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In a world that are ruled by massive humanoid monsters who trample humans under their feet, everyone lives in fear of what they call, Titans! The world is divided into separate clans based on their Titan God, one of which is the underwater clan of the Titan God 'Leviathan'. Humanity is struggling to prevent extinction, there are dark secrets beyond the sea, and there are people to be avenged. Evenlode has to keep fighting, until the enemy is gone. Join Kashima Yado in a journey of vengeance, guilt, darkness and curses. The world isn't as simple as it looks, for there are some pages in history that are wiped out. Cover cedits: a friend on instagram, her name is [ Roxxane Jane Black ]

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"One-day humanity will remember that nobody can save them from the monster within!"

Priscilla woke up with a jolt. Her eyes were closing by themselves and sweat spread all over her face. Heartbeats were shaking her from the inside, lungs felt heavy as if filled with cement and stones. Hands were trembling and her arm was garnered with goosebumps.

She was sitting upright on her bed, still and uneasy. A sound was continuously repeating in her ears. The sound of her worst nightmare, something she would never even imagine in her wildest dreams.

Instantly footsteps appeared outside her door. Floorboards creaked and multiple gossips were audible. Five men outside. Her doorknob opened and she greeted her guards, who responded immediately upon hearing her scream.

"Your Highness! Is everything alright? We heard you screaming, any problem?" The head guard, Francel asked.

Francel and the others were standing upright like an iron rod with four guards behind him stood near Priscilla's bedroom door. Being the Queen of 'Leviathan' clan wasn't an ordinary word, people usually thought highly of her.

A sweet tender smile appeared on her face. She looked towards Francel and said in a comfortable and smooth voice, "I am fine. Thank you for coming immediately. Prepare the breakfast for everyone. I have to leave early."

The guards gave their scouts honor to the queen and marched outside, closing the door behind them. Priscilla gave out a sigh of relief. She got up from her bed, which was as big as a flower garden covered with red silk sheets and white blankets. Getting down, she walked towards the mirror, which was covering the entire wall in front of her.

She moved closer to the mirror and looked at her face closely. Her eyes were red, they were burning as if they haven't experienced sleep in a fortnight. Removing all dried tears and sleep crusts off her skin, she closed her eyelids, only to have the multiple but terrifying glimpses of mass humanoid monsters approaching.

'Was it just a dream, or did I just witness the world being trampled within the foot of the titans?' Priscilla wondered, 'It was too real to ignore, what was it?'

Her skull was bursting with pain, like a volcano residing in her brains. Rubbing her forehead continuously, she went to the bathroom through the door attached to the back of her room.

The bathtub was in the balcony covered with all sorts of trees and flowers all around. The morning scent of dandelions and lilies drove her tension away as she slid into the bathtub which was as big as a pond.

Cleaning her body using her herbal soap, she continuously tried forgetting the dream which constantly crammed her mind. All those screams, fear, blood, monsters repeatedly reflected in front of her eyes. Her skin started to crawl out, failing to erase her fear.

Dipping down her head into the rich quality water of Cascilia, she washed her hair with the aloe-vera kept nearby. Cleaned already, she spread her legs through the rich green water giving out steams and started to relax there, closing her eyes, hearing the chirping of sparrows and parrots.

'What a relief. I think Mierillia will join for breakfast. I have to go to the fort to check on some archives.' Priscilla recalled. 'And, most importantly, I think today is the day they return. Let's hope for a piece of good news.'

She grabbed her towel and clothes from the side, got up from the tub and walked back inside the room. She moved to her cupboard, about two hundred feet long, covered with all the variety of clothes available in the country.

Her hands picked the royal blue mantle. It was a beautiful shining dress embedded with a purple diamond and shining decor, the most expensive one of it's kind.

The dress took her twenty minutes to wear, starting from bottom to top. Even though she was only twenty-seven, she barely looked a day older than twenty. The youngest and by far the most worthy and intelligent queen the Leviathan clan ever had, Priscilla Demor.

After exactly twenty minutes, she shifted her vision towards the mirror one last time to check if her hair was tied properly in a bun. She even put her shining crown shaped hairband. Her eyes were normal again, shiny as emerald green and the aftereffects of nightmare seemed to have disappeared.

