the best luck with mates but somehow they served a purpose. I call this forced pairing a curse. I did not want it and saw how being in love minimized the fierceness of the women in my pride. Sure they are fierce in protecting their cubs and their mate but not in protecting their pride. I am a lion shifter and the soon to be new Chieftess of the Emerald Grass Pride. It is said that love or mates bring to full circle the efficacy of any shifter especially leaders. I do not agree with this at all. However, because of the powers that be, all supernaturals must find our soul mate.

A Brief History of Lion Shifters

Lilith was the first wife of Adam. She was cast aside because she was his equal. Her being cast aside led to the birth her four daughters, Mazikeen, Tamar, Lilim, and Ariel. These four deities have been demonized throughout history as evil. This was because of Adam. He wanted a woman he could command but Lilith was his equal. Ariel, Tamar, Lilim, and Mazikeen’s father was none other than Samael, or as the easily manipulated call him the devil, but there is nothing evil about him, Lilith or his children. Now Mazikeen, Tamar, Lilim, and Ariel are what people call Nephilim, half human and half Angel, because Lilith was once human.

Each daughter was granted a realm. Mazikeen became the moon goddess. Mazikeen had pale flawless skin. She was breathtakingly beautiful. She had long olive toned skin, white hair that flowed like a waterfall and green eyes that sparkled like gems. Next was the earth goddess, Ariel, who was named after her Uncle Uriel. Her skin was the color of obsidian and her eyes were molten gold. Her hair defied gravity as it reached towards the sun. She was the tallest of her sisters with a muscular frame that exuded femininity. Tamar, the sun goddess was Mazikeen’s twin. They were exact physical replicas of each other and differed only in eye color. While Mazikeen has green eyes Tamar’s eyes are a bright red. Lastly, the youngest and most mischievous is the goddess of water, Lilim. She was short, pleasantly plump and blessed with a myriad of curves. She had beautiful brown almond shaped eyes with sun kissed skin. Long curly black hair that had fire red highlights throughout. The children of Lilith were as beautiful on the outside as they were on the inside.

The Earth Goddess created the first cat shifter, the lioness. She was an exiled woman and a victim of rape. She lay on the ground beaten. Her slender ebony body beaten and bloody as she fought for each breath she took.

The Earth Goddess asked, “What ills you warrior? If you have the energy to cry then you can get up and walk.” She said as she approached the dying woman.

The woman responded, “I am lost. No one will listen to me. No one feels pity for me. My family will no longer have me. I am lost.” She was betrayed by her family when they choose to side with her rapist. No one cared because her rapist was the Leader of their village.

The Earth goddess became enraged. She asked, “What is your name? More importantly what would bring your soul peace?”

The woman paused from her crying and said, “Aso and I want to bury them all. I want them so far under that they can never breath again. I want them to feel as suffocated as I do.”

The goddess asked, “And what of the children? Would you sentence the innocent to the same punishment?”

She said, “The children are innocent.” She thought about what to do because she indeed wanted them all, especially the prince and her family, to suffocate. She remembered the legend of the Kiniun, the lioness queen, and then decided that she wanted to use the earth to only purify the evil in the heart of those who would allow the harming of the innocent.

The Earth goddess realized that the warrior could assist her and her family in their fight for humanity against the Darkness.

“Death can only be granted when you are no longer needed or useful, whichever should come first. You will face many dangers and you will lose people that you love. Do you accept Kiniun Warrior?”


You will become a Kiniun warrior, the first shifter. You will have two forms and both will be strong. Your cat will be with you for all times. She will be your inner voice. Just call on her and you will change forms. What will you call the first Kiniun shifter?”

Aso named her lion, “Ola. Ola was the name of my grandmother. She was the captain of the warriors for 50 years.”

“Shift warrior!” Ariel commanded. Aso felt an uncomfortable pull in her stomach then a feeling of fire raced through her veins. Aso doubled over and began screaming as millions of needle points poked through her skin. Her bones began to break as she fell to her knees holding her head. It was at that moment the pain in her head exploded and she passed out.

“Wake up Ola and Aso. Look in the stream at your reflection.” The goddess instructed. Ola walked over to the stream and saw what she looked like. She was a lioness, but not just any lioness though. She was nearly 6 feet tall! However, that is not what stood out in her appearance the most. It was her jet black fur with midnight blue highlights throughout her body. Her tail was at least 8 feet long and flicked back and forth in a playful manner. Then there were eyes, a piercing molten gold that shined with no irises. She was magnificent.

“Once you have created your pride you will be able to communicate by mind linking. You will not have your human voice while you are shifted. However, you will have dominion over the earth in your human form. The power of the earth is that it can heal and purify. You have the ability to form weapons and destroy them as well. Once you are strong enough you will be able to move land masses and bring land to the surface. That last ability will actually be the gift of your descendant. She will have dominion over all four shifts and elements. Man-made weapons will not hurt you, but those of a supernatural creation can.” Ariel said proudly as looked at her creation.

