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Nadia and her "friends" we're just normal, everyday college students. But things take a turn for the worst when magic finally finds it way into their world. Now, they must stop an unexpected evil that is threatening to wipe out the human race. Will they rise to the occasion, or will they let the darkness consume them?

Fantasy / Adventure
Peyton Davis
4.7 3 reviews
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Prologue: Discovery Of An Ancient Realm

A crystal. All of it began with a crystal. It's astonishing how something so small, could contain so much power. It changed people, it changed societies, but, most of all, it changed the world.

It gave us access to different dimensions and alternate realities. It gave many people gifts and talents.

It supposedly came from a place similar to Earth, where its power flows through every being, whether you're human or a creature of the unknown. This place, this world, is called the Emerald Realm, a world bursting at its seams with magic.

This ancient artifact is known to them as "The Crystal of Perusia". Perusia was the first city to practice sorcery, using it to help others and worship their goddess, Yara, the goddess of the Sun. They believed that Yara was an extremely powerful sorcerer, that saved humanity from extinction long ago, killing the ancient evil with a sword forged from her own magic. It was rumored to be bright and golden, maybe even as bright as the sun itself. It was designed to kill magical beings, and could cut through even the strongest of metals. It's name was "The Sword Of The Sun" or "Gladius Solem" which was engraved in her blade.

Wanting to live on, she willingly transferred her soul into a broken crystal, thus giving birth to "The Crystal of Perusia", and spreading magic onto the world and to anyone that touched the stone with their bare hands. It has been touched by other heroic legends as well, including a woman named Odeya, who also protected the Emerald Realm by slaying the king of Abrium, the city of diamonds, who was secretly a follower of dark magic, specifically, necromancy. At the end of her journey, Odeya made it a mission to get rid of the Crystal and the sword, so that it wouldn't get into the wrong hands. She traveled to Earth, or the "Jade Realm" to bury to Crystal underground and hide the sword deep within an unknown cave.

It is now the 20th century, and the Crystal and the sword are nowhere to be found. But, anyone who dares to find them is destined for a fate that is extremely impossible to escape.

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