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Once upon a new kid

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Who will you choose Your best friend Or the one you think you love "is this why you didn't say I love you back, because you're in love with him" he yells and more heads turn, I open my mouth to object but nothing comes out "say something !! " his voice Is cold but his eyes hold sadness. ********** Alec and Lexi have been Best friends since forever, literally born twenty four hours apart. Eighteen years later and everything begins to change with the arrival of a new kid everyone seems to be dying for. Their fairytale world begins to crumble and Alec realises that he might have to fight for the one he loves

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Two months is enough for me to be awesome than you

Chapter one

Alexis pov

'my happy place is a world created for us'

I walk up to next class tossing my back pack over my shoulders, I have English now and I swear that Mrs. Demenclars hates me. That may have been because I started the demonclars society. but she had it coming always giving us pop quizzes.

well now I have to get to class at least five minutes early unless she wouldn't let me in. I stumble into someone but don't spare them a second glance, the person yanks my hand and I jump with a yelp

"what's up" a voice says

I look up to a pair of blue eyes I've been seeing for seventeen years

"what's up is that if you don't let me go right now I'll make sure you won't be having any babies in the nearest future" I say grinding my teeth, I'm no nerd but if don't get to class early my mom's gonna have my ass

"chill Lexi what got your panties in a twist"

"I have English now you duns" I say to my best friend

"shit" he says releasing me

"see you later Alec" I say waving as I hurry pass him

Finally making it to English class I let out a sigh I didn't know I was holding. Mrs. demenclars looks up at me through her heavy glasses with a disapproving frown

I sit in my usual sit at the back and place my bag next to me preventing anyone from sitting there, not like they do. The class starts filling eventually. someone yanks my bag from me and I look up with a glare on my face, noticing who it is I roll my eyes and grab my bag pack

"what do you want" I say

His brown doe eyes stare at me in amusement "did you forget that you have class with me"
He says throwing he's hands over my shoulder which I toss away

"I didn't forget, I wish you wouldn't sit here"

"then who would" he says smirking

"that's the point"

" my dear sister" he says and I throw him a glare "I don't want you to sit alone, its considered sad"

" I like being considered sad, that way I don't have to have friends"

"not like they'll come to you anyways"

I punch his shoulder and he winces sitting beside me clicking his pen in a very annoying manner

"Gregory" I seethe

"Alexis" he says looking up at me

"let me see your pen" I say with a fake smile

He gives me his pen and I break it and toss it at him

"hey!!!!" he yells reaching for my pen but I grab it first

"ha! In your face" I yell and the class goes silent


"miss grey do you want to share with the class what's going on there"

"nope" I mutter

She glares at me and then says "then I suggest you keep it to yourself"

"bitch" I mutter when she turns around and the class snickers. I guess I didn't mutter

Man I'm just asking for a detention

I glare at Greg and turn my attention to the board

time passes with a blur and the class ends. I grab my bag and rush out the door before Mrs. demenclars could say anything. I hear her yell something on the lines of 'the bell doesn't dismiss you' and I roll my eyes

it's time for lunch and nothing can spoil my mood

I walk to the cafeteria almost skipping I really love food, after picking my food I walk up to an empty table and start eating. the table creaks and I know who it is the only person that can stand me

"sup Pearson" I say without looking up

Alec takes a sit opposite me "sup grey, so how was English"

"it sucked, I may have called the demon a bitch"

He smirks "my bad vibes are rubbing off on you"

"it was Greg's fault, he kept on clicking his pen in the way he knows I hate"

"speak of the devil"

I tilt my head and sure enough Greg's coming with his clique of idiots laughing at something probably just as dumb as them.

"awwn, talking about me little sister" he says and his group snickers

I glare at them "first of all we are the same age and secondly I wouldn't be caught dead talking about you"

He rolls his eyes and sits down "our birth certificate begs the differ"

"two months Greg, two months"

"that's enough for me to be more awesome than you" I shake my head and go back to eating

I know what y'all are thinking how the hell did I end up with a brother like Greg. But I guess I'm that unfortunate. Greg's adopted, five years ago a thirteen-year-old was brought in by my mom, she said something along the line of nobody wanting to adopting and always returning him. I didn't really get why at that time but after he got into trouble three times in his first week at school I got the memo.

Not more than five minutes later the table starts filling up, most people friends of either Greg or Alec and the rest, people that want to fit in by sitting with the 'populars'.

What am I doing there you ask? well since I'm best friends with Alec and Greg's my brother it makes me popular by association or something.

Yup am that cliché awkward girl that a superhot bad guy falls in love with and we live happily ever after, the only problem is that no 'superhot guy' even talks to me, I don't even have friends and I owe that to the fact that am considered one of the guys so most of the girls either hate me or are too scared to talk to me.

A chip hits me and I snap out of my mind drama, I glare at Alec and he gives me a sheepish smile. my eyes wander to the girl with red lipstick and blonde hair, she has her hand latched to Alec and she was talking his ears off not even realizing that he wasn't listening. I look back at Alec and he stares at me with pleading eyes. I shake my head.

No way was I going to rip her away from him she'll probably bite my head off

"so.... Lexi" he says and I roll my eyes "what do you suggest we do for our birthday"
The blonde girl glares at me and I roll my eyes

At this point you are wondering and thinking that it's weird for both my best friend and I to share the same birthday but he was born a day before me and we've just always been celebrating our birthday together. It wasn't our idea though, our moms who have been best friends since forever decided that it was a way for us to 'bond' and become best friends. I swear sometimes I wonder if we were born to continue their best friend legacy

Realizing I had zoned out and Alec was staring at me I clear my throat and say "umm the usual, a party"

The blonde girl squeals "are you gonna have a party AL, can I come?"

