Rebirth of The Witch Queen

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This story is about a reincarnation of the most powerful witch queen and D'omnir(The Witch King) is searching for his Queen. He searches for over 7,000 years for her and tracks every female born on the day she was murdered by his brother, Ethiol. But to his discovery finds he was looking in the wrong places. His Queen was born as a gay man who he later finds living in a rural town in America. His name is, Finn shelpman. And thier paths cross in the least suspecting way

Dustin Thornton
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Chapter 1: Finn

Thunder crashes through the night sky, and D'omnir looks over at his Queen. Sara sits at her vanity getting ready for the day, and smiles at him through the looking glass. He smiles back at her.
There is a knock at the door.

Enter! D'omnir says.

Sire and lady Queen, your breakfast is waiting for you in the great hall, replies the servant accolite.
He was tall with tanned skin from the persian sun. And his amber hair was shoulder length. His smile could brighten anyone's day if they were just human. His eyes a dark honey, with emerald green around the iris. And they were very welcoming. He straightens his bow to the King and Queen.
D'omnir replies ' good!we will be there shortly. Pulling his lose curly hair back behind his ear. He then asked the servant to call for the coven to convein this afternoon. there is much to discuss about his brother. With a nod the servant leaves the room closing the door behind him.
My love, why must you be at war with your brother? Sara protests. her eyes emerald and sad. D'omnir looked at his Queen to see the emotion in her eyes and his heart broke. Because my love he says. He is now an accolite for the dark Queen and is in line for her hand and he wants to destroy humans. We are of light and we must stop the scales from going unbalanced. His words were soft and full of passion that made her fall in love with him with every word. Sara stands up and moves for the door to go down to the dining hall then stops in her tracks. My love are you alright? D'omnir asks with worry in his voice. Sara did not reply. Sara? D'omnir now asks louder with desperation for her response. But she said nothing, just stood there.
Out of no where there was a flash of lighting and a phoenix stood standing in front of Sara. D'omnir's face went pale and he knew what was happening. Anytime a witch of light who is of royal blood is at deaths door, there will be a pheonix. He lunges foward with panic in his soul and the phoenix's song reverberated through the whole kingdom. A song that is only sang to royal blood.
"This song shall guide you home,
This song will protect you.
This song will be your last,
There is nothing you can do.
By fire you will die,
by fire you will be reborn.
Go now to the gate of births,
For a Queen you are no more!"

D'omnir shot a lighting bolt at the phoenix but just passed through it. The Queen disapated into a pile of ashes and she was no more. The pheonix looked at D'omnir and says "a war by blood, a score was settled. Your brother sends his regards."
With a flash the phoenix disapeard into nothing and was gone. D'omnir distraught with anger, hurt and betrayal swore revenge on his brother.

After a long and lengthy two years D'omnir finally deffeated his brother and got his revenge. But before his brother died, he told him his Queen was reborn in another life. And said he will never find her.
So the witch king set off on a search that has lasted over 7,000 years and he still has not found her yet. Or so he thinks.

Finn wakes up with a horrible feeling like something bad had happend to him. His sheets were soaked from sweating and he did not understand why. It was a cool morning and his box fan sat in the window turned on low just to keep a nice breeze from the hot evening the night before.

Getting up out of bed he noticed a flash of light outside so he goes to the window to investigate it. It was just barely 5:43am when he looked at the clock that sat on his headboard. The sky was still dark but he can see a faint royal blue peaking over the hills.
He seen a flash of what looked like headlights coming over the hill side where the rd connected to the highway leads. He took a deep breath and released it slowly.
Finn isn't your average gay man. He is also a witch. And damn good one to be honest. There is a coven about an hrs drive from his house. They were the coven his mother was apart of so naturally he stayed close but far enough where they can not link with him.
His mother died when he was 18 when his poweres were awaken. The surge was so powerfull that it knocked her from the dinner table they were at and she hit her head which killed her instantly. Since then the coven has been trying to get him to join and put his mothers spirit to rest.

