The Lies of Fate

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I wouldn’t know where to begin with describing the monstrous sight I saw before me. Even from so far away I could see every detail of his body. Wings like that of an angel, white and elegant, stained crimson and tainted with blood. His eyes a vibrant red, glowing and filled only with evil. Where his fingers should have been stood claws, sharp as knives and a deathly black, blood dripping from the ends. Even though the rest of his body had human features what I saw before me was the face of death itself. My mother had warned me that this day would come, and so I ran and ran and did not stop until I knew for sure that it had not followed.

Fantasy / Romance
Chloe Chadwick
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Author's Note

Hey guys, Welcome to my story. Just a quick note. This is my first novel so it won't be perfect but I would love your help! Comments and reviews will help me loads, and I can improve the story. Thanks a lot, and I hope you enjoy it :)

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