Wow back up bitch no name calling

"uhn, sure we haven't picked out a time so I'll text you when we do Tracy" he says getting up as the bell rings, I get up grabbing my tray

"it's Tiana" the girl yells after us "and you don't have my number"

"man to think she can take a hint" he says clearing his tray

"you knew her name didn't you"
He smirks and I roll my eyes


We walk to my locker and he gives me a hug

"I'm gonna miss you" he says pouting

"let go you dweeb, we'll see in gym class" I say

"but it's so far away"

I shove him off me and start walking in the other direction. I have cookery class, the most boring subject ever but it's a sure A to me, worse part is that I share that class with 'mattew the jerk' the most annoying boy in the world. I get to class and sit at the back placing my bag beside me and taking out a bag of chips


I start munching on the chips until I hear the annoying squeak of the chair

"don't people tell you that eating stuffs like that would make you fatter than you are"

I look up with a scowl on my face "is that what they tell you matt, I always thought you've been looking underweight, anorexia is a real thing y'know"

He glares at me and takes the sit beside me

"why are you sitting here" I whine

"because I can, your 'mommy' may have bought the whole school but she didn't buy the chairs and my rights to sit on them"

I roll my eyes "you dimwit if my mom bought the school which she didn't the chairs would be among them, and I didn't know stupid people have rights"

"miss grey if you're done talking I'd like you to focus" Mr. Laurence says "now as I was saying we'll assign your partners to the project next class"

I turn my glare to matt, that idiot made me miss whatever project he was talking

" I hope we get to be partners we'll make chemistry" matt says smirking

"this is cookery class you duns" I say

Knowing my bad luck, I'll probably end up being paired with him, the class ends and I go to my locker to get my gym bag, I quickly change and head to the field for gym class


I sight Alec talking to some girl. he sees me and beckons for me to come over, the girl glares at me and I roll my eyes

"you excited for class" he says

"can't you see the excitement dripping off me" I say voice laced with sarcasm

As you can guess am not good at sport or anything that doesn't concern food or video games.

"alright class, get your lazy asses up and do fifty laps round the field" coach millers yells

"what!!!!, I just got here" I say sitting down on the bleachers

"come on I'll run with you" Alec says and I roll my eyes

"wow my hero" I say sarcastically

He takes my hand and we start jogging, by we I mean he runs and I slow him down

"what's going on, love birds" Greg yells as he comes beside me

"you don't have to yell Greg" I say

"what" he yells and I roll my eyes

The girl from lunch jogs up to Alec and tries to rip him from me BITCH. Alec keeps his grip and gives me a small smile. I turn to Greg and I see that he's talking to some random girl and they've stopped jogging.

"umm Alec could we stop I need to catch my breath" I say smiling sweetly the girl glares and I smile

"sure" he says then turns to the girl "so I gotta go, we'll talk later okay"

"no need, I have to rest too, let's all go" she says DESPERATE MUCH

"no worries, you look like you need the exercise" I say and she gasps before glaring at me and walking away. I turn to where Greg was and see coach millers harassing him and the girl. He has his hands up in surrender laughing. We walk to the bleachers and I sit down.

"thanks, that Tracy girl is clingy as fuck"

"no worries" I say "so how are you and Mia doing"

Mia is Alec's on and off girlfriend, they always fight and all but still get back together. Honestly I don't know how Alec can stand her, I can't and she obvious hates my guts

"broke up....... again" he says sighing "she says I don't give her time, what the hell is her problem"

I laugh and we both say at the same time "girls"

"well the periods almost over, what do you say we leave now"

"like ditch" I say

"yeah" he says rubbing his neck "I know you aren't really...."

"yeah yeah let's go" I say getting up and pulling him with me

"where to malady"

"just drive weirdo"

We sat at a small café near school, talking about anything we saw

"schools out" Alec says "shouldn't you call your brothers"

"oh yeah" I say bringing out my phone and dialing Greg's number, it rings for some time and he picks up

"hey sis"

"I need you to pick up Louis, Adam and Aiden"

"I would but, I'm not at school right now" Greg says and I roll my eyes he just walked right into a trap

"alright then I guess I'll tell mom that you couldn't pick them up because you ditched school"

Greg laughs "make sure you add the part that I left after I saw you leaving with Alec"

I freeze and Alec mouths 'you got played', I flip him off with a glare

"look" I say sighing "could you just go back and pick them up"

"you owe me"

"whatever go pick them"

Now for the hard part. I sigh dialing Alex's number

"what" he says as soon as he picks

"well hello there brother"

"what do you want I'm kinda busy"

"I just need you to pi......."

"no, we agreed that I wasn't going to that anymore am in college now"

"please one last time, I promise"

"whatever who am I picking up" he says clearly still annoyed

"the twins"

"you ow.."

"owe you I get it, please bring them back in one piece"

He hangs up and I sigh, this is what I get for having nine brothers, speaking of brothers two more to go.

I dial Jakes number

"hey bro"

"sup" he says lazily

"so you coming home for lunch"

"heck yeah" "I'm not missing your meatballs for the world"

"you need to get your own apartment" I say rolling my eyes

"why would I do that when I've got you to take care of me"

"whatever, bye jerk" I say and hang up

I look up at Alec sipping his drink. Scratch that my drink with a brow raised


"are you done yet"

I nod and he gets up

"alright where to"

"the hell hole"

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