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There are things in the world that are hidden from humans. Hiding, as they fight to keep the darkness from taking over the world. They are a world of men, a world where no female will survive. Any human who finds out about them will die a painful death, because of their curse, until she came along. A human orphan who defies all laws to their kind and survives what so many before her has cost their lives. She is the one who will change the tides, while light and darkness are fighting for the upper hand inside of her. Mythica has lived her entire life believing the world is normal, how will she react when she finds out that there is more than meets the eye? She is the one thing that was never supposed to exist in the world. She is the only one who will be able to stop the war between light and darkness, but will she accept the help of the one person who was made for her? Will she be ready to become who she truly is and take her rightful place?

Fantasy / Action
A. Makkelie
5.0 2 reviews
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In a world where imagination is rarely found in adults and where there is more than meets the eye, there is no place for us.

We are outcasts.

Once loved and praised, now forgotten by most and hated by some.

We fight in the dark to preserve the light.

We fight to keep our world from interfering with yours and yet, if you were to find out about us, you would hate and fear us.

Because we are different.

Because we are stronger.

Because we are faster.

Because we are both animal and human.

Humans can never know of our existence and those who do, are destined to die a painful death in 24 hours.

Daughters will never be born from our seed.

Woman aren't allowed to be among us and yet, we have a soul out there who is destined for us.

A cruel fate for the woman who will die a year after meeting us.

We are a world of men.

Men who fight to keep the darkness from taking over the world.

Men who are born with two minds, two bodies and one soul.

We are the Drucocu.

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