Open Window

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It all started when May left the window open....

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

It all began when May opened the window. She left it open as her father called her into the kitchen. Then, it was able to get in. Although with the way that the creature was, she wasn’t so sure that the window could’ve kept it out. When May came back into her room, carrying a bundle of laundry, she didn’t scream. She was certainly shocked and she dropped the clean clothes on the floor. But she was silent about it. The thing sat on her bed. It wasn’t like anything she’d seen. It looked quite human being honest. But two wavy horns spiraled from its head. It wore what looked like a faded red dress. It had no shoes, and wicked claws grew from its hands. It was incredibly pale.

It turned at the quiet sound of the clothes flopping onto the floor. The thing wasn’t very fast, like May might’ve suspected, but instead it was human in its speed. A slow human, but human nonetheless. It sat up curling it’s legs underneath it. It’s black eyes were dead but caring. May jumped when the door behind her rushed shut. She turned and tried to open it. But it appeared to be locked. She held her back to the wall, hoping that whatever it was, it wouldn’t hurt her. The thing frowned, and got off the bed. It sat now criss cross applesauce on the floor. The clothes lay just inches from it. To May’s surprise it started to fold the clothes. Stacking them in neat piles on the bed. May took a step forward. Curiosity taking hold.

It blinked and gave a warm smile, as if it appreciated the gesture.

“W-what…..” May started to say but stopped. Would it be rude to ask that question? She shook her head and sat down on the floor next to it. The thing promptly stood and walked closer to the girl. Laying a clawed hand on her head. It was gentle. But it suddenly collapsed and May started to freak out, what had happened? A drop landed on May’s knee, it was black, and almost blood like. May lowered her head and tried to look into its face. The black liquid was coming from the creature’s eyes.

“Are you ok?!” She asked, suddenly frantic.

It’s head lifted, the expression on its face looked so very sad. Yet it smiled at her. It’s arms surrounded May. And a gentle hug was passed between them. May hugged it back. That was when her dad called her again. The creature’s head shot up and it lunged for the window. ‘No wait!’ May tried to say, but the creature was already gone. She turned to the bed where it had sat and saw a little note. “May,” it said. She ignored her father’s calls and unfolded the little white sheet of paper. It read.


“It is so good to see you, I have missed you dearly. It would be best if your father didn’t know I was here…. I wouldn’t know how he’d react. You’re still very quiet I see, you always were like that. I barely noticed you coming in! Regardless, it was so good to spend some time with you. Even if it’s not much. I have missed you. But I don’t think I can stay, I have a friend who is quite lonely. I must help him through this, he’s been through a very traumatic experience. But if you want to visit me I’m still in the graveyard. And although I would love to see you when you can see me, I’m afraid your father wouldn’t like you going to the cemetery at night. Tell him I love him, just as I love you.

“Lots of Love,


She stared in disbelief, tears started coming to her eyes. Her hand moved to her mouth. Her mother had been in an accident and killed 2 years ago…. May’s father entered the room.

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