Sliding on her golden shoes, she opened her room door, finding her servants Kanae and Matsuo already standing there for her service. Kanae handed her the kiwi juice he prepared every morning and Matsuo assisted her with the daily news and schedules as they walked downstairs.

"Good morning Mother! Hope you had a great sleep!" Mierillia said, standing below the stairs. She spoke from there as soon as she saw her mother.

Mierilla's voice fell like a charm in Priscilla's ears, healing her wounds almost instantly. She passed through the stairs as quickly as possible and hugged Mierillia warmly.

"Yes, yes I slept well. Thank you my angel. I hope your slept well too." Priscilla said, hugging her daughter.

Holding her tears and emotions, her voice was scattered all over the place. Mierillia could sense her mother holding something aback. Something big. She embraced her warmly, giving her all the love she deserved.

As soon as Mierillia touched her head on Priscilla's chest, she heard rapid heartbeats. It was so loud and clear. She even felt her mother's body shiver, as if she shaking there. The heartbeats shook the organs inside Mierillia's head.

"Mom? You don't look so good. Is anything bothering you?" Mierillia asked, bothered by her mother's behaviour.

"Nothing my dear. I have to go to work, I have a lot to do today. Go and attend your training, you are going to be the next leviathan warrior, aren't you? " Priscilla said as she gently placed her hand on her daughter's cheeks, painting her face with a big smile.

"Yes, mom! I will become as strong as you and will inherit the Leviathan! I promise." Mirellia said and rushed to the dining hall where everyone else were waiting for breakfast.

"Your highness, won't you have a little food before we leave?" Kanae asked. He was standing beside Matsuo. Both of them were quietly standing over the stairs.

"No Kanae. I have a very important issue to handle today. Plus the Liberty warriors are returning today after three days. I have to be there when they arrive."

She walked outside and without looking anywhere else she climbed on her wooden horse cart and sat inside. Kanae arrived as well, sat inside the cart with her, locking the door behind. Matsuo climbed on the horse the cart was attached to.

The white horse had been serving the Queen for five years, the longest horse that has ever been with them. Mirellia had named the horse 'White Reaper'. Matsuo swung the lead rope over the horse's face and it started moving slowly, out of the palace.

"Your highness, don't mind me asking but you look exceptionally pale today. Anything you would like to share with us? You can trust me and Matsuo, we will keep it confidential." Kanae asked her.

Kanae has been working under Priscilla for fifteen years. Her behavioural patterns have already been engraved in his soul. His sharp senses catch any abnormal changes in her mood or behaviour.

"I just had a bad dream. It wasn't just a dream, more like a premonition. Too real to be just a mere vision. I just hope it remains a dream. I don't want humanity to go through more than what happened ten years ago." Priscilla said, looking right at him. She then moved her gaze to the window.

Her eyes were engrossed over the city she was passing by.

Cascilia, the capital city of the Leviathan clan. Her vision constantly move over the stone walls surrounding the sky, protecting them from the sea that lies beyond it. The walls were the creations of Leviathan itself, the unbreakable barrier between the few survivors of humanity and the ocean.

"What will happen if you were to die? Will Leviathan die with you, or do you intend to pass it to someone else? I think it's time you pass it to Miss Mierillia, you should take rest from your duty." Kanae asked, also looking outside from his side of the window, questioning Priscilla.

"Mierillia is only fifteen. We have to wait until I pass down the Titan to her. She needs to develop even more to control Leviathan because if this Titan fell in wrong hands, there will be no future for us. I hope you understand that too. Right, Kanae?" Priscilla answered, resting her head on her elbow.

Silence echoed all around the cart. Matsuo was controlling the horse as they passed through the market area. Small houses made of rocks and bricks stood all around the place. The population was too much compared to the land they inhabit. But even then she made sure everyone gets a house to live in.

Priscilla got delighted seeing the citizens living a happy and prosperous life. They were free!

Children were running through the streets playing rolling the tire games, women bought fish and fruits for the day, men carried firewood on their shoulders, trying hard to do business in the markets.

