When God Breathed Love

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When the bridegroom of life chooses you for an unexpected love.

Fantasy / Mystery
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C1-The Unsealed You

"Let us look at each day with His grace sufficient. Let us choose to believe that God is good all the time. For His Grace is Provided Invisibly."

Gray colours under the starry night. A man behind the bars had stepped outside in royal robe. He trailed the pathway of grains. The blue ocean got devoured in crimson by the sunset. The salty scent lull him over to rest over the nearest moss.

Her blurry eyes caused by tears got secreted by her self haunting. She saw a pearl out of this doom. She captured everything through the lens of her view, since she loves keeping records. The golden wings turned transparent. The sincere and pure heart got placed in a dangerous passion.

When he opened his eyes someone might have seen his troubles. A presence carried by the wind that is warm tended his contrite and broken spirit. His guile lips became pure. His seeking and trusting did not fall to condemnation but got redeemed. He got won by supernatural love. A voice coming from the amber light spoke unto him.

"My will for you is like the wind. You won't know how it will turn out but it is surely alive. I certified you to speak of your story. You are now the bridegroom of life."

After hearing those words he jolted up from his slumber. He thought that he was already awake but it turned out that it was a dream. Suddenly, mist had form from heaven. The ground is no longer dry. The broad branches and vast leaves had sheltered him. He can't forget what he heared. His thought processing got interrupted by an old man's voice.

"Young man, come and join us for dinner. My wife had baked some bread."

He refused the offer but the old man's words enlightened the mud inside his brain.

"Your eyes have opened, thorns and thistle are now out of your face. Our God has made a skin for you to wear."

He followed where the old man lives. It was a simple house made of woods and roof. The pillars are of a cedar and the furnitures are purely made from rock and firm bamboos. It was a mini house but is better than inside the cell. Where the mouse played and the cockroaches soar like a butterfly seeking for a bud to land on. The sound of torment and weeping is no longer around. It got replaced by the sound of coffee from a tea pot. The oil frying some butter and the smell of honey coated upon the bread. It is his first meal out of prison.

"Young man this is my wife, Shuni and I am Nahbi. And your name is Elim Quil, right?" Nahbi introduced ignoring Elim's surprised reaction.

"How... did.. you.. know..? Were... you... one....of... the... prison... guard?" Elim inquired as he racked his head for memories if he ever encountered the old man. The old man just smiles at him as he served his coffee and bread.

"No. I am the man of your dreams." Nahbi teased with a serious face.

Elim gasped as he covered his mouth with his hands in disbelief.

"Just kidding, I am a pastor in this small town and the Lord had shown in a dream that I should annoint and equip you." Nahbi answered as he grins.

Elim can't believe what is coming out from the old man's mouth.

"Come on old man this is Elim Quil. The man who got imprisoned because of serial killing." Elim sarcastically replied.

"Yes and you paid for it. That is why you are here." Nahbi pointed out as he pull the chair for his wife.

Elim was about to junk the bread unto his mouth when Shuni said "Let us pray."

Elim froze and bowed his head for some reason his body responded before he could even think. After the prayer the couple shared a warm meal with Elim as if he is part of the family not an ex-convict that just got out from the jail.

Elim teared up at his first bite. It was the hottest and sweetest bread he ever had his entire life. The prison meal had his taste bud got rusty. But the table they shared reopened his sense of touch in a level that he never thought he will be able to experience again.

She got wasted after the wild drinking and twirling under the strobbing light and ear-splitting music. Her parents aren't home again. She gobbled the whole bottle and started tossing and shouting like a madman. Her world is spinning. She made her way to the comfort room. She was about to wash her face but her lenses caught a glimpse of her state at the moment.

She look ugly and out of character. Her lipstick that got wet from the alcohol splatted on her face like a kid who played with chocolates. Her eyes liners and eye shadow mixed in and form a circular shade around her eyes. Her hair got loosed from the ponytail. No wonder the men had been ignoring her grinding and swaying in the midst of the dance floor. She look like a clown under the wheeling mirror ball.

She washed her face and wiped it with a tissue. She slammed her make up kit inside her bag and made her way inside the cubicle. She changed her outfit from a flaunty dress to a plain white shirt and blue faded jeans. She comb her long black hair. Her mascara unraveled a dark and round pupil. She brushed her teeth and is ready to head home.

She slowly and silently opened the main door. When the voice of her father startled her. She got wasted and forgot that her parents will be back by midnight and time check, it's 4AM in the morning. Her father's calm and concern voice vibrated all over the house.

"Where have you been dear? "

She remain speechless pretending not to hear her father's inquiry, not until he recited her full name. When her father call her by full name it means serious business.

"Tirzah Hepher Eri, Where have you been? "

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