“Thank you goddess, but how can I help my family now? How can I save my tribe?” She asked as she mind linked the goddess.

“Ola please shift back to Aso.” The goddess asked and waited for Aso to reappear. Once Aso was back in human form Ariel magically dressed her in a robe spun from gold and continued her explanation. “You’re chief and his council have been infected with demonic essence. This is a path that they willingly chose so they must die. They must die for the crimes that they have committed against their own people and their crimes against nature. Their entire family must be eradicated. I will spare the children. They will become your guardians.

That evening Aso killed the Chief and his family leaving only his young daughter, Ifemi. She then killed council and their families. Only 4 children in total were left alive. They were all abused little girls. The goddess decided to wipe their memory and everyone else’s memory of them. They became the first members of the Emerald Grass Pride.

Lilith watched with pride as the group stood in front of them.

“My daughters, you have done me proud. Darkness spreads so easily and is so hard to contain. Ariel chose the gems of humanity in fighting back this evil. I do not dare disregard the hardships you will face in the future and the love you may lose because of this never ending war. However, Samael and I have decided that no soul is completed without the other half of it. You will each find a soul mate. This person will love you, will fight with you and will die for you. No one will ever catch your attention because you will be whole.” Lilith paused and looked at their surprised faces.

“You will form your own faction. Those who wholeheartedly want to fight for you will become a part of your pride. This will be a hereditary gift. They too will experience the joy of having a soul mate. So will our daughters.” She smiled once again at the outrage on Ariel’s face. Her other daughters looked hopeful.

“However, you will not be the only supernaturals to have a mate. Your father and I have been busy creating more creatures that are blessed with angelic grace. They will have the privilege of having a soul mate. So will those in the Darkness, because a soul mate will make the light stronger and weaken the Darkness. Aren’t we smart?” She asked with a smirk.

“Mother, I understand the warriors having soul mates, but I have work to do and love will get in the way of me achieving my goal!” Ariel spat.

“The idea of soul mates came to us because of you my love. You are the most loving of all of us, yet you put walls up with your sisters and even your mother and father. Love will weaken the walls and you will be happy. It has been seen.” Lilith said earnestly.

Ariel, still not happy, but the prospect of love and being happy pacified her for the moment.

“However, if a supernatural being rejects the soul mate that they have been blessed with, then they will be punished. Now there are exceptions to every rule. If you are paired with someone with a demonic aura and you reject them, you will find a second chance mate. However, should a supernatural reject for a supernatural reason, they will never find a second chance mate. They will feel pain each time they are intimate with their new mate. Now if you reject them, not because you want someone else but because they have a low moral point, you will not feel this pain. With Aso being the first shifter warrior, you will have immortality. Your direct bloodline will also experience immortality, but they can succumb to weapons made by humanity. Only a goddess or God himself may take your life. Those in your faction will live ong lives.” Lilith continued.

“Your goddess will set rules that you will follow for each faction. They are your true protectors. That is all, you may leave. Ariel you stay.” Lilith said as she and Samael walked out of the room.

Samael sat back and watched his wife and his child with pride. God gave him this woman and he thanks him for her every single day. She is more than beautiful to him. Her onyx skin and silver eyes are stunning. Full pouty lips and a curvaceous body that he takes pleasure in everyday he can, has him addicted. He felt that he was indeed a blessed man.

“Father, please tell me you did not cosign this ridiculous idea of me being a wife and a mother! There is so much to do and I will not be dominated by some man who wants a little wife to bear him children and fix his dinner!” An enraged Ariel said.

“Meadow, why does love make you stronger? Asked Samael using the nickname he gave her when she was born.

“God is love and love will always make you stronger, never weaker.” She replied back.

“Then why would your mother and I, the people who love you most, wish for your unhappiness? Why would we give someone to you so that you can become weak? You have been out in humanity so long that you only see the few relationships that were wrong. This is because they chose the wrong person for them.”

“So I have no say in who I love. That is what you two are saying to me. You will pick someone for me because I need to be complete according to you. What am I lacking now? I have love! I have my sisters, my parents and my warrior. Where am I lacking?” She said out of breath.

“Baby girl, you are not lacking. But your soul is lonely. I see it every time you look at a happily married couple. Your mother and I came up with this idea because we want that envy wiped away from your heart. Who knows you better than your mother and me? Please give this a try. If the partner we choose is not your heart, then we will take that person away.”

“Please Ariel, try.” Lilith pleaded.

“Ok mama.” Sighed Ariel as she hugged her mother.

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