'Peaceful, isn't it?' Priscilla thought, 'But how long will this peace prevail?'

While looking at the people all around, she suddenly felt the cart stop. Shocked, she looked towards the window on the other side. The town hall was already there, and Kanae was off the cart, standing with the door opened for her.

She slowly went down the cart and walked inside the town hall, while Kanae and Matsuo hopped back in the cart and headed back home.

Priscilla entered the hall, and without wasting any more time went to her throne, the throne of the Queen of Leviathan. The throne had a giant snake embedded in it, with its mouth wide open and sharp teeth exposed, the guardian of Earth, Leviathan.

As soon as she sat on her place, her eyes got busy with the previous records of battle and the complaint file of the public of her city. The complain files were flooded with the mischief and crimes of the ninjas from 'Soma Clan', the self-proclaimed small group of ninjas known for causing mischief and violence all around.

One of her complaint letters read the gold ornaments being stolen, other read someone's wife got harassed in public, there was one with the complain of ninja slitting throats of the entire family to rob them.

"Gosh! What's with these ninjas? Our military isn't able to bring them down. This is bad. What should we do?" Priscilla spoke to herself, "We don't have enough manpower to handle that many ninjas at once."

Resting her head on her right hand, she closed her eyes to think of a possible solution. But as soon as she closed her eyes, a pain suddenly fell upon her head, as if a huge boulder fell upon her. Nonstop voices echoed all around her head.

"Killer...murderer...you chose him...it's your fault...we died because of you...you chose him to be this...this is all because of you"

"Stop it! I never chose anyone, please stop!!!" Priscilla screamed.

She tossed the entire stack of paper on the floor including all the tools kept nearby. The room was a mess, scattered paper everywhere, problems with no solution, and the darkness that awaited them.

"What do I do? Why is this happening to me?" She spoke to herself. Her palms covered her eyes, collecting every drop of tears shed out. Her heart sank, her head was spiralling all around.

Suddenly she heard footsteps approaching her. Clearing her teary eyes using her hand, she looked at the visitor. It was no other than the military captain, Mr Tesk.

"Your highness, you okay? This room is a mess. Everything alright?" Tesk asked.

Tesk was quiet close to Priscilla compared to all other attendants. He was the one Priscilla trusts after Kanae and Matsuo. But even with all the trust, she refused to tell him about what happened.

"Nothing. What do you want Mr Tesk? What brings you here?" Priscilla asked, pretending to arrange the few papers scattered around the table.

"The gates are starting to open. I think they have arrived. Should we take a look?" Tesk informed her. His voice sunk a little on the ground as he spoke. Clear dismay was shadowed in his tone.

Without saying a word, Priscilla rushed to the terrace of the town hall to watch the Liberty warriors return. She rushed through the stairs and in a blink of an eye she was in the terrace. She immediately raced to the far end and locked her eyes on the massive gateway to the huge dome of the Leviathan clan.

Mr Tesk came from behind and joined her. But she didn't even look to him, focusing all her attention towards the gate. All the citizens have gathered all around the gate, leaving a small trail of pathway empty for them.

The gate was open in a minute, and her eyes glistened with hope and happiness seeing her military army return after the battle to conquer their lost homeland. But the looks on their face didn't approve her at all.

The Captain of the squad, Ichika had an overly horrified and despicable expression. His eyes were dark, multiple abrasions all over his body, his head was bleeding and uniform completely tattered into pieces. Behind him only twenty more soldiers entered the gate before it started to close.

The other soldiers weren't in any good condition at all. Each one was wrapped up in bandages, wounds surrounded them all over the body. They had a gruesome face. They were slowly passing the city on their horses, as the people threw rotten eggs towards them.

"Failures, they are failures. We will never get freedom if they continue to fight. Change the military." The town men and women shouted.

Hate echoed from all the corners of the crowd. Priscilla was quietly staring at them, not even flinching her eye once. Mr Tesk was looking at the wounded soldiers crossing the town and heading for the infirmary.

"Damn fools. What do these people know about the monsters our soldiers have been fighting outside? How can you allow this behaviour in your city?" Tesk said,smashing a rock with his punch.

