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This is a pile of short stories. Each of them is about a character having a monologue! thinking their lives through. Suffering, Caprice, ambition and depression are all part of life and they are included in the proportion to convey people's secret lives, if I may say so.

Fantasy / Other
Anas Mansouri
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Chapter 1

Once upon a time, what an archaic expression to start a story with but, nevertheless I am going to relate a story of a forged HERO. An into humanity forged hero, to be accurate. He, the hero, pertained to a family who reigned over for a long time. But, when his time came he was an unknown fellow with an urge of reigning as his family did. And since heroes are pretentious and like to flaunt as well as to dexterously manipulate people, he used the circumstances under which the villagers were in order to reign over. The villagers were abruptly and constantly attacked by devious creatures with a foul stench. They, the villains, Attacked everyone and ate out of their stomachs. However, they weren’t a big threat since they didn’t prefer any sexual kinks of a usual criminal except for grabbing women’s breasts while they are eating their pancreas and intestine. And since a man can only be a man against a man, they needed a hero who could deal with the stenchy foul and filthy monsters. It is already known in history, that you only have to sacrifice and endanger your life once in order to reign. All who have reigned so far have not been of much help in the battlefields. That is why our hero, is using the current calamity to take back the crown f his ancestors. Furthermore, he has hidden malice towards all creatures, that is he wouldn’t let the past slide once he reaches his goal. No, No, no, no! Before getting to play the big part, he slowly showed his potential to the villagers; his potentials to lead and to rule over. The former, although he is so young to be of such shrewdness and caliber, showed them that he was and still is. Here, da hero, his time came when he had to fight all the monsters and back them off the village. Little did the villagers know that with his shrewdness, the hero had other ways to deal with things. He had strength, magical strength, he started slicing the smelly creatures into halves with a beam or laser-like sword. All came out of a ring that no one had paid attention to until that promised night. He fought, easily without exhorting much effort, with one or two drops of sweat coming from his forehead. In addition, he managed to encourage the villagers to fight back on their own and protect themselves and their wives and kids. Without much resistance, the left monsters ran away from their fated loss against a much more powerful enemy. Thus, the hero could reign over the people that he fought with. If the people had chosen him or he had appointed himself, they knew not. They are protected and saved from any outsiders, they are even empowered with him by their side. But, just after less than a year, the new hero started to show his real colors. They couldn’t withstand losing their loved ones before, but they could have fought for themselves at least. Moreover, they could prove themselves as worthy of respect without this new false-hero. Yet, the awaited hero is now extravagantly ravaging the nation. And even worse; he uses their women to leave seeds of his in the world, He nudges all oppositions back with his magic. He, the hero, forged himself in and made everyone recognize and conform to his system of thought; Follow or else! the magic would break your every bone.

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