Tales of the Fall: Birth of a Guardian

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Hogo of the fallen Mori clan begins his journey in what is called the Shogun’s Tournament, where he has to duel against 59 other young ones for a slot under one of the 5 Cardinal Lords, powerful ambassadors of their respective lands, only to be selected by a Lord Fon who trains him to be a young and powerful lord. On this path, Hogo faces challenges by way of the growing anarchist organization, Kaizen, and learns that his long-lost father might be involved in the war against anarchy even before his birth. Hogo strives to become strong enough to protect what he cares about most: his lover and his name. Meanwhile, his fated nemesis, Ito Ikki, delves deeper into the darkness of Kaizen’s beliefs, becoming the terrorist faction’s Champion with a sole mission of killing Hogo.

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As told in the annuls of Pala

The Warrior Madoka forced himself to a knee, listening as his men fought and burned in battle below. There was such carnage, such malice and hate, but all he wanted was to wash it all away. The only way to do that was to kill Makoto, his only brother.
The scales of his armor-plated skin began to fall to the water as his energy depleted and he looked up to his battered enemy. In the mountain's river, they fought and on that mountain one of them would lose. The water was cold but ran constant in a flow that nearly swept him away. Water was the most influential and versatile element on this planet almost as if it were alive…and there he was lying in it almost dead.
Footsteps in that water caused him to force himself to a kneeling. Looking upon the one who approached him was looking upon the new bearer of the world’s water, the Sui. Makoto was Kuro, yet that wasn't the poison. That was only his race. However…anarchy was his cowl. Salvation was his deception. He wore only black armor, laced with gold to create an appearance of grandeur. His long hair was black. His pointed nails were black. His skin was almost the exact opposite, paler than the winter sky above them. His blood red eyes looked down at Madoka with a fury he knew only his brother could cause. Only him. The Shiro.
Madoka pushed from under himself a white-booted foot that planted itself in the ground before lifting himself to a standing. Eye to eye they stood, red against blue, black against white. It seemed that it would always be that way. The two races could never coexist.
“You ruined it all, Madoka! My aspirations! My dreams,” the black clad man said in a voice that was almost buried by the sound of the rushing water.
“Millions would have died.”
“The death of measly humans is only a small price to pay for a continued existence of peace! Don’t you understand that much!?”
Madoka pushed the last bit of power he had into his hands until a blue light emitted from them. It was the manifestation of his energy, manipulated in a way he could have only learned from the Palans. “I was placed in charge of the safety of humans. I only concern myself with what’s best for them.”
“This is what’s best for them! Only the death of millions would be enough to erase what is and create what will be! Without the sacrifice of that much, I can’t control The Beasts!”
The Titan Madoka grimaced. “You shouldn’t have done that to our comrades, Makoto! You took their lives and made them into monstrosities!”
Bowing his head, he replied, "Kenzo, Mamoru, Akeme, Eira, Fallon...they were all willing to do what was necessary for unending peace."
"You're insane!"
He narrowed his eyes. Soon, the reds of his eyes began to glow as a small orb of crimson power formed just before his gaze. It seemed it was time for battle. “Then, this is how it shall be?”
“For peace. Yes.”
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