He was angry, he cried upon their fallen comrades. A lot of blood was lost from the fatherland, hope seemed nothing but a dream that sounded beautiful only when talked about.

"Five hundred went this time, didn't they?" Priscilla asked, speaking low. Tesk merely heard Priscilla's question. She was clutching her fists tight, with tears dropping from her right eye.

"Yes. But out of them, only twenty survived. This is pathetic. We will run out of men to fight if this continues. We cannot win like this. Every time people leave, I can see the terror clouded in them. They know beyond this wall, there is nothing but death and destruction. Yet they continue to fight. But...for how long? We will lose. " Tesk said. He was well aware of the situation, he had been to every board meetings and council conferences with Priscilla.

"We won't. We will keep fighting. We will win one day. The Sun will shine upon us. I promise you, Mr Tesk." Priscilla said, her head was high up in the sky, her vision fixated upon the silver dome wall as she promised Tesk of freedom.

"You know, my father always told me Sun doesn't exist, and the higher-ups use it as a means to get younger generations involved in war and bloodshed. Even if that's true, I want to believe Sun do exist, and I want to see it before I die. I will see the sun, I promised my mother." Tesk said, smiling, looking towards Prsicilla, who was staring high up in the sky. He then saw the public scatter away and going back to their job.

"Your highness, I will be leaving." Tesk spoke and bowed in front of Priscilla, but she didn't even notice. He walked away from the terrace and went downstairs to continue his job of apprehending the Soma clan ninjas and hunting them down.

"Just how much should we suffer. Will we run out of people to fight if this continues to happen?" Priscilla wondered, "No! If there won't be anyone, I will fight using my Leviathan, I will fight until the very end."

She looked down upon her city, clearly visible from the up. It was beautiful, beautiful than she ever imagined. As she was looking at the people continuing their daily life. Instantly her senses caught a boy hiding behind dark corners of a shop.

Looking a bit more carefully, she noticed the book wrapped up in shiny clothes, two swords loaded on his back, a red hood wrapped over him and a metal mask covering his mouth. A ninja!

"Ninja? Is that a Soma clan ninja? " She thought, "But, he seems different. Too different. What is he?"

The boy slowly came out of the darkness and walked among the huge crowd of people in the narrow streets. The streets were full of exotic food shops and meat shops. Priscilla clearly understood the kid was trying to vanish himself among the huge crowd between which he was walking, but it didn't affect her as she could see him.

Suddenly the entire area around the narrow food corner street was surrounded by black smoke. The smoke was too thick, making it difficult for her to see what's happening there.

"Thief! Thief! Stop him!" Screams from men echoed the streets

She suddenly saw five men along with a fat man running behind the same kid. He had a bunch of bread packs on his arms. The kid was fast, he was a lot faster than the ones chasing him.

The kid jumped over the wall, climbed the houses with his legs and dodged every obstacle very easily. His entire body was reacting like a charm.

Sliding under the holes, breaking through the guards with sheer force and strength he continued running. He was able to send four of the men flying away with his tackle. But even after so much running and avoiding the hurdles, the bread packet was kept unharmed within his hands.

He jumped over the crowd, landing in their heads and passing them by by jumping on their heads. He even jumped over a twenty centimetres wall. His movements were smooth, he was able to run through the huge crowd making sure he doesn't hit even a single person.

As he was approaching the end of the street, all of a sudden a man came right from above, held his head and smashed it right into a muddy water puddle below him. He twisted the kid's arms kicked his face hard with his metal boots, making the mask fall off his face.

"Got a name?" The man asked. The men chasing the kid arrived there, huffing out of their fast running. Their hearts relieved instantly now that the kid was under control.

"Mr Tesk, that kid stole bread from my store. He must be one of those Soma ninjas. It's good you apprehended him."

The fat owner of the shop exclaimed, recognising the man immediately as Mr Tesk. The kid struggled to breathe while his face being pushed at the muddy water.

"What's your name brat?" Tesk asked as he pushed his body further into pain, kicking him in the back. Lifting his face from the puddle, he looked into the eyes of the kid.

The boy had his mouth covered in blood. His weakened lips slowly moved and said in an exhausted voice, "Kashima...Kashima Yado."

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