Few years of happiness in my life

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A story about girl's love life. She is young and just finished high school. She is going to studying college, but first need to move in a bigger city and in new apartment. Her parents are supporting and give her money for the college and the apartment. But little do they know she is not interested just in boys. Follow her journey and see what happens to her.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Moving out

The little bit of light that can enter in my room from the window woke me up earlier than i was planning. But that's okay, am not mad because last night i wasn't really able to fall asleep. Yeah, i was so excited for the new chapter of life. I checked my phone no longer after i woke up. There was i new message.
Good morning, hun. I am busy today with work so i won't be able to pick you up when you come. But you can do it yourself, i believe in you♥️. After work i will come and stay the night and help you with unpacking like we agreed. See you later, have a great trip.
Ugh, i hate him. I know he is my boyfriend and i need to be nicer, but he promised that he will pick me up. And i also have no one else than him in that big city. But okay, now i need to go brush my teeth and do my skin care routine. I got out of bed and went to my bathroom. After 15 minutes i was done wit bathroom and changed my clothes. I was finally done and ready to go downstairs and have last breakfast with my family. When i got downstairs in the kitchen nobody was there. I called my mom and dad. Nobody answered. I checked the time. 6:45 pm. It was right before time to have breakfast, usually everyone was here this time. Weird. Maybe we are going to have breakfast in the near restaurant and i was clearly not informed. Suddenly, my mom showed up.
,,Good morning mom.,, I said.
,,Oh, good morning honey.,, She replied.
,, Where's dad, aren't we supposed to have breakfast for the last time, since i won't be here for a long time.,, I fastly answered.
,,He went to work early in the morning, he was so upset about it but he had an emergency.,, My mom explained.
,, It's okay, he is a doctor, he need to be there for his patients. And it's not like i will be going to another country, it's just the city near by.,, I said calmly, but worried.
,,Yeah, you are right. Anyway let's have a breakfast. What would you like?,, She asked.
,, Let's go to the restaurant nearby, it's our favorite and we could get breakfast there.,,I answered. She agreed and we went. One hour has passed since we sat at the restaurant. One moment i realized the time and i said that it's finally time to go home and get ready. After a little while, when i was done with puting the few bags that we had leftover from the previous day, i was ready. I opened the door of the garage and at that moment my mom came to say last goodbye. I huged her and entered rhe car. The trip is going to be just a few hours, so i will arrive quick. I started the car and pull down the road. The trip is starting. I put a playlist with my favorite songs. Listening and dancing with them. It's just few minutes away from my home but i am already homesick. I pulling my phone and starting to text my dad. The trip is going smoothly.
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