When a modern witch dies thier spirit stayes with the loved one they cared most for. Turns out it was his aunt, the coven leader. Her name was Connie. She was the fun aunt who loved to party all the time but when needed to be serious she was a force to recon with.
The tripple goddess coven has been around for three generations since Finn's grandparents moved to america. Finn's grandmother Dian was a sweet woman with long red tight curls and amber eyes which signified she was naturally born to lead a coven so which she created one. The coven consisted of twelve families. All had liniages going as far back as the early first century. Except Finn has blood ties to an extinct blood line that only showed up in his blood. Some how from thousands of years of being dormant it showed up in him.
Finn heard a knock on his bedroom door and his aunt walked in. I felt your energies spike earlier, are you okay? Aunt Connie said.

Yes just a weird dream is all, Finn said. Okay, i will make some coffee since you are up. We can talk about the dream she said with a worried look. She walked out of the room and Finn felt like electricity was flowing in and out of his body. He felt the same thing on his eigteenth birthday but this time it was different. It felt controlled like it was breathing with him he shrugged it off and changed out of his sweat soaked clothes and walked down the hall to the kitchen. Aunt connie had poured the steaming hot water into the french press.
I have a perculater ya know, Finn said in protest.
I know, i just hate those things because it takes all the flavor away you get with this, Aunt Connie said so matter of factly. Finn rolled his eyes and got two lime green coffee cups from his cabinet and sat at the table. Connie poured them each coffee and handed him the milk and sugar cubes. Finn looked at her and at the sugar cubes and said why do you always turn my bowl of sugar into cubes? He said laughing.
Because I like to try at least think I am a ritch bitch like the Queen of England when I have my jo in the morning. She and Finn laughed and drank.
So tell me about this dream you had that clearly woke me up as well, Aunt connie said with confusion in her amber eyes. She took after her mother except for her hair was blonde with blue and purple highlights. She never liked her natural red hair.
Finn sat and told her about what he seen in the dream and how he felt his body burning and how the pheonix showed up and the witch king. Aunt connie started to look worried for a second and then as soon as Finn told her everything she just placed her hand on his and said honey, you really need some Dick. Finn snorted and choked on his coffee. Connie! Finn said. What? Aunt Connie replied with sass in her eyes. C'mon it has been three years since you have been with someone. Download that app called grindylow or wbat ever it is. It is grindr Aunt Connie and, no because I am not that desperate for attention.
She laughed and then turned serious. When do you plan to come visit the coven? She asked, knowing his answer already.
Finn looked like he was about to retreat into his own body when she asked.
When I am ready, finn said.
Well you know we are always near by no matter what, Aunt Connie said with a smile. Plus your mom is standing here screaming at me saying that you need to read her book anyways. She rolled her eyes in the direction where his mother stood.
He felt bad because he knows she needs to move on but magic scares him so he refused to go near it.
I will look at it later he said as he got up from the table to put his cup in the sink.
He turned around and his Aunt was standing there holding something with out stretched arms. What is this? He says cautious of what it could be. Happy birthday nephew. Finn totally forgot his birthday was today. He just turned 25 and he was now allowed to practice how he wants.
From eighteen to twenty five a witch must study what his teacher gives him. His Aunt being his teacher taught him everything. Even though Finn refused to do magic he still learned it. He took the package from her and opened it. The box was not very big but it was heavy. He looked up and his aunt handed him a key. He took it and opended the box. Four magical relics sat in the box. He looked perplexed and his aunt took notice. Thos were your mothers and now they are yours. Use them with care now that you are an official witch. He placed the box on the table and gave his aunt a hug. Thank you! He said. You are welcome dragon fruit( a nick name she gave him when he came out of the broom closet.) They sat down and continued talking more and then Finn had to get dressed to go meet up with his best friend. They were going to this new resturant three towns over for his birthday so he wanted to make sure he looked good.
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